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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at eight. north korea condemns the latest round of un sanctions and vows to strengthen its nuclear deterrent. rescuers are searching for victims of a tropical storm in the southern philippines. more than 200 people have died in mudslides and flash floods. two men have been killed and four people injured following a multiple vehicle crash on the mao in oxfordshire. the motorway has now reopened. celebrating christmas for the first time in years in mosul in northern iraq. also: britain's political leaders use their annual christmas messages to praise those who help others. theresa may thanks the armed forces and emergency services. labour'sjeremy corbyn urged people to think of the lonely and those in conflict zones. and what a fantastic sporting year
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we have had. join us as we look at all the major sporting stories in review 2017 in half an hour's time. good evening. welcome to bbc news. welcome to bbc news. north korea has described the latest united nations sanctions as an act of war and tantamount to a complete economic blockade. the un security council imposed the measures drafted by the us on friday in response to pyongyang's ballistic missile tests. north korea says it will strengthen its nuclear deterrent to frustrate america. sophie long sent this report from the south korean capital seoul. north korean state television broadcast the first reaction to the sanctions. it described the un resolution
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as an act of war that violates peace and stability on the korean peninsula. please raise their hand. pyongyang promised to punish those that voted for the us—drafted resolution. that includes china, north korea's main ally and trading partner. beijing urged restraint on all sides. it's previously called for an end to joint us—south korean military drills, like this one, in exchange for a halt to north korea's weapons programme. a so—called freeze for freeze. there is little hope either side will agree to that. instead, the toughest sanctions yet. the americans had wanted to go further, but they were pleased with the support they got. i am grateful to my colleagues for the serious measures we have enacted on behalf of the north korean people, and i ask you keep them in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season, as we continue to fight against this, the most tragic example of evil in the modern world. the new sanctions include a ban on the import of nearly 90% of oil supplies to north korea,
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vital to its missile and nuclear programmes. they demand the deportation of north koreans working abroad, to stop them funding the regime. there will also be a ban on exports of some north korean goods. the sanctions come in response to this. pyongyang's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile at the end of november. 0ne it said could reach the us mainland. the resolution is intended to push pyongyang to the negotiating table and towards a diplomatic solution. but instead it's vowed to strengthen its nuclear capability and it's got form. this is the third set of un sanctions to be imposed on north korea this year. within weeks of the previous two rounds, it carried out its biggest nuclear test and fired its most powerful missile. today's response shows little sign it is willing to stop now. sophie long, bbc news, seoul.
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tens of thousands of people have been left homeless after a tropical storm in the philippines in which more than 200 people have died and dozens are missing. authorities are trying to provide food and shelter to those who've been displaced, with rescue teams struggling to reach some of the affected areas. our world affairs correspondent richard galpin reports. at last, some aid now getting to those most in need, after this latest storm to hit the philippines begins to subside. troops helping deliver supplies here in the southern region of mindanao, which lay right in the path of the storm. reaching these impoverished areas has not been easy. they were hit by a landslide, landslides, caused by mudslides, caused by an inordinate amount of rainfall
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that caused the ground to move and killed people innocently. it swept people out of their homes and killed many others as well. the speed with which the rivers were turned into lethal torrents over the weekend caught people here by surprise. many drowning in their own homes, others buried under mudslides, including children. the call for people to evacuate in good time before the storm didn't have an effect. the storm passed over some of the poorest areas in the whole philippines. at least 200 people are known to have died. large numbers are still missing, and tens of thousands have been forced to move away in search of emergency shelter. in rome today, pope francis offered prayers for the people of mindanao in his weekly blessing to the crowd on st peter's square. translation: merciful lord, take in the souls of the dead and comfort those who are suffering
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as a result of this calamity. let's pray for these people. at least tropical storm tembin has now been moving away from the philippines. it's currently over the south china sea, where it's picking up strength again and has been categorised as a typhoon. it's expected to hit vietnam later this week. meanwhile, the people of the southern philippines continue the search for loved ones. they will be hoping for much more help to reach them in the coming days. also in the philippines, at least 37 people have died in a fire at a shopping mall in the southern city of davao. firefighters battled for hours to extinguish the blaze that started on the third floor and spread to the floor above, trapping call centre employees. the city's vice—mayor says the chance of any survivors is "zero".
