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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  May 31, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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here's what's coming up... he's up and running at the french open — but can novak djokovic really return to full form in paris. how manny fights does pacquiao have left? he says his next will show whether he'll retire. and, from football to fairways, we'll explain why nfl star peyton manning's been doing this! hello, thanks forjoining us... we're starting with tennis and the french open. where, novak djokovic was left dissatisfied, despite a straight sets win on wednesday. and, world number one simona halep began her bid for a first grand slam title with a gutsy fightback. adam wild has the details... it has taken until day for before simona halep began herfirst round. she struggled to get going, not that she was ever allowed to. comprehensively losing the first set
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to alison riske, the american. the clue was in the name. but the slow start gathered pace, winning the next two and through to round two. in the men's drawer, less of a fightback, more of a comeback. novak djokovic is only the 20th seed at roland garros on bis was looking a little more familiar. forced to fight, the former champion came through to beat the spanish qualifier in straits sets. credit to him forfighting qualifier in straits sets. credit to him for fighting and playing well. i went to my ups and downs and not satisfied with the performance, but i played enough in the right moments to win the match. hopefully the level will increase and will get better in the next match. i feel like i need to go back to those days when i started playing tennis and why i started playing tennis, to
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remind myself, get inspired and get motivation from that source. do some labour chap the task of taking on sasha zverev, but with winning the first set, he was incensed under threat. sarah was upset and then 2—1 and a racket down. he is regarded why he is regarded as a promising talent, finding form for a five set victory. out on court 18, that is what it took for grigor dimitrov to progress. behind the matchup of his match, the fourth seed needed almost four and match, the fourth seed needed almost fourand a match, the fourth seed needed almost four and a half hours for victory. the bulgarian has never got past the third round. a day, slow to start, the drama came late. a couple of other second round matches to tell you about... second seed, caroline wozniacki wasted no time as she raced past spain's georgina garcia perez 6—1, 6—love in 51 minutes. spain's georgina garcia perez 6—1, 6—0 in 51 minutes.
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wednesday's winners also included the number ten seed sloane stephens. the reigning us open champion is through to the third round, after beating magdalena frech of poland in straight sets. it finished 6—2, 6—2. after a one—year hiatus... manny pacquiao is back in training. having lost his last fight... the outcome of his wba welterweight title bout with argentinian lucas matthyssa will be crucial to the filipino boxer‘s career. our philippines correspondent, howard johnson, has more... he is back. there is no sign he is ready to hang up his gloves any time $0011. ready to hang up his gloves any time soon. his training is under way to months ahead of the big fight. if he wins he will get an unprecedented 11 the world title. but if he loses, questions will be asked if it is time to call it a day. that is
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because he lost his last fight on points to the australian. speaking to the bbc, mannyy said his forthcoming fight is crucial in determining if he still has what it ta kes. determining if he still has what it takes. this will be the answer to all my questions. if my body doesn't respond any more, why am i forcing myself? this fight will be the answer. is he fighting in the hope he can lower floyd mayweather out of retirement for a rematch? as long as he will come back and continue fighting, there is a chance, it is possible. someone who will be watching the fight will be his uncle, he taught his nephew to fight when he was just 12 years old. so what is his verdict on his
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nephew's chances? so, a crucial reputation saving fight late into his career. in the coming weeks he will step up training with his new league coach and long—time friend. the wba welterweight fight will be contested onjuly 15 in welterweight fight will be contested on july 15 in malaysia. in around 2a hours from now, game one of this year's nba finals will be getting under way. and it promises to be quite the match, because for the fourth year in a row, it's cleveland cavaliers against golden state warriors. and it means, this man, lebron james, is playing in the finals for the eighth consecutive year. he featured in four
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in a row for miami before rejoining the cavs in 2014. cleveland are biddng to win the title for the only the second time, having been champions in 2016. while, golden state warriors have been champions in two of the last three years. steph curry and his team—mates aiming to become the first side to retain the title since miami heat in 2013. as you can see, the warriors have been training in oakland ahead of game one. and it seems both camps are keen to make sure these finals aren't all about curry and lebronjames. we know how great lebron is and what he has done is impact the game. the stuff that maybe it is hard to say this, the stuff, the confidence he gives the other guys when he is out
