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tv   The Papers  BBC News  February 10, 2018 11:30pm-11:46pm GMT

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hello. this is bbc news with lukwesa burak. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment, first the headlines: haiti's ambassador tells the bbc he believes oxfam did cover up a scandal involving aid workers and prostitutes. the charity alerted uk authorities to what happened after the earthquake in 2010. oxfam was actually pro—active in going to the british public, the department for international development, the charity commission to explain that there had been serious misconduct and that we'd taken action. air strikes carried out by israel in syria described by the israelis as the biggest of their kind for decades have prompted concern in washington and moscow. a boy who was swept away by a fast flowing river in county antrim has died. the youngster, who was five, fell into the braid river near ballymena this afternoon. system activated. wait, what side of
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the road is it? just drive! system activated. wait, what side of the road is it? just drive! calm down. and at 11:16pm in the film review, mark kermode joins jane hill to talk about black panther. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are anne ashworth, associate editor of the times and bonnie greer, playwright and writer for the new european. lovely to see you both, we'll be having a chat in a moment. most of tomorrow's front pages are in now. the observer leads with labour's attack on the privatised water industry, calling the amount in dividends paid to shareholders
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scandalous. the mail on sunday's front page says that brendan cox, husband of murdered mpjo cox, was accused of sexual abuse. his lawyers say he vehemently denies the allegations. the sunday telegraph reports on concerns from some eu countries that chief brexit negotiator michel barnier‘s conduct could lead to the uk walking away from brexit talks. the sunday express previews a speech from the prime minster, saying she will set out plans to make the uk a truly global, free trading nation. the sunday times has more allegations concerning the conduct of aid workers, suggesting that more than 120 people working for leading charities have been accused of sexual abuse in the past year. a mixture of front pages there. thank you both forjoining us
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tonight, let's pick up on some of those stories. we had a good chat in the 10:30 p-m-, we had a good chat in the 10:30 p.m., as we were saying, we had a good chat in the 10:30 p.m. , as we were saying, some we had a good chat in the 10:30 p.m., as we were saying, some great pages. very strong front pages of a diverse range of stories and some very concerning. people waking up to some of this stuff about 0xfam tomorrow morning will be very dismayed by what they're reading. what was the observer wasp slime? allegations of staff involvement with prostitution allegations. —— observer's line. this kind of thing is old. there were problems with the un at the beginning of the century. it's an old story but what's mostly horrific is that it is oxfam. in your mind and in your heart that's
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not what oxfam is meant to be involved with, oxfam has a feeling about it, all of them shouldn't be, though but this is especially shocking and it makes me more angry because i want them to clean this up. part of this is about plain old oppression. it's the way you relate to people the way the majority cultural elites to people in developing countries. this is not unusual. —— majority culture relates. the thing that most concerns me about these stories is we have been led to believe, or perhaps we assumed, that the problems with 0xfam has been related to its conduct of its officials while in haiti during the problems there. the observer is reporting that the use of prostitutes in chad, with many of these same individuals
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that were implicated in the haitian thing, and it seems as if there has been a cover—up. i know that sounds like a cliche. that's the only way you can assume it can be. maybe 0xfa m you can assume it can be. maybe 0xfam has not told people as much as they needed to know. we do hold charities to account. we want them to comply with really high moral standards and also of openness. because of their appeal to us. we're talking about 0xfam here. you've hinted that it's charities. the 0bserver does say," a former staffer saying that this is a sector wide problem and this is how it's reflected on the front of the sunday times —— does say that a former staffer. they may have been infiltration of the sector by
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paedophiles with 120 accused of sexual abuse, which is very concerning. concern because priti patel is quoted as saying the former international development secretary warned predatory paedophiles have been allowed to exploit the aid sector. wasn't she in charge of this sector? hello! am i wrong? she's not like anybody. suddenly she comes and warns us like anybody. suddenly she comes and warns us and tells us about it, why didn't we know before? the implication is she had some kind of inkling, why didn't she say anything? it seems the current minister, penny worden, is trying to ta ke minister, penny worden, is trying to take action and questioning the government's significant lengths. that's great but i want to know why priti patel didn't say anything. we will leave it there on priti patel but the other thing is the problem is these charities possibly losing a lot of their funding, that's the big concern for the next few days.
