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tv   Newsday  BBC News  August 1, 2018 1:00am-1:31am BST

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i'm babita sharma in london. the headlines: a passenger plane crashes in the capital of mexico's durango state, carrying at least ninety people on board. all on—board are all on—boa rd are reported all on—board are reported to have survived. as facebook fights to fix its reputation the company reveals foreign attempts to influence the us mid—term elections. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. also in the programme: donald trump's former campaign manager goes on trial but the president says the case has nothing to do with him. and knocking out taboos. we meet a group of young women and girls who are breaking down barriers over women in sports in pakistan. translation: i think i have become very powerful. if i am standing with three or four men i can face them. boxing has given me that power and support. live from our studios in singapore and london, this is bbc world news. it's newsday. it's one am here in london, 8am in
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singapore and seven o'clock in the evening in mexico's durango state, where a plane has crashed, just after taking off. the state governor has tweeted that there were no deaths among the 97 passengers and four crew aboard, although there were injuries. the aeromexico flight was flying from guadalupe victoria international airport to mexico city. the crash happened 10km from the airport just after take—off. on the scene reports say passengers were seen walking to a nearby road to seek help. andrew plant has the latest. thick plumes of smoke from a passengerjet which crashed shortly after takeoff. it is not clear how many people have been injured, or quite how badly damaged the aircraft has been. the plane was on its way to mexico city when it went down.
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it had tried to take off from durango state on the two—hour flight south from guadalupe victoria international airport with at least 80 people on board. one local network said that people had been seen walking away from the playing. the airport is now closed while emergency services deal with it crashed and families wait for news on the condition of the passengers and crew on board. well, earlier i was joined by david gleave, an aviation safety investigator, based at loughborough university. i asked him for an assessment of the initial report into the crash. i have just been looking up some online videos and the aircraft has crashed very close to the runway, various engine parts and parts of the fuselage scattered off the left hand side of the runway before you get to the wreckage. it looks like it is an attempt to take off, it may have lifted off and then come back down again to the left of the runway
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and overrun the runway. i cannot tell from the initial videos. from the impact of the images and videos you have seen, would that be likely to corroborate what we are hearing about that initial aborting of the takeoff? yes, it is very likely. i think the ten kilometres is irrelevant, it is much closer. it was a takeoff accident, they will start the full investigation and overnight they will be calling various different authorities from around the world to help investigate it. we know that this plane was a embraer c 190. what is your expertise telling us about this aircraft about its safety record? it has got an excellent safety record, it has been in a few overruns before but that has been down to crew error. it is safe, i am happy to fly on board them. it is built in brazil, the brazilians will be invited into the investigation with engines coming from america as well.
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so they will be invited and possibly other parties as well, if that's deemed necessary. the mexico transport secretary says that there were 97 passengers on board, four crew members as well. we are getting reports of no fatalities. when we see images of the aircraft in plumes of smoke, it seems very fortunate indeed that there were not more serious injuries reported at this stage. yes, this is the area of research i work in. it is not surprising to me that the aeroplane has come down within the safety areas of the runway which it is designed to land on. it may shed a few you parts but provided people have their seatbelts on and listen to the emergency exit are, then i would expect a full evacuation to be successful. iam hearing reports, i am not an aviation analyst,
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do correct me if i am wrong, but the fact that the plane will be coming down in an instance like this, perhaps separated into three parts, is that correct? i can't tell from the video, certainly the engines have separated off much earlier and the main body of the fuselage. it is not unusual for the fuselage to split right at the end of the wreckage path and that, to some extent, will help people get out as well and separates a few of them from potential fire that you can see, at least i can see smoke. in the united states, the trial has begun of paul manafort — donald trump's former campaign manager. it's the first case brought by the legal team of special counsel robert mueller. the bbc‘s rajini vaidyanathn explains how we got here. paul manafort held a coveted place in donald trump's inner circle as his campaign manager.
