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this is bbc news. the headlines at four: the uk is facing more heavy snowfalls with an amber weather warning issued in many parts of the country. drivers are being asked to be prepared. some roads will be better than others and with any forecast, it can change. so i think it's a case of keeping your eye on what's on the media and we will do our best to keep what we can open, but with the snow that is forecast, there will be problems. there's been travel disruption across the country — birmingham and stansted airports have closed because of heavy snow. the bbc has learnt that nazanin zagari—ratcliffe, the british woman imprisoned in iran, will not have to appear in court today. it follows recent talks between borisjohnson and the iranian president earlier today. the brexit secretary has warned that the uk could still refuse to pay its divorce bill if it doesn't get a trade deal with the eu. so, number one, no deal means that we won't be paying the money. disgraced celebrity publicist max clifford has died
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in hospital at the age of 7a. he had been serving an eight—year sentence for historical sex offences. and at 4:30pm, the latest in our series on bbc news, 100 women. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. heavy snow has hit much of the uk, causing disruption to roads, railways and airports. at heathrow airport, over 100 flights have been cancelled so far today. there have also been cancellations and severe delays at stansted, birmingham international, east midlands and belfast international airports. a number of motorways have been covered in snow, with police asking people to travel only if absolutely necessary. the heaviest snow has fallen in north wales. amber snow warnings have been issued
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there, in the midlands and in northern and eastern england. let's get this report on all the latest disruption. from our correspondent lee milner. this was the scene on the m25 in buckinghamshire today. heavy snow brought motorists to a standstill. in llangollen in wales there was no chance of people getting anywhere today. this is by far the worst i've ever seen. it's probably the worst snow i've ever seen, to be honest, certainly about a foot deep around and still coming in. the rac says it is currently dealing with five breakdowns a minute and expecting around 7500 by the end of the day. with10—20 centimetres falling in some parts of the uk, gritters have been replaced with ploughs in areas like redditch in worcestershire. as snow continues to fall, the met office has issued an amber weather warning mainly for the east of england, west midlands and wales. passengers at birmingham and other
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uk airports are being warned about delays and cancellations. 20 flights have already been cancelled from sta nsted. flying over wales, it could be a scene from the snowman, a thick coating of white right across the mountains and lakes. for these children in the peak district, finally a chance to play in a winter wonderland. i like it because where we live we never get snow, it is just sleety. i like snow because you can make snow angels and snowmen and i find it really fun to do. for many it is a time for fun and enjoyment, but with more snow on the way, more disruption is inevitable. navtej johal is at east midlands airport — which has reopened after being closed earlier. it has been a miserable day for
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people travelling to and from airports in the midlands, but in the last couple of hours, we have had at birmingham airport and east midlands airport have now both we've opened, so airport have now both we've opened, so flights have resumed at both airports. —— have both reopened. but the runway had to be temporarily closed, there were no flights arriving here from about 7am this morning and no flights left after around some a0 5am. that of course resulted in plenty of destruction, snow falling and continuing to fall and plenty of people therefore having travel plans disrupted. we we re having travel plans disrupted. we were in the departure lounge couple of hours ago speaking to plenty of people annoyed and frustrated by the delays, cancellations and a lot of expressed just have the tragedy have been to me about the travel disruption. i got here this morning at about 6:a5am because i left work
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early after a night shift to get here because of the snow. and then to find out my flight‘s been cancelled. we came to the airport this morning. we knew there was going to be problems, but they told us when we checked our bags in that we would get more information at a o'clock and within 30 minutes, they'd cancelled the flight. so we had already gone through to the departure lounge, then they put us outside in the snow and back into the airport to come back into the country, effectively, and then had to wait in this horrendous queue to get information. we really need to get home. we've got school tomorrow, in france. and there's a lot going on for us this week and we're desperate to get home. so when is the next flight for you? you were expecting to fly out this morning, when is the next flight now? thursday. as far as we know, it's thursday. we can't get any other flights. 0ther other so that was the situation here couple of hours ago. but the situation has improved and the
