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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 20, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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life span 20 or 30%. and we really do not know what is possible for humans at this point. we do know exercise is a magic formula that can keep us healthy longer. and there are no drugs yet to match it. there is probably an upper limit to life expectancy of around 115 years. so the quest for immortality is still the stuff of science fiction. but increasing our health span, the number of years we spend free of chronic diseases, well that really could be a reality. here we go! # jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock! finding something you enjoy and staying socially engaged are key elements of healthy ageing. like the sun city poms, many of whom are in their 70s and 805. i'm 78. born on the 4th ofjuly. so i'm still a firecracker, still going and booming. it keeps me physically active, it keeps my brain working
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and helps my memory. we just get out there and do what we need to do and enjoy. we can't slow time but we can put more life in our years and hopefully become super—agers. fergus walsh, bbc news, sun city, arizona. and all three of fergus' reports on how we're living longer and life expectancy in the future can be found online. just go to a reminder of our top story tonight. the first secretary of state, damian green — one of theresa may's closest allies — has resigned from the cabinet after an investigation found he had breached the ministerial code. more details on the bbc news
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channel. now on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. good night. hello. i'm olly foster, these are our sportsday headlines tonight. manchester united are undone by another city. bristol city knock the holders out of the league cup. a sixth sacking of ther premier league season. paul clement is given the push by swansea. and birmingham's bid gets the green light. they'll host the commonwealth games in 2022. good evening. bristol city are into the league cup semi—finals after stunning the holders manchester united with an injury time winner at ashton gate. the championship side will now play
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manchester city for a place in the final. a chance to bend the ear of the special one and try to find that edge. jose mourinho was not feeling overly generous despite ten changes. ibrahimovic was back alongside marcus rashford. their hosts were finding their range. nothing seemed to worryjose mourinho for now but that soon changed after the break. joe bryan, bristol born and bred, did something spectacular. the championship side holding their own. that man zlatan ibrahimovic could not be held back the long and united we re not be held back the long and united were level and now searching for a winner. lukaku denied twice. maybe nowjose mourinho was nervous. and with good reason will stop with time disappearing, korey smith got the
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match—winner for bristol city. the moment dreams are made of. chelsea are also through but they needed a late alvaro morata winner at stamford bridge to see off fellow premier league side bournemouth. the cherries equalised through dan gosling in the 90th minute after willian had given chelsea a first half lead but morata got the injury time winner. four teams left and the reward for chelsea, a semifinal against arsenal. semifinals played over two la kes arsenal. semifinals played over two lakes next month. paul clement has become the sixth premier league manager to be sacked this season. he onlyjoined swansea at the turn of the year and despite helping to keep them up last season, he leaves them at the bottom of the table, four points from safety. a little earlier i spoke to bbc sport wales football correspondent rob phillips. it is ironic they pulled the trigger just a couple of days before they
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play crystal palace and crystal palace was paul clement's first game in charge when he arrived in january. they said they took the decision regretfully. the chairman said the last thing they wanted to do was look for another coach halfway through the season. if you count the number of times alan curtis, the club legend has stepped m, curtis, the club legend has stepped in, it will be the sixth manager in two years for swansea city but i think they feel they have to do it now so maybe there could be a manager bounce like with sam alla rdyce manager bounce like with sam allardyce at manager bounce like with sam alla rdyce at everton manager bounce like with sam allardyce at everton and david moyes at west ham and roy hodgson with saturday opponents crystal palace. do fingers need to be pointed at huw jenkins the chairman and the american owners? absolutely. i think the departure of paul clement and his assistants is a damning indictment of the way the hierarchy have run the club. clement had the
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rug pulled from the dc amid the summer when they sold the best players, gylfi sigurdsson and fernando llorente. they have plenty of money on but did not spend anywhere near that sort of money looking for new recruits and the squad does not look good enough. they will hope a new manager will get more out of the squad but january would always be vital for swa nsea january would always be vital for swansea because it is not good enough, the number of players at the moment. they need to bring in quality in january to have moment. they need to bring in quality injanuary to have any prospect of surviving against relegation. they have dodged the bullet the last two seasons but now they are up against it to avoid dropping into the championship. a man who racially abused and assaulted manchester city's raheem sterling at the weekend has beenjailed for 16 weeks. sterling was targeted outside the club's training ground before the team's match against tottenham later that day. karl anderson, who has a history of football—related violence,
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verbally abused the city and england star and kicked him four times. he pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault. birmingham's bid to host the 2022 commonwealth games has been given the go—ahead and will be confirmed tomorrow. after seeing off competition from liverpool and receiving government backing, theirs was the only bid received at the end of september. the commonwealth games federation extended the deadline for other cities to come forward but none did. birmingham's bid, with a budget of 750 million pounds, has been accepted. the international pa ralympic committee will decide next month whether or not to lift their ban on russia from taking part at the winter paralympics in march. teen russian athletes can still compete as neutrals in some qualifying events. but a final decision on the team as a whole will be made next month. they say that the russian federation not made sufficient progress to justify their reinstatement.
