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this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines at eight. oxfam apologises to the haiti government following a report detailing the prostitution scandal there involving its aid workers. one of britain's most prolific paedophiles — a 29—year—old university lecturer from birmingham — is jailed for 32 years. the prime minister calls for better value for university students in england — where tuition fees are among the most expensive in the world. i believe as do most people, including students, that those who benefit directly from higher education should contribute directly to the cost of it, that's only fair. also this hour — not so finger lickin‘ good. a shortage of chicken at kfc forces hundreds of outlets to close across the uk.
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how about this for a science project? children make tiny sculptures of cows which will be blasted into space. good evening and welcome to bbc news. oxfam has for the first time apologised to the haiti government following the release of a report detailing the prostitution scandal in the country. officials from the charity have met government ministers in the capital port—au—prince. the charity's regional director simon ticehurst expressed his shame for what happened and vowed to collaborate with the hatian government on all the steps forwards. the bbc has been told how oxfam drivers were forced to deliver
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prostitutes to the charity's premises in haiti or risk losing theirjobs after the earthquake in 2010. the charity has published its investigation which found that three oxfam employees accused of sexual misconduct physically threatened a witness during the investigation. here's our diplomatic correspondent james landale. oxfam and its operations have become an industry that's spread into 80 countries. for more than half a century, oxfam's been helping those in need, such as these victims of conflict in nigeria in the late 1960s. but that hard—earned reputation‘s been put at risk by the behaviour of some of the charity's staff in haiti in 2011. the internal report says that one was dismissed and three resigned for what it describes as "using prostitutes on 0xfam premises". two more were dismissed for bullying and intimidation, one of whom, the report says, also downloaded pornography, and another man was sacked for failing to protect staff. a source who was aware of the investigation and in haiti at the time
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told the bbc that drivers were forced to deliver prostitutes to oxfam villas. we have protected his identity. they were having parties over there that were described as orgies, with a smorgasbord of women, girls, wearing 0xfam t—shirts, and it would go on all night. we were told they were under age. the security guards, the drivers, were talking about it, but not directly. indirectly, because if they talked to anyone about it, they would lose theirjobs. today, the bbc caught up with one of those dismissed from 0xfam for gross misconduct in haiti. we can name him as raphael mutiku, a kenyan aid worker who is based outside the capital, nairobi. were you with mr roland van hauwermeiren? no. why were you let go by oxfam? 0xfam's report says roland van hauwermeiren, its country director in haiti, admitted using prostitutes. he's spoken of lies and exaggeration.
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but it also says he was allowed to resign with dignity and a month's pay, because dismissing him would have damaged the investigation. the bbc source challenges that account. they didn't need him to stay and help with the investigation. as far as i'm concerned, roland was not part of the investigation team. roland, from all accounts, owned up to his own behaviour, which alone is enough. today, 0xfam officials met members of the haitian government. tomorrow, senior executives from the charity will face mps in parliament. the questions for 0xfam keep on coming. this is a direct formal apology from 0xfa m this is a direct formal apology from 0xfam to the government in haiti tonight, i suppose in some sense the charity did not have any other choice. in these circumstances 0xfam has to
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be transparent, that is why we have the latest report, but also complete and open apology and that meant a face—to—face meeting with a senior official in the government of haiti. the government of haiti is launching its own investigation into what is going on. 0xfam is being investigated by the government of haiti, and the charity regulator, and there will be their own investigation which will be set up shortly. senior woman will be working precisely at what 0xfam has been doing particularly in terms of its response to this. and tomorrow there will be questions from mps. yes, these stories follow a natural progression. when an organisation has been found to have broken the
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rules there comes a moment when mps get their pound of flesh. they will very publicly be questioning very senior executives from 0xfam to find out precisely what they think went on, and more importantly what 0xfam is going to do in the future to stop this kind of thing happening again in the future. the report did the makes grim reading in terms of the scale of sexual misconduct and the bullying and intimidation that was going on. the kind of information we are getting indirectly from other people who are fighting the industry shows that it was widespread. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:40 this evening in the papers — our guests joining me tonight are deborah haynes, defence editor at the times and jim waterson, political editor at buzzfeed. a university lecturer — described as one of britain's most prolific paedophiles —
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has been jailed for 32 years. 29—year—old matthew falder — a cambridge graduate — admitted 137 offences including encouraging the rape of a child. he approached his victims online and then blackmailed them into sending him increasingly depraved images. at least four of his victims tried to take their own lives. falder was finally caught after an operation involving agencies around the world. sima kotecha reports. so, what, what, what was it i've done? what is it i'm supposed to have...? dr matthew falder being arrested at his workplace last year. the 29—year—old spent years posing as a female artist online, to trick his victims into sending him naked pictures of themselves. it sounds like the rap sheet from hell. distributing indecent images of children. he then researched their profiles on social media and used that information to blackmail them into sending him more obscene images. he even installed secret
