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in north america and around the globe. my name is nkem ifejika. calling for a 30 day humanitarian ceasefire across syria. a resolution calling for a 30 day ceasefire across syria. enclave of eastern ghouta, in the suburbs of damascus. the truce would allow for aid and medical evacuations. by boko haram jihadists. italy votes in a general election. the official so to the and russia. sridevi, has died. we'll be looking back at her rich legacy. to compete as neutral athletes, cannot compete under their own five. —— flag. jihadists in nigeria have released a list of more than 100 names. following the attack on a boarding school. now on bbc news, it's unanimously voted for an time for click.
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immediate 30 day ceasefire this week, across syria. lady becomes model. man becomes ape. and spen becomes trump. in government air strikes in the as donald trump: great, the best. past week. repeatedly by russia, an ally of the syrian government. in the coming days. nick bryant reports. to bring about even a temporary halt to the killing. delay in syria always brings more death. according to human rights activists.
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of the government's bombing. the tensest of negotiations. and always the unresolved question — would russia allow it to pass? resolution to raise their hand. aloft — not to wield a veto, but to finally agree. for delaying its passage for days. continued to fall. how many mothers lost their kids to the bombing and the shelling? imposing unbearable suffering.
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from warring parties to abide by. finally take place. were continuing their week—long bombardment. nick bryant, bbc news, new york. earlier i spoke to dr ahmad tarakji. organisation for syrians in need. i asked him if he was pleased the resolution had passed. i think this is a very good first step.
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to humanitarian needs and treatment. by the citizens in that part of syria? dropped to about 40% of its status a week ago. bring in any surgical supplies to eastern
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ghouta. pushing the hospitals to black markets, that's unacceptable. and we are not going to accept that. and civilian structures, and that will be needed. as places for them to hide.
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providing live streaming from he hospitals. strikes? 0k. from attacks on hospitals in syria. in south korea later on
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sunday. under their own flag. at the olympics in pyeongchang. into south korea to take part in the closing ceremony. general, kim yong chol. killed 46 sailors. names. following monday's attack on a boarding school. and has promised additional troops and aircraft to help find the girls. with more from nigeria, stephanie
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hegarty reports. from the girls‘ boarding school in dapchi town. have released a list of those still missing. there are 105 names on the list. were unaccounted for. later, they said 8a. now — 105. it is their parents that gave us the figures themselves. this, but their parents. lines from authorities on what exactly happened. admitted that some girls had been taken.
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gave me her belongings. in a vehicle. everything to find the students. girls in 2014. over 100 of those girls are still missing. stephanie hegarty, bbc news, in north—east nigeria. making the news. in the 2016 presidential election. effort to undermine the investigation.
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ties with the organisation of cowardice. shooting. by $29 billion last year. and unaffordable giveaway to the wealthy. for the rich. of being one of the region's biggest drug lords to the united states. 250 tons of cocaine to the us.
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is a watershed moment for the charity sector. for sexual misconduct. 0ur diplomatic correspondent caroline hawley reports. the world, like here in south sudan. and most of the time, it is. of the people it was set up to serve. for paying for sex. for the humanitarian sector as a whole.
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abused their power and saying they were truly sorry. among them was 0xfam. the whole aid sector under scrutiny. and exploitation of children. trying to rescue reputations. that they so passionately believe in. is hugely, hugely damaging.
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to come clean on past allegations of sexual misconduct. they help from future abuse. caroline hawley, bbc news. focusing on differing views of migration. have landed on the country's shores. reports from rome. we reject fascism. in this country right now. translation: our family has told us what it was like. the history of fascism is still close to us. we can't remain indifferent in front of the new fascism of 2017 and 2018.
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hate is increasingly invading our society. and that hate has turned to violence. through a central italian town, shooting at migrants from africa. the gunman ended his assaults by giving a fascist salute. divide his country. presidente, this has been a dangerous and angry campaign. what's your response? he prefers not to answer. life in italy. in the debate want to get out onto the streets.
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and scuffled with the police. league party. of illegal migrants. were so dangerous. and all of europe. in islamic regions. they are a real danger. for new arrivals. james reynolds, bbc news, rome. stay with us on bbc news. is uncovered in
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egypt. prince charles has chosen his are you bride. three weeks ago. she accepted, she says, without hesitation. as revolutions go, this had its fair share of bullets. regimes of modern asia. the world's first clone has been produced of an adult mammal. from another sheep. citizens are trying to come to grips with their new freedom. though there is joy and relief today, the scars are everywhere. part of africa. some of the swarms have been ten miles long.
