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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 18, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello, i'm olly foster these are our sportsday headlines tonight. joey barton is still banned from football but he'll be back in the game injune as head coach of fleetwood town. and...who are they? it's accrington stanley and they on the rise again they will be a league one side next season. carl frampton is on the up again. we catch up with the fighter as he preapres for his next step towards reagining the world title. and also coming up find out who was on the phone to the chelsea manager. until tonight we have the possibility to respond. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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fleetwood town will havejoey barton as their head coach, he can't take over before then as he is serving a ban from all football related activity for breaching betting rules. how excited to the fleetwood players be by his appointment? excited would not be the word i would use, interested , not be the word i would use, interested, intrigued, definitely pa rt interested, intrigued, definitely part of it but it could go a number of ways. but that is the case with every single guy who takes over in management because it is a tough one. everybody has to have good
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backing and some money behind them as well also you cannot afford to make that many mistakes and joey has made a few mistakes over the years and has to make sure now he's going into management he does not do that. a few mistakes, his reputation is terrible. i have a charge sheet here, on field misdemeanours, perhaps more off, serving a jail sentence for common assault, bust ups with team—mates, numerous fa suspension is 20,000 the cigar out in the trainee's i manchester city and they find him and he was suspended for more matches. is this really a leader of men? we shall find out. you will not be surprised i manchester city and they find him and he was suspended for more matches. is this really a leader of men? we shall find out. you will not be surprised i'm not going to back any of those circumstances before but she is a complex character. he is an intelligent chap as well and also very keen on football. to be
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honest, it is as if someone says to lewis hamilton i have passed my driving test, i will tell you what to do. that is what new coach is trying to tell everyone what to do. he needs to start well when he gets there, if he does have a good start and has the backing i would make one suggestion to him, maybe you need to get somebody older behind due to give a bit of help because it doesn't matter who you are, your firstjob as a manager you need help so have a good look at who he brings in with him and two is scented with him will be as important as anything else to joey. many thanks for joining many thanks forjoining us. he said when i grow up i will be
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only be good enough to place accrington stanley. accrington sta nley, accrington stanley. accrington stanley, who are they? exactly. get off. accrington stanley achieved a certain level of fame after that ad by the milk marketing board...but they were on something much stronger last night, after securing promotion to league one, the third tier. the club hasn't been in that division since before they went bust in the 60's , one of the original founding members of the football league, they only retruned to the league 12 years ago and after a couple of play off semi finals they are promoted automatically after victory against yeovil last night. richard askham reports. for accrington stanley, these are
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heady heights. and for fans of a clu b heady heights. and for fans of a club that has often been on its uppers, going up to leaguei is something they thought they would never see. i have waited for this result since 1953. proud, you cannot do any more. accrington stanley supports a watch that scene got a fantastic run to clinch promotion with 16 wins in their last 19 matches. including of course a dominant 2—0 victory last night over yeovil with billy key grabbing both goals. the striker has done his talking on the pitch, in a stanley tea m talking on the pitch, in a stanley team who are now part of accrington‘s long history of full of tough times financial problems for sta nley tough times financial problems for stanley out of the football league in the 19605 and to the brink of colla pse in the 19605 and to the brink of collapse many times since. now though they are on the rise and an
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owner who knows ju5t though they are on the rise and an owner who knows just what it means to whole town. it is important accrington, it is important to people i'm proud of what we are doing. building a fantastic community club. and as always they have done it their own way with cheap beer on offer for fans when they win and berger treats for the players. players the manager who has led to four promotions i5 players. players the manager who has led to four promotions is rightly very proud. i am delighted for the boys, terrific tonight. absolutely fantastic. how were the celebrations, judging by this club tweeter, pretty good. they want on into the early hours, allowing eve ryo ne into the early hours, allowing everyone to recover. and to pinch themselves a little old stanley will now be mixing it with the big boys in league 1. the wolves chairmanjeff shi has been defending the club's
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relationship with super agentjorge mende5. they have secured promotion back to the prmier league but there have been questions asked about the influence of the portuguese who has a number of clients at the club including the manager nuno espirito santo. here's my very good friend and so when you are new to the industry you have to learn something, some features, they know a lot about that and especially i think george is quite good atjudging a player. i know every rule in the fa book so i think totally legally there is no problems. the other thing is about
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how can you get help for your network of friends and when you try to find a right way to play football and to build a score, how to use your strengths to get the right players i think every team has their own way. sergio aguero's been named in the pfa team of the year for the first time since he moved to england. he's one of five manchester city players included in the eleven... aguero scored 21 goals in 28 games this season, helping city to the premier league title. kyle walker, nicolas 0tamendi, david silva and kevin de bruyne have also been selected. liverpool forward mohamed salah and tottenham striker harry kane are also in the side. manchester united's david de gea is included along with liverpool's mo salah, chelsea's marcos alonso and three spurs players including harry kane.
