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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  February 12, 2018 5:00am-5:31am GMT

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this is the briefing. i'm samantha simmonds. our top story: getting impatient over jacob zuma's future — the anc indicates he will be asked to step down today. a shift in policy towards north korea 7 us vice president mike pence says he could be ready for talks. russian investigators are searching for clues about why a passenger plane crashed, killing all 71 on board. is the wild ride over, orjust beginning? we find out where the global markets might head after last week's volatility. i'll be speaking to lena komileva, chief economist at (g+) economics, about what lies ahead for investors. a warm welcome to the programme, briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport.
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and you can be part of the conversation. with the international development secretary here in the uk saying oxfam failed in its moral leadership, we're asking this morning if you still trust charities? will it change if and how you donate, and who to? tell us what you think. get in touch using the hashtag bbcthebriefing. the question of president zuma's future will be finalised later. the leader of south africa's ruling party, the anc, has made it clear that if mr zuma doesn't quit before a meeting this afternoon, then he'll be asked to step down. president zuma is facing multiple allegations of corruption. more from the bbc‘s sarah corker. at an event marking 100 years since the birth of nelson mandela, there was the clearest signal yet that the end of the troubled presidency ofjacob zuma is near.
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addressing the crowds in cape town, abc leader and south african president—in—waiting cyril ramaphosa promised a resolution — a decision on mr zuma's future. we are currently engaged, comrades, in discussions around the transition to a new administration and, specifically, to resolve the issues of the position of the president of the republic of south africa. cheering and applause. for the last week, mr ramaphosa and mr zuma have been negotiating the president's exit strategy. but with a country in limbo, the anc‘s national executive committee is holding a special meeting later. it is thought the party's governing body will formally ask him to resign. he has faced increasing pressure to quit since december,
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when he lost control of the governing anc. and the zuma presidency has been marred by corruption scandals, a struggling economy and soaring unemployment. the organisation does not belong to a family, does not belong to me, does not belong to this lady. no way! it belongs to everybody in this country. we are degree graduates. we have nojobs. we go door to door handing our cvs. we have nojobs. and so, whether he is pushed or resigns, jacob zuma will soon be out of power, and cyril ramaphosa is poised to take his place. and if this speech is anything to go by, he is planning to get tough on corruption. sarah corker, bbc news. in the past, the trump administration had made it clear it would not engage with north korea until its leader, kimjong—un, was willing to discuss dismantling his nuclear weapons programme. but in an interview with the washington post,
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the us vice president mike pence said that if north korea wished to talk, the us would listen. the details were worked out during meetings on the sidelines of the winter olympic games in pyeongchang. let's talk to the bbc‘s stephen mcdonell, who's in the south korea capital seoulfor us. welcome, stephen. ring us up—to—date on what the vice president actually has been saying? well, could the trump administration it actually considering having talks with north korea? according considering having talks with north korea ? according to considering having talks with north korea? according to this washington post report, they are seriously considering this path. now, the story in the washington post says when vice president mike pence left south korea on airforce when vice president mike pence left south korea on air force two, when vice president mike pence left south korea on airforce two, he had a direct conversation with this reporter who says that, in a series of meetings, mike pence has nutted out this strategy with south korea's
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president moonjae—in out this strategy with south korea's president moon jae—in and out this strategy with south korea's president moonjae—in and according to this report, it is moon's suggestion of the way forward which has been the crucial breakthrough. so, mike pence first met with moon jae—in blue house, the presidential blue house, and then there was a second meeting and then president moon, of course, met with the north korean, including the north korean leader's sister, kim yojong, also at the blue house, and then a second meeting took place between noon and mike pence while they were watching the speed skating and apparently during the meeting he told mike pence that he had been —— he should open a dialogue with the united states. but the crucial change in all of this came when mike pence reportedly asked moon because up until then, their position has been keep north korea isolated, do not
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reward them, and he has asked moon do you have any suggestion of a way forward and apparently moon said how about this? we say to the north korean sea were not getting anything in terms of economic or diplomatic relief at that isn't on the table, we will just relief at that isn't on the table, we willjust have talks. and the us, on there, you know, side, would have the sake denuclearisation isn't necessarily on the table. the sides have to give something and these are only an initial talks but if they we re only an initial talks but if they were to actually take place, it would be remarkable and a huge shift from the trump administration which has in saying under no circumstances would there be any talks unless some move towards denuclearisation has taken place from the north korean. stephen, thank you. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news. prosecutors in new york state have begun a lawsuit against the company of the film producer harvey weinstein, who's been accused of sexual abuse by more than seventy women. the state's attorney general alleged that the firm had been guilty of vicious mistreatment of employees.