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there on the floor. defensively, energy wise, those other guys, whatever you want to call it, they are important to the peace because they are talented guys. when they have the ball in their hands, they can make plays and you have to be ready for everybody. it is one of the best teams i have ever played, one of the best teams that has ever been assembled. it makes them even more dangerous, even more powerful and great. for me as a competitor, it is fun. it is truly fun and it is fun to know when i am done playing a game of basketball, i played against some of the greatest team that have ever been assembled. this is one of them. so from two sporting giants
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there, to another two. this pair went head to head on a golf course earlier. unfortunately for nfl legend peyton manning, his playing partner was tiger woods. so, this is the former indianapolis colts man having a swing at the memorial tournament pro—am in ohio. he said afterwards that he played ok, and that he only hit one guy. we think that is a joke. this is how it's done, then. his playing partner, the five—time memorial tournament winner having a go. he last won there back in 2012. looking slightly more relaxed about things. so, tiger woods will play in the main event, which starts on thursday. as will eight of the world's top ten. they includejustin thomas who's playing for the first time since becoming world number one two weeks ago and also england's justin rose. he's aiming for back—to—back tour winds after victory at colonial in fort worth last weekend. i feel like when i ifeel like when i have played well in the past, i have played well in
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spells, in runs and blocks. there is no reason why it couldn't be a few week run, you can stay fresh for that amount of time. i went into the canola oil —— colonial with this being a block of work. winning last week doesn't change that mindset. in terms of teeing it up, i think it worked out well having the two weeks off to get some rest and then last week put some work in and then get feeling physically well and mentally fresh. but yes, it is still g on this field is always extremely strong and there are a great number of players and i will have to play well to have a chance this week. just time to tell you that game two of the stanley cup final is under way. washington at vegas golden knights. it is currently 1—0 to vegas. we
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will bring you more on that later on. you can get all the latest sports news at our website that's but from me ben mundy and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. the weather, once again looks in turbulent mood through the day ahead because while there will be some spells of warm sunshine, there will also be some vicious thunderstorms, torrential downpours which could lead to localised flooding and certainly the risk of some travel disruption, especially across central and southern parts of the uk. the earlier satellite pictures show the showers and storms have been gathering across continental europe. they are drifting north at the moment and these showers will start to show their hands during the first part of thursday. not a bad start for many,
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but with a lot of mist and murk and low cloud, a few showers up towards the north—west. but it is these heavy downpours towards the south—east that we will be keeping a very close eye on. it is hard to predict where the worst of the weather will be, but right across the south—east, east anglia and then eventually into the midlands, wales and the south—west, there is the risk of some really intense, thundery downpours which could give enough rain to cause some flash flooding. across northern england, here we could see one or two showers breaking out through the day and once the cloud breaks from and once the cloud breaks out from the morning across northern ireland and scotland and the sun comes out again, there is the potential for one or two isolated showers but the heaviest downpours always likely to be found across southern areas. a very warm and muggy day as well, 21 degrees in edinburgh, 21 in belfast and perhaps 23 in london if you get some sunshine. now some of the showers continue to rumble through the evening and overnight as they drift westwards, but they will tend, we suspect, to fizzle away to some extent.
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a lot of cloud, some mist and murk around and those temperatures not dropping very far, 12 to 15 degrees. quite muggy start to friday. quite a muggy start to friday. friday will start off with a lot of cloud, misty, murky conditions in places. we'll see some sunshine developing but also a scattering of showers and thunderstorms again across western parts of the uk this time. a few parts of wales, northern ireland, north—west england and scotland for the most part. very slow—moving, heavy downpours which could cause some issues with flooding. there'll still be some showers and perhaps some thunderstorms across north—western areas on saturday. but a change across england and wales. here, fewer showers, more in the way of sunshine. the weather turning quite a bit quieter across the southern areas as we go into the start of the weekend. still warm, up into the 20s and as we look ahead to sunday and monday, things do look generally quieter, not as many showers and more in the way of sunshine and still generally, feeling warm. a very warm welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe.
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my name is mike embley. our top stories: a close aide of the north korean leader arrives in new york for talks about the trump—kim summit. the disgraced film producer harvey weinstein is indicted on charges of rape and sexual assault. it was fake news. the russian journalist reportedly murdered in ukraine is alive and well after all. i'm sorry you had to experience it that there was no other way. —— but. sprinterfor hire. usain bolt is training in norway and looking for a job in the beautiful game.
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