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two men have died in a crash involving five vehicles that closed part of the mao in 0xfordshire for several hours last night. 0ne vehicle is thought to have overturned in the incident which happened between junctions 10 and 11 near banbury. jo kent reports from the scene. this northbound stretch of the mao here between junctions 10 and 11 opened again this morning and is running freely now. there is really no trace of the terrible crash which happened here last night. it was a very different scene last night as members of all of the emergency services raced here to try to help in the aftermath of this multi—vehicle crash. five vehicles were involved in it and we know that two men sadly died. they were a 60—year—old man from 0xfordshire and a 29—year—old man from warwickshire. one of those men died at the scene, the other was taken to hospital in a critical condition and died later. a third man is being treated in hospital for very serious leg
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injuries while a further three people sustained minor injuries. all of those were treated at hospitals in banbury or 0xford. the police have said that their thoughts are with the families of the two men who died and those families are being supported by specially trained officers. police are also appealing for witnesses. anyone who saw this crash who they haven't already spoken to are being asked to get in touch with thames valley police so they can try to piece together what caused this terrible crash. joe kent, bbc south today over the mao in oxfordshire. rail passengers are being warned they could face disruption as network rail carries out its biggest ever christmas engineering programme. 260 projects across england, scotland and wales will lead to numerous station closures over the festive period. many of britain's mainline routes will also be shut or running reduced services over the coming days. police have been given until new year's day to decide
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whether to charge three men over a suspected christmas terror plot. four men were originally being held after raids on tuesday in chesterfield and sheffield but police said one of them, a a1—year—old, had been released without charge. plans to ditch the army's slogan be the best have been stopped by the new defence secretary, gavin williamson. half a million pounds had been spent on a re—branding exercise that would have got rid of the slogan because it was felt to be elitist. andy moore reports. a well—known slogan at the heart of army recruiting for more than two decades. the army spent more than £500,000 on market research and found that message wasn't getting through to many in it's not clear when the new defence secretary, gavin williamson, saw these plans for a rebrand, but he clearly didn't like them. the research reportedly showed that the "be
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the best" slogan was dated, elitist and non—inclusive. these plans for a rebrand were well advanced at a senior level here at the ministry of defence, then there was a sudden about turn. a statement was issued last night, saying the defence secretary believes the british army is the best of the best, and these proposals have been put on hold. colonel richard kemp was the commander of british troops in afghanistan. he says a lot can be improved in the recruitment process but there is nothing wrong with the slogan. if the army is not an elite, it is hardly likely to defeat our enemies. if it is not better than our enemies, all of our enemies, then again it is not going to win, it is not going to win in the war. it has to be the best. young people who are thinking aboutjoining, they want to join the best, they don't want to join anything that is second rate. this rebranding exercise was said to have the support of the army's most senior officer, but now his authority has been publicly undermined by the defence secretary. whatever the argument on tactics, the crisis in recruiting remains. every year for seven years now, more soldiers have left the army than signed up.
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andy moore, bbc news. britain's political leaders have used their annual christmas messages to pay tribute to those who help others. they also urge people to support those in need over the festive season. 0ur political correspondent eleanor garnier has more. wishing everyone a happy christmas, the prime minister thanked those who help others during the festive period, like volunteers at faith projects and international aid workers. theresa may highlighted the courage and dedication of the emergency services who went to the grenfell tower tragedy and terrorist attacks in manchester and london. and she thanked the country's armed forces. this christmas, as people across the uk celebrate this special time of year with family and friends, we will do so secure in the knowledge that the valiant hearts of our service men and women, many far away from their own loved ones at this special time of year, are working to keep us safe.