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airport has reopened, as is birmingham, which was closed from about 6am this morning. a couple of hours ago, the staff are able to com plete hours ago, the staff are able to complete craving runways and they said now that birmingham airport has reopened, flights have risen but with a warning that because the backlog, because a cancellation that have happened throughout the course of the day, do you expect delays and check the status of your flight before you travel. meanwhile, here at midlands airport, the first flight at midlands airport, the first flight which we expect to leave at any moment now from east midlands airport for the last eight hours or so airport for the last eight hours or so is going to either lanzarote or tenerife. either way, it so is going to either lanzarote or tenerife. eitherway, it will so is going to either lanzarote or tenerife. either way, it will be a lot warmer than what we have experienced here throughout the course of the day. i was just give other, with temperature starting to drop dramatically, since we have lasts well into you, dusk has arrived, i imagine you're feeling it. i hope you have not become rooted to the spot! yet managed to get inside for at least a visa, t. what about the airport for the next couple of hours, presumably falling
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temperatures after snow and rain, potentially mean ice, some freezing conditions. and of course we heard it one of your interviewees say she couldn't get a fight before thursday, we are into winter timetables, presumably flights to some of these places are a lot less frequent and a book for you at the disruption. absolutely. they have said they're confident we'll be able to return to timetable which will work for the passengers that are going to be travelling here but vices always in the situations, check the status of your flight before you travel and check with the airline before you travel. but the snow is expected to use off in the next couple of hours. we were expecting it to have left by around this time, maybe in the last hours in. it continues to scarpers is but we're expecting conditions to improve. advice remains is always check the status of your flight before you travel. 0ur correspondentjoe lynam has been following the impact of today's weather. particularly of the effect on
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heathrow airport, the country'sdisease. —— busiest. i spoke to him a little earlier and he gave this update. let's start with heathrow airport, europe's busiest airport, still. it is still functioning, still very much working but there are severe delays now. a viewer messaged me with some video that he shot in the course of the last hour or so from the inside of heathrow terminal 2, you can see planes waiting to take off, as it were. he also reported major queues for restaurants, because people don't know when their flights are going to take off as a result of the delays. here's the real issue, it is not necessarily the airport which is, as you can see, an issue per se, but it is people getting to the airport which is the problem, and maybe perhaps missing their flights because it is taking them that little bit longer to get to the airport. and as a result, they might need to rebook or get another flight or a later flight or something later during the week.
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the ba policy as always is rebook or refund if they can't get an appropriate flight suitably, if the airline had cancelled it. as for luton airport, it shut its runway down in the course of the morning, briefly, to try and clear the runway. the same was the case for stansted, not far up in essex, it too had to shut the runway down temporarily to clear the runway of snow. it appears as if the heavy snow is turning to more slush and wetness and as a result, people should be able to get things back to normal. in terms of... there have been snow clouds over some airports which is a real sign of the seasonal conditions. we can see some of that from heathrow right now. but practicalities of this for airports, you said the runways are still wet, the surfaces are wet now that temperatures have risen a bit and the snow had melted. how big a problem will that be tonight and tomorrow morning, potentially?
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that's the real issue, the backlog. because if, for example... and also ice. ice, if it freezes again, yes. but focus on the logistical side first, 119 flights were cancelled at heathrow this morning. they are not giving me a numberfrom noon onwards, we are nowjust after three o'clock, it could double, who knows. those people will need to be put on later flight the next day, that is the backlog issue. as for the meteorological issue of that slush freezing overnight, that again poses problems for the airport but they are well used to dealing with these things. presumably this is not a unique set of circumstances, comparatively mild conditions in terms of other heavy snowfalls we've seen in previous years, who knows what the rest
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of the winter will bring. are they able to do things like keeping surface temperature raised, to try and ensure runways stay clear, when you have got dropping temperatures overnight? that would be a huge cost. you have heard of undersoil heating, but under runway heating is possible but very expensive. a lot of friends in continental europe, especially northern europe, sweden, germany, etc, and central united states and canada, deal with this every single year and scoff when we talk about snowmageddon when we get a few centimetres of snow. and of course, in north america, they have hundreds and hundreds of little airports dotted all over the country. and in chicago, 0'hair is one of the busiest airports in the world, i think the busiest in north america, and every winter between november and february, they get this and flights still take off. they kind of scoff at us. to keep up to date with all the latest for your area go
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to the bbc news website and tune into your bbc local radio station — or indeed bbc radio wales or bbc radio ulster. and we'll have full weather forecasts on this channel every half hour — stay with us. the disgraced celebrity publicist max clifford has died in prison at the age of 7a. clifford was jailed three years ago for assaulting teenagers as young as fifteen. he was in the middle of an eight year term, and it's thought he died of a heart attack. nick higham reports on a career that hid years of sexual predation. the former record company publicist was britain's best—known pr man. the king of the kiss and tell. he gave sensational stories to the tabloids, while keeping other clients out of the papers. in 1989, he fed a story about
