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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 4, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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spy and his daughter. it comes as russia loses a crucial vote at a chemical weapons meeting in the hague for a new investigation into the nerve agent attack in salisbury. britain dismisses the proposal as ‘perverse‘. buckingham palace says the duke of edinburgh has had a successful hip replacement operation. prince philip, who's 96, will remain in hospitalfor several days. vauxhall announce they will build a new van at their plant in luton, securing 1,400 jobs. a 78—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder, after an intruder was stabbed in a suspected burglary. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. on beyond 100 days at seven o'clock, the team will be looking at the latest trade tensions between america and china as beijing announces new tariffs
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against us products. we'll be live in memphis, as commemorations take place to honour the legacy of civil rights campaigner martin luther king, who was assassinated 50 years ago today. and as the deadline for companies to publish their gender pay gap approaches, we'll be asking what can be done to close it. that's all ahead on bbc news. but now time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm sarah mulkerrins. coming up: the stage is set for another one anfield's famous european nights, klopp against guardiola, liverpool against manchester city in the champions league quarterfinals. the world of football is in mourning for former england, chelsea and manchester united star ray wilkins, who died today, aged 61. who's going to take away garcia's green jacket?
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we'll be live in augusta on the eve of the 82nd masters. join me later on on the gold coast when the 21st commonwealth games are officially under way. yes, welcome along. so plenty to come on sportsday the masters and the commonwealth games all set to capture our attention this week. but there's only one place to start. and that's at anfield, a stadium that comes alive for the big european football nights, and, well, this one, safe to say, is pretty big. liverpool host manchester city
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in the first leg of their champions league quarterfinal. two cities going head to head, two managers who know each other all too well, and two teams who love to attack. our sports correspondent david ornstein is at anfield. with all that this feels like the recipe for something special perhaps. that's right. it's got all characteristics of a classic. think back to great european night at anfield under the light, famously, the chelsea match in 2005, but this can top it with these two teams going toe to toe in europe, possibly the most citing teams in europe, certainly in the premier league, most would say. the atmosphere is building nicely. more on the other side of the stadium where the buses are making their way through streets lined with thousands of fans. it really is building nicely. yesterday, the two managers were
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speaking, pep guardiola and jurgen klopp. they say they are not going to drop their attacking principles. they are going to go all out. this fixture has brought two premier league matches this season, 12 goals in total, 5—0 to manchester city at the etihad stadium. liverpool winning for three mac at anfield. this is what both managers have had to say. it will be an interesting game. anything can happen. both results, anything is possible. in the end, only one thing is 100% sure, both teams need to invest everything in what they have to have a chance to win it. and i'm fine with that. of course, i know their qualities. i'm concerned with what they do. of course. i'm not so arrogant and presumptuous to know what they do and that we are good enough. no, but
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thinking about it, we will defend 90 minutes, that is not going to happen. do we think, david, that either manchester city or liverpool might alter their attacking styles because this is a tie over two legs, might we see a bit of caution from them? they won't want to lose or ship a lot of goals. possibly, but i don't think either team knows any other way than attacking. there is history on the side of liverpool, they have only lost to manchester city once in 37 years. manchester city come in as favourites. jurgen klopp has played guardiola 12 times, winning six of those matches, drawing once and it is the best record of any manager in european football show. kevin de bruyne against mohamed salah, so
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prolific this season. let's hear from mark lawrenson, a european cup winner with liverpool in 1984. winner with liverpool “119811. sometimes winner with liverpool in 1984. sometimes with the big games, we build them up and say they will be this and that and what ever. this will be brilliant, because both teams are better suited going forward , teams are better suited going forward, there's no doubt about that. both teams lobbed the ball as well and try to keep hold of it. 0ver well and try to keep hold of it. over the two legs at the games will be great. both sets of players, they're all absolutely outstanding. they are used to big games. for me, what happens in big games is your big—game players show why they are outstanding players. there are so many. the one factor, the one in tangible is we don't know how this crowd at anfield are going to affect the time. many people think that if liverpool are to win the tie, it is the home leg tonight that will prove decisive. it should be quite a night, sarah. thank you very much. all the build up and live match
