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this is bbc news, i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 8pm. pope francis is on his way back to rome after his visit to ireland. earlier, at a mass for 300,000 people in dublin, he vowed to pursue justice for the victims who suffered in the hands of the clergy we ask forgiveness for the abuses in ireland, of power, of conscience and sexual abuses perpetrated by those with roles and responsibilities in the church. senatorjohn mccain, who died yesterday aged 81, will lie in state in arizona's capitol building, an honour only given to a few notable americans, including john f kennedy and ronald reagan. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe who's been imprisoned in iran on spying charges has been told her temporary three—day release is over — and she is back in prison. the daughter of british couple — john and susan cooper — who died during a stay at an egyptian hotel speaks out about the ordeal and insists ‘something in their room killed them' the celebrated american playwright and screenwriter, neil simon, has died at the age of 91. he wrote comedy classics
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such as the odd couple, the sunshine boys and barefoot in the park. and we'll be getting all the day's sport including chelsea maintain their perfect start to the season in our special programme sports day — here at 19:30. and coming up in half an hour, whether world, and this time we add in scotland. and we will discover but scientists are doing to protect one of scotland's‘s most famous products, whisky. more than 100,000 people, have attended an open air mass led by pope francis, on the second day of his visit to ireland. addressing worshippers he begged for forgiveness from god, for what he called the ‘open wound' of sexual and institutional abuse, uncovered in the church. 0ur religion editor martin bashir reports. at a shrine where 15 people
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believed they witnessed an apparition of the virgin mary, a man, said by the catholic church, to be the successor of st peter, arrived at knock this morning. good morning. applause. in a brief speech, pope francis extended greetings to the people of northern ireland and prayed for a continuing commitment to the peace process. and, again, he promised to be firm and decisive in dealing with child sexual abuse. well, has has he won the people of ireland back? he certainly spoke very proximately to them. he spoke very simply to them and i think he has certainly gained the hearts and minds of many people here, which is most important. as he flew back from knock, people were beginning to arrive at what would prove to be the climax of this short visit — a celebration of mass in the vast open space of phoenix park,
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almost a0 years after the last pa pal visit. it will be my first time seeing the pope. i remember my mum getting ready in‘ 79. i always thought, would i ever get to see the pope in my lifetime? this might be my only chance. not forgetting the hurt and the abuse, that's important that we all remember that, but we're never going to move forward if we don't think of the hope and pope francis is hope for the church. all ages rushed for a close—up view of the pope as he drove around the grounds for almost 30 minutes. and then, he asked ireland to forgive the church for its sins. translation: we ask forgiveness for the times that, as a church, we did not show the survivors of whatever kind of abuse, compassion. given the circumstances leading up to this visit, with abuse scandals of raging from australia to america, this has been a relatively trouble—free trip for pope francis. but the overall message, both in and outside of catholicism,
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is that the time for talking is now over. decisive action must be taken, if the church in ireland is to thrive once again. six speeches, two internalflights, meetings with the homeless and victims of abuse — 81—year—old pope francis spared little in his effort to engage with the irish people. martin bashir, bbc news, dublin. well, earlier this evening pope francis said farewell to leo varadkar, ireland's prime minister, before boarding the plane at dublin airport. the pope is now on his way back to rome following his two—day visit. it was the first papal visit to ireland for 39 years. well, joining you now from dublin is amanda ferguson — a freelance ireland correspondent — who's been covering the papal visit for the washington post.
