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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 23, 2017 6:30pm-6:59pm GMT

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day across the uk. the christmas day that area of wet weather is slowly edging south and east but only very slowly. this is where we think it will be setting, still some uncertainty south—east of that. where the rain clears from scotland and northern ireland some colder air moves in. that is a sign of things to come. it's been very mild, 15 degrees in scotland. by boxing day colder air filtering south across the uk. eventually that band of wet weather clears eastwards, many of us dry on boxing day, but it is going to feel colder than it does now. hello. this is bbc news. a tropical storm has turn to the philippines. 180 people are known to have died. a man has appeared at york magistrates court charged with the moor ofjodie willsher at a aldi in skipton. a has been a man did in
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custody and will appear at the crown court on the 20th of december —— charged with murder. london zoo is closed following a large fire and will reopen tomorrow. an aardvark was killed and four meerkats are missing. staff are in shock. and theresa may has released a christmas message thanking the armed forces for their work. she said troops are making the world superbike combating terrorism at home and abroad. —— the world safer. now let's cross to the sports centre. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me 0lly foster and katherine downes. it's a blue, blue christmas. have manchester city already wrapped up the title? they've won again.
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exeter chiefs are also top of their premiership tree. all the days rugby union results are coming up and festive cheer may be lacking in the england camp, but the man in charge says the current crop of cricketers have what it takes to salvage some pride from this ashes series. good evening. we are going to get straight into the football, nine matches in the premier league today, seven results are in and katherine has beenjoined by our football reporter john bennett. lots of movement at the bottom but it's a blue star on top of the tree at christmas. city looked pretty unstoppable. we sound like a broken record when we stand here every week saying another great result for manchester city but four calls for them today, 11 points clear and closing in on pep
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guardiola's european record of wins ina guardiola's european record of wins in a row. everything is going right for this man because it was all about sergio‘s future this morning. he scores two goals, sets up another win. the other goal—scorers continued their amazing form. 17 wins ina continued their amazing form. 17 wins in a row. approaching this record. they could break it if they keep winning on the 2nd ofjanuary when they play watford. breaking pep guardiola's on record. let's hear from him now. he claims is not as easy as it looks. the best way we do this season is to focus on the next one. nothing too far away. football is unpredictable and when you think thatis is unpredictable and when you think that is going to happen, it doesn't happen. we came to frustrate them as
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a game plan and try to plug the gaps and we did that very well and then it was out on doing for having good possession and then we made a couple of bad decisions and put ourselves under pressure. city closing in on the title. last yea r‘s city closing in on the title. last year's title winners chelsea could only manage a goalless draw against everton. for everton, another point. there the surgeons under sam alla rdyce there the surgeons under sam allardyce continues. there the surgeons under sam alla rdyce continues. —— there the surgeons under sam allardyce continues. —— the resurgence. chelsea had won their previous meetings with everton this season previous meetings with everton this season but this time they were facing a side unbeaten under new boss sam alla rdyce. facing a side unbeaten under new boss sam allardyce. they were missing wayne rooney through illness and faced early pressure, but the captain kept them in the game. for all their dominance, chelsea couldn't find that opening goal. pedro tried, but couldn't get past
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jordan pickford. pickford kept out hazzard, the jordan pickford. pickford kept out hazza rd, the england jordan pickford. pickford kept out hazzard, the england manager watching on. but after an almost perfect defensive display, pickford was beaten by his own player, the cross bar was beaten by his own player, the crossbar providing release for ashley williams. chelsea were running out of time and things could have got worse with moments to go. michael keane's header was just over. despite having no shots on target, sam alla rdyce over. despite having no shots on target, sam allardyce passed ‘s unbeaten run stretches to six while antonio will view this as two points dropped for the reigning champions. maybe two points dropped for chelsea but a much—needed point for everton. sam alla rdyce but a much—needed point for everton. sam allardyce seems to have really made a difference since he arrived a few weeks ago. he has lived up to his reputation as someone he has lived up to his reputation as someone who makes his teams more solid. five unbeaten under his management, six unbeaten if you can
