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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 20, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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american kevin kisner is the clubhouse leader after the first round of the open championship at carnoustie in scotland. tiger woods makes a blistering start but ends the day on level par, after dropping shots on the back nine. and geraint thomas cements his place as the overall leader at the tour de france, after a gruelling 12th stage. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with golf, and the first round of the open championship at carnoustie in scotland saw dry conditions on thursday, as the early groups made light of it. american kevin kisner leads by a stroke, on five—under, with defending champion jordan spieth struggling to one—over. it was another american who stole the majority of attention, tiger woods, who showed glimpses of his best as the 14—time major winner finished level par, playing this tournament for the first time since 2015. austin halewood reports. on day one of the open, carnoustie
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‘s fairways looked more like a sir bernard in scotland, conditions that make the ball roll hard to predict. speed returned as champion and made he from the rough early on —— jordan spieth. he soon faltered on the back nine, four shots dropped injust four holes to leave him 1—over. maidana south carolina sun, kevin kisner thrived on the conditions. the american with a par at the last to ta ke the american with a par at the last to take the overnight lead on 5—under. for rory mcilroy, there we re 5—under. for rory mcilroy, there were moments of brilliance. there it is. too many loose shots, though, will have left him thinking what might have been. but only three of the lead, he is still one to keep an eye on. before the championship began, it was the americans who were
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favourites, having won the last five may have majors. brooks koepka one, 2...0f may have majors. brooks koepka one, 2... of them, but no matter what he tried, it was just one of those days. the same could be said for dustinjohnson. if only the round was 17 holes. three putt on the last leaving the world number 15—over, and with plenty to do. number one in the world, but not a happy bunny. but as always, all eyes were on tiger woods. the first to be cut openin tiger woods. the first to be cut open in three years for the champion, and now fit, he is a contender once again. —— first open. he cruised to the turn with two birdies. three shots dropped on the back nine halted his run at the lead. the level par for the round, make no mistake, tiger is in the hunt, just like old times. well, one factor that could come into play on friday and shake up the leaderboard is the weather. thursday saw unbroken
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sunshine at carnoustie. it looks a little different for the second round, as our reporter john watson explains. well, if day one was interesting, day two could be equally as fascinating when you consider that conditions are expected to change here, with rain forecast overnight into friday morning. and it could be a wet start for those early groups going out. it could help the big hitters, the likes of rory mcilroy, who can probably afford to be a bit more precise, with the ball expected to hold up more on the wet surface. as we have seen today the balljust i’u ns as we have seen today the balljust runs and runs and it has made it very difficult for those big hitters, of course. let's not forget in 1999 when conditions changed the overnight leader leaving on day one heading into day two, when those conditions changed his shot and 86. he was the first person in the open history to ever be leading on the first day and do not make the cut on day two. that is a warning, of
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course, the kevin kisner of america who is leaving on day one. they do not call this course car—nasty for nothing. well, come rain or shine, there is one man who isn't too bothered about the weather, and that is the first—round leader. the golf course is great for me, the conditions have been fine. and going forward, you never know what you're going to have in the sky. i know rain's coming in tomorrow. i don't think the rain is going to affect the way the golf course is playing in one day, but i'm going to have to just keep doing what i'm doing. and if i have 20 two—putts the next three days, i bet i'll have a pretty good shot. team sky's geraint thomas has extended his lead at the tour de france with a thrilling victory on stage 12, on the top of alpe d'huez. the welshman sprinted clear of team—mate chris froome and tom dumoulin for his second stage win in two days. the 32—year—old also become the first briton to win on the fabled mountain. tom fordyce is in france following the tour for us. if wednesday was a special day for geraint thomas, winning an alpine summit finish to take the tour's
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yellow jersey, thursday summit finish to take the tour's yellowjersey, thursday was unforgettable. on alpe d'huez, the most iconic mountain in cycling, the britain first held on during multiple attacks from his rivals and then sprinted away in the final 200m to ta ke then sprinted away in the final 200m to take a second glorious stage win in two days. thomas now leads the overall standings by a minute and 39 seconds from team—mate chris froome, and while the welshman still insist that the four time champion is sky's number one, others will now begin to wonder. so this is how things stand in the general classification heading into stage 13. team sky, with thomas and froome, first and second. dutch rider tom domoulin, who won the giro in 2016, is close behind — one minute 50 seconds behind the yellowjersey. full details on the website. liverpool have confirmed brazilian goalkeeper alisson has joined them from roma on a six—year contract. it is understood the premier league club paid $87 million, which is a world—record fee for a goalkeeper. the 25—year—old played in all five of brazil's world cup matches, keeping three clean sheets, and the fee surpasses the $62
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million paid byjuventus to parma for gianluigi buffon in 2001. most of the world's top footballers are on well—deserved break following the world cup, but in the united states, one man is still working hard. zlatan ibrahimovic wasn't in russia, after he retired from international football with sweden. he is currently midway through the mls season with la galaxy. hejoined in march, announcing his arrival with a full—page advert in the los angeles times. ibrahimovic told bbc sport's simon stone what had drawn him to la. wherever i came, people were doubting me, ifi wherever i came, people were doubting me, if i would do good or not. i came to england as a 35—year—old, and i did what i did. soi 35—year—old, and i did what i did. so i like the challenge, i like the whispers around, talking, that you will not make it, he will not do it. that's everyone's opinion, which