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thank you very much forjoining us. a huge amount of anticipation and no doubt a lot of concern from the vatican about how this visit was going to turn out. how would you characterise at? the visit could have come many years ago because the abuse scandals that rocked ireland have been unfolding for the last number of decades. the vatican will be pleased at how the ireland visit went. for the catholics in ireland who got their once—in—a—lifetime opportunity to be on the pope's presence, it was successful, and meeting with the victims of abuse and wanting to draw attention onto their suffering. what they want is truth and justice and accountability to flow. from the people you have
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spoken to, what did they think of the tool and and the many apologies that he gave, and the request for forgiveness? —— what did they think of the tone? i don't think you can apologise too many times but certainly from the people i was speaking to from the events that croke park, the festival of families, they were very much welcoming that he was making these comments and acknowledging what had happened and i think that day two of the trip, the tone shifted to more contrite and apologetic than the day before. i think that for many people it is too little, too late, but i know some people at least appreciate that the comments were made finally. particularly survivors groups, what are they expecting and hoping for from people after this visit, because for them this is just the beginning? certainly abuses the sort
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of thing that you carry with you through your entire life. many victims across both jurisdiction through your entire life. many victims across bothjurisdiction is only ireland want action taken by the vatican. they want priests who have been complicit in abuse removed from their rules, they want the release of all the papers that the vatican could release to give them the truth and justice that they seek. i don't think there's one and suffered everybody. people want different things, but certainly the pressure will be maintained and still on the vatican, even though the pope has left the island. ireland is a very different place from the country of 1979, when the pope visited, what further reform do many people in ireland think is necessary for the catholic church,
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if it is to have a place in the modern country of ireland? certainly, i was ten weeks old when john paul arrived, so it has been interesting for me to cover it. i think that's what people want if they want to see the church embracing the lgbt community and embracing the lgbt community and embracing roles for women. the society in ireland is a lot different now than it was a0 years ago, we have had two recent referendums in the republic where we voted for same—sex marriage, and for abortion reform, for women's reproductive rights. that doesn't affect the northern part of the ireland but it is another political story. the idea that the more inclusive and that man—made rules don't influence any more around the church doesn't have such an influence on the political faction. years ago they would have had very
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much a tight grip on social policy and the influence of the government and the influence of the government and it simply is not there any more. i think the separation of church and state, there will be further moves to make sure that happens. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30 this evening in the papers. 0ur guestsjoining me tonight are me rob merrick, deputy political editor at the independent, and the author and journalist, yasmin alibhai—brown. police in florida say a number of people have been killed in a shooting at an entertainment complex. the sheriff's office injacksonville has reported multiple fatalities at the video game tournament. 0ur correspondent david willis is in washington. where has this happened?m where has this happened? it has happened at a shopping mall in jacksonville, florida. early days and the information is still coming m, and the information is still coming in, but these reports are of a shooting amongst a group of people playing a video game at this
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shopping complex in jacksonville, florida. the game was actually being streamed live at the time and the streamed live at the time and the stream was interrupted by the sound of multiple gunshots. the picture we nt of multiple gunshots. the picture went away but you could continue to hear the sound and there was the distressing sound of people screaming in the background. the jacksonville sheriff department has described it as a mass shooting. they haven't precisely identified what they mean by that but they say that many people have been wounded, there are reports of multiple fatalities, many people having been taken to hospital, but one suspect is said to be dead at the scene, thatis is said to be dead at the scene, that is according to the sheriff department. what the swat team office rs department. what the swat team officers are doing at the moment is combing the area, apparently a lot of people have taken refuge in locked and closed off areas and they
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are encouraging them to stave where they are not move and they say they will come and get them to safety. they are also advising local people and members of the media to stay, as they put it, a long way away. and using social media interestingly to get that message to people who may be in hiding? absolutely, putting the messages out. they have been very good at updating people twitter, the jacksonville sheriff department. and it appears, although the details are very sketchy at the moment, that this is a very serious shooting incident in jacksonville, florida. thank you, for those first reports of that multiple shooting, as you said, taking place at what we understand as a live streamed video game tournament and a shopping bill weight maul in jacksonville, florida. we will bring you more details than me have them.
