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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 26, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. our top stories. police in florida say several people have been killed in a mass shooting during a video game tournament in jacksonville. pope francis returns to rome after his visit to ireland — where he asked for forgiveness for the abuse irish people suffered by members of the clergy. tributes are paid to the american senator, john mccain, who's died at the age of 81. the british—iranian charity worker, nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, returns to prison in iran, following a three day release. hello and welcome to world news today. we start with some breaking news. authorities in the us state of florida say there's been a mass shooting at a video game tournament in jacksonville. the local sheriff's office has reported multiple fatalities and urged people to stay away from the area. the incident
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happened at a downtown entertainment complex injacksonville landing. the tournament was being streamed online. in the video, players can be seen reacting to the gunfire and cries can be heard before the footage cuts off. police and ambulances are at the scene. with me is our reporter katy austin. what more details do you have for us? it looks like a very tragic event we are seeing unfolding and florida. a lot of updates on the jacksonville sheriff's office. they have been keeping people updated twitter and have said multiple people have dry and have not said how many yet. some newspapers have said four people with others injured, but the police and also updating the situation saying it is not yet safe and encouraging people to stay away and also have been calling out to people trapped inside the complex where the shooting happened than telling them to stay safe. this actually happened that
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what we think was a mass video game event, and nfl game called the madden franches. and at some point people lost their lives. the it is quite disturbing, the game being streamed and you can hear the shots in the background. a very disturbing turn of events, it can happen in the modern age when everything is being done over the internet. it is any place that a very popular place for people to hang out. it is called the landing, an entertainment and shopping complex. we don't know exactly who was attending the event are who the alleged shooter is but at the moment the police not confirming the exact number of people who have dry. and in regards to the suspect, we know one suspect
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has been killed. does that mean there are more than men? that is what is still unclear and people news is still emerging. the news was one suspected gunman had been shot but they are not sure if anybody else are still around who could pose a danger so what is an evolving situation. we are expecting an update from police fairly soon as we will have to wait and see. it is clearly a developing situation. if people need more information on this, where should they go to? at the moment a lot of information is with the police off anyone is in trouble call 911, but the message is to stay away at the moment. the vatican says more than 300,000 people attended an open air mass led by pope francis, on the second day of his visit to ireland. addressing worshippers he begged for forgiveness from god, for what he called the ‘open wound' of sexual and institutional abuse, uncovered in the church.
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0ur religion editor, martin bashir reports. at a shrine where 15 people believed they witnessed an apparition of the virgin mary, a man, said by the catholic church, to be the successor of st peter, arrived at knock this morning. good morning. applause. in a brief speech, pope francis extended greetings to the people of northern ireland and prayed for a continuing commitment to the peace process. and, again, he promised to be firm and decisive in dealing with child sexual abuse. well, has has he won the people of ireland back? he certainly spoke very proximately to them. he spoke very simply to them and i think he has certainly gained the hearts and minds of many people here, which is most important. as he flew back from knock, people were beginning to arrive at what would prove to be the climax of this short visit — a celebration of mass in the vast open space of phoenix park,
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almost a0 years after the last pa pal visit. it will be my first time seeing the pope. i remember my mum getting ready in‘ 79. i always thought, would i ever get to see the pope in my lifetime? this might be my only chance. not forgetting the hurt and the abuse, that's important that we all remember that, but we're never going to move forward if we don't think of the hope and pope francis is hope for the church. all ages rushed for a close—up view of the pope as he drove around the grounds for almost 30 minutes. and then, he asked ireland to forgive the church for its sins. translation: we ask forgiveness for the times that, as a church, we did not show the survivors of whatever kind of abuse, compassion. given the circumstances leading up to this visit, with abuse scandals of raging from australia to america, this has been a relatively
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trouble—free trip for pope francis. but the overall message, both in and outside of catholicism, is that the time for talking is now over. decisive action must be taken, if the church in ireland is to thrive once again. six speeches, two internalflights, meetings with the homeless and victims of abuse — 81—year—old pope francis spared little in his effort to engage with the irish people. martin bashir, bbc news, dublin. the us senator and former presidential candidate john mccain has died at the age of 81. the vietnam war veteran had been suffering from brain cancer. although a republican, he was regarded as a maverick and was a frequent critic of president trump. john mccain died at his ranch home in sedona, arizona on saturday night.
