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good evening. a local council has taken the highly unusual step of imposing emergency spending controls, after saying it's facing severe financial challenges. after saying it's facing severe the move by northamptonshire county council means a ban on all new spending — apart from what's used to protect vulnerable people. apart from what's used the council's conservative leader, heather smith, says the move is a result of rising demand for services, and cuts in government funding. for services, and cuts it follows warnings that other authorities are also struggling to remain solvent. authorities are also our political correspondent matt cole reports. like matt cole reports. so many others across britain, people like so many others across britain, people in northamptonshire have watched their council manage multi—million pound budget cuts since 2010, and now they've run out of cash, meaning a host of services from subsidised buses to libraries are threatened. i'll be absolutely devastated if it closes. we've been here forjust over a year and i was
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delighted that this is kind of ten minutes down the road from us. we just feel, i suppose, let down, and why wasn't anything in place to prevent this situation happening? there will now be no new spending save on services to safeguard the vulnerable until the next financial year. we've been in what you might call a perfect storm of huge increases in demand for our services, at the same time, significant reductions in funding coming from central government. but is this a one—off? english councils say by the end of the decade they will have seen £16 billion cut from their core central government funding. they say by 2020 there will bea funding. they say by 2020 there will be a £5.8 billion annual shortfall. what's more, they say they need an additional £1.3 billion now for social care. ministers will point to much—needed efficiency savings made in the same period, but labour says it's time for change. after nearly
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eight years of conservative government, councils have lost 50% of theirfunding of their funding from central government. in northamptonshire, government. in northamptonshire, government inspectors are now investigating the council's financial management, but the conservatives have responded to jeremy corbyn's proposals, saying they would deliver less money to people's pockets and hit communities with higher council tax and worse public services. the government has plans for a new funding system for local authorities to come in at the start of the next decade. alongside that, proposals for councils to be allowed to keep more of the business rate raised locally. but with this yea r‘s rate raised locally. but with this year's finance settlement for authority is due to be announced in the coming week, the local government association is calling on the ministry here to provide new funding for all councils now. matt cole, bbc news, westminster. six people have been shot in italy in a drive—by attack that police say was racially motivated. in a drive—by attack that police say it happened in the central italian city of macerata. all of the victims
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were african migrants — one is in a critical condition. were african migrants — from rome, james reynolds reports. were african migrants — 0ne were african migrants — man, a 28—year—old italiar with one man, a 28—year—old italian armed with a pistol, turned the italian city of macerata into a terrifying place. reports say the gunmen fired from his car at anyone who appeared to bea from his car at anyone who appeared to be a migrant from africa. there was no time for his targets to hide. i was passing by this morning to go and buy cigarettes. when they shot me on my leg this morning, you know. so the person inside the car was shooting, you know. during the attack the authorities posted warnings instructing the city's residents to stay inside. the gunman was arrested when he got out of his car. he is identified as 28—year—old
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luca graini. he had been a candidate for the luca graini. he had been a candidate forthe anti—immigrant luca graini. he had been a candidate for the anti—immigrant northern league party in local elections held in 2017. this attack comes at a time of high anxiety in the city of macerata. earlier in the week it is mended body of a young italian woman was found, a nigerian migrant arrested in connection with her death. now migrants have been injured in this drive—by shooting. the country now heads into next month's general election with all this on its mind. james reynolds, bbc news, rome. scotland yard have confirmed that two further women have made scotland yard have confirmed that allegations of sexual assault against the hollywood producer harvey weinstein. against the hollywood there are now nine women who've made allegations in the uk. the actress uma thurman has accused allegations in the uk. mr weinstein of assaulting her in the early 1990s.