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just weeks after being seen at the republican national convention in 2016, his political career began to unravel. forced to quit over his alleged ties to foreign governments. today he is injail, facing charges relating to his work before he joined the trump campaign. arriving at court in virginia, manafort is accused of laundering millions of dollars in cash while he worked as a political consultant in ukraine. his clients include the former president. prosecutors say he funnelled the money to offshore accounts in exotic locations and with lavish purchases, buying multi—million dollar properties in new york and virginia and spending more than $1 million in men's clothing. mr manafort denies the charges. his former right—hand man, who also worked for donald trump is charged on a number of counts, but had most of those dropped in exchange for his cooperation during the investigation. he is expected to testify
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against mr manafort. paul manafort worked for me for a very short period of time. the present isn't directly implicated in this trial, but these are the first charges brought by special counsel robert mueller who is investigating if the trump campaign colluded with the russians. in a tweet, donald trump claimed collusion isn't a crime and denied there was any in the first place. a small group of anti—trump protesters who gathered outside the court believe the campaign did have ties to russia. it is believed paul manafort does have the answers and as his trial gets under way, it is believed he could co—operate with the wider investigation. also this hour, zimbabwe's opposition mdc party is claiming victory in the first elections since the removal of long—time ruler robert mugabe last year. the vote attracted a high turnout of 70% and was monitored by international observers. the electoral commission, however, is urging patience, saying it still needs time
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to count all the votes. at least fifteen people have died in an attack on a government building in the city of jalalabad in afghanistan. gunmen set off several explosives and stormed the compound. afghan special forces were able to secure the building after a six hour siege. the chief of malaysia's civil aviation authority has quit after a report into the missing malaysia airlines flight mh370 found failures by air traffic control. azharuddin abdul rahman said the official report, which was released on monday, highlighted lapses by controllers and that he was resigning "with regret" thailand has asked britain to extradite its former prime minister yingluck shinawatra. she fled the country last august to avoid being jailed over a rice subsidy scheme that ran up billions of dollars in losses. she has denied wrongdoing and said the trial was politically motivated. france's government has won
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a confidence vote over the scandal surrounding an aide to president emmanuel macron. mr alexandre benalla was filmed manhandling demonstrators during may day protests in paris. macron's party has a large majority making the vote mainly symbolic but the scandal has dented the reputation of the president and his team. former president obama and his former us vice presidentjoe biden reunited at a bakery in washington. in a surprise visit at the dog tag bakery they took time to greet the patrons and thank them for their service. the bakery helps train and employ disabled veterans, as well as offering support to military families. in san francisco, the social media giant facebook says
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it has closed more than thirty accounts involved in what appear to be a coordinated attempt to influence the forthcoming us mid—term elections. the company said this included almost 10,000 facebook posts and 150 pieces of advertising. 0ur north america technology reporter dave lee gave more details from san francisco. facebook released a bunch of information about this issue earlier. they say they removed 32 different pages and accounts which, given the huge user base, does not seem like much but between them they posted around 10,000 items and purchased 150 pieces of advertising at around $10,000. facebook say they were able to reach as many as a quarter of a million people who were following the activities of these pages and accounts. facebook is trying to show that it is investing in this area and that it is working.
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they used outside help to assess some of the patterns used in order to track down this was happening. ahead of the mid—term elections in the us, facebook hopes that this shows they are taking action early to make sure they do not see a repeat of what happened in 2016 when russian influence was a huge problem on facebook and, perhaps, meddled in the election. that allegation is ongoing. what we do not know is whether this is seen as a major victory for misinformation, or a small part of a bigger problem. we don't know how big the problem is and neither does facebook. do we know who is behind what facebook is saying are links between the mid—term elections and purchasing this advertising space? it is difficult, facebook say, to be absolutely sure who is behind it because they say they do not have the same insight
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that the intelligence agencies in the us have on who might be behind these campaigns. they say that many of the techniques used were similar to what the russians were said to have used before 2016. needless to say that this was a more sophisticated attack and that the people perpetrating this misinformation used more sophisticated techniques to hide their tracks. and facebook said it cannot be completely sure that russia is behind this although there was some overlap between what this new misinformation campaign was doing and the actions of accounts known to be linked to the ira, the internet research agency, which facebook understands is part of the kremlin and controlled by the kremlin. there are many clues point to russia but facebook is holding itself short of saying for sure that the russian government is behind this. has there been any reaction from the white house to this? we saw some politicians come out immediately and say it was obvious that it was the russians. we have from the department
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of homeland security saying that it was clear the russians were behind the last misinformation campaign so it seems obvious that they should be behind this one as well. of course we are yet to hear from the main man himself, the president, who has disputed russian involvement in meddling in the us elections up to this point. once again it does seem that all the security agencies and intelligence agencies seem pretty certain they know where this is coming from. the question is whether the president agrees with them on that. you're watching newsday live from singapore and london. still to come on the programme — the malaysian government launches an investigation into a disturbing case of child marriage involving an 11—year—old girl who was married to a 41—year—old man. also on the programme, fighting taboos over women and sport in pakistan. the young women who are knocking down sterotypes. the us space agency nasa has
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ordered an investigation after confirmation today that astronauts were cleared to fly while drunk. the last foot patrol in south armagh. once an everyday part of the soldier's lot — drudgery and danger — now no more after almost four decades. if one is on one's own in a private house, not doing any harm to anyone, i don't really see why these people should wander in and say, "you're doing something wrong." six rare white lion cubs are on the prowl at worcestershire park, and already they've been met with a roar of approval from visitors. they‘ re lovely, yeah.