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people gathered outside the funeral home in phoenix to pay their respects as the hearse carrying his body arrived. in a moment we'll be speaking to the former us secretary of state, madeleine albright, but first chris buckler looks back on the life of senator mccain. john mccain was a politician of principle — a patriot who believed in his country and fought for it at tremendous cost to himself. during the vietnam war, he was shot down over hanoi. captured, interrogated and tortured. the beatings he received during those years as a prisoner left him with lasting injuries. on his eventual return to the united states, he was hailed as a war hero and entered politics. he was to spend well over three decades representing republicans in congress. mr mccain was seen as a maverick, but he was respected, too. in 2008, he was selected as the republican presidential candidate, but his campaign was not
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without mistakes and he was criticised for choosing sarah pailin as his running mate. ultimately, was to lose to history in the form of america's first black president. i wish the outcome had been different, my friends. the road was a difficult one from the outset. barack 0bama is, alongside president george w bush, expected to give a eulogy at his funeral. in a statement, mr 0bama said: they were members of different generations, came from completely different backgrounds and competed at the highest level of politics. but he insisted they shared for all their differences, a fidelity to something higher. but the current president didn't always show his fellow republican such respect. he's a war hero because he was captured. after surgery to remove a blood clot, john mccain made a point of walking into the senate and blocking mr trump's attempts to
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repeal the 0bamacare health reforms. with a grand gesture, he simply turned his thumb down. at the white house, whichjohn mccain was never given the opportunity to serve, the flag has been lowered to half—mast. on friday, he chose to stop receiving medical treatment for the aggressive form of brain cancer he had been suffering from. his family said he took that decision with his usual strength of will. butjohn mccain was a man who never gave up hope in politics or in his own personal battles. i hope to impress on you again that it is an honour to serve the american people in your company. senatorjohn mccain, who has dry at the age of 81. joining me on the line is former us secretary of state, madeleine albright.
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secretary, thank you for your time. i spotted your tweets in which you called senator mccain a friend and colleague who was with you in the fight for global human rights. how will you remember him? i will remember him as one of the most valiant, patriotically dedicated public servants i have ever met. somebody who understood the honour of serving his country and served his country with honour. and senator mccain was often called a maverick. what do you think made him so independently minded? what do you think made him so independently minded ?|j what do you think made him so independently minded? i think from what i understand he was always independent minded. he came from a military family and any number of different aspects, he was kind of a rebel in some ways as a young man, and then when he served, and
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obviously was captured, his dedication and understanding of being able to know what he thought and be brave and firm, some things that might have seemed kind of renegade as a young man are something that really marked him and made impossible for him to survive five years as a of war. and he carried that treat through with them into his politics because he wasn't afraid to break with his party when he felt he needed to?|j afraid to break with his party when he felt he needed to? i think that he felt he needed to? i think that he broke with his party a number of times andl he broke with his party a number of times and i think some of his colleagues probably wondered why he was doing what he was doing but i think that the more one study seven and now is the strength of his views, most of the time he was doing something that he really believed in
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and had good reason to do what he did. i would like to convert his relationship with president trump. this era has seen the re—emergence of senator mccain's rather publishes nature. what do you make of the fact he was a frequent critic but also target of president trump?|j he was a frequent critic but also target of president trump? i cannot explain president trump and i think that his lack of respect for somebody that served his country with the honour about senator mccain did and who paid for what he did by being a prisoner of war did not earn the kind of proper respect by the president, but i am not an expert on that subject. i do so admire president senator mccain for something we don't, fight for democracy. he was chairman of the board of the national republican institute and i of the national
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democrat institute, and we agreed on the importance of america supporting democracy abroad. and what is your fondest memory of working with them? my fondness, i was born in czechoslovakia, and we went to the elections in 1990, and showing my hometown to him and really working with them to monitor 83 election was one of the most remarkable moments. —— eight three election. one of the most remarkable moments. -- eight three election. what was he like as a friend? he was a wonderful friend, he was very supportive and loyal and funny and irreverent, and somebody who cared about his friendships with people. how do you think he would like to be remembered? i think he would like to be remembered as a dedicated american public servant who served