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commentary on 5live sport tonight and on the bbc sport website. well, it's been a sad day for the footballing community as the news emerged that the former england and chelsea midfielder, ray wilkins, died in hospital today at the age of 61. he was capped for his country 84 times and captained england on ten occasions. as well as playing for chelsea, he spent time at manchester united and rangers, and also played in italy with ac milan, where before their milan derby with inter at the san siro, club legend and former milan team mate franco baresi laid flowers and held up a wilkins shirt in tribute to his old friend and colleague. the club account on social media said, "goodbye, ray. "you will be missed. "tonight, we're gonna fight like you taught us!" wilkins also remained involved in the game after his playing career, going onto manage fulham, the jordan national team
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and he was also assistant to carlo ancellotti at chelsea. patrick gearey looks back at his career. commentatory: wilkins has curled one, and that's absolutely magnificent! 0nly only now and then did ray wilkins get the glory. his goal for manchester united in the cup final, proof of the individual skill of one of english football's finest team in. fora of english football's finest team in. for a decade, of english football's finest team in. fora decade, he of english football's finest team in. for a decade, he patrolled the england midfield, under appreciated but an erring, keeping the motor running, allowing the system to flow. that was my philosophy, keep the ball and make the opposition work. when they received the ball, they are tired because they have had to work hard to get it back. don't give the ball away cheaply. as a player, you have one thing that you can do well. i would like people to say i can pass the ball well. his leadership skills were spotted early. he captained chelsea as a teenager, driving them back to the
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first division. after six years there, it was onto united and his big part in the 83 cup victory he made his england debut a year earlier stop in his first international tournament, he did this to belgium. ray wilkins scores went with! for the most part, you played with, allowing others the solo. it was always team—mates that it appreciated him most. he was no wa llflowe r, it appreciated him most. he was no wallflower, though. at the 1986 world cup, he launched his most infamous pass. the referee took that as dissent, and wilkins became the first envisioned to be sent off in a world cup finals match. by then, he was at ac milan. wilkins went on to win the scottish title with rangers well into his 30s, and played premier league football for qpr not far shy of his 40th birthday. wilkins always seemed happy at the assistant than a manager. forever 18 man, perhaps. he was alongside carlo ancelotti at his beloved chelsea as they won the double in 2010. he has been a regular co—commentator and
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pundit since. he has been troubled by physical and mental health problems. he said his battle against alcohol was tougher than any footballing opponent he faced. he did so with much support. ray wilkins will be remembered as one of the best players of his generation, but more profoundly, as one of the nicest in the game. he was a really talented player to succeed in this country, internationally, but also playing abroad for one of the great teams. you had to be a series to good player to play for milan in the 19805, player to play for milan in the 1980s, and ray really was a very gifted footballer. he was massively passionate when he played. he had high expectations of you when you played alongside him, ifound that out for myself on occasions. if he thought i was lacking a little bit, you would hear from thought i was lacking a little bit, you would hearfrom him, but he thought i was lacking a little bit, you would hear from him, but he was also always in a polite way. he had also always in a polite way. he had a lovely manner to him. he was
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suspected of his team—mates. he was very passionate and calm in a different way. there's been lots of tributes paid to ray wilkins through social media this afternoon. at wembley, a message under the arch pays tribute to wilkins who scored at the stadium in that 1983 fa cup final. "we're devastated to hear the news that ray wilkins has passed away. he made 84 appearances for the #threelions, and was assistant manager of our under 21s between 2004 and 2007. we will miss you, ray." "everybody associated with chelsea football club is devastated to learn of the passing of our former player, captain and assistant coach, ray wilkins. rest in peace, ray, you will be dreadfully missed." carlo ancelotti has also had a say. "today is a very sad day, we have lost a fantastic person and a good friend. it was a pleasure to work with you, ray. all of my best wishes go to jackie his wife, and two
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childrenjade and ross, rip." ray wilkins, who has died at the age of 61. we look back at some of the great and not so great moments from the commonwealth games. former australia cricket captain steve smith and batsman cameron bancroft have both confirmed on social media today that they won't contest their ball tampering bans. smith, along with ex—vice captain david warner were both given one year bans and bancroft handed a nine month suspension by cricket australia after the incident against south africa. smith says, "i meant what i said about taking full responsibility." so as we've heard, day one starts in just a few hours' time let's