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london city airport has been closed after an unexploded world war two bomb was found in the river thames nearby. police have set up an exclusion zone around the airport while bomb disposal teams make the device safe. passengers are being advised not to travel to the airport. a luxury saudi hotel that served as a detention centre for dozens of princes and top officials has reopened. princes, ministers and businessmen had been held at the ritz—carlton hotel in the capital riyadh since november, as part of the kingdom's anti—corruption drive. it's been a week sincejerome powell took over as chairman of the us federal reserve — a week in which global stock markets have plunged. oliver cornock, editor—in—chief of oxford business group joins me now. welcome, oliver, good morning. one week sincejerome welcome, oliver, good morning. one week since jerome powell took office, it has been a week on the
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market, is this the future or was that a blip? difficult to say, there is an irony that the good data that has come out of the us, the davos speech by christine lagarde about the rebel growth has precipitated this decline in global markets and so this decline in global markets and so it is because of the slow ten year period and after the great depression 2008, the leeman brothers crisis that of all lead to this new normal which was very low interest rates, a lot of central banks issuing cash and printing money really to keep things going. in one. it was only a matter of time and it seems at the time is now. who knows what the next few weeks holds. it is very clear there will be a big impact in interest rates up it will impact in interest rates up it will impact people and it will impact normal people as well, and that is the point, it isn'tjust a big story, it is how trickles down. the point, it isn'tjust a big story, it is how trickles downm isn't just story, it is how trickles downm isn'tjust people involved in the
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markets. investors of cause and bankers but also everyday people with a mortgage, what does that mean for someone on a floating mortgage, a truck mortgage, all of these things, so it is perhaps entering a new normal, sorry, the end of the new normal, sorry, the end of the new normal, sorry, the end of the new normal so what it means looking forward , new normal so what it means looking forward, who knows. the stories we will come to later is about the powers of the central bank who has been pushing the loose monetary policy. what is it mean? low interest rates, which is great if you want to borrow but if you are a saver, it is a bad thing, if you we re saver, it is a bad thing, if you were “— saver, it is a bad thing, if you were —— have a pension or savings it isn't good. more broadly it points, and christian lagarde talks about this in davos, —— christine lagarde, it is an equitable strength and that is what people are battling with. with interest rates people will hear that and think fearfully of the bad old days of what interest rates were five plus %. actually, we're not talking about that, most people are
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that actually if they go up it will be bya that actually if they go up it will be by a couple of%, in this country, the uk, at least. with analysts are saying a maximum 2.5%, around 1963— 2008, the average was that so it certainly will not go back to that i am guarded when we talk about the new normal. as you said, we will see a little later. thank you very much. russian authorities say they're considering a number of possible causes for the crash of an airliner outside moscow. all 71 passengers and crew were killed when the plane came down minutes after take—off. investigators say their lines of inquiry include severe weather conditions, human error, and the airliner‘s technical condition. steve rosenberg reports. in frozen fields near moscow, this is all that remains of flight 703. cctv cameras captured the moment the aircraft smashed into the ground and exploded in a fireball. its wreckage strewn for a mile across the russian countryside, half buried in snow. conditions were treacherous.
