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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 11, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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wnw—um sit piflanifiwfiw." » . should parliament at western study involved in that decision, be asked to give its approval. —— westminster. what i'm hearing to notice that theresa is definitely ready to the go—ahead. she also does not think parliament should have say before the action takes place. urgency of time is one reason. the prime minister, i hear, is of the view that action to take place quickly before there is an opportunity for an repeat attack. but i would also expect the prime minister not to see missing quite these terms, she shortened to ask president trump to hold off while she consults opinion here at westminster. so the assumption is that action will come quite soon. officially, the prime ministers still saying if the assad regime is found to be responsible for the attack, but the working assumption is that they will become an action is that they will become an action is expected soon. do you think conservative mps will be happy with
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her taking that judgment was conservative mps will be happy with her taking thatjudgment was my would be possible to record parliament, presumably they could get the call mac two back —— calls back to model. —— tomorrow. get the call mac two back —— calls back to model. -- tomorrow. there is no plan to reconvene parliament in this easter recess. the parliamentary consultation will come later. it is due to reassemble at the beginning of next week. as for how mps would respond to this, i would expect to see some division on both sides of the house. remember in 2013, there was a vote on the question of what others should be military action in syria, again in response to a chemical straight. then the official opposition under david miliband, the then labour leader, and david cameron, the prime minister, had to withdraw. this time, mps are not here, you would expect them to cross the floor. i think you would see labour mps also
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willing to back, i would guess, the direct military action, he would see some conservatives on the other side, too, though reluctant to do that. it maybe that's theresa may at the end the day would carry the day, but it looks now as we can expect to see action soon and then later on, the autopsy, the political orthodoxy taking place in parliament at the beginning of next week. that would beginning of next week. that would be my strong guess now. thank you for bringing that important news to us $0 for bringing that important news to us so quickly on the bbc news channel. president trump has warned russia to "get ready" for missile strikes against syria, in response to an alleged chemical attack near damascus at the weekend. russia has been urging washington not to take military action, with senior figures threatening to meet any us strikes with a response. for more on this, i'm joined by yuri vendik from the bbc russian service. can you give us a sense of the reaction in moscow to president trump's tweets and the rhetoric which seems to be ratcheted up once ain? which seems to be ratcheted up once again? the most conspicuous and
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immediate reaction to my mind came from the stock market. the russian stock market has been following since monday because of the american sanctions. and today, it continued its decline, but within minutes after the first tweet of president trump, in which he wrote about russia, the markets dipped even deeper. but for a very short time, and that dipped something about the russian stock market index, by a a0 percentage points. it then recovered, because within a0 minutes, there were two more soothing tweets. we need to have a good relationship with russia, yeah. as for the official reaction, the spokesman for the russian president said that, russia is not good to engage in twitter diplomacy. he also maintained that the holes tory around douma and the whole incident
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is invented —— the whole story. but the spokesman for the russian foreign minister... who is never shy about giving remarks! did exactly that, twitter wc. not exactly on twitter, but on her page on facebook. —— twitter diplomacy. she responded to president trump, saying, smart missiles should go in the direction of terrorists, not the legitimate government, which for several years has been fighting international terrorism on its territory. she also suggested that americans are going to destroy the evidence. the evidence for an attack that has never happened? quite confusing! the contradiction within the very short posting on facebook. it is interesting we have had this increasingly aggressive language, not just from increasingly aggressive language, notjust from president increasingly aggressive language, not just from president trump. increasingly aggressive language, notjust from president trump. we had at from the russian ambassador to lebanon, saying, we are prepared
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not a whit should stand missiles, but then attacked the places the missiles were launched from. are people getting worried that the rhetoric is getting a little bit too quickfire, and too strong in stone? —— tone. quickfire, and too strong in stone? -- tone. for the last few weeks in the russian media, i would say, the russian information environment, is that the world, not only the region, but the world is edging towards a big war, and they are serious about that. in terms of the practical ways of trying to bring down, we had the confrontational un security council meeting on monday night, and russia vetoed the resolution because it said it did not think sufficient neutrality was president. people we re neutrality was president. people were worried that the other countries had made up their mind, assad was guilty, and the live there 110w assad was guilty, and the live there now wa nts assad was guilty, and the live there now wants another security council meeting tomorrow, precisely because it is worried about the rhetoric.
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bolivia voted with russia, of course. perhaps they want to bring the temperature down. —— bolivia wa nts the temperature down. —— bolivia wants another meeting. we cannot see anything on the surface. we only see belligerent statements. or soothing state m e nts belligerent statements. or soothing statements on behalf of president trump. but we can recall that incident almost exactly a year ago, when the americans launched 50 or 60 missiles towards china, at their base in syria, and the diplomatic sources said that russia did not react to that. the diplomatic sources told us and many other journalistss that they agreed in advance with the russians that this will be a demonstration of force, they will not respond. is there still that kind of dialogue going on? many people, many observers in
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russia and the russian language information environment, they suggest that this time around, it could be the same. thank you for joining us. i think we will be talking again quite a bit in the coming days. now let's take a look at the weather. much of the country covered in cloud at the moment, and the next 2a hours, not a lot of change. quite a lot of cloud around, but drier most, but not everybody. this is the satellite picture. , northern and western scotland also enjoying the sunny skies. the bulk of the uk, at least looking from the air, it has been stuck underneath the cloud. and if anything tonight, some spots of rain as well. thick cloud, drizzly conditions, and where the skies
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fizzle away, there will be some mist and fog in places as well. this will be the temperature is first thing on thursday, around six celsius for most of us. and then we will do it all over again on thursday, some rain here and there. some places with some sunshine, cornwall and devon possibly, but here a shower is brewing. and northern and western scotla nd brewing. and northern and western scotland enjoying sunshine. but watch later in the day across this pa rt watch later in the day across this part of the country, we are expecting showers to move out of the new continent. we could affect his stars denied into friday, some of them could be thundering as well. so there is a little change on the way as we go towards the end of the week. some rain around, these are the heavy showers early on friday, possibly moving northwards, then some rain in the forecast for friday across these north—western areas. friday into saturday, we will see a big change in the leaf pattern across the uk. we have seen winds coming out of the south—east, the
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east, the winds will change direction and start coming out of the south. and then eventually, the south—west. so that means a loss of the cloud we have had across the country will be dispersing, and breaking up. some light rain here and there but not a lot, we think. and then by the time we get to the weekend, it looks like things. warming up. some sunshine developing, still a risk of showers, but the biggest change will come after the weekend from around monday or tuesday. here is the exciting bit. it is going to feel much warmer, possibly the warmest spell we have had since the end of last summer. you're watching beyond 100 days. my missiles are better than yours. donald trump warns moscow to expect a us strike in syria. the president used to say that telegraphing military plans was crazy — now he's done just that. in syria they're making the most of the heads up — clearing air force bases and protecting their helicopters. paul ryan — the powerful republican speaker of the house — wants more time with his family — that's often washington speak
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for he's had enough. if i'm here for one more term, my kids would only ever know me as a weekend dad. i just can't let that happen. also on the programme... more questions for mark zuckerberg who says facebook isn't collecting information from verbal conversations.


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