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really sweet. yeah, they were cute. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. i'm babita sharma in london. our top stories: mexican authorities say an aircraft carrying 90 people has made a forced landing in the north of the country — but that no—one on board had been killed. facebook has announced that it shut more than thirty accounts apparently aimed at influencing this yea r‘s mid—term elections in the united states — some of which may have had links to russia. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world. the financial times also leads on the co—ordinated campaign of misinformation uncovered by facebook.
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they say the social network giants has shut down 32 pages and accounts designed to influence the upcoming us mid—term elections. the irish times is reporting on the risks of a ‘no deal‘ brexit to the irish economy. the paper says that the ireland's central bank is urging businesses to prepare for what it's calling ‘signficant short—term disruption' if britain fails to reach a deal with the eu. and the japan times is looking ahead to the tokyo 2020 games. the picture you can see is of the classical actor and director mansai nomura, who has been appointed the chief creative director for the games‘ opening and closing ceremonies. he has promised shows full of "wit" and "japaneseness". now, what stories are sparking discussions online?
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the malaysian government has launched an investigation into a disturbing case of child marriage involving an 11 year old girl. the girl was recently married — with her parents‘ consent — to a 41 year old muslim man in her homeland in thailand, before relocating to malaysia. her case has prompted outrage in malaysia and the government is now looking to deliver on a pre—election promise to raise the legal age of marriage from 16 to 18. from kuala lumpur, marianne clark—hattingh, the unicef representative in malaysia, has more details on the issue of child marriage in malaysia. child marriage is a significant challenge that affects many around the world. globally there are about 15 million children, mostly girls, who get married before the age of 18. in malaysia, comparatively the
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prevalence is not as high, we have a lack of data to really assess the scope. according to the 2010 census, girls between 15 and 19, thousands have been married. we over malaysia and government is trying to tackle this issue. during the campaign. malaysia's deputy prime minister. he said ina malaysia's deputy prime minister. he said in a statement, the government is committed to ending child marriage in the future and is bringing in medical professionals and counsellors to help the girl with the situation so what do we know of the matter with the young girl at the moment? is she being taken care of? the investigation is still taking place. she is now back with her parents so there hasn't been any information revealed about
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this case but with the current situation, it's clear she needs to be reunited her family situation, it's clear she needs to be reunited herfamily and she needs to have access to the appropriate psychosocial and medical care she may need and given the opportunity to go back to school and get medication in order to break the cycle of poverty and deprivation she is currently on. we know a lot of this has to do with poverty. ally pa rents this has to do with poverty. ally parents being educated to try to break the cycle? poverty is one of the drivers. it's not the only driver. the educational level of the pa rents driver. the educational level of the parents and the child, teenage pregnancy, those are causes as well as deep—seated social cultural beliefs and norms. there is a need for a nation will campaign to change those behaviours and beliefs. —— nationwide. the community at large
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needs to be educated and aware of the severity of the impact of child marriage and on the economy of the nation. let us go to zimbabwe. a lot of the movement of democratic changed has accused the zanu—pf party of interfering. this was a day in which conflicting hopes would finally collide. a day that began with the first results being posted outside polling stations. in harare. and a day of checking and listening. with this assurance to those who remembered rigged elections of the past. we are absolutely confident that there was no cheating and confident there was no rigging
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and we would like to show the people that we will not steal their choice of leaders, we will not subvert subvert their will. the opposition has alleged vote rigging but still claims victory. supporters acting as if they'd already won. it did feel premature. the results show beyond reasonable doubt that we have won this election. claims ofan claims of an assassination, an attempt to steal the boat. zimbabwe is moving into precarious territory. the opposition claims are aimed
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at influencing public and international opinion, ahead of an official announcement. but they drew this response from the ruling party. i am only asking for respect for the people's vote. it is disrespect to the zanu—pf, it is disrespect to the people's choice. up to now this election has proceeded with calm and tolerance. it will take cool heads to keep it that way. fergal keane, bbc news, zimbabwe. in pakistan, a group of young women and girls in karachi's once troubled neighbourhood liyari are breaking barriers and taboos around women sports by developing their boxing skills. they hope that boxing can give them success, better future and above all self—confidence. bbc‘s shumaila jaffery reports. every day after school, these girls gather here at this boxing club to pursue their dream. boxing is a new love for dozens of liyari girls. 13—year—old aliya is one of the most passionate boxers. a fighter who remains unbeaten.