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pamella bordes and her numerous affairs with influential men to the news of the world. but he had another client, a brothel madam. as far as my involvement was, it was really a cover—up for something else. there was a story involving lots of stars which i was trying to keep out. then there was the cabinet minister david mellor, who'd had an affair with actress antonia de sancha. angered, he claimed, by mellor‘s hypocrisy, clifford took her on as a client. once again, the most salacious detail in the story was made up. mellor hadn't been wearing a chelsea strip. he advised faria alam, the former fa employee who had affairs with the chief executive and sven goran eriksson, the england manager. east anglia? that's abroad! and he represented jade goody when the big brother contestant was diagnosed with terminal cancer. it was the way she wanted it. her life, her death, in the spotlight, because she wanted it to be in the spotlight. whenjimmy savile's dark side
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emerged, max clifford was an obvious person to comment. i was aware of allegations, but no one ever came to me and said, jimmy savile abused me. but in december 2012, he was himself arrested. in all, he faced 11 charges of indecent assault stretching back decades. the allegations in respect of which i have been charged are completely false. very upsetting, very distressing, but completely false. i've never indecently assaulted anyone in my life. and this will become clear during the course of the proceedings. it wasn't true. max clifford, it emerged that his trial, was a liar and a hypocrite himself. he was convicted on eight charges. he promised his victimsjobs orfame. instead, he made them his sexual playthings. he'd always been arrogant and manipulative. now he stood revealed as a sexual predator as well. our home affairs correspondent
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danny shaw covered max clifford's trial. i spoke to him a little earlier about his run—ins with the man. he came across as a really arrogant man. and that arrogance was shown just a few days before the trial started, when i put in a call to his office with a query about the case going ahead. and max clifford himself called me back. and tried to kind of charm his way on the phone, dismissing one of the allegations saying, oh, it'sjust a load of nonsense or whatever. and that was kind of how he played it through the trial. but as well as that, there was this really hard, steely, intimidating side of him. and when he was convicted, and he came outside court because he hadn't been sentenced yet, and there was a whole group of photographers and people were throwing questions at him. and i asked, one of the questions i asked, is it time to apologise to the victims?
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and hejust turned round and he stared at me as though he could intimidate me. and if that was just a little bit of what some of the women went through who were the victims of him, that gave you an idea of the type of man he was. what he had a talent for was being able to play off one potential tabloid story against another, didn't he? so, i'll give you something if you keep this story off the front pages. and for a long time hejuggled those things quite successfully. yes, he did. i mean, he was an expert at that, atjuggling those particular interests, getting stories that were favourable into the papers to keep other stories out, keeping newspapers sweet with a supply of different stories and so on. and he was the person you went to if you had a story to tell or a story you wanted to keep out or you wanted to further your career, it was max clifford that you went to. but what we heard at the trial was a succession of aspiring actresses and models were put in touch with clifford.
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you know, they went into his office and were then told to strip. he wanted to look at them. and then sexual favours. and some of the most disgusting sexual acts took place. and some of them were just left traumatised by this behaviour, thinking, is this completely normal? is this what i've let myself in for? it was a real revelation. did he ever show any sign of remorse? not one sign of remorse. not one sign of remorse at all, right throughout the whole trial. and he was still appealing against his conviction is at the time of his death. in fact, i think a hearing was scheduled for the next few months. so he was clearly protesting his innocence right to his death. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, has left iran without an agreement on the early release of the british—iranian aid—worker nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. mrjohnson met iranian president, hassan rouhani this morning where it's believed he continued
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to press for her release. mrs zaghari—ratcliffe's husband says his wife's expected appearance in court today to face possible further charges was postponed as a result of mrjohnson's visit. richard ratcliffe described this as undoubtedly a good sign. mrs zaghari—ratcliffe is serving a five—year sentence over allegations of plotting to overthrow the iranian government, allegations which she denies. the headlines on bbc news: travel disruption across the country due to heavy snow — stansted and birmingham airports have been closed and other airports reporting flight cancellations. the bbc has learnt that nazanin zagari—ratcliffe the british woman imprisoned in iran, will not have to appear in court today. the decision follows a meeting between borisjohnson and the iranian president earlier today. the disgraced celebrity publicist max clifford has died at the age of 7a after collapsing in prison. red, let's take a look at the sport.
