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was out on the road. was out on the read. did you that was out on the road. did you notice a change in the atmosphere? when i came back it was completely different. it was a whole new team. it wasn't even just the leaders that had changed. mike whole team had changed. byjim koch, my physiologist, everyone had changed. so when i stepped back in it almost felt like the first time i stepped in in 2010. it was really weird. it was very different. there is lots of protocol and things put in place now which there was not before. but it isa which there was not before. but it is a nice place to be, to be honest. it is refreshing because it is so new and there are so many different people in different roles. was it not a nice place to be a times before? funny, i always loved it. it's weird, you don't see the things that happen behind—the—scenes. the outside world does not see it and i didn't see it. if you speak to a lot of people in british cycling they probably thought, wedded any of that even come from? he spends much time with his people and you are in
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british cycling as a federation commies but a of time with those people, so to hear the things that we re people, so to hear the things that were happening behind the scenes and the way people were treated, was shocking. and because you don't see iti shocking. and because you don't see it i guess it was even more shocking. as some of it was heartbreaking because you don't expect people in your federation to get treated like that. laura kenny there on her return to international competition and medal targets. this week an england world cup winner and record try scorer announced her retirement from the international game. 82 caps for the red roses and 47 tries — we can speak to danielle waterman now. welcome. good evening. you made your debut at 18. you spent almost half your life playing for the england seniors — that's a massive decision. it was a really big decision, but one i am very proud of making my own
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terms. the thing most athletes are by terms. the thing most athletes are rugby players would love to do that and love to have the opportunity, so to be in that position and to be leaving the game in such a brilliant place as it is, i really pleased. these kind words from your old head coach, simon middleton. he called you the ultimate england player. incredibly skilful, incredibly athletic, but more than anything, she's probably the bravest player i've ever seen on a rugby field. he probably felt that you had a lot more to give. do you feel you could have carried on? what made you think that is it? i have overcome quite a few injuries throughout my career and it takes a lot to compete at the top level. there is a new generation of players coming through. as we saw in the six nations this year. i think simon was slightly surprised when i told him on the phone before the announcement. but i am really pleased to be able to make it on my terms and i am genuinely so excited about what is to come. amazing that in your career you only lost 16
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nations match. you have played in four world cups, winning it in 2014, scored a try in the final. was that the highlight? yes, to score a try was fantastic. the crowd was fantastic, they had been the whole tournament. and to go one better, not only for the players involved and the management and all of the support that we have had, but mort ‘s overall of the players that went before us. i had already got two silver medals, so to finally get a gold was very special and a moment i will always treasure. life goes on with wasps, we've had the first season of the premier 15's, you reached the semi—finals, saracens were champions. how healthy is the women's game at club level? it's in a fantastic place in this year we have had the first ever investments properly from the rfu into the club game and it is really coming to the forefront in terms of the standard of the game. we are
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having professional coaches, video analysis, physios, nutritionists, all the aspects that a professional elite setup needs and eventually i hope to see that there will be professional contracts for club players and international. many many congratulations for a fantastic england career, and good luck for the future. we have reached the semifinal stage at the world snooker championship. first up this afternoon was the four time champion john higgins and kyren wilson who is in the last fourfor the first time. barry hawkins and mark williams begin their semifinal in the next 15 minutes. jason mohammed is at the crucible. welcome back to the crucible theatre. we have seenjohn higgins go in front, at— john higgins and a nosebleed from kyren wilson. we have had everything today. it has been an intriguing session. we wondering what higgins would be like. he was a
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little tired in a session at the end but to be leading 5—3 with two fantastic but to be leading 5—3 with two fa ntastic clea ra nces but to be leading 5—3 with two fantastic clearances it has to be said. a huge opportunity the kyren wilson, he will be kicking himself not getting that last frame. wilson, he will be kicking himself not getting that last framem would've been a fantastic comeback. the way it swayed back in his favour from 4—1 down it would be very disappointing with that missed round in the last. there will be more frames that will go like that. but john higgins is a master at clearing up. wilson is the young pretender, along passer and a great break. barry hawkins against williams, the old fox. fantastic player, knows his way around. first time they have played in long extended match. a tough one to call. barry has been in fantastic form, so it which is an interesting matchup. but barry hawkins, something happens to an way comes into the crucible. he loves it here. one of the players that really e njoys
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here. one of the players that really enjoys going out and the one table venue as enjoys going out and the one table venue as well. so i'm expecting that to go very close. i commentated on his match and he was imperious. looking forward to this. thank you very much. both of those are live on bbc two at seven o'clock. we finish with some cricket. as expected justin langer is australia's new cricket coach. the former opening batsman takes overfrom darren lehmann in the wake of the ball—tampering scandal. they have a one day series in england next month but top of his to—do list, getting the cricket world back on side. one of the things that is really important is that we keep looking to earn respect. to me respect is worth more than all the gold in the world. earn respect on and off the cricket field. also i know the really important foundation over the last six years in western australian cricket is we look to encourage great cricketers but also great people. if we can encourage great cricketers and great australians over the next four years starting from day one i think that is really important foundations for us.
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don't forget you can follow that europa league semi final between atletico madrid and arsenal via the bbc sport website, live commentary on bbc 5live, we'll also have the result and reaction for you in our late sportsday at 1030 tonight. . . but from all of us at the bbc sport centre goodbye. good evening. it has been lovely and warm in the sunshine across southern and eastern areas. but it has been a tale of two halves today. we had a weather front north and west and this cloud here is also given some rain. they will continue through the night particularly in the north and west but it will fizzle out as the cloud and apache rain migrates eastwards. it will be milder than last night. temperature is no lower
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than eight or nine except in the south—east where it could get down to three. mister cloud for the coast, is the threat of rain for the north of scotland and the north—west highlands. 0n north of scotland and the north—west highlands. on friday. probably some more cloud than stay across the south and east but still bright, strong sunshine, thin cloud north and west so better chance of brightness coming through and lifting the temperature is a little on today's. the wolves will continue to build this weekend away from the north—west where it could stay quite cool and breezy for much of the time. you're watching beyond 100 days. the president holds a prayer is that moments after admitting he paid off a porn star. contrast is certainly a little jarring but mr trump still insists he never had an affair with stormy daniels. but his legal strategy is up in the air after his new lawyer rudy giuliani admitted to a payment that mr trump had previously denied knowing anything about. it's ok, we are confused him
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too. reports in washington that three americans held in a labour camp in north korea could be released soon. the president tweets "stay tuned". also on the programme. half a million people killed. millions of lives shattered. and so much of syria and utter ruin. we'll be speaking to our chief international correspondent about her new
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