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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  May 6, 2018 8:30pm-9:01pm BST

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not already done might not already done might usually consider. and stav can tell us more about the weather for the bank holiday. hello there. well, away from the north—west corner of scotland, it's been a glorious day for most of the country, plenty of sunshine around, and a top temperature of 26 celsius in northolt, in the north—west of london. but much of england and wales has seen unbroken sunshine, with temperatures into the low to mid 20s celsius. a fine end of the day, and then overnight skies will be clear for the bulk of the country. again, for the north north—west corner of scotland, more cloud here, the odd spot of rain, maybe a bit of low cloud and mist affecting irish sea coasts. quite a cool night to come across these inside of england, but it won't be long before the temperatures rise quickly into bank holiday monday, another glorious one, very warm and sunny. the exception is cloud and outbreaks of rain across the north and west of scotland, maybe some low cloud and mist affecting irish sea coasts, temperatures could reach 27 or 28 celsius summer in the south—east, making it a record—breaking early may bank holiday. but as the week continues to progress, things will be cooling down from the west, with some rain at times, with the best of the sunshine
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across the south and east. this is bbc news — our latest headlines. a 17—year—old boy is shot dead in south london. his mother appeals for an end to the violence in the capital this year. meanwhile, two boys — aged 12 and 15 — are in hospital, after being shot minutes apart in north london. tributes and messages of support for former manchester united manager sir alex ferguson, who remains in intensive care after surgery for a brain haemorrhage. a new "customs partnership" with the european union after the uk leaves is still on the table, according to the business secretary, greg clark. british fugitive jamie acourt, who is wanted over alleged drugs offences, has accepted his extradition to britain. his transfer to the uk could now happen very soon. now on bbc news, the travel show is looking at the town that will host the royal wedding. this week on the travel
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show, i'm in windsor. in our royal special, we'll give you our guide to get the best out of the most talked about wedding this year. on may 19th, these streets are going to be absolutely rammed. english barley to represent harry, with west coast us hops to represent meghan. we'll give you some tips on the very british art of queueing. to be honest i haven't even really come for the tennis, i've just come to queue. to be honest i think we're really good at queueing. queueing is definitely british. and wejump on board the qe2 as she finally reopens as a floating hotel in dubai. in a couple of weeks' time, on may 19th, prince harry and meghan markle will get married in st george's chapel at windsor castle. windsor has a long history with the royals. its castle is one of the queen's favourite weekend retreats, and prince harry was educated at nearby eton college. now, i'm here on this beautiful
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spring day to visit a local brewery that's toasting the occasion with a specially made pint, which is lucky, because i'm feeling proper thirsty. never ceases to amaze me about how much is going on when you come into a brewery. martin's mashing in with the masher up there. he's on the second brew of the day. steve is flushing out the copper, he's on the first brew of the day, he's cleaning hops out of that. meanwhile, alex here is filling casks with our commemorative royal wedding beer. we're combining english barley to represent harry, with west coast us hops to represent meghan, and we like to think it's a nice marriage of ingredients. so this is all wedding beer going on here? full of wedding beer.
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have a little smell of that. that smells lovely. is that fantastic? yeah, it's quite fruity actually. it's absolutely like jelly babies, do you get that? that's right. it's incongruous with how it looks. now, take a cone of that hop. what is this? this is a cone of a hop. what i do is put it in one hand and rub it with your fingers of the other hand. that smells beautiful. isn't that fantastic? that is really... english hops are lovely but you can't get these sorts of flavours with english hops, so to get that fruity aroma you have to use hops from parts of the world with more intense sunlight, more ultraviolet, so you can see it is science but there's also a lot
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of art and passion in it as well. here's to harry and meghan. that's lovely. windsor is only a short train ride out of london and it's reckoned around 100,000 well—wishers will show up here to see the royal procession. on may the 19th, these streets are going to be absolutely rammed. it's going to be heaving, i'm telling you, and there are even reports that some hotels are charging up to £10,000 for a single suite overlooking the procession. so if crowded spaces are not your thing, this place is not going to be your cup of tea on the big day. there are other ways to experience the occasion outside of windsor.