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and unfortunately, more news off the field of battle for the cricket team then on. it has been a difficult start to the ashes tour for the england cricketers. i will come to that in the moment but it is an important day of premier league derbies today. manchester city against manchester united kicks off at a30 but we have at the merseyside derby and it has been 13 years since his last at the end that fixture for wayne rooney and he rescued a goal and a point for everton. mohamed salah had put the home side ahead just before half—time in a match that liverpool dominated and they were on course for three points. that was until
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dejan lovren was brought to have —— judged to have brought dominic calvert—lewin down. arsenal returned to fifth place in the premier league, but only after coming from behind to salvage a point at southampton. the home side were quick off the mark with charlie austin opening the scoring with just three minutes on the clock. arsenal had plenty of chances to equalise, but had to wait until the 88th minute for substitute 0livier giroud to come to the rescue. a 1—1 draw but southampton's manager mauricio pellegrino felt his team controlled the game. didn't control the ball too much but i think we controlled the game. this is something different to stop we knew that we had to reduce the pace because they have quality in areas. but i think we competed well. and we have another opportunity to play wednesday. we are already close to
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winning three points. scottish champions celtic nearly had their 67—game unbeaten run in domestic football ended by hibernian. it finished 2—2 at easter road, but neil lennon's hibs came so close to snatching it late on. it had all looked simple for celtic, they went into a 2—0 lead midway through the second half thanks to two goals from scott sinclair. but the home side mounted a brilliant comeback scoring two goals in four minutes, with 0li shaw getting a deserved equaliser. then in stoppage time, shaw had this chance for a hibs winner, but his shot was brilliantly cleared off the line by celtic defender mikael lustig. it extends brendan rodgers' side's unbeaten run to 68 matches. it's been a fantastic start to the final of the uk snooker championship at the york barbican. it's four frames all between ronnie 0'sullivan and shaun murphy. 0'sullivan is trying to equal steve davis' record of six uk titles in the best of 19 frames final. but murphy has matched all the way
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so far, starting with a century break in the first frame. back came the solomon, though. fantastic shot. it is the first to ten friends for victory in the match, which will conclude later today. 0ther plenty of twists and turns in the afternoon session, murphy winning both frames with frustration creeping in for also them. that will resume at 7pm on bbc two tonight. it's tied at four friends all. —— frames all. in rugby unions european champions cup, wasps were comfortably beaten in a high scoring game away at la rochelle. the french side continue to top their group, scoring six tries, including two from levani botia as they won a9—29. wasps though did manage five tries themselves so take an extra bonus point. elsewhere in that group, the weather had a big impact at the stoop as ulster beat harlequins 17—5. and that snow there.
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saracens match against clermont auvergne was postponed. the england lions cricketer, ben duckett has today been suspended from their tour of australia for pouring a drink over james anderson in a bar. he's also been fined and issued with a final written warning over his conduct. yesterday england coach trevor bayliss described the incident as "trivial" but team management were left furious at another off—field misdemeanour. 0n the field, tom curran has boosted his chances of a place in the england team ahead of the third ashes test starting in perth on thursday with five wickets in england's latest tour match. he also scored an unbeaten 77 with the bat yesterday. captain moeen ali didn't bowl but did find a bit of form with the bat, scoring a second—innings, a7 in england's drawn match against a cricket australia 11. that's all the sport for now. i'm sure for is hoping that the
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third ashes test, everything will change. the sun will come out, everyone will behave immaculately, and england will win! thank you very much. there have been more protests in the arab and muslim world against president trump's decision to recognise jerusalem as the capital of israel. clashes broke out in the lebanese capital beirut where protesters threw stones and set fire to tyres near the us embassy. they were pushed back by security forces who fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. the main road leading to the large embassy complex was barricaded by police. 0ur correspondent martin patience reports from the scene. tear gas is now being far, we will just move along. we need to keep on
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going, move down this way. just move away. as you can see, it's disbursing butjust away. as you can see, it's disbursing but just taking away. as you can see, it's disbursing butjust taking a lungful of tear gas... this shows the emotional power of this issue. jerusalem remains a rallying cry for palestinians and arabs across the region. martin patience their reporting from a rather frantic scene close to the us embassy in lebanon in beirut. just a very short time ago. labour has suggested that britain should "stay aligned" to the european union after brexit — allowing the easy movement of people and continuing payments to brussels. the party's brexit spokesman, sir keir starmer, said he wanted the uk to stay in the customs union and a version of the single market.
