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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 21, 2018 10:40pm-10:51pm BST

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a decade later, the edinburgh—based proclaimers were riffing on the city's weather. # why does it always rain on me... an interest in meteorology shared by the glaswegian band travis in the ‘90s. # i'm mr initiation! more recently, it's been the mercury prize winning band young fathers going down a storm as a voice and look of 21st—century scotland. as this exhibition graphically demonstrates, the list of world—class musical acts that have come out of scotland is long and illustrious. but is there a common thread, something that unites them all? that captures the essence of what could be called scottish pop? # i don't want a lover... here is a lady who should know. # ijust need a friend... what literally links everybody in this room is great, great songs. scots seem to have a real knack for it. i don't know if that comes from the dna of folk music that was written, whether it's in the air. we have something to say.
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basically, you can't really shut us up. so, maybe that's why we like to write a tune and say something. the show also looks back at the pubs, the clubs and the venues that nurtured scotland's up and coming bands, such as the legendary barrowland in glasgow. i think most of the bands in scotland have either played in the barrowland or it's their endeavour to play at the barrowland. that is their goal in life. once they've played the barrowland, they don't care where else they play. some of the musicians featured in this exhibition have stayed. others have strayed to go to london and beyond. but wherever they've ended up, what this show emphatically tells you is they were all made here, in scotland. will gompertz, bbc news, edinburgh. that's it. now on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. hello, i'm olly foster live in moscow. this is sportsday on day eight of the world cup. argentina may need
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another hand of god. progress to the last 16 is out of their hands after they are torn apart by croatia. it's allez les bleu, france are through to the last 16 but peru are simply blue. they'll be going home early. i'm tim hague at the bbc sport centre, i'll have the day's sport away from the world cup, including... another victory for england's cricketers. four odi matches played against australia, 4—0 to england. evening, we all thought that argentina would get over that
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opening blip of a draw against iceland, but today they unravelled against croatia. argentina's fans decended on nizny novgorod, and left it in despair. the manner of their 3—0 defeat hints at perhaps greater issues within the argentina camp, tactcs and selection that only seems to make lionel messi look so ordinary. croatia are through to the last 16, argentinas world cup could be over inside a week. adam wild reports. cast your eye around those in blue and white, it isn't too hard to see upon whom there hopes rest. lionel massey, their greatest strength. such expectations can appear to weigh heavy. argentina look to side in desperate need in need of that lionel massey magic. instead the
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chances felt elsewhere, but ends up areas, like his team, should've done better. as the group —— game grew, so better. as the group —— game grew, so did occura better. as the group —— game grew, so did occur a chef. they can say they were —— were bored. so did occur a chef. they can say they were -- were bored. the goalkeeper, what an absolutely awful mistake! andy ravitch with a finish that only got croatia started. those blue—and—white hopes already face it —— fading, before luka modric to control. great goal! magnificent goal! there is no way back for argentina, not even with him! argentina, not even with him! argentina can only watch, argentina —— croatia... but his goal would eventually come, eventually stopped 30. outperformed, outplayed, messi's and argentina's dream in tatters,
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it's croatia heading for the last 16. argentina's world cup could be over inside one week. they must defeat nigeria. here's what former argentina international pablo zabaleta had to say in the bbc studio after the match. the argentinian people, they wait on these group of players. it's probably the last chance for them to make something big with the national team. some of those were lost by three consecutive finals. it probably was the last chance to show something, but it's going to be tough, especially to be so criticised by the media, as well
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stop what so much soul—searching will be going on in the argentina camp. france have joined russia and uruguay in the last 16. they were far from their best but beat peru 1—0, a result which puts the peruvians out as patrick gearey reports. france be peru 1—0, it wasn't great, but sons of improvement. no nations see this world cup as peru does. they are unmissable. the problem is that when they get the ball around here, things become distinctly... the latest peruvian to turn down the chance for world cup goal. it cost them in their first match against denmark, and france are more ruthless. before you know it, you're behind. dylan mbappe, the youngest frenchman to score in a major tournament. peru could not
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afford to ponder any longer. it nearly worked for page aquino, but nearly worked for page aquino, but nearly is nowhere now. peru were planning to stay in their world cup and 36 years. without the goalie sunita. you can see only glances of the force that france could be, a qualified team of qualified disqualified praise. but two games into wins without being too good. in the earlier kick off the two other teams in group c, denmark and australia, met in samara. this is how group c looks, france cannot drop out of the top two, they face denmark in their last match. australia will hope that france win that and then they would overtake denmark into second spot with a win against peru who are already out. after two days of rest and recovery, england were training again today at their base in repino gareth southgate not sporting the strapping
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he had on yesterday following that shoulder dislocation. only dele alli was missing from the session. he has this high strain that he is nursing, he was doing a bit of training away from the group on his todd indoors, as they look to see if you will be fit for the match against penna —— panama on sunday. this has everybody talking, steve holland, karen southgate's assistant. it's an old one, wafting around a team sheet, everybodyjump to conclusions. it looks as though dele alli is not in contention for the panama game. it also seems to say that he and raheem sterling will be out with rashford coming in. i will be revealed, the players will probably say they have up anything, but everyone is getting hot under the collar by steve holland's team sheets. that is the latest from
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russia here, a dark day for argentina. let's head back to tim now in salford for the rest of the day's sport. another one day international, another victory for england's cricketers as they won the fourth match of the series against australia. england are now 4—0 up with one to play after a six wicket win at chester—le—street. the hosts set a world record score in the last match, so perhaps unsurprising that australia chose to bat first. both aaron finch and shaun marsh scored hundreds as they reached 310 for eight. little chance of england topping the 481 runs they managed at trent bridge but jason roy struck a century, and joss buttler got them home with more than five overs left. they have the chance to complete the series whitewash on sunday. what an achievement that would be. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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