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in his second christmas message as labour leader, jeremy corbyn called britain a compassionate nation, urging people to think of those who may be lonely at this time of year. many older citizens, to whom we owe so much, will be spending what should be a time ofjoy alone. we think of others such as carers who look after loved ones and people with disabilities or dementia. and abroad, we think of those living in nations such as yemen, syria and libya, in fear of bombs and bullets, of injury and death. snp first minister nicola sturgeon paid tribute to those working over the holidays and visited a community cafe in glasgow to thank volunteers. this cafe and the volunteers here are among thousands of organisations and individuals throughout scotland who do so much for our local communities not just at christmas but all throughout the year.
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the lib dem leader vince cable used his message to highlight the issue of homelessness. community has always been at the heart of liberalism. this is a time of year to make that commitment. that is why i am asking you to take out some time this christmas and help with a local charity near you. the party leaders' festive messages were shared on social media to wish voters a merry christmas but also remind people to spare a thought for those in need. eleanor garnier, bbc news. the owner of an 0xfordshire fishery which displayed a sign banning polish and eastern european anglers says it's been taken down after his family was threatened. bill evans of field farm fisheries near bicester, said the sign was put up after he'd caught anglers stealing fish. he's now considering closing the lake to the public. the equality and human rights commission had
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called the sign unlawful, and threatened to take enforcement action to have it removed. in northern iraq, mosul is celebrating its first christmas since the city was taken by islamic state militants injune 201a. since then, iraqi christians were persecuted and driven out, while residents who remained were brutally oppressed until iraqi forces were able to retake the city. alan johnston reports. they gathered in mosul‘s cathedral, marking a christmas they will never forget, the first christmas after the war. under the rule of the islamic state militants this would have been impossible. there could be no christian worship in public. the community was persecuted and many fled. this was a coming together, not just of christians,
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fled. this was a coming together, notjust of christians, muslims helped prepare the church for this service. and they were here as well as the worship unfolded. mosul was the scene of months of ferocious street fighting. iraqi forces and their western allies battled to drive out the militants. thousands of civilians were killed and much damage was done. now the healing must begin and the christmas service isa must begin and the christmas service is a small part of that vast process. translation: without peace there is no life. our message is that after everything that happened with our glorious victory against islamic state group and others, we must all call for peace. among those in the church, the message was being heard. translation: we are from the
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muslim community and today we shared this glorious celebration with our christian brothers in the province and the city of mosul. we share theirjoy and the city of mosul. we share their joy today and we hope and the city of mosul. we share theirjoy today and we hope our brothers outside of iraq, from the christian community, will return to mosul because we are all brothers and we are united. beneath the cross in the cathedral this christmas eve there was some of the best of the spirit of this time of year and nowhere needs it more than mosul. alanjohnston, nowhere needs it more than mosul. alan johnston, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news: north korean state tv describes as an "act of war" new economic sanctions imposed by the united nations. pyongyang has vowed to strengthen its nuclear deterrent. rescuers are searching for 150 missing people after a tropical storm in the philippines in which 200 people died. two people have been killed and four injured following a multiple vehicle
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crash on the mao in oxfordshire. the motorway has now reopened. sport now and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre, katherine downes. hello, good evening. saracens are up to second in the english premiership after they want 29—17 at leicester. saracens began the day forth in the table and they took the early initiative and led 17—0 after this jamie george try was converted. leicester fought back in front of a crowd of more than 23,000 at welford road. mathew tait's try helped reduce the deficit to seven points at half—time. but the visitors pulled away after the break, thanks to the boot of england fly half 0wen farrell. 29—17 it finished to saracens with farrell having kicked 19 points. serena williams is set for a busy christmas. she is expected to make a return to competitive action on saturday at an exhibition match in abu dhabi
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four months after giving birth. the 23—time grand slam champion will play the french open winner, will play the french open winner elaine 0stapenko as part of her preparation to defend her australian open title. the last time she played was in melbourne last january, when she won the title while eight weeks pregnant. sheffield wednesday and middlesbrough are both looking for new managers after the two teams met at hillsborough yesterday. wednesday confirmed carlos carvalho has left the club after yesterday's 2—1 defeat. they are currently 15th in the championship. wednesday released a statement earlier saying both parties believe the time is right to go our separate ways. carvalho had been in charge the two and a half years. meanwhile, middlesbrough parted company with monk only a few hours after they had beaten wednesday yesterday. he leaves just six months after he was appointed, with the club ninth in the league. to cricket and even though the ashes have already been regained by australia, there has been plenty of verbal sparring ahead of the fourth test on boxing day. both england and australia will be without key bowlers in melbourne.