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the emergency services struggled through snowdrifts to reach the crash scene. but it quickly became clear this was no rescue operation — theirjob was to recover the bodies. the saratov airlines flight had taken off from moscow's domodedovo airport with more than 70 people on board. it was bound for orsk, 900 miles south—east of moscow in the ural mountains. but minutes after take—off, the plane disappeared from radar. it had crashed near the russian capital. "we saw it burning up in the sky", this eyewitness said. "then it fell, there was a blast. a loud boom!" it is unclear what caused the antonov 148 jet to fall out of the sky. the kremlin has ordered an urgent investigation and president putin today offered his condolences to the families of the victims. but that is little comfort to the relatives and friends of those on board flight 703.
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at orsk airport, grief mixed with disbelief as people realised they'd been waiting for loved ones who would never arrive. the recovery operation will continue through the night. emergency teams are still searching for victims of this crash and for clues to what caused it. steve rosenberg, bbc news, moscow. here in the uk, the charity oxfam will be answering tough questions from the government later about claims its staff used prostitutes in haiti following the earthquake there seven years ago. oxfam could see its funding cut if it cannot account for the way it handled claims of sexual misconduct by aid workers. oxfam has apologised for what happened. james landale reports. the allegations of sexual misconduct
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but oxfam aid workers in haiti in 2011 refer to not just but oxfam aid workers in haiti in 2011 refer to notjust the charity's reputation but also the £32 million it gets each year from the government. the international development secretary penny mordaunt has threatened to withhold the cash u nless has threatened to withhold the cash unless oxfam shows them moral leadership she thinks it is like in a way to handle this scandal is by far. the charity has been accused of covering up a full scale of the allegations that include staff holding parties with prostitutes. today, penny mordaunt will meet seniorfigures for the today, penny mordaunt will meet senior figures for the charity and ask them to hand over everything they know about past and current abuses. i'm affording them the opportunity to tell me in person what they did after these events and i'm going to be looking to see if they are displaying the moral leadership but i think they need to 110w. leadership but i think they need to now. penny mordaunt wants to know more about the concerned staff had about the recruitment of workers in haiti and she wants to know what oxfa m
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haiti and she wants to know what oxfam is doing to stop it ever happening again. penny mordaunt would also meet the charity commission to discuss what more can be done to regulate non—governmental organisations. oxfam has apologised and says it will take further action to improve the safeguarding vetting and recruitment of staff. our correspondent will grant is in the haitian capital port au prince. he told us how people there were reacting. by by and large the reaction in haiti to the oxfam scandal has been twofold — o n to the oxfam scandal has been twofold— on the one hand there is deep anger, resentment at the fact that his organisation ostensibly here to help the country's most vulnerable after the 2010 earthquake ended up exploiting those people instead. and there is a certain degree of resignation — people here say that the sorts of abuses that we re say that the sorts of abuses that were happening were well—known. we have reached out to people in the charity sector here who say they have certainly heard rumours and they point to a wider culture of
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abuse that they say has been happening among international organisations. they point to the un peacekeeping force, for example, a very high—profile case of alleged sexual abuse of minors. and the fact that the un peacekeeping force was sent to introduce cholera to this country. as for oxfam, well, they say they are going to work hard to rebuild public trust in britain in their reputation and in fact they already have a very, very long way to go to rebuild trust here in haiti again, too. with questions over the moral leadership, we are asking if you still trust charities, will it affect the way you donate charities with other charities being called into question over their leadership. we have had a few tweets so far. oxfa m we have had a few tweets so far. oxfam is not a charity anymore. it
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isa oxfam is not a charity anymore. it is a political organisation that does some charity work. the only announced reform when exposed by a newspaper. people should move donations to other charities. another one says, this is stoking a panic. what more should they have done? a5, others resigned before investigations are complete. where is the absence of moral leadership. let us know your thoughts. stay with us on the briefing. also on the programme, the bus that could change your life — we join unemployed italians travelling up and down the country as they compete for the same job. there's mr mandela. mr nelson mandela, a free man, taking his first steps into a new south africa. iran's spiritual leader,
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ayatollah khomeini, has said he's passed a death sentence on salman rushdie, the british author of a book which many muslims say is blasphemous. the people of haiti have flocked to church to give thanks for the ousting of their former president, 'baby doc' duvalier. because of his considerable value as a stallion, shergar was kept in a special secure box in the stud farm's central block. shergar was driven away in a horse box the thieves had brought with them. there stepped down from the plane a figure in mourning. elizabeth ii, queen of this realm and of all her other realms and territories. head of the commonwealth, defender of the faith. you're watching the briefing. our headlines — south africa's governing anc party meets today to decide the fate