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the international olympic committee has set out 13 guidelines for russian atheltes wanting to compete as neutrals in south korea in february. no flag emblems, or anthems will be allowed with this the only logo allowed on their kit with any reference to russia . leicester centre manu tuilagi is free to play against saracens on christmas eve after his citing for a dangerous tackle against munster at the weekend was dismissed. tuilagi who was making his first appearance since the opening day of the season, was cited for a high tackle on munster‘s chris cloete during their european cup defeat but the disciplinary committee didn't think that it warranted a red card. one other rugby union line for you and scotland forward jonny gray has signed a new two—year deal with glasgow warriors after rejecting a move to bristol. he'd also been linked with a number of clubs in france. he may not have got the result he wanted at sport personality, but 2017 has been a fantastic year for anthonyjoshua. the heavyweight world champion sold out wembley stadium and cardiff's principality stadium
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in two blockbuster world title fights. our reporter asked if it put a different pressure on him in 2018? yes. it does. it is the pressure to deliver. i understand what people want. it is important to improve as a fighter so i can go in and deliver. i am confident of getting a knockout, getting a win and looking good while doing it. these are the things people want to see so i have to make sure i am improving in the gym and that is where the pressure comes from. i know what people want. they are not hiding what they want, they tell me, it is not good enough, you need to do better. the status of being a world champion and the big
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crowds, everyone wants a piece of you, you must have to make huge sacrifices. the majority of people, men and women, working hard, trying to live, trying to get on the property ladder, day care. it is ha rd property ladder, day care. it is hard because you have to work to provide these things and all of us wa nt provide these things and all of us want a better future for our kids and a lot of us are put in the position where we have to go to work and sacrifice time with our kids. christmas coming up, new year, it is so important for family so you can rekindle the spark. that is why these holidays are a blessing. it gives us time again. i don't do what idoin gives us time again. i don't do what i do in vain. so many people my age and older depending on me. i have my nieces and my little boy and nephews depending on me. you have been vocal about your targets. is this a chance to drop the shoulders a little bit
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and to say you know what is coming onjanuary the and to say you know what is coming on january the 1st? it is important. once january the 1st comes on, it sta rts once january the 1st comes on, it starts looming and we push into 2018. it picks up again. the pressure is on. i have to deliver. the world darts championships are continuing at alexandra palace. 2008 runner—up simon whitlock, the wizard, has been in action tonight. and he's safely into round two after a three sets to one win over 21—year old german martin ‘the wall‘ schlindler. that's all from sportsday. but a reminder of the top story, bristol city have knocked out manchester united in the league cup and they will face manchester city in the semifinals. arsenal will play chelsea in the other semifinal. good night. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are giles kenningham, pr and former conservative adviser. and jack blanchard from politico. tomorrow's front pages. welcome. the guardian leads on the sacking of damian green, that was after admitting he was misleading about claims of pornography on his computer. the metro reads "green out". the ft also pictures damian green. it's main story is about brexit
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and a bid by uk regulators to woo foreign banks with a promise of easy access when the country leaves the eu. and... the express reports on research claiming that eating salad vegetables every day could help stave off dementia by boosting memory power. it pictures meghan markle attending a christmas party at buckingham palace. we will start with the demise of damian green. take us to be metro, green out. pretty blunt. theresa may has lost her closest political ally and probably one of her few political confidants. the equivalent of david cameron losing george osborne when he was in government and for number 10 they need to spin
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it as an act of strength by theresa may, showing her ruthlessness. she got rid of her best political friend. as with all these things it was more the cover—up than the original claim they did for him. it isa original claim they did for him. it is a metaphor for her leadership. she felt she was getting momentum and this happens. jack, how do you seeit? and this happens. jack, how do you see it? this is the third resignation. michael fallon, priti patel, is this the biggest of the three? yes. he is heard de facto number two three? yes. he is heard de facto numbertwo and he three? yes. he is heard de facto number two and he stands in when she is out of the country and hears her closest ally, they have known each other since university so imagine how it feels to write the letter she wrote to a best friend saying sorry, you are out. i think it genuinely shows a ruthless streak that perhaps not everyone would know was there but if you read the report by the
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cabinet office, the summary, into his behaviour, i am not sure the prime minister was left with much choice. they basically came down on the side of the person making allegations against him and also said effectively he had lied. the other allegations about pornography on his computer. when that became clear i'm not sure she had any choice.


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