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the star — in an interview with the new york times — described several incidents in which she claims the film producerforced himself on her. in which she claims the film in a statement, a spokesperson for mr weinstein said he acknowledged that he'd made a pass at her — and that he immediately apologised. a pass at her — and that he the government has announced a package of financial support for small companies affected by the collapse of the construction company, carillion. by the collapse of the construction the state—backed british business bank will allocate £100 million in loans. business bank will allocate customers worried about repaying mortgages will also be offered help. thousands of suppliers were left unpaid, after the firm went into liquidation last month. unpaid, after the firm went a prominent conservative mp has stepped up his criticism of civil servants at the treasury — accusing them of ‘fiddling the figures' in brexit forecasts, in order to make the case for the uk remaining in the eu's customs union. in order to make the case for the uk jacob rees mogg, who was caught in a scuffle last night when protesters disrupted a meeting he was attending at the university of the west of england —
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told the today programme on radio 4 that treasury forecasts about the impact of brexit were ‘clearly politically influenced'. the impact of brexit were ‘clearly with the referendum, and with eu, the treasury has gone back to making forecasts. and with eu, the treasury has it was politically advantageous for them in the past, it's the same now. for them in the past, so yes, i do think they are fiddling the figures. 0ur political correspondent eleanor garnier is with me. ‘fiddling the figures' —he's saying it's deliberate isn't he? and for the second it's deliberate isn't he? time this week he has and for the second time this week he has questioned the impartiality of civil servants. now the fda union which represents senior officials in whitehall has hit back saying mr rees mogg is peddling unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and called on to come out and make and called on to come out and make an unequivocal statement in support of the civil service. this is about much more than an mp complaining
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about treasury figures he doesn't like. mr rees mogg is an ardent leave campaign of he leads a group of tory brexit is —— brexiteers in the commons. that group is worried the commons. that group is worried the prime minister is shying away from completely disentangling the uk from completely disentangling the uk from the eu when really. all this comes ahead of an extremely big week for theresa may on brexit. the chief negotiator michel barnier will be in downing street on monday for talks, then there are a key ministerial meetings later in the week on the uk's future relationship with the eu. ithink uk's future relationship with the eu. i think this is about mr rees mogg putting pressure on theresa may, ratcheting up the pressurejust as she goes into the next round of extremely difficult negotiations. thank you, eleanor garnier. now to the rugby — and wales have thrashed scotland in the opening match of this year's six nations championship. they ran in 4 tries at the principality stadium in cardiff, to start their campaign with a 34—7 win. ireland scored with the lack kick
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of the game to beat france by two points in the day's second match. of the game to beat france by two joe wilson has been watching the action. the six nations is designed to stir you, but does it inspire or overwhelmed? josh you, but does it inspire or overwhelmed ? josh adams you, but does it inspire or overwhelmed? josh adams making his debut for wales here. steady now. if you get a chance, snatch it. interception, opportunity for wales. scotla nd interception, opportunity for wales. scotland could see their pre—match optimism disappearing afterjust six minutes as gareth davies, legs and lungs, reached the line. wales led 14-0 at lungs, reached the line. wales led 14—0 at half—time. scotland tried the fancy stuff and failed. wales did basics brilliantly. leigh halfpenny scored two tries. who saw this coming? not the scotland coach. now the welsh flourish to finish. four tries in a match means a tournament bonus point. at its best
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by tournament bonus point. at its best rugby is pace, power and agility. in other words, steff evans. 34—7 final score. so many injured players were missing from this welsh team, then they produced a performance like that. wales really made everything about home advantage count. in paris not not happened to 71 minutes, then everything did. teddy bridgewater to win the game for france, it seemed. time was up, ireland had one chance to win, one kick. johnny sexton drop goal... what a moment. what a day. joe wilson, bbc news. that is it for 110w. i'll be back with the latest on bbc 0ne earlier than usual, at 9.10. now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. goodnight. for the news where you are. hello. this is bbc news. let's get more now on the story that the comments from the conservative mpjacob rees—mogg, in which he accused civil servants at the treasury of "fiddling the figures" in brexit forecasts. a short time ago, dave penman from the fda union, which represents
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senior civil servants, spoke to my colleague rebecca jones. mr penman defended the independence of the civil servants. i think we need to deal with the fact that just because jacob rees—mogg says it, doesn't make it so. he has produced no evidence of the accusations. what this is about is that people like jacob rees—mogg cannot understand how anyone can leave their own political allegiances aside and serve the public interest, because he is incapable of doing that. but that's what civil servants do. that's why we become civil servants. you understand that it is the nature of the job. we serve the government of any colour, provide the best advice possible, but ultimately ministers decide. you clearly take his accusations very seriously. what is your message to him? the constant sniping at the messenger because he doesn't like the message is not only undermining trust in the government,
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it is undermining trust in the civil service over the longer term. and the prime minister, as leader of the conservative party, has to get a grip of both her ministers, who are peddling these myths as well, and other conservative politicians. it should be the prime minister ministers who are here defending the civil service, and not me. steve baker, junior minister, has apologised. isn't that enough? steve baker stood in parliament on tuesday and said no matter what forecast the civil service produced, he wouldn't believe it. on wednesday he apologised and said he had the utmost respect for civil servants. on thursday he peddled a myth that was proven to be untrue. on friday he was dragged back to comments to apologise. i don't think that warm words will be enough from steve baker to reassure civil servants of whether he trust them or not. so you want nothing more than to read a so you want nothing
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more than theresa may to reassure them? the prime minister have to be at the forefront of this. she is the leader of the conservatives and ultimately this is an issue with the conservative party. we have government ministers now standing at the dispatch box and undermining the government's own evidence. it is chaos. it will undermine trust over the longer term in the civil service. president trump says the declassified memo alleging pro—democrat bias within the fbi is a total vindication of himself in the probe into russian interference in the twenty—sixteen election. the fbi insists it's inaccurate. 0ur correspondent david willis is in washington. i suppose no surprise that president trump has said that this completely vindicates him. is that true? not much of a surprise. the president taking to his favourite medium, twitter, this morning, to say,
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speaking of himself, rather bizarrely perhaps in the third person, he tweeted, this memo totally vindicates trump in probate, but the russian witchhunt goes on and on... there you are, this, at the end of pretty to not us week, which began with the fbi director, david a brett —— deputy director—general standing down. and ended with suggestions that the president might be about to fire the deputy attorney general, rod rosen steam. he was asked in the 0val rod rosen steam. he was asked in the oval office if you still have faith in rosen steam. that is the man who actually oversees the robert newell enquiry into alleging collusion between the trump campaign and
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russia. and mr trump replied, you can figure that one out. hardly a ringing door spent, you would have thought, of a very senior law enforcement official here. registers lead the investigation into those allegations of collusion with the russians? —— where does that leave. all the indications are that the special counsel is nearing the end of his investigation, an investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia, but also into allegations of the possibility of obstruction of justice on the part of the president. robert mueller, it seems, is wrapping up his enquiry. the indications leading us in that direction simply because it has been made public that he is looking now to interview the president himself.