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the government says it's committed to a broad and ambitious free trade deal outside the eu. susanah mendonca reports. a moment heralded as a landmark deal in britain's eu negotiations, but this was just the starting point for doing the deal that britain really wants with the eu, which is all about trade. and today the brexit secretary gave us a clearer idea of what the government wants that to look like. if the basic deal... i'm being very crude about this, but is canada plus the city or something like that? canada plus plus plus would be one way of putting in. the trade deal canada has done with the eu took seven years to negotiate and didn't include the financial sector, which is key to the uk's economy. but the brexit secretary says that isn't the only example he's looking at, and services would have to be included in any deal. what we want is a bespoke outcome. we will probably start with the best of canada and the best ofjapan and the best of south korea, and then add to that the bits missing, which is the services. but labour are looking towards northern europe as a model for the kind of deal it would be after. norway isn't in the eu but has access to the single market, and pays for the privilege.
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labour's brexit secretary revealed he would want a similar setup to retain the benefits of the single market and customs union, but that could come at a price. norway pays money in. they do it actually on a voluntary basis. would you accept it? there may have to be payments, that would have to be negotiated. the focus now is all on getting a trade dealfor britain, but with varying opinions of what that deal should look like, and the eu unlikely to want to give the uk a better deal outside than it had inside the club, that might prove tougher than the deal that got the government to this point in the negotiations in the first place. susana mendonca, bbc news. the met office and warning for heavy
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snow will gradually lapse through the evening as to fall, bit lighter, but transport disruption will be ongoing especially as we have seen over a foot of snow over parts of wales and the snow continues to fall. it is light snow, patching to the evening across wales, midlands, pa rt the evening across wales, midlands, part of the 70s. still a bit of snow but not as bad as earlier in the day. heavy rain showers across southernmost counties. severe gales we have seen slowly easing as well. across the evening, clear skies in parts of england and scotland. a few showers, becoming more extensive throughout the night, and some parts of scotla nd throughout the night, and some parts of scotland did not get above freezing all day long so i is well be an issue there and of course we have seen snow lying through the night into tomorrow morning. temperatures widely below freezing into monday morning and considering some didn't get above freezing today, we could see temperatures as low as —10 or —12 in one or two spots. especially in parts of wales, northern england and park, across scotland. into tomorrow, this area of low pressure pressures across, giving problems in france, is spain
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and portugal. but also we have at risk of ice here. ice conditions for the monday commute, that could be an issue for many of you as you start the day as well as that widespread sharp frost. we could still see a bit of the times through the day, is that low pressure system gets close to east anglia and the south—east. 0ther to east anglia and the south—east. other than that, sunny day, a few showers to the north and west. but through the afternoon, still continuing to see a mix of rain, some snow on the hills, east anglia and the south—east could see gale force winds. that'll be one to watch through the day. away from that, dry, sunny, but still cold, frost returning by apm. cross, before south—west of wales, it will be wintry over the hills, which could cause issues for one or two of you and a mixture of rain, hail, sleet and a mixture of rain, hail, sleet and snow flurries in northern ireland and so maybe snow flurries in scotland. as we finish monday and go into monday night, some showers continuing around the course, you then but it will become pretty cold indeed it inland. snow is on the ground, we will see caption parts of
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england, wales and scotland as low as —12 to minus 1a. frost in places, foggy start on tuesday, one or two showers but most places will be dry and sunny before cloud and rain and slightly less cold air pressures the west later. —— pushes in from the west. hello. this is bbc news with shaun ley. i will have the headlines and the latest news at the top of the hour. but first... now on bbc news, the latest in our series 100 women. we're challenging teams of women in four cities around the world to tackle everyday problems that blight their lives... in the workplace. we need a working prototype by tomorrow morning. in education. it's a small that will malfunction.


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