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his country in uniform and served his country in uniform and served his country in the most important democratic processes. i think he was a valiant and honourable american and irreplaceable. and what do you think has been his biggest mark on american politics? i think his sense of duty to american politics and telling it like it is. certainly, people were irritated by him but he really did what i think was right, and he believed in what he did and when he went on a mistake he apologised and understood that he spoke his mind. i think he was really respected for his honesty. secretary, we will leave it there but thank you forjoining us. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come. we will bring you the very latest
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from jacksonville, florida where a number of people have been killed in a mass shooting during a video game tournament. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. police in florida say several people have been killed in a mass shooting during a video game tournament in jacksonville. pope francis returns to rome after his visit to ireland — he's promised to pursuejustice for victims of abuse committed by the catholic church. the british—iranian charity worker nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe has not been granted an extension to her temporary release from imprisonment in iran. she has returned to evin prison, according to her husband richard ratcliffe. ms zaghari—ratcliffe was jailed in 2016 for five years after being convicted of spying, which she denies. she had been granted a three day release and had been spending time with her four year old daughter. earlier, i wasjoined by our reporter caroline davies for the latest. no further information on exactly
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about why it has not been granted apart from the prosecutor's office calling nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe and saying that it was due to a lack ofa and saying that it was due to a lack of a signature still needed, so that is one element. can anybody not familiar with the case, so she was travelling with her young daughter ina run travelling with her young daughter in a run introducing her to her family, back in 2016. she was arrested trying to fly home from tien airport in april and jailed from five years. she has been in jail since then. 0n from five years. she has been in jail since then. on thursday she was released for three base to stay with herfamily released for three base to stay with her family and her family were relatively optimistic that she would be given an extension on that release and be allowed to stay with them. she travelled to the prosecutor's office and on the way back received a phone call saying
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the extension had been approved but when she got home she received another phone call saying she had to be back in prison by sunset because of the lack of a final signature. she was tearful and we heard her daughter was tearful as well, but they told her she would have to wait in prison. the prosecutor's office have said the signature might still be forthcoming and that goes back to prison it might be a matter of days, but we have received all this information from her husband and he has said they were in touch with the british embassy as well, who were informed by the around the foreign office that they had also heard about this decision, but the british foreign office had said they had heard no mention about the signature or the suggestion she would only be in prison for the next few days. zimbabwe s president emmerson mnangangwa has pledged to return his country to constitutional and the rule of law. he was sworn into to office today following an election the opposition described as rigged. moments before his inauguration us observers said country lacked a democratic culture. the bbcs shingai nyoka reports from harare. i.
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i, emmerson mnangangwa... he calls this the second republic. emmerson mnangangwa is zimba bwe's this the second republic. emmerson mnangangwa is zimbabwe's new president. it was a contested election but for tens of thousands of reporters this was his moment and they were going to enjoy it. he received a surprising endorsement. former president robert mugabe who he boasted last november sent his daughter russes representative as well as a message of congratulations. she has now been sworn in, the second elected president since independence. he swept to power in military intervention nine months ago and
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today begins a five—year term of office with the popular mandate but huge challenges lie ahead. tensions have marred the post—election period. days after the vote soldiers shot and killed civilians as opposition protesters took to the streets. president emmerson mnangangwa narrowly beat the main opposition leader. he boycotted the inauguration and has threatened more protests. but emmerson mnangangwa called for unity across political lines, to the gold a damaged nation. we have got to embrace it. britain isa we have got to embrace it. britain is a former coloniser and has a big role to play in zimbabwe. the weeks ahead will be crucial, from cabinet appointments to treatment of the opposition and critics and most importantly turning around the broken economy. the world will be watching to see if the man nicknamed the crocodile will keep his
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promises. the us playwright, neil simon has died at the age of 91. simon wrote more than 30 plays, including come blow your horn and the odd couple. he was the first playwright to have a broadway theatre named after him, and won the pulitzer prize for drama in 1991 for lost in yonkers. the daughter ofjohn and susan cooper, the british couple who died at a hotel in egypt last week, has told the bbc she's convinced ‘something in their room killed them.‘ kelly ormerod, who was also staying at the hotel, believes her parents didn‘t die of natural causes. egyptian investigators say no trace of poisonous gas has been found in the couple‘s room. our correspondent stuart flinders reports. john and susan cooper were on a family holiday at the red sea resort of hurghada when they were both taken seriously ill and died on the same day. their daughter, kelly ormerod, who arrived home in burnley this morning, was with them.