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begin he was watching just before he took over. antonio will be disappointed because it was 25 shots without scoring. they needed to be more clinical. let's hearfrom without scoring. they needed to be more clinical. let's hear from the man of the moment, sam allardyce. i'm delighted with the players‘ application i‘m delighted with the players‘ application and attitude to defending, there‘s no doubt about that. to see that they have drawn and only lost one in the last ten, it‘s a terrific result, a terrific point for us. we played with great intensity, we had chances and we dominated the game, but at the same time we must be more clinical because when given the chance to score, because when given the chance to score , you because when given the chance to score, you have to score a bit wise. you do the game and it's a pity score, you have to score a bit wise. you do the gam maybe 's a pity score, you have to score a bit wise. you do the gam maybe people' score, you have to score a bit wise. you do the gam maybe people from support is vital. maybe people from outside the stoke area and with an affiliation to stoke were jumping on the bandwagon you little bit. then
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the bandwagon you little bit. then the club we are strong and we always will be. there was a 1—1 draw between swansea and crystal palace. it was spectacular. it has been such a tricky week for them. they sacked their manager paul clement, they have leon brittan in charge temporarily, still on the bottom of the table. he looks the part and he did get a performance out of his players. roy hodgson will be pleased with the point. the standout moment was jordan‘s world—class strike, equalising after crystal palace had scored a penalty and it needed a world —class scored a penalty and it needed a world—class school because they were struggling to create chances, swa nsea, struggling to create chances, swansea, the old problems were there, just four points from their last 11 games. leon brittan got a performance from his players. last 11 games. leon brittan got a performance from his playerslj think performance from his players.” think we showed great character. it showed that the players were giving everything out there, for myself on the football club. i‘m very proud of the football club. i‘m very proud of the effort they put into the. being 1-0 the effort they put into the. being 1—0 down, we could have easily gone
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under but they showed great character and great spirit and towards the end, if one team is pushing for a goal, it was up to us to get the winner. elsewhere, west ham beat newcastle 2-1 elsewhere, west ham beat newcastle 2—1 and a first win in ten games for newcastle. maybe things are looking up. west ham were in good form and took the lead after six minutes. newcastle fought back. huge relief for them because it is only been one point in nine games before today. all the takeover talk, so many distractions. for west ham, all the takeover talk, so many distractions. forwest ham, it all the takeover talk, so many distractions. for west ham, it is a real loss of momentum after they got back on track but a good performance by newcastle, they really needed that, they got some tough games over christmas. 3— too far newcastle. a couple of results to bring you. brighton beat watford 1—0. their
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first win in eight games. they have been finding goal—scoring tricky this past month. 0nly their second goal in seven games. a priceless moment. watford, four league defeats in a row. southampton 1—1 huddersfield. southampton 1—1 huddersfield. southampton took the lead, huddersfield equalise. southampton are huddersfield equalise. southampton a re really huddersfield equalise. southampton are really in good form. this was a game where i felt the almost had to win. the fans are starting to turn against their manager pellegrino. southampton are just three points above relegation. 0n the premier league table, that is where the movement has been. southampton are 19 points and bournemouth are top of the relegation places in 16 so it‘s literally, tricky time for southampton at the moment. they probably had to win this game. they‘re having a tough festive
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period. there is the risk of them being cut adrift. west bromwich albion haven‘t won since august. let‘s have a look at the top, no surprises there. manchester city way out in front at the moment but manchester united of course play later so they must, the pressure is on, they must keep up if the title race is going to be in any way exciting come the second half of the season. the 1a point gap is huge and chelsea losing ground as well after their draw against everton. manchester city and the moment is playing spectacular football. united are the only ones that can catch them at the moment. burnley are playing spurs at the moment, hosting tottenham and it is totte n ha m moment, hosting tottenham and it is tottenham who have the lead at the moment. it‘s a controversial lead. a lot of talking points. look at this sliding challenge. very early on, he got a booking for that. he made a couple of pure challenges