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let's head over to the capital, where a number of outdoor screenings and street parties are planned. now, every self—respecting tourist leaves london with a royal facemask or a tea towel, but how do you find a future collector's item? every thursday, this place, old spital fields market, holds its weekly antiques there. now, i'm a bit of a novice at this but let's see what i can dig up. have a look at this, it's a proper mug with harry and meghan on the front in the year they're getting married. it's going to be worth a fortune in a few years. look at it, it's beautiful. time to get it evaluated by a real antiques expert. mark, i've been looking around this market and this is what i've found, this rather lovely cute little
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piece, what do you think? i'm going to chuck it right back at you and say, "what do you think of it? why did you buy it?" how very dare you, it's so obvious why i bought it. it's got the couple of the moment, probably the most famous couple in the world. how can you resist it? there's nothing wrong with it. what we're looking at is mass—produced moulded factory or cast factory produced piece with a transfer print over the top. it's purely what it is. it is a mug to celebrate an occasion for which we all come together, a little ray of sunshine in our world of doom, gloom, dictators and death i suppose. laughter are you mugging me off? as a royal souvenir hunter, what would you look for, what are your tips? if you're looking for something that might go up in value or hold its value, quality, quality, quality, limited editions and buy something with visual appeal. if you like it, it's highly likely there'll be plenty of people out there who do too.
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i'm going to take your mug and i'm going to raise you with my lidded pot. turning it over, we can see on the base of it it's by a country called moorcroft, one of the great british ceramic companies. can you see its number there, 39/100, that shows 100 of these will ever be made, of which this is 39. a story is always great. the scallop shells were initially used by the spencer family, and of course lady diana spencer married prince charles. since then her sons, william and harry, have adopted the scallop shells, the spencer family emblem, or one of them, in their coats of arms, which meghan is marrying into. you've got fabulous heritage in moorcroft and a fantastic connection with harry and the royal family. i'm not quite sure how to say this but thank you. thank you for all your help. happy hunting. thank you, and enjoy your moorcroft funny thing. after all that hunting around, you'll probably be tired and you'll
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need to find somewhere to bed down for the night. now, if a palace is out of your price range, i know somewhere else that will give you a right royal welcome. we're in wembley, where the fa cup final will be held on the same day as the wedding. it's more famous for its national football stadium than its five—star accommodation. hello, margaret. hello, nice to see you, welcome to heritage house. thank you. margaret is one of the uk's biggest collectors of royal memorabilia, and wouldn't you know it, she's letting out rooms during the wedding weekend. margaret, looking around, i don't know where to start, i've never seen so much memorabilia in my life. i know, it is a lot. i think it's around the 10,000 mark, but of course when you have more royal babies you have more royal memorabilia. i've been collecting for almost a0 years. it seemed a shame not to share it,
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because if people like the royal family, which obviously they do when they come here, i like to share it with them. that's when you decided to turn this into a b&b? yes, yes. for william and kate's wedding i had quite a lot of american people. a chap came here and he stood here with his mouth open and he didn't say a word. harry looks so much in love and we so want things to go well for harry, he was that little boy walking behind his mother's coffin, we want life to be good for him, he wants a family, we want that for him. and so much memorabilia to collect. i know, i'll be out on the streets soon, it's that bad now! and after all that excitement, you can retire to your quarters. there's nothing like a royal wedding to bring a nation together, and it feels like the whole world is really looking forward to the big day, 19th may, and it's all because of this lovely couple. night, night, harry.
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night, night. and if you're planning on heading to the uk any time soon, here's our travel show guide to all the things you could be doing while you're here. liverpool biennial is a celebration of contemporary art that takes place every two years across the city in public spaces, galleries and museums. the festival commissions international artists to make and present work in the context of liverpool. running between 14th july to 28th october, this one marks 20 years of presenting international art in the city and region. when it comes to quintessentially english sporting events, it doesn't get more spectacular than the royal henley regatta. every first weekend ofjuly,
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a mixture of serious rowers, socialites and sun worshippers gather on the banks of the river thames in berkshire's town of henley for five days of racing. the festival, which attracts international rowing crews, is one of the highlights of the british summer social calendar. and finally, 2018 is the 40th anniversary of europe's largest hot air balloon event, which sees more than 150 hot air balloons take to the skies at dusk and dawn from bristol. the free event attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year, and you can also enjoy helicopter and balloon rides, family entertainment, plus acoustic music and fairground rides. still to come on the travel show: how to queue the very british way. and we climb on board the qe2 as she finally sails.