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cameras in people's homes, to film them in the shower and using the toilet. falder contacted more than 300 people worldwide. one of his victims told us that she can no longer trust anyone. i was ashamed of what i've done. all relationships broke down. you can't be friends with someone that doesn't trust you and i didn't trust them. even though they did nothing wrong, and i did nothing wrong, there was no trust any more. last year, he pleaded guilty to 137 charges — including encouraging the rape of a child and possessing a paedophile manual. today, he was sentenced to more than 30 years. the feeling of helplessness that he embodied in the victims and then took them to a place where they never wanted to go, is truly horrific. and, i mean, you know, those videos will be with me and the team probably for the rest of our lives. falder was under surveillance
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for several months during a four year investigation. the cambridge graduate was identified by the national crime agency. it worked with partner agencies across the world, including the australian federal police and homeland security in america, to find the man who was behind the messages. falder was one of the most prolific child exploitation offenders and blackmailers we'd ever seen in the uk, or even in the us. so it just became. .. the volume of victims and the techniques that were employed and the discipline that was employed by falder on the internet, to not be identified and not be caught was something we had never seen before. falder lived in this block of flats. he worked at birmingham university. now, officers say his motivation was power and control. he wanted his victims to feel embarrassed and humiliated, and he was confident he could outwit the authorities. he contacted vulnerable people seeking work on websites. he then used names such
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as "666devil" and "evil mind" on the dark net to communicate with other paedophiles. the dark net is a type of private computer network that is closed off from the rest of the world wide web. have you sent pictures of your blackmail victims to the parents? no comment. of the victim, the grandparents? no comment. when questioned, falder didn't cooperate. today, thejudge called him, "an internet highway man who robbed his victims of their security and dignity". the paedophile showed no remorse or emotion throughout the proceedings. the prime minister has announced a major review of university funding in england — saying that students are paying some of the highest charges in the world. in a speech in derby, theresa may also called for an end to "outdated attitudes" that favour university over technical education. labour says it's not a review that's needed,
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but instead an entire restructuring of the education sector. this report from our political editor, laura kuenssberg, contains flash photography. it's not me learning, it'sjust me coping. i do believe education should be free. it's too much, basically. it's too much. big dreams but big debts. these derby first years aren't paying fees upfront but expecting to owe nearly £40,000 when they're done. we are the next generation. if you want us to have a high—paying job, we need some way of reaching that goal. and university does make a difference. from primary to secondary, then to college, it's absolutely free. why should we have to pay for uni? fees tripled when theresa may was already in the cabinet. but more students like these sixth formers go
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to university, however tricky the subject they choose. 0k. i did physics a—level, but that's where my physics ended. but after the election and labour's popular promise to scrap fees altogether, the prime minister has concluded things have to change. all but a handful of universities charge the maximum possible fees for undergraduate courses. and the level of fees charged do not relate to the cost or quality of the course. so we now have one of the most expensive systems of university tuition in the world. what she really wants is a change in attitude. it remains a perception that going to university is really the only desirable route, while going into training is something for other people's children. if we're going to succeed in building a fair society and a stronger economy, we need to throw away this outdated attitude for good. are you willing to say that, potentially, taxpayers should contribute more towards students' education? because, if not, won't this reviewjust be looking at
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moving money around in a system that you yourself admitted today has become just too expensive? it's not just about the issues of finance. it's also about making sure that the system we have for post—18 education provides for every aspect of that education and provides young people with the route that is right for them. do you really think that theresa may would have made this speech today if you hadn't had a message in the election that younger generations and their parents thought the tories weren't listening? well, i think the truth is of course we've got to listen to what the electorate are saying. and if they think we've got this wrong, that's something we've got to look at. there could be cuts to some fees. if but no big new spending. labour says it falls way short. well, unfortunately, this is the third time in the last 12 months that theresa may has announced a review of education. and she's letting students down. don't expect bold changes fast. this review will take a year and few expect it to tear up the whole system. this is also about the lesson voters
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taught tories at the last election, unconvinced conservatives had answers to the tensions between generations. and turning that round is a much biggerjob indeed. they promised too much. they say they're going to do this but it never happens. and i'm still waiting for the things they say to happen. i voted so that i didn't have to pay uni fees. if the uni was free, i would vote for them, basically. you'd vote for any party that said university should be free? every uni student will! voters young and old aware that what's easy to say is not always easy to do. laura kuenssberg, bbc news, derby. when your name is kentucky fried chicken the one thing you really can't afford to run out of is...chicken. but that's exactly what's happened to the fast—food chain kfc. at one point the company had to close around 750 outlets — almost three quarters of its stores — because they couldn't
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get hold of their main ingredient, as jon kay reports. no! when you've been promised kfc as a half term treat but there is no chicken. nine—year—old maxine is not happy. angry. sad. and disappointed. and hungry? very hungry! are you more hungry or angry? hungry! it's notjust maxine's local outlet. hundreds across the uk are shut because kf has no c. they've run out of chicken. pretty shocking, really, to be fair. pretty shocking. especially when you're hungry, like, you know what i mean? kfc have blamed teething problems with a new delivery contract. they switched to dhl last week, who say operational issues have disrupted the supply.
