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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 6, 2017 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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influence has because lady bird's influence has been unprecedented. it is astonishing. she's talking about the fa ct astonishing. she's talking about the fact that no hollywood film ever has scored so many positive reviews.” don't have anything to say that telecom, is just kind don't have anything to say that telecom, isjust kind of don't have anything to say that telecom, is just kind of amazing. they think, this had better be crazy. well, i saw your thanksgiving show. my name's lady bird. we should shake hands. it centres on a girl documenting her teenage years. it is symbolically meaningful off—screen, too. it makes me sad every year when there are actresses who talk about how there are a limited number of interesting parts, and parts that are full, interesting human beings driving the story, who are the subject, not the object. the female lead story is also leading the way
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in perhaps most significant —— the most significant year for the male directors. greta gerwig know she could soon become only the fifth woman ever to be nominated for best director at the oscars. she is equally excited she might not be alone. there's a slew of great female directors this year, and like isaid... female directors this year, and like i said... director of... there is also pattyjenkins. i said... director of... there is also patty jenkins. who was behind wonder woman. it is a time the conversation. the silence breakers, who revealed sexual misconduct, named time magazine's person of the year. putting women in power is important. a diversity of voices. because i think it is impossible to change things as long as everything stays the same. a film and its directoraiming to give stays the same. a film and its director aiming to give women a greater voice both on and off the screen. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here is emily.
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tonight, as trump crowns jerusalem israel's capital, we have the turkish president's advisor, the israeli ambassador, palestinian and american voices, too. join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello, this is bbc news, are these the headlines this evening. a magnificent seven from liverpool and a record five english teams into the champions league knockout stage. the ashes are slipping away after an england collapse in adelaide and a second defeat in the series. another upsetin second defeat in the series. another upset in york at three—time champion john higgins is knocked out of the uk snooker championship. we start with the football and
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england have become the first country to have five teams in the champions league knockout stages. manchester united, manchester city, chelsea, tottenham and liverpool will all be in the draw on monday as the final round of group games was played this evening and liverpool had to avoid defeat to qualify and they beat spartak moscow 7—0 to top their group. we have seen anfield on european nights numerous times but not five english teams progressing in the champions league. yet liverpool quickly had a foot in the last 16, mohamed salah fouled and philippe coutinho scored from the spot. while the home side cannot stop scoring at the moment, they started against spartak moscow sensationally as a second was followed by a third inside 18 minutes. another of the liverpool
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front four getting in on the act and while there was no self—destruction like in seville, there were tears which had nothing to do with the result. the same story in the second half and a perfect finish from sadio mane. if that was not enough, a fifth with more fantastic bubble and coutinho had his hat—trick. mane was getting close as well with his second soon following an all liverpool needed was salah discord and of course he did. the 5—11? fab and of course he did. the 5—11? fab and liverpool make it a full house for england in the champions league —— with the faubert four. the two other english teams are playing tonight had already won bedrooms so a lot of changes for them, seven made by manchester city against shakhtar donetsk. the ukrainians have plenty to play ball, needing to win to make sure they would go through as runners—up. bernard gave them a brilliant start.
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ismaily then broke through to make its 2-0 ismaily then broke through to make its 2—0 and city were heading for their first defeat of the season in all competitions. they pulled one back with sergio aguero's penalty but their perfect record in europe is gone. 2—1 to shakhtar donetsk. spurs made eight changes for their final group game which was at wembley against apoel nicosia. fernando llorente scored his first for the club. son heung—min scored a well worked second. georges—kevin nkoudou got a deflected third as it finished 3—0 to spurs who were already assured of finishing real madrid as borussia dortmund drop into the europa league after losing to real madrid 3—2. returning to liverpool, they also beat spartak moscow in their youth league match earlier but their teenage striker rhian brewster, one of the england under 19 world cup stars, was
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allegedly subjected to racist abuse and was visibly angry at the end of their bigotry and had to be restrained by team—mates at prenton park. liverpool have reported the incident to uefa. spartak moscow have already been sanctioned for a racist incident in the game between those teams in moscow in september. and one of the football line, chelsea manager antonio conte has been fined £8,000 after accepting a misconduct charge as he was sent to the stand at stamford bridge in the first half of their victory over swa nsea first half of their victory over swansea last month. he argued forcefully before the official about the failure of the referee to award them a corner. england's cricketers head to perth knowing that they can't afford another defeat in the ashes series. they had given themselves a chance of levelling the series in adelaide, but collapsed on the final day of the second test against australia. they lost their remaining six wickets inside two hours and were beaten by 120 runs to go two down in the series with three to play. from adelaide, here's our sports correspondent, andy swiss.
