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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 24, 2018 7:30pm-8:02pm GMT

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most of the country. across most of the country. —— eastern scheldt is. eastern scheldt is. through monday, the risk increases of snow showers. for a 30—day humanitarian ceasefire in syria. of two young brothers by dangerous driving a resolution demanding a 30 day ceasefire in syria. in coventry. services while working for the enclave of eastern ghouta in syria — nearly a quarter of them children. charity. in the vicar of dibley, has died aged 53. brothers in coventry. scotland stun england in the six nations. whilst working for them. the actress emma chambers has died aged 53. she was best known for playing alice tinker in the vicar of dibley. the calcutta cup for the first time in a decade. as freezing air, dubbed the beast from the east, arrives from russia. now on good bbc news
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— sportsday. evening, and hello and welcome welcome to to bbc sportsday. news. the calcutta cup ceasefire across syria. at murrayfield. chances of last gasp comeback in the final play of the game. teamgb to their hightest ever medal tally of five. but it was heartache for britain's women's curlers. who couldn't make it six, losing out to japan in the bronze medal match. good
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evening. which has delivered a great weekend after its break week. england at murrayfield. it was a tough battle once again, watched by drew savage. imagine to remember for all sorts of reasons. reasons. intense, this year the punch is thrown before a ball was kicked. thrown before a ball was kicked. don't need to fire up scotland for an occasion like this. an occasion like this. much had been expected of them this year. expected of them this year.
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of the moment, combines to give them an early advantage. an early advantage. sight by half—time, with one man no one could keep up with. what a score! score! scotland were 14 points ahead at the break. at the break. and their opponents needed to respond quickly. needed to respond quickly. england come again, and there is the drive. come again, and there is the drive. knock—on was confirmed by video replay. replay. england needed two tries but are themselves a man short. are themselves a man short. in the sin bin and time was running out for eddiejones and his team. out for eddiejones and his team.
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his calmness mirrored by the pandemonium in the stands. pandemonium in the stands. just minutes away from a famous victory. minutes away from a famous victory. and the turnover is there. penalty goes to scotland and the calcutta cup may well be one. calcutta cup may well be one. was, the trophy about to return to scottish hands after a ten year gap. scottish hands after a ten year gap. confirmed two minutes later. alike to say, i was there when england were beaten at murrayfield. england were beaten at murrayfield. still in the hunt for the six nations. we had a game plan and we executed it really well. into that kind of form. can scotland still have a say in this with ireland next?
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if we keep our performances like that we have a chance. overly we can keep that going and build on that next week. well in the first 40. full marks to scotland. how much was the team talk about fire and fury? we knew what we were going to get. in the second half. to their game against england at twickenham on st patrick's day. over wales in dublin. it also went down to the wire, as adam wild reports. with a much harder edge. most fiercely fought.
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pride and passion, of course, but now a stinging rivalry. but they would not stay calm for long. for their reigniting ambition. but as half—time approached there was one final push. often count for plenty. the people of dublin. ireland a bit of room to breathe. this was a match that would end with everyone holding their breath. the gap reduced. wales could sense something special. wales think there is plenty to play for! but sometimes you can chase too hard. one last effort, but one reckless pass, that
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was all ireland needed. jacob stockdale! it will be a fanfare in dublin. dublin this evening. we could just keep control of the game. we don't like to do things easy. but again, great character. wales are a great outfit. other hand, we give up too many points do easily. i know the boys, the coaches will have a lot to look at. win today, no doubt be would have taken that.
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word most interviewers are using. the first half penalty count, we were on the wrong end. ways into our 22. to go before the closing ceremony at the winter olympics. on it's medal chances today. by sealing their best ever medal haul. jumpers to show off their skills.
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in the big airfinals. impress thejudges. second of three attempts he looked every bit the part. he holds it up! yes! it was huge. and he used the hardest grab. positions. yes! massive! that is absolutely huge. long and nervous wait. but on his finaljump it all went wrong.
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medal to ensure their best performance at the winter olympics. i'm sure it will hit me later. i never expected it. are ready for it, but ijust didn't. would you have thought that? no. finals. happy days. women curlers aimed for six medal. it came down to the final stone. was not to be.
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take the bronze medal. the team we have given it our all this week. nothing, we have battled so hard. turn out our way. barring a miracle teamgb will finish in five medals. levels of investment. nevertheless a record—breaking games for teamgb.
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who gave us this reaction. an two british and today. why that decision? yes, for the ladies it was an opportunity to win the game. and a lot of people think, why notjust draw for two? but there was barely a shot other than shot she selected. a very high percentage chance of making it. a shot that in practice she would make so many times. she has probably thrown a typical stone like this day in, day out. a shot she would make. games, and she just doesn't quite get it right.
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shoulders of the skip? that is part and parcel of the job as the skip. and sometimes your strategy has been literally to have that shot to win. or something in between. but your team relies on you. they have put you in that position that you will make that shot. and for eve, she would have full belief to make that shot. but let's be clear, you would have tried to go for the same shot? 100%. she would win the game. will eve be back? the team is a great team. four years is a long way away, there are a lot of sacrifices.
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commit to the next one? of the winter olympics. are struggling. team gb are down in 19th place at the halfway stage. taking place tomorrow. in the alpine mixed team event. who went on to win the event. medals in two unrelated events at the winter games.
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today in the women's snowboarding parallel giant slalom. west brom, booed off by their fans after they defeat. after they defeat. disappointing day for them and their manager alan pardew. beaten 2—1 by huddersfield. huddersfield. back, but it is now one win in 26 games for west brom. games for west brom. down in 20th, seven points from safety. seven points from safety. but a fantastic win for huddersfield. fantastic win for huddersfield.