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they have a right to. so the first game in galaxy, the thinking was they will not use me because we were losing 3—1. ijust came the day before. i came in, and just when i came in, we did 3—2. i see a long ball come through, it was bouncing, andi ball come through, it was bouncing, and i saw... while it was bouncing i saw the goalkeeper was out a bit, andi saw the goalkeeper was out a bit, and i said ijust need to get a good touch. but as soon as i hit the ball, i knew immediately, this is going in. it was feeling like i was alive. i was alive again, after a long time. the game goes on, the result is 3—3 at that moment. ashley cole runs with the ball, gives me a good cross, and ijust go for instinct, as a striker, first post. and i had the ball, and it goes in —— head the ball. so we do for
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three, so 3—0 to 4—3. all those eight months for the 20 minutes i played was worth it, and i was feeling i can still do it, and i am still enjoying it. you clearly keep in touch with what is happening at manchester united, and the players that you played with, because you tweeted about paul pogba. he gets so much criticism. what do you think about that, and what do you think about that, and what do you think about him? many people want to see him back, which i don't find him there yet. i find him back, which i don't find him there yet. ifind him... he is a fantastic player, but he can become the one above the stars. but they see him already... they want to see him already above the stars, but i think he is not there. he has more to give, but he is still young. paul has been playing champions league final. the european final with the national team who just won the world cup. he isa
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he is a fantastic player. they want to see him as the one, with cristiano, lionel messi, neymar. but you should see him as a fantastic player. now to formula one, and lewis hamilton has signed a new two—year contract with mercedes, extending his deal until the end of the 2020 season. bbc sport understands hamilton will earn at least $40 million a year, rising to about $50 million depending on bonuses. hamilton said a new contract had been a formality since he sat down with mercedes boss toto wolff to begin discussions at the end of last season. hamilton is eight points behind sebastian vettel in this year's drivers standings, with the german grand prix taking place this sunday. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that is but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello there. we're set to see a little bit of a change to our weather for the next 2a hours, some very useful rain moving in across northern and western areas. thursday, though, was another fine, dry day. quite warm, too, plenty of sunshine. we start to see the change taking place, though, across the north—west of the country. clouds thickening, outbreaks of rain into the highlands later on in the day. now, during the early hours of friday, that tangle of weather fronts will continue to move south—eastwards slowly across the country, bringing some rain, initially to parts of northern ireland and scotland, with some heavy bursts of rain, turning quite breezy as well. but early on on friday, it's going to be a dry one again for england and wales, bar the odd shower across
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the extreme south—east. a warm and muggy to start the day, too, but something a bit cooler and fresher in the north, with that cloud and rain. so this is the picture on friday, then. a lot more cloud across northern and western areas, with outbreaks of rain, some of it quite heavy. the rain will tend to become light and patchier as it pushes further southwards and eastwards. so it will be a cooler day because of more cloud around, the rain, the breeze. temperatures in the mid—to—upper teens celsius. but across the south—east, it could be quite warm again, 211—25 degrees. now, what we'll see through the afternoon across the south—east is also the risk of some thundery downpours. hit—and—miss showers, generally starting in a line from the wash down to hampshire, and then moving eastwards. if you catch one of these downpours, you really will know about it. it could give rise to some disruption, perhaps some flash—flooding too. now, as we head on in towards saturday, we lose the showers across southern areas, and actually across england and wales we'll have good spells of sunshine.
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a little bit of patchy cloud in the afternoon, and there'll also be a bit more sunshine across northern and western areas. so it'll feel a bit warmer, certainly across england and wales — 24—27 degrees. high—teens to low 20s further north. on sunday, again a fine—looking day for much england and wales, and more sunshine around, so it's going to be warmer, too. a bit more cloud further north, more of a breeze. thicker cloud could bring some outbreaks of rain to western parts of scotland, where it'll be cooler. but eastern scotland will do pretty well. we could be looking at 26—29 celsius in england and wales. then, as we head on in towards next week we'll see this weather front, a new one, waxing and waning across the north—west corner of the country. further south and east, though, we'll be tapping into some very warm and humid air off the near continent, so it's likely we could see temperatures reaching the low 30s celsius in one or two places. so always a little bit cooler and cloudier further north and west, with some fierce heat and humidity further south and east. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley.
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our top stories: now they're going for a second summit. the white house announces surprise plans to invite vladimir putin to washington. president trump bats away accusations he's cozying up to russia. getting along with president putin, getting along with russia is a positive, not a negative. with that being said, if that doesn't work out, i'll be the worst enemy he's ever had! britain's new brexit secretary promises to intensify talks with brussels, but the european commission is now warning that no deal looks more likely than ever. south korea's foreign minister tells the bbc she believes north korea will denuclearise, but she's not prepared to put all herfaith in kimjong—un.
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