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of the country's beleaguered president, jacob zuma. the us fight resident has said washington could be ready to talk to north korea without preconditions. the financial cost of rebuilding iraq is estimated at $100 billion according to the country's economists and the world bank. the country is now seeking investment from foreign governments and private companies to help rebuild the cities. iraq was a reconstruction is at the centre of a conference in held into late this week. a glimpse of the destruction caused by the war between iraq and the so—called islamic state group. iraq has declared victory but at a massive cost. exactly how massive as they question the government set out to a nswer they question the government set out to answer in anticipation of the conference. along with the world
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bank, it surveyed affected areas using satellite imagery and field trips and came out with a figure of 100 million dollars. —— 100 billion dollars. the housing sector has suffered the worst. today we have 138,000 housing units at dominish. next are economic and productive sectors as well as the health and it dictation sectors which have also been heavily affect it. -- education. iraq is ready carrying out repairs on reconstruction in affected areas. the strain on the government is severe. over the past four years, spending on the war and on aid to millions of displaced iraqis led the country's budget and it just happened the iraqis led the country's budget and itjust happened the dramatic fall in oil prices which took another heavy toll on iraq was the finances again around the same time as high invited light —— invaded large part
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in the sum of 2014. it is notjust paid for reconstruction iraqis after, but in opportunity to transform its economy. translation: the government and the prime minister are determined that we win on the economic front as well, that we achieve over a 10—year period the transformation of economic sectors into dynamic, profitable sectors that are not depend on state resources, but rather contribute estate resources u nless rather contribute estate resources unless they are dependent on oil. this is the abrupt or want to see. we wa nt this is the abrupt or want to see. we want to prepare ourselves for the post will era. over three days in kuwait, the government will make its case. the just that it deserves help to recover from the war, but also that there is money to be made in rebuilding iraq. youth unemployment will be one of the big issues in italy's general election next month. at the moment, around one in three young italians can't find work. even short—term contracts are highly competitive.
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our rome correspondent, james reynolds, travelled with a group of nurses who were all trying for the same job. it is hardly the best way to spend the night for a job exam. but an overnight must ride is these jobseekers best way to get to the test. they are travelling from southern italy to compete with hundreds of others for a single 6— month contract. translation: ijust want month contract. translation: i just want to have more dignity so that i don't have too exhaust myself going up and down the country like this. i made a lot of sacrifices at university but all those find myself starting again from zero. blue translation: i am just from zero. blue translation: i amjust getting by from zero. blue translation: i am just getting by on short—term jobs. it is hard for me to plan a future, to think about buying a home and starting a family.
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it is very difficult for those of us from southern italy. the people who get ahead and those who have connections. there is no transparency. roughly, himselfa recentjob seeker, decided to lay on these cheap bus rides to get candidates tojob these cheap bus rides to get candidates to job exam and interviews. translation: this job was born out of necessity. there are not enough jobs. young people need to travel to find work, especially from south to north. it is now the middle of the night and we are still rattling through the country. the candidates are having to forget their anxiety. they are trying to grab whatever sleep they can. at dawn, the bus arrives in the central italian town. this is the rest of the competition. all for one job. this is the rest of the competition. all for onejob. which this is the rest of the competition. all for one job. which lasts just six months. after the 45 minute
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test, they come out. translation: i think it went well, but it could have been better. translation: i think it went well, but it could have been betterlj translation: i think it went well, but it could have been better. i am relieved. i have a headache but on we do. we will have to wait and see. it is important not to lose hope. shattered, they get back onto the bus. the gears, italy's political parties have promised that young people jobs... without results. leaving this generation to head off on its own in search of work. now, our briefing on some of the key events happening later. thousands of carnival enthusiasts are flocking to the streets of cologne, mainz and dusseldorf to enjoy the rose monday parades. then the uk foreign secretary arrives in bangkok for talks with thailand's junta leader as part of an asia tour. and soon after, the white house will reveal its 2019 budget proposal and much—anticipated plan for renewing america's infrastructure.