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there have been suggestions that the president might seek to, at some stage, fax robert mueller, and democrats are warning that any such action along those lines would constitute a constitutional crisis. thank you. scotland yard are looking into two more allegations of sexual assault against harvey weinstein. it brings the total number of women who have reported weinstein to british police to nine. our news correspondent ben andojoins me now. the latest in of allegations. these allegations were made in november although we have onlyjust found out. that's right, it was october when police were first contacted by a woman in this country claiming that she had been sexually assaulted by harvey weinstein. there are a further six women who came forward. up further six women who came forward. up to christmas, that is what we thought, that there were seven alleging victims making a variety of allegations. has emerged today is
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that, on october 31, a woman came forward and claimed she had been attacked in the republican violence. the police say they forwarded that information to the irish police. 0n november 13, another woman claimed she had been attacked on two occasions, one in london in 2011 and another in 2010 in a foreign country. the police had saying which country. the police had saying which country but said they will forward the information to the relevant force there. this comes on the same day that he met made allegations as well. there has been a response from mrwind well. there has been a response from mr wind steam and his team. she has told the new york times in an interview that back when she was promoting kock fiction, made by quentin tarantino but produced by harvey weinstein, she was in london at the savoy hotel when he attempted to sexually assault her. she described its being like a lizard trying to wriggle away from him. she said that came after a similar
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incident in a hotel in paris. what he has said through a spokesman is that he miss read the signals as he thought she was giving him —— that he thought she was giving him. thank you. a russian fighterjet has reportedly been shot down in a rebel—held area near idlib in northern syria. the syrian 0bservatory for human rights monitoring group said the pilot ejected from the plane and was killed, but this has not yet been confirmed. video posted on social media appeared to show the plane being hit, while other video showed burning wreckage on the ground, with a red star on a wing. three men have been charged with murder after the fatal stabbing of a prisoner. khader saleh died on wednesday at wormwood scrubs prison in west london. ahmed kyre, kalif dibbassey and enton marku — all in their early 20s — are due to appear in court next week. the snp's deputy leader angus robertson has announced that he is stepping down with immediate effect. it comes eight months after he lost his westminster seat. the scottish first minister nicola sturgeon has paid tribute to mr. robertson, thanking him
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for contribution to the party. thousands of demonstrators have been marching through central london calling for more government support for the nhs. the event was organised by the people's assembly and health campaigns together. in response to the rally, the department of health and social care said they are aware the nhs is extremely busy and extra funding has already been allocated by the government. health workers, activists and union members spoke about the pressures on the nhs and the nursing profession in particular: i been told everything is fine when it's not. i know plenty of people who work in health who think it is already dead on its feet. and it won't last. i also, already dead on its feet. and it won't last. ialso, but already dead on its feet. and it won't last. i also, but those people refuse to let it go without a fight. nursing terms and conditions are consta ntly nursing terms and conditions are constantly being wound down.
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activity is up. it is killing the profession. if you are not careful, if we don't do something, we will not have a nursing profession maths. we need the money to put the resources in and we need to be able to the cast. we need to look after the public you are using the services. the civil aviation authority has announced a review into airlines' seating policies. it comes following concerns that some operators have deliberately been splitting up groups of passengers in order to force them to pay extra for allocated seating. some people have complained that they've been victims of the policy — and the caa says it won't hesitate to take action if necessary. britain's civil aviation authority has announced a review into airlines' seating policies. a series of raids in the course ofjust one week, devastating a0
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years of archaeological work. so, this is the third time they entered the building. they actually smashed straight through the exterior wall. the thieves took more than 800 anglo—saxon beads, coins and objects made from metal and bone, all unearthed in painstaking excavations in canterbury. turning these items into information that we can share with the people of canterbury and kent, and the wider world, is what we do. it is a vocation as much as a job, and to see itjust wilfully trashed for the sake of making a few quid off somebody, was really sickening. the stores hold thousands of artefacts, dating back as far as the paleolithic period. the trust documents and research of the object, and also works with schools.
