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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  May 21, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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the incident comes as the british government may be considering sweeping sanctions on oligarchs and officials close to vladimir putin. the telegraph continues its in depth coverage of the royal wedding and reveals that meghan markle, now the duchess of sussex, has been given the blessing of buckingham palace to use her position to fight and champion feminism causes. and in vox, starbucks says it will treat anyone who walks into one of its cafes as a customer, whether or not they buy anything. the announcement follows the coffee company taking a huge overhaul after the public outcry over the recent arrest of two black men in one of its coffee shops. we have been covering this story
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extensively, the kilauea volcano in hawaii. it is extremely worrying now. so far, no fatalities. that is amazing. homes have been completely destroyed. mother nature demonstrating she is in charge. this isa demonstrating she is in charge. this is a great paradise, but sometimes you have it all and mother nature has her revenge and no shoe man can stand in her way. has her revenge and no shoe man can stand in herway. —— human. if the lava reaches the ocean, it will cause horrible gases. it could be a major issue for the national guard and other services you will be responsible. so far the situation has he managed as well as possible.
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it is mother nature and you cannot predict it. it is extremely difficult to keep management of. as you said, the situation is evolving all the time. look at the experts, highly skilled people. they have said they have no idea, no knowledge, of where this will go. it isa knowledge, of where this will go. it is a world of uncertainty. the homes of people and their livelihoods have been destroyed. many are not allowed to go back or even near anything to retrieve anything. it is a harrowing situations. definitely. the spread ofa situations. definitely. the spread of a disease, ebola. the worry if it could hit key cities like kinshasa. definitely. four times the size of
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france, a huge area. the difficulty is various parts of the drc is hard to get to, very remote. they do not have very good systems. i am not sure where ebola was supposed to be on the agenda at the who meeting i'm going to, but it's gone up. vaccines are ready and they are ready to treat people immediately. that is looking more positive than 2014, 11,000 people died. that many lessons learned since then. absolutely. in terms of how it spreads, containing it. the problem with the drc is you decide to do that. it is hard to do that. -- it is hard. you have to use traditional
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frontline health workers because people trust them. if you fly in from outside as westerners wearing strange suits they will not follow your advice and runaway. here is a great photo of the 13th richest person in britain. but he can pull any strings this time. he may be pa rt any strings this time. he may be part of the crackdown on oligarchs. the government never talks about individual cases. he would be a marquee signing for the government if they wanted to show they are cracking down on usefully on people who are close to lightly beaten. because of his close relations to
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vladimir putin, it could be a point, the russian embassy, obviously, the wheels on the engine, they all had to go. many people have been expeued to go. many people have been expelled from britain, many from russia. cultural relations which are usually quite tight are breaking down. he may be a victim of this. the daily telegraph. the front page. meghan markle to fight for feminism. before we discuss her choice of charities, campaigns, we do not know the specific yet, she says this is where she wants to go. the wedding was amazing and beautiful. very inclusive. the speech from the bishop was magnetic, but a bit long. but it was like something we have
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never seen but it was like something we have never seen before. it will not change the state of race relations in the uk. we will not impose that on her. but as a symbol of modern britain to the world... definitely. with her mother looking isolated. i wa nted with her mother looking isolated. i wanted to see more of her family. she looked absolutely beautiful. prince harry looked lovestruck, as did see. and feminism? no big surprise. from day one she has been pushing issues close to her heart like a quality. -- equality. and racial inclusivity. we do not know much about her mother but she was
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raised by a politically involved african—american woman. the palace knows what she is getting, a woman of the world, 21st century. she said i want of the world, 21st century. she said iwant in. of the world, 21st century. she said i want in. she wants to hit the ground running. talking about african american political women, oprah winfrey. she was a guest at the wedding. but she and other stars... this is a story on bbc on line. they are calling for more action with inclusivity. they are calling on world leaders around the world to do more. they are seen poverty is sexist. the poor around the world are often women and children —— saying. the world are often women and children -- saying. look at the sustainable development goals. we will not achieve half of these u nless will not achieve half of these unless gender equality is worked on
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first. businesses, governments, ngos, they all have to work on it. and at the wedding she had a wardrobe of function, which is fun. it was solved before she arrived at the church, but there was an issue. she looks gorgeous. look at the website to find out what the water about function of oprah winfrey was. a final story. —— wardrobe. starbucks says everyone is welcome. about time. added a bit too late. they have reacted far better than others who have been harassing african americans. they need to step up. arresting two african—american men. they wanted to wait for someone and go to the same time. the
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managers said they were a threat. it looks like starbucks will let eve ryo ne looks like starbucks will let everyone benefits from this. social media changes the game. before you know it things have gone viral and you have to respond. they have only taken £1 from you have to respond. they have only ta ken £1 from the you have to respond. they have only taken £1 from the city of philadelphia. starbucks will give them a really good result. thank you for being with us this morning. a few more views from you. this woman says about the duchess of sussex, she will rock the royal boat a little bit too much. interesting. and fighting for feminism she should fight for humanity. that is what this person says. good morning. well, there's more dry and sunny weather to come this week. like we saw on sunday afternoon,
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there'll be areas of mist and sea fog around, especially the north sea. like we saw from a weather watcher in north yorkshire. there will be some rainclouds. a wet day today. more rain to come through the first part of monday. that's linked to the weather front developing further through the night. little pulses of heavy rain to take us into dawn. keeping temperatures up here. another fresh start to monday morning, especially across eastern parts of england. there'll be mist and low cloud becoming more dominant from the north sea overnight. that will go back to the coast for the day. one or two mist and sea fog patchs here. dry and sunny weather elsewhere. the north—west of england, scotland, and northern ireland, further rain. fizzling out in the afternoon. more detail in the south. the afternoon, sporadic showers. some thunder. south—east england. drifting away on a gentle easterly wind. most places will be dry. sticking with the sunshine. temperatures in the low 20s. cooler with lingering sea fog. a pleasant day in southern scotland. eastern northern ireland are brightening up. fermanagh, derry, londonderry, damp here. for the orkneys and shetlands, a little bit on the cool side. that rain though will fizzle out through the night and into tuesday morning.
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a bit chilly to the north of that with clearer skies developing. further south, mist and sea fog rolling in. not as cold as it has been for many. showers in southern areas are linked to this broad area of developing low pressure in western europe inching north on tuesday. high pressure in the north. that's what's killing it off. bit of patchy rain and drizzle in the northern parts of scotland. for orkney, shetland, hebrides, a brighter day on tuesday. brighter and dry as well for northern ireland. feeling a little bit warmer. warmth in the sunshine for england and wales. though one or two isolated showers developing. into wednesday, high pressure has more of a hold. a mistier start across eastern scotland and the north—east of england. a struggle to brighten up for some. most will have another dry day with lots of sunshine around and a few showers near the english channel later. i think most will stay dry on wednesday and pleasantly warm under that strong sunshine overhead. that's the story for the week. a few showers and thunderstorms very close to southern areas. for the rest of you, most places will be dry with a bit of sunshine and warmth. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. tributes to the victims of the grenfell tower fire
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at the start of the public inquiry into the disaster. families and friends of the 72 people who died will be given the chance to describe the impact of their loss. good morning, it's monday 21st may. the headlines today... the biggest railway timetable shake up in a generation faces its first major test as commuters return to some of the uk's busiest lines. it's designed to create 50,000 more places on rush hours trains but it's already lead to cancellations and delays.
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