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contrasting fortunes between david wagoner and alan pardew. i was disappointed with the performance. game, and a good state of mind. it was not reflected in some of the displays i had today. i was disappointed in the goals. kind of rhythm. result. season so far for them, and a great win, 4—1win over swansea. season so far for them, and a great win, 4-1 win over swansea. win, 4-1 win over swansea. superb for them. they have last season. brilliant for them.
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scored two today, that is seven in nine for him. nine for him. they are really hard to beat at home. to beat at home. teams to have beaten them there. swansea have had a good run lately but this second defeat for them. but this second defeat for them. let's see what the manager had to say. we knew in that moment it is a big risk. the space the opponent can score. if you don't try to bet we will win nothing, absolutely sure. we have our conscience white about what we did. would not have wanted to give away that lead. that lead. a good point for southampton away at burnley. southampton away at burnley. we have to talk about stoke city. to talk about stoke city.
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there beneath swansea in 19th place. beneath swansea in 19th place. did get the point, they opened the scoring. scoring. disappointed to have conceded like this. this. goalkeeper missing the ball and fumbling into his own net. fumbling into his own net. really disappointing first dog. disappointing first dog. for them to go out of the bottom three with the win, but still there. three with the win, but still there. disappointing for their own paul lambert. lambert. the best goalkeeper in great britain. mixed emotions. i thought we deserved to win the game. we had great chances to win it. we had to weather the storm at the beginning. leicester were champions cup of yours ago, a really top side. and to come here about your excellent. bit more.
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today, they beat west ham with familiar names on the scoresheet. familiar names on the scoresheet. you probably know who the scorers are without telling you. are without telling you. roberto firmino and sadio mane. firmino and sadio mane. on the table and still unbeaten at home. and we can hearfrom a delighted jurgen klopp. counter pressing was outstanding. really well. we knew how difficult it would be.
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and watford, getting a win over everton. a vital win for them. are six points clear of the bottom three. it was a pretty crude game. troy deeney scored late for watford. he has done it again at vicarage road. road. everton, stilljust one win away all season. away all season. plenty of movement on the table tomorrow. on the table tomorrow. man utd will be an action against chelsea. be an action against chelsea. let's look at the bottom of the table. look at the bottom of the table. difficult to see west brom albion coming back. coming back. seven points away from safety for them. safety for them. it would have been a huge win for newcastle. a huge win for newcastle.
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were in eighth place, what a difference a year can make. difference a year can make. important move, perhaps, liverpool up to second. up to second. watford consolidating tenth place without victory. tenth place without victory. should see movement in the top half of the premier league tomorrow. let's turn our attention to the champions. wilson slipped up. home side went ahead through the full top scorer this season.
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draw between the sides all in today's lunchtime kick—off. south korea'sji so—yun with the goals. spectacular effort, to help city keep up in the title race. and hibs at rugby park. hibs were two up inside nine minutes.
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teenage defender ryan porteous got their second. a penalty when porteus was adjudged to have handballed. hibs manager neil lennon was sent to the stand for his reaction. to earn kilmarnock the point. behind leaders celtic, who play tomorrow. motherwell beat dundee 1—0. over partick thistle. round of golf‘s qatar masters. seven birdies in his round of 66. but his compatriot 0liver fisher went
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one better. into sunday's final round. now, to cricket. england's one day team are back in action tomorrow. they play new zealand in the first of five one day internationals. after a five—month absence. resulted in a charge of affray. captain eoin morgan is eager to have him back. will be fit to play. more games he does
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play feeling comfortable coming back. he looks in good nick. involved and has been himself, which is great to see. fc 28—18 at the jungle. half, this one of two tries for captain michael shenton. they slipped to their second defeat of the season. ireland the only team left with the chance of a grand slam. chance of a grand
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slam. maybe cling onto teamgb‘s best of medal haul at the winter olympics. in strength and the gets colder, it will feel quite raw. will feel quite raw. easterly wind is bringing in this very cold siberian air. very cold siberian air. east coast where we keep a bit more cloud. cloud.
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lower, and a bitterly cold start in the morning. the morning. plenty of sunshine tomorrow for northern ireland. tomorrow for northern ireland. and western scotland. western scotland. of the east coast and will feel quite raw. quite raw. sunday evening and overnight we pick up more cloud. overnight we pick up more cloud. have been hinting at the increased risk of snow showers. risk of snow showers. night with a hard frost around as we go into monday morning. go into monday morning. we're picking up the easterly wind and more cloud. and more cloud. easterly wind strengthens further west during the day on monday. west during the day on monday. of more significance now developing across the north sea. across the north sea.
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snow showers as the day progresses on monday. on monday. of what will feel like when you add on the effect of the wind. on the effect of the wind. through to the middle part of the week. week. temperatures lower and the wind makes it colder still. wind makes it colder still. wind next week, middle of the week, and getting colder all the time. and getting colder all the time. beer gets colder and drier, and the risk of snow does increase. risk of snow does increase. spell of weather we have had for about ten years. about ten years. quite a lot to keep your eye on. your eye on. concern but also the risk of snow into next week. 00:28:47,929 --> 1073741526:09:58,304 this 1073741526:09:58,304 --> 2147483051:51:08,680 is 2147483051:51:08,680 --> 3221224577:32:19,055 bbc 3221224577:32:19,055 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news.
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