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england's craig 0verton because of a rib injury and australia's mitchell sta rc with a heel problem. here is patrick geary. melbourne is a city which reaches for the sky. there are more tall buildings here than in london or in beijing. a reminder to england of their now impossible climb. 3—0 down, the ashes gone, surrounded by criticism and jibes from the aussies, now england have to come here and in this place, it's very easy to feel lost. it's happened before. the last england test team to come to the mcg were 3—0 down and ended up losing the series 5—0. so how are this side any different? the morale in the group is still really high. there's no bickering, no separation within the group. it's good that we've all stuck together. i wasn't here on the previous ashes tour, but by all
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accounts, there was differences within the camp. but then it doesn't feel like that here. everyone is working hard to try and win this test match. if there is hope, maybe it's in a damaged heel, belonging to mitchell starc, the top wicket taker in the series. he'll miss the test, to be replaced byjackson bird. some in the england camp have claimed australia's bowling back—ups aren't up to the standard of the front line. in response, mitchell starc cannot bowl actual bouncers, but here is a verbal one. it's quite humorous, actually. they haven't taken 20 wickets in the series. we have and they are having a crack at our depth and i think they've got more things to worry about than the depth of australian bowlers. he still bowls fast and off, quicker than the palm bowlers. maybe in adversity england will find their true character, but australia is preparing to celebrate and humiliate. the fourth test gets
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under way on boxing day. it's probably a bit late now to do any last minute christmas shopping in time for tomorrow. but shoppers across the uk have been out all weekend to grab a last—minute bargain. yesterday was dubbed "super saturday" as it was the last full day of trading before christmas. and shoppers were out in force. 0ur our business reporterjoins us now. how much have people been spending this weekend? this survey is looking at the last full day of shopping for christmas. shops are open today, but because it is sunday it is open for a shorter period, but yesterday there were 17.a million people who we re there were 17.a million people who were planning to make purchases and they were going to spend £1.6 billion. that covers online purchases and going to the shops. if you work in the shop and thought it was busy, that is because there were 14 was busy, that is because there were 1a million of us who were going out
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to shop yesterday. possibly a lot of men leaving it to the last minute. i know that is a horrible stereotype, but i am afraid it is true. the survey does not provide a breakdown of sexes, but it says the person who will buy a last—minute gift for us is our partner. and for grab and go items, you are most likely to buy toiletries and chocolates. you can interpret those figures as you can. what about black friday? that was the other big day in november when people were supposed to be getting ready for christmas and getting bargains. another black friday, another colourful name for a different event in the retail character, last friday in november when retailers make big discounts to encourage us when retailers make big discounts to encourage us to spend money. it works because we spent more on black friday this year than last year and it pushed up the overall retail sales for november. but while the
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overall amount that we spent went up, the number of people going into shops is going down, so it is quite a stark reminder of the shift towards online shopping that many of us are towards online shopping that many of us are doing. second, many analysts say that the money we spent on black friday is money that we probably would have spent at some time anyway, so it distorts the figure slightly. perhaps we bought a christmas present early or delayed spending we would have done over the summer. it is not necessarily new money we are spending because we we re money we are spending because we were drawn in by a good offer. what has the year been generally light for retailers and what is the outlook? even those figures i said at the beginning on super saturday was based on people's intentions. but in the year to date there is a picture of growth, we are buying more than we were a year earlier. but there are lots of challenges facing retailers. 0ne but there are lots of challenges facing retailers. one is the shift