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yesterday when the times broke this story about the haitian incidents, i read the comments underneath the story, sometimes those comments are meaningless but other times they say something about the public mood and people were horrified wondering where their money was being used, their contributions and taxpayer funded donations were going because we contribute in various different ways. this is a discussion in the sense of what these charities need to do is get this cleaned up, that's the first order of business, we need to regulate and clean things up. to wrap this up, some of the people have been saying that the safeguarding measures that are in place are the ones that will decide who continues with their funding and lots of people are saying if you don't co—operate, you will lose your money, and this is charity wide, not just about 0xfam. let's move on. we're going to go back to the
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0bserver we're going to go back to the observer and nationalisation. the thing i love isjohn mcdonnell is saying it is cost free renationalisation but what does that mean? that could never be so because shareholders would need to be compensated for the value of their holdings and remember, that's not just a few guys in the city, it's all of us, we hold shares in the privatised utilities through our isas and pensions. there is considerable disquiet in the city about the way some of these water companies have been run, particularly thames water. the companies are trying to put everything in order. they've closed down the cayman islands subsidiaries it had. but the accusation still stands that these utilities were starved of maintenance money and therefore we are having burst water mains. this is the other interesting pa rt mains. this is the other interesting part to me, the press reportsjohn mcdonnell as if he is crazy. but
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they were all over him at davos. these people are hard—nosed business people, if they think he's nuts they're not going to be there for him so he's getting lots of attention notjust him so he's getting lots of attention not just because him so he's getting lots of attention notjust because they might think labour is going to win the next election but they are paying attention to him. we need deeper analysis, i don't understand how he will make this work on the surface, but people in the city think he can because they're listening to him and that's what we need to talk about with deeper reporting. let's turn to our favourite subject... the telegraph. two brexit stories, starting with the telegraph. excuse me, winter flu. barnier is risking a uk walkout. the telegraph group goes on the bogey man theory of brexit, if you can't make any sense, let's find the bad guy. i read this story and i
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don't see anybody on the record here so don't see anybody on the record here so i'm wondering who these officials are. it sounds like a lot of gossip, the sort of stuff you get in a tea room, it would be great if the telegraph told us what countries, nordic countries, which ones? what the sunday telegraph is trying to say is barnier is out of step with other officials and the rest of the. he's been too aggressive in his approach. they say other people have said it, that's my point, who are they? there's nobody on the record. ina they? there's nobody on the record. in a nutshell your assessment of the front page of the express? it's a very, very big headline. roadmaps... always roadmaps, it's become one of the great cliches of our age, anything that sets out terms and conditions of anything in a clear fashion is a roadmap but apparently mrs may will deliver one of the key talks at chequers. i thought she already had them last week, wasn't
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there talks at chequers? there will be new talks and a series of speeches which will culminate in the speeches which will culminate in the speech she needs to deliver to bring the different factions together. but they can't figure out what the conservative party, the governing party, is how they're going to deliver brexit. that's interesting that she mentions the pound has gone through the floor. none of these have anything to do with the stock market. very interesting. and rising interest rates, which i would have thought would have been interesting. the bank of england is talking about raising interest rates in april and if you don't have a fixed mortgage! let's move on to the independent, what did you make of kim jong—un‘s sister, or the message? i'm fascinated by this woman. she has this western gloucester because she was educated in switzerland and she looks tremendously unlike her
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brother —— gloss. she is a poised slightly girlish figure in nice tailoring but we do not know what lies beneath and whether she may be the power behind things. lies beneath and whether she may be the power behind thingslj lies beneath and whether she may be the power behind things. i think it's very interesting because of course they are completely playing donald trump because donald trump is one of these people, he a one off, let's put it that way, who needs an enemy. —— he's. they are shaking hands, she's never been there before, look at these two, they are telling donald trump to take a walk and he will have to do something to get the focus back on him. mike pence saying that we are tight, japan, the us, south korea, we are tight. how funny, and then they carry on with ttip without the us so who cares. they are both koreans but the north korean and south korean
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languages are totally different. instead of labelling here the sister, i am going to give her her proper name, kim yo—jong. quickly, we did the pensions earlier, i want to skip ahead if possible to the eurotunnel. you know, doris has nero tendencies, he fascinates me —— boris. remember he had boris ireland. thank goodness this was killed, the $50 million bridge of flowers, that was his idea. —— ireland. now he wants to do a tunnel. he is like nero! link across the macro channel that would bring our country closer contact with france once we leave the eu. —— channel. the deeper story with boris is about the building. france is all
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about big infrastructure projects but the most interesting statistic in this story is do we need something? apparently only 54% of postal tunnel capacity is currently used so there may be nobody... going back to boris and the nero tendencies. who's getting the money to build these? all that kind of stuff! we a re to build these? all that kind of stuff! we are going to go on and on and on, not enough time! thank you, bonnie and anne. next on bbc news, the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news.
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to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so, mark, what do we have this week? we have black panther, which opens on tuesday. we have pad man, based on a true, inspiring story. and 50 shades freed, it all comes to an end.


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