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to south korea where red gerard was the star on day 2 of the winter olympics in pyeongchang. the teenage snowboarder won gold in the slope style on a day when seven gold medals were at stake. nick marshall mccormack rounds up the action. it isa it is a mark of the standing in slow style snowboarding, he was regarded as one of the favourites going into this event at pyeongchang. it is ha rd to this event at pyeongchang. it is hard to believe the youth that lies underneath clothes, but when the moment of glory had passed and he was at the centre of the world's media, the youth was what struck. was at the centre of the world's media, the youth was what struckm was crazy, it was really wild but i got first place. it was jawdropping. hard to believe even? yeah, i am still having a really hard time believing it. maybe gerard will aid
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when he has to overcome obstacles like the one similar group did in the 30 kilometres ski. crashing earlier knocking down and out, but the norwegian is made of sterner stuff and he regrouped to stage one of the winter games's great comebacks and to let home a norwegian one, two, three. kramer secured a one, two, three of a different kind. his victory com pletes different kind. his victory completes his domination of this olympic event since 2010. plus this time was an olympic record. that is it for the moment. stay with me on bbc news. i'll be back with the business briefing in just a few moments. that's us know what you think, whether or not your thoughts have changed on who you give to the charity and why. back in a moment. hello there.
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this upcoming week is starting off cold. we could see some disruptive snow at times, particularly over the hills across central and northern parts of the uk, as bands of rain move in off the atlantic. strong winds too, and then something a little bit milder pushing into the south as we end the week. now, the satellite picture from the last 24 hours shows the speckles here, these are the snow and hail showers which will continue to stream in across northern and western areas through the overnight period. and for monday morning, it's going to be a really cold start. widespread frost around and some ice, particularly where we have had those overnight wintry showers. for monday itself, though, we're in between weather systems with a ridge of high pressure nudging in. it will be fine before this weather system moves in to bring rain, sleet and snow during monday night. so we start off on a cold note for monday. watch out for that early ice risk. and then most places will be dry. plenty of sunshine around. a few wintry showers dotted across northern and western areas, mainly over the hills there. it's going to be cold
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despite the sunshine, temperatures of 5 to around 7 celsius. then winds begin to pick up across northern ireland later on in the day ahead of this weather system, which will make inroads, bringing rain, sleet and snow. some disruptive snow across northern ireland and then that will feed into western parts of britain. strong winds, you can see the isobars fairly close together on the system as it sweeps through. but for tuesday morning, it looks like the morning rush could be quite treacherous across parts of northern england, central and southern scotland. some very heavy snow falling even down to lower levels. this combined with ice could make some treacherous driving conditions. now, the weather front will continue to move its way eastwards during the day, a bit of a hang back — it'll be slow to clear from the eastern side — whereas further west, it will brighten up with the sunshine appearing. but there'll be a few wintry showers. and again, another cold day with temperatures in the single figures for all. we do it all again, it's a repeat performance, as we head on in towards wednesday. the next weather system moving in from the south—west.
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again, some strong winds on this system as it spreads its way from west to east. but the difference is there'll be slightly milder air mixed in to this weatherfront, so it looks like the slightly disruptive snow will be over the higher ground of the northern half of the country, certainly northern england and parts of scotland. but a rather drab day with outbreaks of rain around. something a little bit milder pushing on into the south. still quite a cold feel across the north. and then into thursday, look like we're back in westerly winds with wintry showers. this is business briefing. i'm samantha simmons. is the wild ride over, orjust beginning? we find out where the global markets might head after last week's volatility. india's latest federal budget has drawn criticism from luxury carmakers. they feel singled out for extra taxes they say are unfair. and on the markets, japan's nikkei is closed today for a public holiday. the dow ended up. the all ordinaries
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is down and the hang seng is up slightly as the asian markets try to a semblance of calm. it's been a week sincejerome powell took over as chairman of the us
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