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against manchester city last week. brought down in the box, or was he? make your own minds up. a lot of people are saying he dived. harry keane stepped up. he never misses from the stop. 1—0 to tottenham against burnley, sixth against seventh, burnley could have moved joint fourth on points with a win but at the moment it is tottenham with a 1—0 controversial lead. thanks for bringing us up to date, john. we‘ll talk to you in about an hour and we john. we‘ll talk to you in about an hourand we can john. we‘ll talk to you in about an hour and we can bring up all the rest of the premier league results for you. one more to come later on today, manchester city clear that the top of the table, manchester united must win this evening if they wa nt to united must win this evening if they want to keep up their opponents. the late kick—off is at 7:45pm. that‘s leicester. jamie vardy and riyad mahrez are likely to be recalled as leicester chase down
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a europa league spot for next season. antonio valencia is injured for united, but the players mourinho rested for their league cup defeat by bristol city during the week are expected to make a return. if the top teams perform, it is very difficult for them to have the same dream orto difficult for them to have the same dream or to reach the same incredible title, but i think they‘re doing well. they‘re co mforta ble, they‘re doing well. they‘re comfortable, in a comfortable position, no drama, no fears. can the fight to reach the europa league spot? yes, they can. you‘re up to date with the premier league. a full fixture list of lower league results as well. we‘ll strike leader of the championships. cardiff lost at bolton. all the results from the football league and premier league on the bbc sport website but that is the football marathon done for now.
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thank you, catherine. we had a full round—up of matches in the scottish premiership today celtic have stretched their lead, rangers could have moved up to to second with graeme murty now in charge fulltime until the end of the season but they lost 2—1 at kilmarnock. vicki—jane edwards reports. it has been a december to remember for kilmarnock, going into the game for kilmarnock, going into the game for matches unbeaten this month. away from home, rangers have been impressive themselves and with a manager until the end of the season started, good to go. but it was, not because the most problems in the first half until declanjohns strike allowed him to celebrate his first permanent contract with rangers in style. frustrating for the home side with chad after chant, wes fotheringham being the only
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obstruction. blink and you‘ll miss it, two goals in two minutes, who else but kris boyd giving, nick what they deserve against his former club? it tough first game for graeme murty‘s first game as manager, a double celebration for kris boyd. celtic‘s lead is up to eight points after beating second placed aberdeen 3—0. fourth—placed hibs beat ross county who slip to the bottom of the table after partick won at home to hamilton. motherwell drew 1—1 against dundee. stjohnston and hearts was goalless. barcelona have stretched their lead at the top of la liga and what better way to do that than against real madrid in el clasico. they won 3—0 at the bernabeu. barca are nine points clear at the top heading in to their winter break. real are now surely out of the title race, 1a points behind alex gulrajani was watching this one. 0ver over half 0ver half1 billion people focused
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in on this corner of madrid. the demand was so great to see the world‘s best, kick—off was moved to lunchtime in spain with the asian tv audience in mind. theirfirst glimpse was uncharacteristic from rinaldo but before long he was back within range. this el clasico was one that real madrid needed to win. already 11 points behind rivals, the gap wouldn‘t get closer today. lewis wires with the opening goal. then barcelona flourished, real madrid under siege with the ball ending up in the back of the net but the referee wasn‘t happy. he used his hands, credit card. penalty diverse alone, the outcome, lionel massey adding to real madrid‘s woes. it didn‘t stop him setting up alex vidalfor didn‘t stop him setting up alex vidal for barcelona‘s third, a victory that sets them a world apart at the top of la exeter also have a commanding lead
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at the top of the rugby union premiership. the chiefs were far too strong for northampton saints at franklin‘s gardens. exeter ran in four tries for a bonus point 35—14 victory. the reigning champs are now 11 points clear at the top, for saints, that‘s their 11th defeat in 12 in all competitions. austin halewood reports. with just one win from their last 11 games, franklins gardens are looking bleak. after more than a decade with jamal and at the helm, it‘s the start of a new year for northampton saints. changes don‘t happen overnight, though. exeter took an early lead. then proof that there is life at the gardens yet, northampton we re life at the gardens yet, northampton were brought to within a point with this move. but it will take more than this move to tame the chiefs who are driving this season, eight