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there have been numerous tributes paid to one of america's most respected politicians, john mccain, who's died at the age of 81. the vietnam war hero, defeated by barack 0bama in the 2008 presidential election, had been suffering from a brain tumour, and decided to stop treatment two days ago. chris buckler looks back at his life. john mccain was a politician of principle — a patriot who believed in his country and fought for it at tremendous cost to himself. during the vietnam war, he was shot down over hanoi. captured, interrogated and tortured. the beatings he received during those years as a prisoner left him with lasting injuries. on his eventual return to the united states, he was hailed as a war hero and entered politics. he was to spend well over three decades representing republicans in congress. mr mccain was seen as a maverick, but he was respected, too. in 2008, he was selected as the republican presidential
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candidate, but his campaign was not without mistakes and he was criticised for choosing sarah pailin as his running mate. ultimately, was to lose to history in the form of america's first black president. i wish the outcome had been different, my friends. the road was a difficult one from the outset. barack 0bama is, alongside president george w bush, expected to give a eulogy at his funeral. in a statement, mr 0bama said: they were members of different generations, came from completely different backgrounds and competed at the highest level of politics. but he insisted they shared for all their differences, a fidelity to something higher. but the current president didn't always show his fellow republican such respect. he's a war hero because he was captured. after surgery to remove a blood clot, john mccain made a point of walking into the senate
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and blocking mr trump's attempts to repeal the 0bamacare health reforms. with a grand gesture, he simply turned his thumb down. at the white house, whichjohn mccain was never given the opportunity to serve, the flag has been lowered to half—mast. on friday, he chose to stop receiving medical treatment for the aggressive form of brain cancer he had been suffering from. his family said he took that decision with his usual strength of will. butjohn mccain was a man who never gave up hope in politics or in his own personal battles. i hope to impress on you again that it is an honour to serve the american people in your company. poor thing on the life ofjohn
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mccain who has died at the age of 81. and after nine o'clock we'll be hearing from the former us secretary of state madeleine albright who will be giving her tribute tojohn mccain. she's said his legacy will live on wherever democracy is defended. the british—iranian woman, nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, has been refused an extension, to her temporary release fromjail in iran. her husband richard, confirmed she'd returned to evin prison, after a three day release, spent with her familyjust outside of the capital tehran. she was given a five year sentence in 2016 and accused of spying, a charge she denies. the headlines on bbc news. pope francis is returning to rome after his visit to ireland. earlier, at a mass for 300,000 people in dublin, he vowed to pursue justice for the victims who suffered abuse at the hands of the clergy. several people have been killed in a mass shooting at an entertainment complex injacksonville, florida. police say the suspect was shot dead at the scene. senatorjohn mccain, who died yesterday aged 81, will lie in state in arizona's capitol building, an honour only given to a few notable americans, including john f kennedy and ronald reagan.
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sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. we're going to start with the premier league where there were 12 goals in today's three matches. wins for chelsea and watford have also maintained their perfect starts to the season as adam wild reports. at st james's park, at stjames's park, always at st james's park, always an atmosphere, but amid the noise quiet fa ns atmosphere, but amid the noise quiet fans unhappy with the running of the club. not an ideal time for the visit by chelsea. newcastle again in the second half because of the long problems getting away a penalty. still, hope came, very few saw this coming. an unlikely draw now with the newcastle's grasp. theyjust
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we re the newcastle's grasp. theyjust were not able to hang onto it. an own goal in the closing moments and disbelief or newcastle, relief for chelsea. through the rain of remains a buzz about watford. the antics of the mascot made headlines this week but admits his side to the big attraction. the best start to top division season for regeneration. against crystal palace it is easy see why. this proved the one, something for watford to cling onto as excitement continues to grow. just one other premier league game to tell you about today and what a game it was — aleksandar mitrovic scored twice as fulham beat burnley by four goals to two at craven cottage. that's their first win since returning to the top flight. it's gold for great britain's men at the wheelchair basketball world championships, as they beat the usa 79—62 in the final in hamburg. it's their first global title, and it comes against the reigning paralympic champions. the young british team had lost to their rivals in the pool stages but went ahead early on and never allowed the usa back into it. gb women lost to the netherands in their final yesterday. the british moto gp race