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for the rest of his life. this is bbc news. calling for a thirty—day humanitarian ceasefire in syria. which is thought to be more than two thousand years old. of ancient burials. it's hoped it'll boost tourism. bill hayton reports. eight metres below ground, buried treasure, centuries old. stone coffins, carved sarcophagi, and ancient stones and jewellery. this was a burial place for priest from a nearby city. this
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isjust the beginning. i think we need at least five more missions to work. in middle egypt. animals, preserved as offerings to the afterlife. to act as servants to be dead. an amulet with a message. "happy new year" in heiroglyphics. it was a wonderful coincidence.
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this will provide tourism in egypt. what they were before the arab spring, seven years ago. unlikely to attract many foreigners. facilities are poorly developed. left plenty of other sites behind, and in places that easier to see. bill hayton, bbc news. medals are being handed out. match to sweden. the men's four—man bobsleigh.
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go to the bbc sport website. at the age of 5a. multilingual indian films. capable of huge box office success without the support of a male hero. who met and interviewed sridevi about five months ago. indian actress. on a personal level. in films as well. film as well. it's just shocking. we were kind of like, 0k, this has not really happened. i grew up partly in niger and in niger bollywood is huge.
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because she was such a huge star. she made her debut at the age of 13 as a heroine. she was written off. had... so many films. hit after hit. you didn't need to be with a big hero to make a big hit. think of the golden age of hollywood. who could open box office. dominated industry and society. she transcended. and notjust
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hindi films. against her but she goes to image classes. she is great. recommend that film. i have seen that film and it's a very funny film, hilarious. you feel for her. pablo, you talked about her music as well. so it is notjust about film but the music that transcends film. of the playback singers who were singing for her.
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a tragedy and a hero. she could be all the villains. but she was always happy, always happy. what was she like off screen? because you guys spoke to her a few times. reserved, reticent bollywood stars. very shy. very private. you know, oh, i'm pushing myself, i'm like this. she was always very eloquent and very kind of grateful. very well read as well. reserved and very intelligent. thank you, i'm fine. another thing that always surprised us, she always asked about families. she always knew my nephew, my niece, your family as well. we were humbled. in a sense, she cared. she does,
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she did. she didn't talk to many people but when she did, she opened. everybody in the industry is shocked. it's like... how? why? at this young age. i was looking at the tributes. it's incredible. what have people been saying? people arejust like, i mean, she was in glowing health. of all places. she was at lakme fashion week with her daughter. wedding where all the other bollywood stars were. of the industry. he comes from a big bollywood family.
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many will know her brother in law from slumdog millionaire. i'm actually in shock at the moment, completely. 0ur phones have not stopped, people have been messaging... it's been, it's kind of like... how, why? it's a heart attack. we've hung out with him and talked. he has talked about how proud he is of his wife. be going through? growing up and watching her and then watching her on the screen. she lights up the screen. she's mesmerising. she made so many people so happy. rest in peace, sridevi, indeed. on twitter — i'm @nkem|fejika. bye bye. hello there.
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it didn't feel too bad. but it will get colder — not necessarily today. in fact, it will be pretty much the same as yesterday. we have a stronger wind in the south. into next week. but that should clear quickly. northern ireland and the far south of cornwall. but there will be a stronger breeze here, so more of a wind chill. so for the eastern side of england and scotland. pick up in the week further north.
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and then it gets interesting through the coming night. look at this — the risk of snow showers. is again through the coming night. so as they come into the cold air, they will fall as snow. so it is likely we will see the first of our snow showers. several centimetres in a few places during the course of monday. northern ireland as well. centimetres of snow. it certainly will not be a warm day. and wales on monday. so yes, a notch colder, if you like, that is the way it will feel. into tuesday with a more widespread area of snow
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coming in. with plenty of snow showers packing in behind as well. disruptions of snow. temperatures falling away as well. severe from midweek onwards. so you can see how deep and cold that air is. of course, before then. bitter winds. but the warnings are there are on our website. 00:28:43,027 --> 1073741526:09:54,627 this 1073741526:09:54,627 --> 2147483051:51:06,229 is 2147483051:51:06,229 --> 3221224577:32:17,828 bbc 3221224577:32:17,828 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news.
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