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points clear before the match and turning the screw, sam simmons was his ninth of the season. another try from thomas followed before a quick thinking gave the scoreline some respectability. in the final play of the match, jack crossed the line for exeter, sealing a bonus point win for the chiefs well northampton‘s worst premiership run far six years continues. and here are the rest of today‘s premiership results for you. newcastle edged a win by a point against harlequins. three tries for sale sharks saw them beat bath 32—9. while second—place wasps went over six times, beating gloucester 49—21; and they are up to second. there are three matches in the pro 1a today. edinburgh and glasgow play each other twice over the next week. today‘s match is at murrayfield. glasgow to be with a converted try
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from centre hugh jones. glasgow to be with a converted try from centre huthones. edinburgh went down to 1a men. simon burgin was shown a red card for using his boot at the breakdown. edinburgh are closing the gap with a converted try to make it 1317 —— 13—17 to glasgow. we will keep you updated. and one other pro 1a result for you. earlier, benetton beat zebre 27—111. connacht face ulster later. it‘s been a difficult winter so far for english cricket fans. they‘d have been hoping to be able to look forward to the boxing day ashes test, but australia have already wrapped up the series. plenty of questions have been asked on the topic of where england go from here. 0ur man in melbourne is patrick gearey. in the days since the defeat in
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perth in the third test when england lost the ashes, the question has been, where do they go now? the answer, geographically at least, is melbourne, the mcg, this cathedral of australian sport ahead of the boxing day test. there has also been debate around the reasons behind this ashes defeat. england have lost eight test matches in a row on this sure.. some say there is to be widespread changes in management. the managerfaced widespread changes in management. the manager faced if widespread changes in management. the managerfaced if you bounces from the media but said there is no need for revolution just yet. we have a young captain doing a great job and i‘ve been very impressed with him privately and publicly about how he is approaching his
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captaincy. we have new players who have come into the fold and stepped up have come into the fold and stepped up to the plate. it has just been disappointing that in the key moments of the key matches, we haven‘t been able to turn the screw to get on top of the australians. let‘s see if we can do that over the next two test matches. harrison was also asked, inevitably, about ben stokes, the england all—rounder missing from this tour after an incident outside a bristol bar which he is waiting to see if you will be charged. stokes returned home from new zealand where he was playing cricket for a to spend time with his family over christmas and harrison said the game had been damaged by that incident. we have built up a lot of trust with the public over the last two or three years with the way in which the team had played and connected with the public, the way they were becoming very accessible, and some of that has impacted things off the field like what happened in bristol which was a shocking day for
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the game but we will rebuild that trust and we will get back to a situation where the public feel very connected to the england team is. another area of criticism has come from an unsurprising source, ricky ponting, the former australia skipper. he has turned his fire on joe root, the england captain, saying he looks like a boy and has been soft. route was defended by tony blair still, his wicketkeeper. everyone is going to have an opinion. he is doing a good job as captain with the tactics he is showing with the ball and you learn by doing it and we forget that he is only —— he has only been in thejob for a year so let‘s not forget that, it‘s a learning process. for a year so let‘s not forget that, it's a learning process. there is very little time for rest over the christmas period if you‘re in england cricketer. they are preparing right through the festive
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season and on boxing day they will walk out whether batting of on the field at this place. it will be packed to the rafters and incredibly noisy and i think we will find out one or two things about england‘s character. the british sprinter, nigel levine, has failed a drugs test. he‘s alleged to have tested positive for the banned asthma drug clenbuterol and is reported to be waiting for the result of his b sample. levine won gold at the european championships three years ago, as part of the 400—metre relay team. he broke his pelvis in a motorbike crash injanuary and although he‘s returned to training, he hasn‘t competed since. at the pdc world darts championships, 16—time world champion phil the power taylor is back at the oche tonight, looking to book his place in the third round. already there is world championship debutant rob cross. he‘s came through a tricky encounter with 13th seed michael smith this afternoon. keegan brown and steve west are also through. there was a christmas feel