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rodriguez has denied he used racist language. there's another premier league match tonight, all eyes will be on the manchester united teamsheet against bournemouth at the vitality stadium.. united were poor against west brom on sunday, the one nil defeat that handed city the title and united have also got an fa cup semi final coming up on saturday
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what is the criteria, i only know one criteria it is the way you play. it is the only way i can select players. 0r it is the only way i can select players. or do you want me to go for the price they cost, or their salary or their beautiful face?! the only way is to go with performance. chelsea are playing burnley tomorrow and the manager antonio conte gave his scheduled pre match news conference...a bit of background on etiquette at these things, everyone in attendance is always asked to switch off their mobile phones. ..everyone. .. until tonight we have the possibility to respond... phone rings my phone rings my wife! always at the worst moment.
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you can put me a fine. darling, i told you not to call me at work. it was michel platini who described england's footballers as lions in winterand lambs in the spring...the problem with tiredenss going into major touranments after emerging from a long uninterrupted domestic season...with no winter break. every major european league had at least 11 days off around december and january except the premier league, but we could be getting closer to's our sports news correspondent richard conway. the question of a winter break is now more when rather than f. today, fa councillors received a briefing from the football association board, this comes after talks between the premier league, the english football league and the fa over how a break for premier league players would
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work in principle so i understand it will look to begin in the 2019, 20 205 season and fa cup fifth round will be played as a mid week set of fixtures and there will be no replays, the big question around a winter break is how it would fit into the existing calendar something had to give, it is fa cup replays that have gone and they have been moved to those midweek slots. that will free up space in the calendar and that will allow premier league clu bs and that will allow premier league clubs on a staggered basis, it will not happen at once, all 20 clubs will get a 13 day break injanuary, it will not affect christmas fixtures or the new year fixtures, they will remain sacrosanct and in place but injanuary they will remain sacrosanct and in place but in january this they will remain sacrosanct and in place but injanuary this players will get a break of 13 days. what it shows as well is the fact they were inching towards this comment is not a done deal yet, the announcement of expect will come in the next few weeks once the finer details have
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been agreed but it shows the football authorities in england are working together as never before, a good level of communication. the benefits of it finally are said to benefits of it finally are said to be according to numerous studies good for both club and country, clu bs good for both club and country, clubs benefit because injury prevention rates go up as the move towards the end of the season towards the end of the season towards play—offs and towards cup finals and her country it benefits major tournament years because players have had the rest and the fa hopes that can only be a good thing for england coming into place in twe nty20 for england coming into place in twenty20 just—in—time perhaps for the european championship that summer. time to catch up on some of the days other headlines. there's a boost for next month's tour of yorkshire, after a couple of heavy crashes on the circuit that saw him miss the commonelath games mark cavendish has recovered from rib and ankle injuries and is set to take part will take part in the four day race. magnificent stuff on the boundary,
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kolkata are chasing down 161 runs. england bowler craig overton says he can't be sure that australia weren't cheating during the ashes . steve smith, david warner and cameron bancroft have now been banned by cricket australia for the their involvement in ball tampering against south africa in their most recent series. overton says there were some signs the aussie bowlers were getting more out of the ball over the winter. it was interesting they were getting to reverse swing and conditions when conditionalfor to reverse swing and conditions when conditional for that but we did not think too much was going on and you can't change it now so we just cracked on with it and did not think
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too much of it. northern ireland's carl frampton says saturday's fight with four weight world champion nonito donaire could be make or break for his career. frampton says he has turned down offers to appear on big brother and i'm a celebrity in order to concentrate on reviving his chances of regaining the world featherweight title he lost two years ago. iam i am mentally in a much better place physically i am in it is like night and day, the difference and the shape i am in, ifeel like i have done all right this time. there was pressure, it is a big fight a must win the fight but i would do everything it takes to have it at the end. i am looking at it as make or break. not thinking about losing for a second but i will do whatever it takes to win the fight, there is no way i will let another man beat me in front of home fans. the director of the london marathon says they are ready to deal with any medical issues that may arise next sunday.