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at silverstone has been cancelled because of heavy rainfall. this is the first time since 1980 that a race has been cancelled outright, as a meeting between teams and officials decided against postponing the race until tomorrow due to a lack of available marshals. lewis hamilton's formula 1 championship lead has been cut to 17 points after sebastian vettel won a chaotic belgian grand prix. nico hulkenberg admitted he was too late on the brakes at the first corner in spa, where he smashed into the back of fernando alonso, whose car then careered over the cockpit of charles leclerc. all three were unharmed, the latter saying the new halo safety device which was introduced at the start of the season helped. sebastian vettel overtook hamilton moments after the crash and held on to win by 11 seconds. there hav been three more golds for great britain on the final day of the european para—athletics
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championships in berlin. aled davies won the men's f63 shot put with a distance of 15 metres a9 centimetres, which is a new comptition record. it's double gold for davies, as he won the f6a discus last week. there was also gold for great britain's thomas young in the men's t38100 metres. that completes the sprint double for young as he won the t38 200 metres yesterday. quite a weekend for the 18—year—old. great britain added a third gold medal in the final event of the day in the universal ax100 metres — led home by nathan maguire. that's the 20th gold great britain have won in the championships — second only to poland who top the medal table with 26 gold. it isjust twice it is just twice as good now. it isjust twice as good now. now i have got it and i am so happy at
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what i have achieved. i knew i could have a good achievement and i am proud of my achievements. british kaya ker lizzie broughton has claimed the first major title of her career with gold on the final day of the canoe sprint world championships in portugal. the 30—year—old won silver over 1,000 metres on friday but went one better today with gold in the k15,000 metres. broughton is a marathon distance specialist and only began competing in the sprints last year. she enjoyed quite a battle with maryna litvinchuk of belarus throughout today's race, but accelerated away from her in the closing stages. that's all the sport for now. let's return to the breaking news we brought you a few moments ago and authorities in florida sailor has been a mass shooting in
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jacksonville. these are the pictures of the downturn entertainment complex, part of a shopping mall where the shooting has taken place. what we're hearing the local sheriffs office is that there have been multiple fatalities and several further people wounded in the shooting. they also say that it suspect in the shooting has been shot dead. the authorities urging people to stay away from the area and remain in hiding if they don't think it is safe to come out while the swat team carries out a sweep of this complex. they are contacting people via the local sheriff's twitter feed, hoping people via the local sheriff's twitterfeed, hoping that people via the local sheriff's twitter feed, hoping that people have got their phones with their man can get access to information and guidance. this was a video gaming tournament being streamed live online. in the video footage that was being put out, players can be seen was being put out, players can be seen reacting to gunfire and
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shouting before the footage and that life feed was cut off. police and ambulances are the same and at the moment we don't know how many have died but the local sheriff's office saying that have been multiple fatalities. i think we might have some footage of the area in jacksonville. you can see across the road behind the two police cars on the left, some police tape put out across, everybody in the area are being advised to stay far away from this complex, the area is not safe. the miami herald newspaper reported as saying there are multiple fatalities and also several more who have been wounded. we will bring you more details as they come to us. the us playwright, neil simon has
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died at the age of 91. simon wrote more than 30 plays, including comedy classics — come blow your horn and the odd couple. he was the first playwright to have a broadway theatre named after him, and won the pulitzer prize for drama in 1991 for lost in yonkers. 0ur arts editor, will gompertz joined me to reflect on his career. he was one of the great american playwrights, simple as that. in the second half of the six of the 20th—century he had this extraordinary purple patch of hit after hit after hit. he was absolutely the hottest thing on broadway. things like barefoot in the park and the odd couple, the list goes on and on, always with this sense of dealing with the domestic and people, not epic stories but small urban stories,