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have a look at the events to watch out for. 4000 athletes are competing at the australia gold coast event over the next 11 days. we look ahead in a moment at how the games have grown into one that is officially the third biggest multi—event sports competition in the world. mike busheu competition in the world. mike bushell sets the scene after the opening ceremony. in the end, they were rather lucky, the 35,000 dictators on the gold coast. —— spectators. a torrential downpour stopped seconds before the opening ceremony, head of the commonwealth games getting under way. the views you as of spectators, thousands of athletes made it and paraded behind their teams's flags
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on the stadium floor here. it saw a spectacular show put on by the gold coast. a will come to country from the world's oldest living civilisation —— welcome. it may have started as the empire games, but the modern—day commonwealth wants to project a message of friendship and fair the alive and well on the gold coast. m alive and well on the gold coast. tehe athletes being encouraged to the athletes being encouraged to relax, enjoy and soak in the sunshine. it's scotland! it's a huge spectacle taking place this year without the promise of many household names. the organisers insist the games are still relevant, and a place where new stars can emerge. when you look at the performances from commonwealth athletes, great woman was athletes, mo farah, usain bolt, and everyone in between, you have seen an amazing
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shift. 0ver in between, you have seen an amazing shift. over 60% of the medals won in the world championships are by commonwealth athletes. the commonwealth athletes. the commonwealth is alive and well into ‘s performance. announcer: welcome to the gold coast, their royal highness is, the prince of wales... it is likely but not guaranteed that prince charles will be the next head of the commonwealth. he came with a message from the queen, 4500 athletes. the ancient stories told by the indigenous people of australia remind us, that even though we may be half a world away, we are all connected. 0ver be half a world away, we are all connected. over the years, these friendly games have shown the potential of the commonwealth. for the next 11 days, it will be up to these athletes to help prove these games really do matter. the
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gold coast celebrating the past, present, but not all the athletes could be here. many are competing on the opening day of competition on thursday, including the likes of some of the swimmers in the open airport, just to the north, cyclists, medals to be won in the velodrome, and bowls gets under way as well. but the first medal will be contested just after 00:30, the women's triathlon. the games have come a long way since they were the empire games. look at these. the bbc has been there down through the yea rs. has been there down through the years. the opening title sequences have become a little bit more ambitious, it's fair to say, over the years. this time round, the bbc
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are providing more than 200 hours of action across tv, radio, and the bbc sport website, and mobile app will we all love stats, let's look at them. it is the third biggest multisport event in the world behind the olympics and asian games. this is the 21st edition of the commonwealth games. the first was backin commonwealth games. the first was back in 1930 in hamilton in canada. this will be the fifth time australia have hosted the games. last time out was in melbourne in 2006. how many nations and territories competing? 71, including the channel islands and territories from four continents, the smallest having a population of 1600. it is all about the medals. 275 gold medals up for grabs in 26 sports. for the first time, there is an
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equal amount of events for men and women. who will be competing for them? 4500 women. who will be competing for them ? 4500 athletes! women. who will be competing for them? 4500 athletes! the first games, remember, back in 1930, just 400 athletes took part in that one from 11 nations competing. much to look forward to, and to give a flavour of what to expect in the next 12 days of competition, bbc sport has put together a look at some of the lighter moments from the commonwealth games gone by, including faces you may recognise for whom these games were their first taste of the spotlight. it's there, it up. he's tottering. he's gone! ticks digne rolled welsh gymnast gabby yorath. england's jason scaife. a good final dive from jason. he needed it. pascoe celebrates as the crowd...
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the celebration went wrong. he still can't do it. shirts off, boys... 0h, can't do it. shirts off, boys... oh, yes. that is a certain photograph. it was so close. what a finish this is. that must be the unluckiest story in the whole history of athletics. mcgugan has got the gold medal. 15 years old, ian thorpe. wow, ian thorpe is getting a standing ovation from this cloud. tom daly, double gold medallist at the commonwealth games. acrobatics,
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they were just out of this world. she takes gold! brilliant. we promised you the masters. let's join eilidh barbour. the world's best are peaking perfectly for the first major of the season. tiger is back, he's fit and he's informed. ken brown alongside me here. always a buzz around this place, but walking around augusta national this week, it has been ramped right up. it has been amazing. 0n the practice days, the crowds here in their droves. exciting to see tiger back. only playing five times since coming back, each week getting better. last time out, he looked like winning. he still has the power and is


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