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there was never a point when the future of the qe2 would be as a scrap box. the travel show, your essential guide, wherever you're heading. now, if you're coming to the uk for the wedding orjust for a visit, it might be a good idea to get used to something that the british are renowned for doing quite well. queueing. some say we've almost turned it into an art form, and nowhere will you find it on better display than at the most british of sporting occasions, wimbledon. queueing, we're number one. two, gin and tonic. and three, wimbledon. i think the british have kind
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of an obsession with queueing. to be honest, i haven't even really come for the tennis, i've just come to queue. i think we're really good at queueing. yeah, i think it is an example of how good we are. i'd say they're proud of how they queue. something we're born with i think. the british created the art of queueing, as i said with my accent. it's quite civilised. the idea of the british being good at queueing comes from the idea that the brits are all about fair play and equal chances. it is that sense of taking your turn, not pushing in. anything that looks like you're trying to get an unfair advantage over other people is an absolute no—no. queue jumpers? where? that's the one thing that riles a traditional brit, someone who queue jumps, it's just not cricket. it's just not what we do.
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it's just common respect really, courtesy. we want to be good at queueing. it doesn't mean to say we actually are. the fact we get so stressed in queues on a regular basis, the tensions over who gets on the bus first. like when you go abroad and you see people that are queueing, you get really pent up inside and you go all british. i think with all myths, there's an element of truth. for example, queueing up for rations in the second world war, queueing was part of the intense propaganda effort that the government started. all the posters, all the radio broadcasts, all the newsreels, it was part of that moment of british courage, resolve and all those kinds of things that make a good story, and therefore queueing as part of that has become something of a myth. it's got to be historic, way back when, probably
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when war was polite. queueing's definitely british but it's not as important as the queen. we are quite nostalgic for the 19405 and the 19505. there are so many images of ve day, of triumph, of success, of britain being a major player. they are powerful and seductive images of what britain was. in that sense, looking back at the 19405 and the 19505, and things that look like certainties, like the ability of british people to queue politely, perhaps they are things that seem appealing to us at a time when things seem deeply uncertain, both nationally and internationally. now, it was just over 50 years ago that queen elizabeth ii launched the ocean liner that proudly bore her name.
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the legendary qe2. throughout the 19705 and ‘805, the ship was perhaps the classiest and most elegant way to cross the atlantic, but times and tastes change and in 2007, the qe2 was sold to a company in dubai, where she's been ever since. but although her sailing days are over, she's finally getting ready to welcome people back on board, this time as a floating hotel and museum. so we went to take a look around. what makes the qe2 special is her class, her style, her sense of history, her heritage, and when you walk onboard it's like walking back into a bygone era of class and sophistication. we used to have dancing in the queen's room. we used to employ gentleman ho5t5 because there were of great number of single ladies out there that were travelling with us. as part of the crew staff,
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i had to learn how to dance. now, quite terrifying when you're a south african with two left feet, it was a little interesting. thank goodness we had this easy—to—follow step guide. one, two, three. thank you very much. despite her illustrious past, like concord, the qe2 was eventually taken out of service. she had become uneconomic to operate and upgrade, and when she arrived in dubai in the middle of the global financial crisis, many feared the next stop would be the breakers yard. contrary to popular belief, there was never a point where the future of the qe2 was going to be to the scrapyards. that is a fate that happens to decommission ships, but it has never been dubai's plan to do so. today, ken is back working on the ship, this time, not as a member of the true but as the man charged with promoting the ship as a new floating hotel and museum.