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often with couples. they in the park was a young married couple in a brimstone, the odd couple were two roommates who didn't really fit together. sweet charity was a musical and the sunshine boys was a double act to have grown old and then reunited, so it was a sort of aid cunning theme for him, and he was a comic writer. he grew up, or learned his trade, by writing for the phil silvers show and sid caesar and met people like woody allen and mel brooks who had a more background, that new yorkjewish background, that new yorkjewish background, and brought that sensibility to the table. the kind of defined american humour from a northern point of view in the 20th century which led to a spate of sitcoms which we still see to this very day. not everyone can do it, but he could turn his own play into something for the small screen or leaving the big screen? quality is
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quality and a great play often will tra nsfer quality and a great play often will transfer into a great movie, and be fit in the park made robert redford, the odd couple similarly dead a job. lost in yonkers also did a great job. the most difficult thing in the world is to write a hit, and to write a hit time after time. to write a hit time after time. to write a hit which makes people laugh is the most extraordinary gift.|j write a hit which makes people laugh is the most extraordinary gift. i am urging that will be a lot of people who feel very much that he influenced them, those people who came after him in the industry. you think ofjerry seinfeld and larry david, even though he was a contemporary of woody allen, they weren't succeeding at the same time. he was never particularly happy with the success, he was always frustrated the critics didn't take him seriously enough. although he was writing funny stuff, he felt that because he had so many hats the critics thought it diminished him as a playwright, but the public saw him
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as the greatest playwright after william shakespeare in terms of writing hit after hit, so he had this extraordinary capacity, and it came from his early life as a child growing up. his father was often away and would leave the family home forup toa away and would leave the family home for up to a year and come back and have these flaming rows, and occasionally little cracks of laughter and that is what he loved them why he wrote what he did, he wa nted them why he wrote what he did, he wanted affirmation. it made him feel good and feel safe. there is always with these comic writers a darkness behind the likeness. painfully looked at the weather. it has been a wet and sometimes one day sunday. parts of wales saw close to two inches of rain but things drying off over the last few hours and the process continues overnight as the front works south and these
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frauds. gusty winds along the eastern coast but they will start to ease down. we keep a couple of showers across the midlands and wales in parts of northern england and northern ireland but mostly dry weather overnight, clearer skies and not as cool as recent nights with flows between nine and 1a. the week ahead is looking a little quieter. for most it will be mainly dry, not so much rain around, a little bit warmer and spills of centring around. not completely dry because to go on to monday, which away from scotla nd to go on to monday, which away from scotland busy bank holiday, this brisk north—westerly wind which could feed a couple of showers across during the day. quite well scattered so many places will be largely dry and even though that is a lot of cloud some bright and sunny spells. a noticeable breeze but it will have lost some of the ghastliness. in the best of the sunshine the temperature getting up to between 16 and 20. for many, a fine evening on monday, some late
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spills of sunshine as the cloud breaks. any showers fading away so clear skies and that will encourage misspent patchy fog to develop. into tuesday, parts of northern ireland north among western scotland, closest to this front, which will generate more cloud and strengthen the breeze again and bring some outbreaks of rain the further north and west you are, but for most on tuesday, a mainly dry day and the wind is fairly light with some cloud and going. good spills of sunshine, warm spells of sunshine and the temperature widely between 19 and 23. 18, 19 on the eastern side of scotland. some complications and two wednesday because we have this development across the continent and that will create a few heavy thundery showers which can work their way into parts of southern and eastern england. further north and west the scuttling of showers but for much of wednesday into thursday,
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dry with some sunshine. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: pope francis is returning to rome after his visit to ireland. earlier, at a mass for 300,000 people in dublin, he vowed to pursue justice for the victims who suffered abuse in the hands of the clergy. police in florida say several people have been killed in a mass shooting during a video game tournament in jacksonville. the sheriff's office says the suspect was
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