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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 22, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm GMT

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it all have hurdles we come across. it is not how you fall, it is how you get up. this black shield is there heel get up. this black shield is there heel, the new head protection system for formula one to improve driver safety. not everyone likes it.” for formula one to improve driver safety. not everyone likes it. lam not impressed with the whole thing and if you give me a chainsaw, i will take it off. i think we need to look after driver safety but what we have implemented is pathetically not appealing. traffic literally stops when hamilton and his team come to silverstone but who will stop mercedes this season? that is the question no one can answer yet. that is the question no one can answer yet. now we're nearly out of time but before we go we like to make sure you're across everything that's going on in pyeongchang. well team gb snowboarder billy morgan's daily commute from the olympic village to the slopes is pretty impressive. here he is on the scooter he's been supplied with making his way from his apartment to the athletes bus. impressive stuff, so much
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so that his fellow snowboarder jamie nicholls decided to film it and edit so we could all marvel at billy's skills. billy goes in the final of the big air at one o'clock in the morning uk time on saturday. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. goodbye for a now. a bit of breaking news regarding the abuse allegations surrounding oxfam. we arejust abuse allegations surrounding oxfam. we are just hearing from reuters that haiti have temporarily revoked oxfam's authorisation to operate in the islands. there is a bit more detail coming from the afp news
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agency in haiti talking about suspension of operations pending an outcome of the investigation of those accusations. the country's ministry of planning said they had made a serious error of failing to inform their staff at the time these accusations occurred. these acknowledged axe, the statement says, are a serious violation of the dignity of the people of haiti. —— acknowledged actions. she believed oxfa m acknowledged actions. she believed oxfam bosses deliberately misled the authorities in haiti about the scandal, increasing the pressure on the chief executive, james goldring. another piece of breaking news, two
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people arrested earlier for suspicion of death caused by dangerous driving. this sexual brother of the two—year—old who died in the collision has also just died. —— the six—year—old brother. this is the news from coventry were the two—year—old brother had already died. just providing that update. back now to new immigration figures, which show the number of eu citizens leaving britain is at its highest level for a decade. but official figures also estimate that overall, there are still more people coming to britain than leaving. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford is here. ever since the brexit vote people have been keeping a close eye on the numbers of new citizens coming to britain. today we reached a milestone because in the year to
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september last year, the number of eu citizens leaving britain for good reached 130,000 people. the highest figure we have seen for a decade. the highest figure since the financial crash however, the number of people moving to britain to work was 220,000 so that is why, although it is the lowest figure for four yea rs. it is the lowest figure for four years. although all, the number of eu citizens coming to britain minus the number of losing is around 90,000 witches of those figure since september 20 12. why? national statistics warn that you need to be careful, there are all sorts of reasons for people moving around the world but it does look like brexit is likely to be a factor. certainly people we have spoken to, have said they had done so partly because the pound they have been earning has
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become less on international markets and they feel less welcome here. thank you very much. anti—terror police are investigating after a package containing a mysterious substance was sent to st james's palace. the parcel was reportedly addressed to prince harry and his fiancee meghan markle. although police have now confirmed that the substance inside was harmless, scotland yard says a racist note was included — and is being treated as a hate crime. more now on those strikes getting underway by university lecturers across the uk. they're walking out in protest over planned changes to their pension schemes — which they say will leave them worse off. our correspondent phil bodmer is at leeds university. what is the impact their? quite a big impact, 33,000 students here affected by the strike action. these steps earlier on today were a full of protesters who marched to the city centre. one of those on the
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demonstration was this professor and also a lecturer in food physics here. what did you make of the protest today? i was really inspired by it. we had the biggest number of bigots we have ever had. lots of classes were closed, all the entrances were covered, lots of support from students as well as staff. people and students recognise it is notjust about defending pensions, it is about defending education in britain. the longer the dispute goes on, the harder it will be to sustain that level of support, isn't it? i think people have recognised that universities will not pay any attention to anything other than something which seriously disrupts their operation. most people in the union involved in the strike realise that. we have had two
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oi' strike realise that. we have had two or three day strikes before and the university has written off. so we have no option. we have a £10,000 a year pension cut at stake, at least and this is how we think we can defend it. you are financial consultant, the university says it isa£6 consultant, the university says it is a £6 billion black hole in the scheme, how did this happen? there are three ways this can happen, firstly the liabilities of the scheme increased because of things like people getting big salaries. for a final salary pensions that increases the liability. investment returns being lower than expected and we're looking at negative interest rates. also longevity, people are living longer. the longer they left the more pension you have to pay them. thank you. do not forget there will be further coverage of the strike action and
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with no resolution in sight, we could be seeing scenes like this for some time to come. thank you very much. 0ur some time to come. thank you very much. our apologies if you heard anything you would rather not have heard from the passer—by. let us have a look at the weather. good evening. it is quiet at the moment but the talking point will be the weekend and beyond. here this blanket of cloud will bring this blanket of temperatures. the blue zone shows temperatures. the blue zone shows temperatures falling. a cold start to friday morning. a little bit of cloud from the east coast and we keep the cloud over scotland and northern ireland. greater chance of sunshine on the south coast but it
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will be breezy and that will exacerbate the cold feel which keeps a close across scotland and northern ireland. colder skill as we move into the early half of next week. . you're watching beyond 0ne hundred days on pbs. the politics of grief. donald trump proposes some restrictions on guns but defends america's gun lobby as great patriots. the president's proposals include things the powerful national rifle association is unlikely to accept. in washington, the head of the nra says the democratic party doesn't believe in freedom and dismisses calls for gun control. to stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun. at an hour—long meeting at the white house, the president reiterated his desire to see trained teachers carry guns in schools. also on the programme: a vote in the un
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security council to spare more bloodshed in the syrian enclave of eastern ghoutta is delayed by the russians.


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