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to online shopping. you would have heard about the problems faced by toys " r" heard about the problems faced by toys "r" us, they had a heavy shop presents and they had not built an online offering and their business suffered as a result. beyond that change in consumer habit is the economic things that are going on that make life potentially challenging for retailers. 0ne that make life potentially challenging for retailers. one is that the pound is comparatively weak. if retailers are importing goods to sell, it becomes more expensive, so it weighs on their balance sheet a bit more. the second is the cost of living and inflation which is going up. it is going up faster than wage packets, so the poundin faster than wage packets, so the pound in people's pocket is not going as farand pound in people's pocket is not going as far and they have less money to spend on goods. finally, it we saw interest rates go up in november and while we are not expecting an immediate interest rate rise, they are on an upward trajectory. when interest rates go up trajectory. when interest rates go up and people are more likely to save rather than spend and that is a
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further pressure on retailers. thank you very much. thank you very much. for one little boy christmas came early following an international man—hunt for his toy monkey mac. 0h oh yes! are you happy? thank you so much coming he is so happy. oh yes! are you happy? thank you so much coming he is so happylj oh yes! are you happy? thank you so much coming he is so happy. i love mac. i love mac. finn regan—alexander left the cuddly toy on an aer lingus plane after the family flew from gatwick to knock to visit relatives last tuesday. when his mother louise put out a tweet appealing for help to find him, sightings of the monkey were reported in pubs, planes and even in glasgow. luckily the real mac was found by the airline and returned to finn yesterday, just in time for christmas. a very happy reunion.
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now from surfing dogs to gymnastic pandas and kitty power play in westminster, animals regularly find a way to make the news. here's a look back at some of the best animal stories of the year. this does not look like a walk in the park. dog owners and their pets in california have hit the waves in the second annual world dog surfing championships. here are the pictures. style, confidence, the size of the waves. some events have really big waves, really tall waves. there's a lot of style and technique, it's really interesting. the competitors' main challenge is to stay afloat on the board. this is near san francisco, but there are also prizes for the best rest and tandem surfing dogs. also prizes for the best dressed and tandem surfing dogs.
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the winner, of course, being crowned top dog. that's a shame, we've run out of pictures. cheese. dog howls. that was a good one. simon has been invited to be guest judge at that surfing competition next year. our producer chris gray put that together, thank you for that. now the weather.
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it is christmas eve and hopefully you are setting at home in the warmth after wrapping all the presents. 0ut side we have got mild conditions at the moment. further south it is dry and mild and cloudy to ta ke south it is dry and mild and cloudy to take us into christmas day. during christmas day we have got a front bringing rain across northern ireland, northern england and southern scotland and pushing into wales and the south—west of england. towards the north and east of that there is dry and breezy weather. colder conditions in the north later on. snow on high ground in scotland and northern england as we head into boxing day. a fresh start to the day and we could see the odd icy stretch as well. on boxing day there will be my sunshine, it will feel colder and it will be wintry across parts of scotland. further heavy rain moves into the south in the afternoon. further heavy rain moves into the south in the afternoon.
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this is bbc news, our latest headlines: north korea says the latest un sanctions are an "act of war", as they amount to a complete economic blockade. pyongyang has vowed to strengthen its nuclear deterrent. rescuers are searching for victims of a tropical storm in the southern philippines. more than 200 people have died in mudslides and flash floods. emergency services have yet to reach some of the affected areas. two men have been killed following a multiple vehicle crash on the mao in oxfordshire. it closed a section of the motorway near banbury for several hours last night. four people were injured, one seriously. controversial plans to scrap the army slogan "be the best", because it was felt to be elitist, have been stopped by the new defence secretary, gavin williamson.
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