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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:11pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at "pm: in the us state of washington, multiple fatalities, after a high—speed train derails from a bridge onto a highway. many more were injured. an inquiry into the murder of a refugee in bristol four years ago. police and the city council are accused of institutional racism. south africa's deputy president cyril ramaphosa is elected leader of the ruling party, the anc, promising to fight corruption. and, coming up, deciphering all things brexit, a special televised year—end edition of the bbc‘s brexitcast podcast. good evening and welcome to bbc news. six people are reported to have been
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killed in the us state of washington after a high—speed passenger train derailed. carriages fell from the tracks onto a busy highway below. some 80 people were on board. our correspondent james cook reports from los angeles. disaster struck on the very first run ofa disaster struck on the very first run of a new express service from seattle to portland. some were asleep, others drinking coffee when the train careered off the track onto the busy motorway below. survivors spoke of a rocking noise as the engine took the curve at speed followed by crashing and screaming. i grabbed onto the chair, my laptop when flying —— went flying. people were screaming, it was crazy. trained 501 was operated by amtrak, which said there were
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some 78 passengers and five crew members on board. police say the crash happened at 7:55 a.m., the height of the rush—hour on the is. multiple cars were struck by the train tracks that went down onto the road. the people in all the vehicles, even though when you see the pictures it is horrific, at this point no one in any of the vehicles is fatal. the express was taking a new fast route for the first time. safety concerns about the project we re safety concerns about the project were still being raised as recently as two weeks ago and people who live nearby are now demanding answers. well, i'm just wondering if they did any dry runs on this before the passengers on—board, any dry runs on this before the passengers on—boa rd, that's any dry runs on this before the passengers on—board, that's my only concern. yes, it is a terrible thing. this is the latest in a series of deadly rail accidents in the united states. president trump's initial response has been to use the crash to put his plan to improve american infrastructure but it is far too early to say what actually
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caused this tragedy. a highly—critical report into the circumstances surrounding the murder of an iranian refugee in bristol four years ago has concluded that bristol city council and avon and somerset police showed institutional racism in their handling of the case. bijan ebrahimi was beaten to death by a neighbour after he was falsely accused of being a paedophile. mr ebrahimi had made repeated complaints to police, but an official report has accused the authorities of repeatedly siding with his abusers. our correspondent jon kay has the story. he came to britain for safety, but bijan ebrahimi was brutally beaten to death and his body set on fire. don't you dare take pictures of me, all right?! this is the neighbour who killed him, lee james, now serving life for murder. but this was not the first attack. today's report says time and time again —
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at different addresses, over several years — bijan alleged he'd been abused and attacked by a number of different people. but this report says he was treated as a nuisance by the authorities in bristol, with police and council staff often siding with his alleged abusers, rather than helping him. absolutely shocking and disgusting. now bijan‘s sisters have been told there was a collective failure by avon & somerset police and bristol city council, which amounted to ‘institutional racism' — a phrase used nearly 20 years ago, in the stephen lawrence inquiry. these are not the words that we should hear in this day and age. you don't want to see, you don't want to hear any more about it. it's been dealt with so many times before. and seeing this happening again is truly shocking. we are very angry, as my sister said, and it's very shocking and upsetting as a family.
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today's report says no individual members of staff here at bristol city council, or at avon & somerset police, were intentionally racist themselves, but it says both organisations had an ingrained view of bijan ebrahimi which affected the way they treated him, and that he didn't get the support or the level of service that he should have received. the report says as an iranian man, bijan was put at a disadvantage, because the way the authorities dealt with him was discriminatory. that's why, it concludes, there was ‘institutional racism'. it is a word that israeli used and a finding that is rarely found because one would hope that institutional racism is not a common problem. but the family's concern is that it is much more common than it is found. last year, two members of police staff were jailed for misconduct. the force apologised to the ebrahimi family then and, along with the city council, has now accepted today's report in full. they say lessons have been learned.
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bijan‘s death won't be in vain, and that it will be the basis of this authority, and i'm sure many institutions around the city, having a look at what they do and the way they do it. nearly five years after he was killed here, bijan ebrahimi's family say his voice has now finally been heard. jon kay, bbc news, bristol. south africa's governing party, the anc, has elected a new leader. cyril ramaphosa, a union leader and wealthy businessman, will take over the leadership from president zuma. he has vowed to fight corruption and revitalize the economy. the current deputy president defeated former cabinet minister nkosaza na dlamini—zuma, jacob zuma's ex—wife, after a marathon voting process and fierce leadership battle that raised fears of a split in the party. south africa will next go to the polls in 2019. president trump has outlined a new national security strategy focusing on economic stability and identifying russia and china as competitors challenging america's influence and wealth. the president also said washington
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had no choice but to deal with the challenge posed by north korea's weapons programme. mr trump was making his speech at an event in washington. this strategy recognises that, whether we like it or not, we are engaged in a new era of competition. we a cce pt engaged in a new era of competition. we accept that vigorous military, economic and political contests are now paying out all around the world. we face a rogue regimes that threaten the united states and our allies. we face terrorist organisations, transnational criminal networks and others who spread violence and evil around the globe. we also face rival powers, russia and china, that seek to challenge american influence, values and wealth. we will attempt to build
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and wealth. we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries, but in a manner that always protects our national interest. police in suffolk have arrested a man after a car was driven into the gates of a military base used by the us air force. shots were fired by american personnel during the incident at raf mildenhall. the suspect, who's 44, suffered cuts and bruises. police say the incident wasn't terror—related. police in lebanon have arrested an uber driver in connection with the murder of a british embassy worker in beirut. the body of rebecca dykes was found by a motorway on saturday officers say she had been strangled and sexually assaulted. her family say they've been devastated by her death. the right reverend sarah mullally has been named the new bishop of london, making her the most senior clergywoman in the history of the church of england. she became a priest in 2001 after spending over 35 years working as a senior nurse for the nhs. bishop sarah will be the third woman to run a diocese and will take up a seat in the house of lords.
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two people have been killed in a fire at a luxury hotel on the banks of loch lomond. police say the cameron house hotel has been extensively damaged. around 200 guests were led from the hotel after the alarm was raised early this morning. that's a summary of the news. newsday is coming up at midnight. now on bbc news, it's a special televised edition of the bbc‘s brexitcast podcast. here is chris mason and friends. the question is, does this shirt work on tv? has that shirt ever seen an iron? it said it was non iron on the back. normally we record the brexitcast pod cast... we call that a shirt for radio. normally we sit ina cupboard a shirt for radio. normally we sit in a cupboard recording the little
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pod cast, brexitcast. i have brought kate! you did, you did. this is a twist on the usual pod cast, normally into your ears only and instead, welcome and thanks for watching on the bbc news channel to a special brexitcast with an invited audience. brexitcast from bbc 5 live and bbc news. brexit means brexit. breaking up is hard. the people voted and they have to get on with it. i think brexit is going to be a wonderful thing. i have it. i think brexit is going to be a wonderfulthing. i have to it. i think brexit is going to be a wonderful thing. i have to say this isa wonderful thing. i have to say this is a tough negotiating process which a——ican is a tough negotiating process which a —— i can only describe as adults breakfast. brexit means brexit, but what does brexit mean? -- as a dog's brea kfast. what does brexit mean? -- as a dog's breakfast. 0h, what does brexit mean? -- as a dog's breakfast. oh, what did


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