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plays the great escape theme tune. they'd arrived with such optimism. england fans hoping to witness one of cricket's greatest comebacks. but within minutes, their hopes lay in tatters. second ball of the day, chris woakes caught behind. and even worse was to follow. england's captain and cornerstone, joe root, gone for 67. australia had their key man. and when moeen ali was trapped for just two, any last lingering hopes left with him. the rest was a formality. injust an hour and three quarters, england's dreams had been ruthlessly dispatched. oh, that's it! australia taking a 2—0 lead, while england try to take the positives. we've shown throughout the two games the periods that we can outperform australia. butjust not for five days. and that's going to be our challenge, really. if we get that right and we can perform to our ability for longer
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periods, we will win games, simple as that. the harsh reality of this defeat, though, is that england's ashes hopes are now hanging by a thread. if they lose the next match in perth, where they haven't won for nearly a0 years, it's all over. england haven't been able to match the pace of australia's bowlers, or the durability of their batsmen. and some believe there's no way back. our hopes are raised every now and again, we had two moment in brisbane when we could have grabbed the initiative bowl were not good enough and we have had a moment here when we have been up a bit but when it cotties we have been up a bit but when it comes to the tough moments, they are better than us. so no chance? i don't think so, no. and so, an all—too familiar story. england have now lost their last seven tests in australia. one more, and their ashes hopes will have turned to dust. andy swiss, bbc news, adelaide. ben stokes has been included in the
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england one—day squad to face australia in the new year and is still waiting —— waiting to hear if he will face charges for an incident outside a bristol nightclub in september. he is currently playing for canterbury in new zealand. alex hales has also been included in the squad who was with ben stokes at the time that the incident in bristol and although he will not face any police charges, he may face an ecb disciplinary hearing also also back in the mix is fast bowler mark wood who has returned from injury. six members of the test squad are in the including captain joe members of the test squad are in the including captainjoe root. eoin morgan will skippy the team —— skipper the team. vladimir putin has called the decision of the ioc to ban russia from the winter olympics politically motivated. but he has not called a boycott to stop clean russians competing at the games as neutral athletes which they are allowed to do. former british heptathlete kelly sotherton is set
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to be given a bronze medalfrom the 2008 summer olympics after her russian rival tatya na 2008 summer olympics after her russian rival tatyana chernova was stripped of her third—place finish. the button says the russian ban at the winter olympics does not go far —— kelly sotherton said. -- kelly sotherton said. they have not been complied and learn from their lessons so why should they only be banned again and allow some of the athletes to potentially represent them under a neutral banner? for me i personally think it should be a blanket ban, no russians, and for the sake of the many clean athletes that will be at the winter olympics, you sacrificed a few to save the many. serena williams is targeting a return to court next month could it —— to defend her australian open title. she won in melbourne injanuary for a seventh time. that was while she
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was in the early weeks of her pregnancy and what her last tournament. michaeljoyce will be johanna konta's new coach. he spent six years as part of maria sharapova's team and has also worked with victoria azarenka. it is the last 16 of the uk championship in york and joe perry has beaten mark allen and it is 4—1; in ryan day boz micromax. earlier three—time champion john higgins was micromax. earlier three—time championjohn higgins was knocked out by mark king —— in ryan day's match. and finallyjockey hayley turner is to base a british horseracing authority inquiry next thursday after being charged with breaching betting rules. she is said to be devastated and deeply embarrassed. that is it a quick read cap of the top stories from england had gone 2—0 down in the ashes series and in the champions league
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liverpool won 7—0 to reach the knockout stages and there are five english teams in the last 16 which isa english teams in the last 16 which is a record. all fun as here, coming up is a record. all fun as here, coming up next it the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are pauljohnson, deputy editor of the guardian, and lynn davidson, whitehall correspondent at the sun. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. the guardian leads with donald trump's recognition ofjerusalem as israel's capital and his plans to move the us embassy there from tel aviv. the paper also looks at the growing pressure theresa may is facing to strike a deal over brexit.
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brexit is also on the front page of the i which takes a look at the ins and outs of the talks, from philip hammond and the divorce bill, to david davis and his lack of impact assessments. the telegraph sastean claude juncker fears the uk government might collapse next week, if a breakthrough in the brexit talks isn't found. the metro leads with the story of a man arrested after a brawl in a westminster bar on the parliamentary estate. the mirror leads with reports of a plot against prince george with a story about a man who's appeared in court accused of allegedly urging jihadis to attack the young prince at school. the financial times reports on plans by a uk shopping centre owner to mitigate against a high street slowdown, as retail sales shift online. the times has the story of a
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shortage of medicines which is forcing some cancer patients and those with severe mental health issues to be turned away from pharmacies and the daily express is concerned about the imminent arrival of storm caroline and her 90 mph gusts. let's start with the front page of the guardian, anger as trump declared jerusalem as israel's capital. this was a story widely anticipated but there has been shocked nonetheless. there has been because it is an extraordinary story. who on the globe could unite the pope, the un, china, russia, france, germany, britain, egypt, turkey, iran and saudi arabia? only one person and that is what donald trump did today. one of our commentators called it an act of diplomatic arson and the ksr he is potentially going to create, he has fumbled his way into what is a geopolitical hotspot —— the chaos.
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there is an agreement on one side about this needs to be approached and done and he has driven a bulldozer through it which is extraordinary. any nuance to the story? if there is it is hard to see it. we need to look at the immediate reaction from world leaders that came and it did not take our own prime minister


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