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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 31, 2018 1:45am-2:02am GMT

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time now for all the sports news in reporting from washington, i'm laura trevelyan. sport today. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. and the wider american public. of the relegation for the president's priorities in the year zone. ahead. for the first time in his career, and by the video assistant referee. and the countdown has begun. we take a look at some medal let us look at the live pictures hopefuls. on capitol hill. capitol hill. members of congress and the supreme court. and the supreme court. seen the president's wife, melania trump, a rider. of george w bush, and time contributorjay newton small. of the table and out of welcome to you both. good evening. the relegation zone. hello. thank you for being with us. to clear the ball from a backpass, and jordan ayew tapped in. let us start with you, you worked in the administration of george w bush. the administration of george w bush.
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inside the white house on state of the union night. tottenham, who have a game in the union night. this is donald trump's first state of the union. hand. trump's first state of the union. what will it be like for him and what is the need to do tonight? what is the need to do tonight? when you make mistakes, you make mistakes. mistakes. of concentration that we had not tonight. tonight. confidence was what was needed in that moment. and i said it was not a miracle. miracle. i said about the analogy that it was not innocent, who cares. that it was not innocent, who cares. he was in hospital. nearer to going out of hospital, but we still have problems. we still have problems. can look to us, but we are not far away to being out of the hospital. by winning 3—0 at huddersfield.
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confirming the win. that takes them level on point with third—placed chelsea. important thing, and we did that tonight. tonight. prepare, with the game against totte n ha m. prepare, with the game against tottenham. tottenham. everything to pay that back —— and open wheel. —— an open bill. at home to crystal palace in their london derby. before mark noble equalised with a penalty as half—time approached. of the english transfer window.
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side finding a replacement for him. the transfer deadline. but that figure falls far short of leicester's valuation. 5 million. to over $300 million. career on tuesday. having initially only been handed a booking. them score twice in the last five minutes, to make it a
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nervy ending. monaco or montpellier in the final. strike proved enough away to atalanta. leg in turin on 28 february. industries, there is onejob where just over 11% are women. just over 11% are women. still being given fewer opportunities. opportunities. between men and women when it comes to their ability. to their ability. our sports correspondent reports. correspondent reports.
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a report which aims to end a historical myth in horseracing. historical myth in horseracing. written to its potential, whether it was written beyond its potential. was written beyond its potential. and guess what. jockeys, they come outjust about even. even. so why, therefore, are almost 95% of rides taken by men? 95% of rides taken by men? experience of gemma cutie, who has written dozens of winners. written dozens of winners. professionaljockey have been frustrating. frustrating. trainers that point blank to use females —— gemma tutty.
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females —— gemma tutty. a disadvantage because there are less trainers willing to use us. less trainers willing to use us. courses around the country, exclusively for female jockeys. exclusively for female jockeys. —— susannah gilbert was behind that initiative. initiative. think they can even try, to start with. with. opportunities than give up along the way. way. if you don't it holds very true with female jockeys. female jockeys. could you will you do about that?
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now, then we can take action against them. them. often held by individual trainers around the country. around the country. terms of performance, historically have been equal. in stockholm on tuesday. things around to clinch overall victory. petra vlhova of slovakia took third place. in the men's big final. on to claim victory. germany's linus strasser was third. did that whet your appetite for
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the winter olympics? in order to win those all—important gold medals. from all over the world. here is a taste of what you will see on sport today over the next week. spencerjust looks so pretty in the air. air. arthritis about two months before the games. the games. to get out of bed, it was so painful. backside 720... felix, two time defending olympic champion, and luge is my sport. champion, and luge is my sport. drive 154 kilometres per hour is
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unbelievable. it is gold or bust for us. it is gold or bust for us. us. we are strong, strong women, strong competitors. strong competitors. over 250 metres, and this is my sport. after returning home from winning the australian open on sunday. in melbourne to lift his 20th grand slam title at the age of 36. challenge cup.
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gone from the la clippers to the pistons. pistons. eight in the row, the cavaliers are eighth in the conference. eighth in the conference. eight to make the play—offs —— their competitors. but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. and it is going to turn colder. arriving on wednesday. at the moment, there's some rain across quite a few areas of the uk. all the way from the arctic is starting to set in. on wednesday, particularly because of the strength
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of the wind. in the south—east of the country. so here, it's not too cold — around, say, 8—5 degrees. but the cold air has already set in across northern areas. and you can see the white here — that's where the wintry showers are. so let's start with scotland, this is 8am in the morning. with those wintry showers coming through, driven by the strong winds. icy patches, as well, in a few places. to the south of that, it's cloudy with some rain. across southern areas. this is a cold front. and behind it, the skies are going to brighten up. but wintry showers will be filtering in with that wind. hail, possibly thunder, as well, if you're unlucky.
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but it will be quite windy, and it is going to feel cold. these are the temperatures in the afternoon, 3—4 degrees. you add the wind, it feels quite a bit colder. wintry showers are on the way. when i say wintry showers, it's sort of a mix of rain and sleet. most of it will be in fact rain. how are we doing compared to the rest of europe? there on wednesday. in from the north, and bringing some snow across parts of scandinavia. a little bit too mild for this part of the world for widespread snow. so what's happening on thursday, then? so it is going to feel chilly. so newcastle, hull and norwich will feel cold. areas and, by the time we get to friday, it's a lot calmer. 6 degress — but notice there's a shift in the wind here.
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