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her inspiration is mohammed ali and she has high hopes for the future. translation: i watched mohammed ali fighting, it was amazing. especially the way he was using his right hand. i want to be like him. he won three championships. i want to win five. liyari is one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods of pakistan's commercial capital, karachi. it's home to diverse ethnic groups, who have just one thing in common, poverty. until recently, liyari was completely inaccessible for outsiders, even for the police. translation: i think i have become very powerful. if i am standing with three or four men, i can face them. boxing has given me that power and support. taking part in sports is still frowned upon in conservative
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parts of pakistan. when the girls in liyari started boxing, they faced criticism. but that slowly changed. despite all the success, there is still uncertainty about the future of the club. the boxers come from the families who don't have much money and the club is running out of funds. translation: we need 20,000- 25,000 rupees to arrange one small tournament. it is very stressful. we don't have a changing room for girls. if anyone can provide these facilities, we can arrange a lot more tournaments and can train more girls. but despite all the disadvantages, the girls are determined to break the barriers and to make their mark at the international level. shumaila jaffery, bbc news, karachi. coming up, we've got somejuicy
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results from apple. earnings topped expectations driven by sales of higher priced iphones in revenue. and before we go, a recap of our breaking news this hour. a plane has crashed in the capital of mexico's durango state bound for mexico city. the state governorjose aispuro tweeted that there were no deaths among the 97 passengers and four crew aboard, although there were injuries. at a news conference a short while ago, durango state governorjose aispuro said the plane had tried to abort take—off due to bad weather but did so too late, and crashed into flames at the end of the runway. that's all for now — stay with bbc world news. hello there.
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just when you thought we were done with the heatwave, the temperatures are beginning to climb again over the next few days. particularly across southern parts of the uk. further north and west of there will be a little bit of rain at times, but certainly not all the time. 0n the satellite picture from a little earlier on, you can see clumps of cloud circulating around an area of low pressure and as we go through the next couple of days, we will continue to seek areas of cloud feeding in from the south—west. we start tomorrow with temperatures across the country, 11—14 degrees, the best of the morning sunshine will be found across england and wales and for the far north—east of scotland. as we go on through the day to the parts of the midlands, we will develop more cloud. best of the sunshine towards the south—east and for northern ireland and western scotland, the cloud thickens up all the while and we will see outbreaks of mostly light and patchy rain. quite easy across these western areas, north—east scotland holding onto a little bit of brightness.
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some of this rain pushing out of northern ireland towards the north—west of england and north—west of wales, further south and east of what we are into good spells of sunshine and temperatures in london getting up to around 26 degrees. as we go through wednesday evening, there will be some sunshine to end the day in the south as we go through the night we are to be piling a lot of cloud in from the south—west. it will turn misty and murky for coastal areas, a few splashes of rain and those temperatures begin to come up, and increasingly humid feel into thursday morning because we will have brought this warm front across the country. not much rain on it, but that is the reason for extra cloud and with high pressure to the south, southern areas particularly are going to start to tap into increasingly warm air from the near continent. further north and west, a somewhat fresher feel of air from the atlantic. temperatures not as high. during thursday, a lot of cloud
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in through western and parts of the uk, particularly the odd spot of rain and showers. further south is the best chance of seeing sunshine, those temperatures creeping upwards, 29 in london on thursday. we keep that split in temperature fortunes as we head to the end of the week and western areas have seen more in the way of cloud, mostly dry temperatures, generally in the low 20s. further south, it will be the low 30s, 32, maybe 33 degrees, with plenty of sunshine to take us into the weekend. i'm babita sharma with bbc news. our top story: a plane has crashed in mexico in durango state north of mexico city, with at least ninety people on board. dozens of people have been injured after it got into trouble after takeoff. mexican authorities say no one was killed.
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facebook has announced that it has taken down more than 30 fake accounts which — it says — were trying to influence the american mid—term elections later this year. and this video is trending on these thieves tried to steal a shark from an aquarium in texas. they placed it in a bucket and put that inside a baby's pram. luckily the public helped track them down and the shark has now been returned to its tank. and the top story in the uk. the national farmers union will hold an emergency
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