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it's a chicken place, so they should have enough chicken. they should be able to store it. it's a big chain, so it does seem unbelievable, really. all the chicken... there's farmers, surely there should be enough chickens. we tried several outlets across bristol today but found no fingers being licked. almost every store closed. it's lunchtime. you'd expect these hatches to be really busy at this point but the kitchen is empty, the fryers switched off. chicken with fries, please. chicken with fries. it's a far cry from this. tonight, the company is encouraging staff to take holidays until it can meet the demand again. kfc says its own employees will be paid, but the large majority of restaurants are franchises. it just seems amazing. i thought everything was pretty much automated these days and as they use chicken, more's ordered.
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something has gone seriously wrong. the company says it's working flat out to rectify the problem. but, for some, that is little consolation. jon kay, bbc news. more than 250 jobs have been axed at a company which supplied meat to food chains including the pub giant wetherspoons and jamie's italian following an investigation into food hygiene. the derby based company, russell hume says it has been forced to go into administration after its products were taken off menus in the wake of the allegations. here's emma simpson. closed for business — one of russell hume's six plants. no deliveries here for nearly a month, involved in a food safety scandal. today bosses threw in the towel and called in the administrators. russell hume prided itself in selling quality products, but it's being investigated by the
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food standards agency over what it calls serious noncompliance of food hygiene regulations, with labelling some of our biggest household names, although there is has pulled thousands of steaks and other items off their menus, and pulled the plug on russell hume as well. when they were given the opportunity to reopen the liverpool site, they didn't. in a statement, russell hume said...
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here at the food standards agency tonight, they insist that their action was proportionate. stopping food production wasn't something they did lightly. their role, they said was to make sure businesses meet their responsibility in ensuring the food they produced was safe. the investigation is still continuing as a wider review of meat cutting plants and cold stores across the uk will soon get under way. you are in for a sports round—up. news ina you are in for a sports round—up. news in a moment of wigan against manchester city in the fa cup fifth round, a repeat of the 2013 final,
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famously won by wigan. at that time they were in the premier league, this time they are league 1. these are live pictures. it is currently goalless. 25 minutes have been played. not too many chances so far. this patch is live on bbc one right now. 20 minutes to go until half—time. dio half—time. dio at half—time. d10 at the winter olympics. it has been a day when doping has once again been an issue. the highs, lows and the odds tumble for team gb. first ever bronze medal in mixed doubles travelling. from delight to a doping controversy. barely a week after celebrating a bronze medal alongside his wife, he could now be
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stripped of it, but this case has broader implications. he is russian. his country is banned from these games because of a huge doping scandal. 0lympic organisers allowed home and on hundred and 60 other russians to compete as neutrals. now, it is an all too familiar story. it was good pleadings testing where, for example, the russian athletes were tested to a significance level more than others, but when an athlete, in the broadest sense, this court for doping, it does show that the system works. the decision to allow russian athletes to compete here attracted criticism before the games saw this positive tests raise some uncomfortable questions for the olympic authorities. it is very frustrating that halfway through the game is the story has come back. you do not want positive
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tests in any 0lympics but for it to be an athlete from a country where we we re be an athlete from a country where we were told that only a this year with the queen that is hard news to take. away from the controversy, in the curling there was effectively —— encouragement for britain. —— we we re encouragement for britain. —— we were told that this year all the athletes would be clean, and that is ha rd news to athletes would be clean, and that is hard news to take. and in the two—man bob sleigh. it is a dead heat. canada and germany sharing the gold. on a difficult day for the game is a welcome shore of 0lympic spirit. wheels's number eight will play in the six nations against ireland's.
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—— wales. we'll is expected to name their team tomorrow. england have re—appointed the head coach. he guided the side to last yea r‘s world cup the head coach. he guided the side to last year's world cup final brett drewitt whilst doing the hosts australia. still goalless between wigan and manchester city. the former football coach barry bennell has been sentenced to 31 years for abusing 12 young footballers who he trained in the 1980s. bennell — who was convicted of more than 50 child sexual offences — coached at a number of clubs including manchester city and crewe alexandra. tonight the professional footballers' association has responded, saying that it hopes the sentence brings closure to not
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only those named in court but also to the many other victims affected by his crimes. our sports editor dan roan reports. they came seeking closure, the victims of barry bennell, arriving
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