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the thieves have also ransacked the trust's education store, here, where they keep boxes of replica items that are used by children, in kids' schools. but, that work will now have to be suspended whilst staff tried to replace the stolen items. i've got 200 loan boxes, here, and about 80% of them have been opened, interfered with, pilfered. most of them have items taken out. the most ambitious urban archaeological project the country has ever known has just begun. some of the items taken worth found during canterbury's big dig, between 2000 and 2003. documented by tv‘s time team. the trust's director has a message for the thieves. if you don't bring it back, sooner or later, i will find you. i will find you. and, i will make it my business to make you pay. security measures have now been stepped up.
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kent police say they have no suspects, and they are appealing for information about the theft. 0ligarchs suspected of corruption will be forced to explain how they fund their luxury lifestyles in britain. the security minister, ben wallace, has told the times that he wants to crackdown on criminals and fraudulent politicians who use britain to launder money gained through corruption. earlier, dal babu, a former chief superintendent at the metropolitan police, explained some of the thinking behind the new ‘unexplained wealth orders'. i think what they want to do is establish where people have got their money, and if you have £50,000 or more, that's probably not going to affect the majority of us, then they want to have the opportunity to ask people were they got that money from. actually it could apply a lot lower than oligarchs but that is the interview in the times was very much about the oligarchs and the big headline was, "we are coming after you."
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it would be interesting to see what substance there is nothing this because what we have to remember, there are lots of oligarchs, many of them own football clubs here, many of them are a legitimate business people here, but there is a thread of individuals, if people have been watching the bbc mcmafia series, they will know there are afraid of individuals who are conducting affairs in a sort of unlawful way, and the difficulty is, i was speaking to the cab driver on the way in and he was saying you would be surprised how many people there are, they live a parallel life, huge excesses, huge extravagance. lady gaga has cancelled the last ten dates of the european leg of her world tour, because of "severe pain". shows in london and manchester are among those affected. in a statement posted on twitter she said she was devastated, but needed to put herself and her well—being first. the singer has fibromyalgia, a long—term condition which can cause pain all over the body. some of her fans have travelled from as far as brazil and denmark to see her on her uk dates — and are disappointed. i save money all the year for this.
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i don't blame her. the same way it hurts so much. the first tour that has been cancelled and i have no idea. and booking flights and trains for hamburg and cologne and berlin and london and manchester. you were going to see all of the dates that have been cancelled ? yeah. her health is more important than my pleasure to see her on stage. i prefer to know that she is taking care of herself and getting well. i'm quite sad but it's ok. in most parts of the country today the weather was horrendous. great, cold, dark. with some outbreaks of rain. sunday is looking a lot better. this is what we have been
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dealing with today. slow—moving weather. that means once it is over, it just stays there and weather. that means once it is over, itjust stays there and it is cloudy and drizzly and horrible. it is kind of stuck between the wind coming out of stuck between the wind coming out of the east and this wind from a different direction across western areas. what is going to happen over the next 2a hours, that is really wind is going to wind. we will see predominantly with easterly winds developing across the uk. when the winds come from that direction this time of year, it tends to say he cold because the mile there is pushed into the atlantic. this is what it looks like on sunday morning. temperatures hovering around two or three degrees. freezing in some sports. a lot of sunshine for many. the further west and south—west, the better it will be bursting. there are showers across south—eastern inwards, east anglia into lincolnshire as well. and three sunday into monday, some of those showers coming out of the
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east or northeast on that increasing cold winds. it will turn increasingly wintry. wayne and possibly hail. sleet and eventually snow. it will feel cold weather in the north or south. barely above freezing for most of us on sunday. here is a closer look. sunday night into monday, it doesn't look like a lot but some of these snow showers could be substantial. it could be a covering in some areas across the south—east and into east anglia. 0verall south—east and into east anglia. overall the message from most of us on monday, the weather is looking bright. and cold. as we head into tuesday, and other weather front pushes out of the atlantic. this time the winds want to push on from the north—west. this weatherfronts could bump into the cold air sitting across the uk, so some snow possible across the uk, so some snow possible across northern and north—western areas. the basic message over the next few days is it's going to stay
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cold enough for some snow, not everywhere so just stay tuned because they could be quite a few snow showers of the way. —— quite a few snow showers on the way. this is bbc news. our latest headlines. a conservative—led council in northamptonshire, which has imposed emergency spending controls, has said it's been donald trump takes to twitter to claim a controversial memo proves he is innocent of colluding with alleged russian involvement in the presidential election.
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