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to today‘s racing at ascot, with nicky henderson trained golden present winning the big race of the day. nico de boinville rode home the 17—to—two winner of the silver cup hanidcap chase, edging out the paul nicholls—trained frodon in the closing stages. now, christmas morning can mean an early start in many households. but what about rising at 5am to start work in the dark, in freezing weather, for a wage which might not reach £8 an hour? that‘s what thousands of people will be doing on monday and britain‘s horse racing industry depends on them. but respect for the stable groom, has become a major issue in british racing in 2017, asjoe wilson reports. 6am, cotswold morning,
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creeping daylight in the yard reveals the unsung human heroes of christmas sport. for thousands of grooms like jacob and lily, christmas day will always be another working day. start off anywhere between 5:00 and 6:30. i muck out five horses. they don‘t know it‘s christmas time or anything like that, they still expect their food. we ride them out, and put christmas hats on and stuff. i don't know if they know, but they might enjoy it! 0bviously, yeah, we love the animals, and myself and lily, we obviously have a goal of eventually one day riding. my dream would be to be a professional jockey. boxing day is very important for british horse—racing because there are eight meetings around the country on december 26th. in total in britain, there are some 111,000 race horses in training, and all of them need their day—to—day care and attention from a professional.
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it‘s what ken dooley did. he died in october looking after a horse at kempton race course. the fundraising page in his honour reflects the shock at his death, and respect for his life. racing simply relies on the grooms. the boss of this yard knows it. it‘s hard work, it‘s cold weather, they‘re coming in in the dark, they‘re going home in the dark. i did it myself for a few years, so i know what it‘s like. it‘s where i started as a lad. and it is, it‘s hard work for not a lot of money. it is a way of life, and that‘s all you can describe it as. they do it for the love of the job. this is the reward — on icy hillsides, grooms riding out, exercising the horses and imagining winners that may come their way on this and future boxing days. that‘s all from sportsday. we are back at 7:30pm. hello. we have a mild night ahead
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and wealth much of the uk will be dry, there‘s a band of wet weather pushing further south across scotla nd pushing further south across scotland and northwards back across scotla nd scotland and northwards back across scotland to those areas, with it clears for a few hours as we go through the night. a bit of patchy rain leading into northern ireland and drizzle elsewhere across england and drizzle elsewhere across england and wales where the cloud is thick enough, a bit of hill fog as well, temperatures in coldest spots mid single figures but it is frost—free. into christmas eve, we can see the rain to begin the day across the northern half of scotland, spreading southwards again which means several hours of heavy rain into western scotland, turning west across northern ireland, the heavier rain pushing into cumbria, too, into the afternoon. so do that, maybe sunny
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spells but expected the deal of vitamin bsub spells but expected the deal of vitamin b sub drizzle, a few brighter breaks into northern scotland‘s two. 0n brighter breaks into northern scotland‘s two. on christmas day, wet weather for part of southern scotland, northern england, wales, western england, mild to the sight of it, turning colder in north. —— to the south of it. this is bbc news. i‘m martine croxall. the headlines at 7pm. a tropical storm tears through the southern philippines, triggering flash floods and landslides. more than 200 people have died and dozens are missing. a man has appeared at york magistrates‘ court charged with the murder ofjodie willsher at an aldi supermarket in skipton. london zoo is closed after a fire early this morning, in which an aardvark and four meerkats are thought to have died. the zoo will reopen tomorrow. theresa may pays tribute to british troops at home and abroad in a christmas message. tighter regulations could be on the way for wood—burning stoves. in the new year, the government says it‘s launching a review to tackle
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air pollution caused by the stoves. and stay with us here on bbc news — we‘ll have the latest from today‘s premier league games in our sportsday programme at 7.30.
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