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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  December 22, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. pictures of meghan markle and prince harry are on our website. them winning a majority in the regional assembly. from the war in yemen. released, and yes, the engagement ring very much in in all the photos. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. donald trump's recognition ofjerusalem as israel's capital. of the dutch he was trying to cup. arrest. the commonwealth games in 2022. but he's no match for milos raonic. dismissed their entire coaching staff.
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knocked out of the dutch cup on wednesday in the round of 16. hennie spijkerman and the legendary dutch forward dennis bergkamp. have the requisite confidence that our ambitions will be realised". and will take charge of the team on sunday. exactly who they want. there are many candidates. are not in the frame for the ajax job. job. that last bit is the crux of everything. you have to adapt to the philosophy. philosophy.
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to a manager who changes the principles would be 4—3—3 system. local derby at old trafford. after united allegedly labelled city's celebrations as disrepectful. jose mourinho‘s direction. eyewitnesses". on thursday with the early kick off seeing eibar beat girona 4—1. against malaga to help his side out ofthe relegation zone. the 2022 commonwealth games.
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to meet promises contained in its bid. 0ur sports editor dan roan has this report. the host of the 2022 commonwealth games will be burning of! games will be burning of! staging its first global sports event. event. commonwealth games movement told me they had found an ideal host. right, run the games for the people, by the people. by the people. was stripped of the games due to financial difficulties. financial difficulties. no other rivals
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emerged. rivals emerged. alexander stadium will host some of the world's finest athletes. the world's finest athletes. payton, today's news is added motivation. motivation. the qualifying times rather than the two we needed. two we needed. to compete here in 2022 is a massive goal of mind. 2022 is a massive goal of mind. birmingham, with the athletes village creating 1000 homes. village creating 1000 homes. three quarters of £1 billion to stage. stage. of that has to be raised by local authorities. authorities. help raise money for birmingham 2022.
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opinions are mixed. also concerned about the disruption in the local community. in the local community. go about making sure it represents good value? good value? back the investment we have put in and more. it is a good starting point. point. helped to secure the uk's reputation as a sporting host. as a sporting host. birmingham's turned to deliver the event and prove it is worth it. korea. pavel kolobkov made the announcement in moscow on thursday.
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athletes to take part. are in top form. at the secret garden in china. of the podium. 50 and 97. in his first two runs. raibu katayama was second best while yuto totsuka was third. 75 run. bronze for china. freestyle skiing world cup victory, almost three years after his first. table.
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second, overtaking canada in the last section to claim the win. last section to claim the win. three—time olympic champion kotika hosau. hosau. over the short course, looking at time of 56 seconds. time of 56 seconds. australia with the ashes already gone. —— cricketers. the fourth test begins on boxing day in melbourne. begins on boxing day in melbourne.
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side has been david malone, the top run scorer, averaging over 50. run scorer, averaging over 50. we all have our places to play for. all have our places to play for. all have our legacy to leave, if you want to put it like that. want to put it like that. will be fantastic, 90 to 100,000 people. people. in, in the first few games, to make sure i got to play that game. sure i got to play that game. really to play for, in terms of the ashes. obviously we have lost 3—0. we are 3—0 down already. of the players, we will want to make it 3-2. of the players, we will want to make it 3—2. it 3—2. we want to show that we can play out there and perform out here. play out there and perform out here. that is the key thing. smith got a lot of attention down under. under. an unassailable 3—0 lead, the pressure is well and truly off. pressure is well and truly off. smith decided to have a hit with canadian tennis star milos raonic.
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canadian tennis star milos raonic. here is how he went. and downs as it was to much for smith to deal with. smith to deal with. batting style but i don't think it translates to tennis. translates to tennis. a bit too much on the bottom hand, i think. on the bottom hand, i think. a kid but i don't play much any more. more. have a hit with one of the best players in the world. players in the world. pitch which i think is to stay there. there. the determination and dedication it takes to be as great as they are. takes to be as great as they are. looks like fun.
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the miami heat 24 hours ago by one point. point. madison square garden against the new york knicks. new york knicks. that is midway through the second quarter. through the second quarter. tolson tolbert, and the wonderful sport today team, goodbye. hi there. and christmas day. much the same. extensive low cloud. and we've got more of the same to come. of northern ireland and much of scotland too.
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of light rain and drizzle. for some of us, it will be a dense start to the day. but look at these temperatures. 10 degrees across wales and southwest england. very mild here. and there could be some dense patches of fog around as well. of the morning. the time of year. 12, even 13 degrees. hills around the west. of the year. now, looking ahead to
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the weekend's weather prospects. we've got more of the same, really. change that we will see during the weekend. saturday then, looks something like this. to the eastern high ground of eastern scotland. areas of scotland. christmas eve though, another mild one and another breezy one. you can have one. you will find some snow.
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degrees with a lot of cloud across the sky. that's your weather.
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