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temperatures are expected to exceed twenty degrees and the last time it was that hot, during the 2007 race, 5000 runners needed medical assistance. commonwealth games organisers were criticised recently after scotland's callum hawkins collapsed near the end of the gold coast marathon and had to wait several minutes for medical assistance. hugh brasher insists that sunday's race, the 38th london marathon, will be prepared for anything. i have no idea at this what went stage on on the gold coast, i do know it was disturbing to watch what i also know is we have an amazing tea m i also know is we have an amazing team of doctors, of medics, who, as you say, have been doing this for a long period of time and i have absolute confidence in them that they will do an amazing job on sunday. we could see a rafa nadal/ novak djokovic quarterfinal at the monte carlo masters after both men won today... djokovic is still finding his feet, this is only his fourth tournament
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since wimbledon lastjuly. . . he's had an elbow injury. he beat croatia's borna coric in straight sets but wasted nine points . he'll play dominic thiem next, win that and it will be the ten time monte carlo champion nadal. andy murray hasn't played on tour since wimbldeon and he is still recovering from hip surgery..keeping him busy will be his management company that he set up last year...he's got some young british tennis players on the books and also the 21—year—old sprint twins cheriece and shannon hylton and i spoke to them earlier about how murray is helping them with their athletics career. it is really nice to have someone who is such a high accolade in british sport and in the world and to see his insight on things and it is nice to have someone like that in your corner. yeah, exactly the same, i chatted with him before the
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commonwealths and it was my first senior experience, it was daunting for me so i called on him to get some ideas about what to do in terms of preparation and what to do when i get out there and he said go out there and enjoy it and do not change anything, stick to what you know and go and perform. this is something i asked the brown leaves a year ago because the brothers, triathletes are amazing and have achieved so much together, it took them back, i said do you think you would have achieved more to jonathan said do you think you would have achieved more tojonathan if you did not train together and did not have that connection because it is almost as if alistair is getting one over. do you feel, do you think about going alone in your separate ways? may be for like training camps it might bea may be for like training camps it might be a bit different, we have never really done it before so we don't really know. because we have grown up don't really know. because we have grown up together all the time when we went to university it was time we we re we went to university it was time we were yeah, not going to the same
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university, we want our rental branch and go a different ways and create her own circle of friends but for me in terms of sport it is great to have someone to bounce off of and it is good were in different events because it is not as competitive as you would like and it is nice to have someone in a similar nose or you are doing and in the same environment as what you're doing so it is in terms of competitiveness. they have olympic aspirations, today, almost two months after successfully defending her winter olympic skeleton title lizzie yarnold had a homecoming open bus parade in sevenoaks. the 29—year—old became the first briton to retain a winter title...following her stunning victory in pyeongchang . the parade began at the sevenoaks district council offices and visited seven changes against bournemouth,
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poker stars, sanchez on the bench, for that on the bbc sport website. more from us on bbc news throughout the rest of the evening. from us, goodbye for now. you're watching bbc news. the uk's biggest coffee chain costa coffee has pledged to recycle as many disposable cups as it sells by 2020. around two and a half billion disposable coffee cups are used in the uk every year and fewer than 1% recycled. each year we use 2.5 billion cups and hardly any, less than 1%, get recycled. the coffee companies are under pressure and racking their


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