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good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. welcome on board the qe2. now, when they designed her hull, there were two things that she had to be able to do. she had to be able to go through the panama canal, which means that she had to be narrow and up to go through the canal, and she had to go through the suez canal. to take her out of the water, while perhaps feasible, would really take the charm and the beauty of her heritage and history out. so she is a floating hotel. when the winds blow and the waves are coming in, we do list, and that gives you the feel of truly being on an ocean liner. for almost a0 years, the qe2 carried film stars, millionaires and even soldiers heading to the falklands war, when the ship was commandeered by the british government in 1982. but her new owners say their aim is to restore her to her original
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glory with a few modern touches along the way. the queen elizabeth suite is the suite that she stayed in. we took great care to try to re—craft that room, keeping as much as possible of the existing furniture, refurbishing the looks that's there, that if we were to have the privilege of the queen coming back to visit, it would be almost as if she'd just stepped back in time from the last time she stepped out of that room. for over 20 years, this was the largest cinema theatre afloat. strict laws here in dubai prohibit gambling, so these original qe2 slot machines have been restored for decoration only, but other forms of entertainment are remaining retro and decidedly tra ns—atla ntic. this really was one of the great social areas of the ship. we've actually made this
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into a theatre dinner area. so you could sit here, order a light menu, enjoy your meal while you're watching your show, which i think is unique to dubai, so we'are looking forward to introducing it to everybody over here. there's no denying that this new hotel is definitely different for dubai, a place that's so far been obsessed with everything shiny and new. it will no doubt be popular with nostalgic brits but it's also essential that the local market take the ship to their hearts too. however, no matter how much interest there is in the qe2, it looks like her days at sea are well and truly over. no, the engines haven't been removed. but for our plans, she will never sail. part of the reason she was decommissioned in the first place was to comply with rules and regulations of running that ship made it financially unfeasible for cunard to continue her.
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we think that keeping her afloat was very important, but she will not i walked off this ship 17 years ago with a tear in my eyes saying goodbye to her in the bahamas and i never dreamt i would be back on board again. to realise that we are back on the qe2, having the most amazing time, once again our beautiful lady's not dead and people are on board having a lot of fun and it's been a fantastic evening tonight. # see the glimmering lights shining so bright # turning night to day. # only in new york # 0n fifth ave # i see the dames in their curls, dripping with pearls, # ah, what a view...# that is it this week of the travel show. join us next week when...
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mike corey explores the filipino capital manila. it's cheap, they're relatively quick given the traffic, and it's really the best way to get around if you want to save some money. he finds out why it might be the end of the road for the city's famous souped—up former army jeepneys. so make sure you join us for that if you can. and, in the meantime, you can keep up with all our travels in real time on the road by following us on social media. but, for now, from me, ade adepitan, and all the travel show team here in lovely windsor, it's ta—ta. hello there. another cracking day
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across hello there. another cracking day a cross m ost hello there. another cracking day across most of the uk. top temperature of 26 in northolt. lots of weather watchers pictures of unbroken blue skies. not sunny everywhere. in the north and west of scotla nd everywhere. in the north and west of scotland saw thick cloud, outbreaks of rain and a fair old breeze. it is all courtesy of this weather front, which will continue to brush past the north—west corner of the country as we had through the night. there will be some low cloud and mist again on irish sea coasts, but from most places, another dry and clear one. temperatures falling into mid single figures in eastern england. a
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little bit of mist developing. most towns and cities no lower than 9012 celsius. we start of the bank holiday off on a dry and bright note. temperatures rising quickly. very warm across england and wales. more cloud in the north—west of scotland. showers. low cloud and mist affecting irish sea coasts. 27 to 28 celsius likely to be the high. that will be a record breaker. 0n tuesday, weather fronts across the uk mean that temperatures will fall in northern and western areas. the weather front also producing in northern and western areas. the weatherfront also producing rain in northern ireland, scotland, north—west england and western wales. skies brightened up later. —— skies brightened hope. the cooler air associated with this next area of low pressure will make inroads across the country. this weather
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front will have more energy and it will bring outbreaks of heavy rain to northern ireland initially, then into western pa rt to northern ireland initially, then into western part of britain as the day wears on through wednesday. quite windy as well. particularly around hills and coasts. in the south—east we could hold onto symphony warm weather. temperature is 20 degrees. the general trend is as the week continues, it will start to cool down from the west. rain at times. the best of the sunshine in the south and the east. this is bbc world news today. our top stories: pakistan's interior minister, ahsan iqbal, has been shot and wounded in a suspected assassination attempt. at least14 people killed after an explosion at a mosque being used as a voter registration centre in afghanistan. iran's president warns donald trump not to scrap the nuclear deal or the us will face "historic regret". translation: if the united states
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leaves the nuclear agreement, they will regret it like never before in history. and coming up — manchester city lift the premier league trophy after a record—breaking run to the title.
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