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at 11 o‘clock, i went and knocked on the door, to see whether they were just having a bit of lie in and didn‘t want to be bothered. as i opened the door, i could see that my dad was extremely ill. he was staggering back to the bed. mum was laid on the bed and i could tell that something was seriously wrong with them. the egyptian authorities say the couple, both in their 60s, died from heart and respiratory failure and that an inspection of their room showed there were no toxic or harmful gas emissions or leaks. tests are now being carried out on food, water and air conditioning at the steigenberger aqua magic hotel, as investigators try to establish how the couple died. their granddaughter noticed something suspicious in the room the night they became ill. mum and my daughter went back to their bedroom. as soon as they went into the bedroom, my daughter said that they could smell something that was a little bit funny, that wasn‘t right. all they did, really, was spray a little perfume to try and eliminate the smell.
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they then fell asleep and my father came back to the room an hour later, and my daughter woke up and said she felt very unwell with the smell and she wanted to come and return to my room. the tour company, thomas cook, says it‘s looking into every possibility and expects it to be ten days before the results of tests at the hotel are known. this isjust a solo investigation which are carried out by our independent experts, in collaboration, of course, with the prosecutors in egypt and we have to leave them, what exactly they are testing. i totally trust that they are testing the right things. john cooper was a builder. his wife, susan, worked at a travel agents in the centre of burnley. she is described as "loyal and long serving" and the shop has been closed for the past few days as a mark of respect. their daughter is still coming to terms with her loss. mum and dad were the best parents
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anybody could wish for. mum was fit and healthy, we used to go to the gym two or three times a week and dad was the same, he was an active walker. postmortem results are expected in the next few days, but it could be weeks before kelly ormerod is allowed to bring her parents‘ bodies home. stuart flinders, bbc news, burnley. let‘s return to that breaking news story that we are keeping a cross, several people have been killed in a mass shooting at and entertainment complex in jacksonville, mass shooting at and entertainment complex injacksonville, florida. let‘s speak to our local reporter on the ground. what more can you tell us? what we are following right now isa us? what we are following right now is a confirmed shooting that leaves four dead and 11 injured. it happened are nervous afternoon in jacksonville, florida, the
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jacksonville, florida, the jacksonville, landing. what we have been told as it happened at a sanctioned maddened championship series competition is what they were doing at the time, and four dead and 11 injured. the jacksonville sheriff‘s office still have the entire area ward and off, multiple units on the river right here, the incident happened right here in the downtown jacksonville area right on the water. we will have to leave it there but do keep us posted. plenty more on our website as well. thanks for watching. a wet and in places when the sunday across the uk with some heavy spells of rain and lots of south wales is
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40 of rain and lots of south wales is a0 millimetres, close to two inches, but things slowly drying up from the west, that process continuing overnight as the process works its way. a long channel in the eastern coast. showers across the midlands, wales and parts of northern england and scotland and northern ireland but for most the lot of dry weather overnight. clearer skies and not as cool with lows between nine and 1a. the week ahead is looking a little quieter. for most, mainly dry, not so quieter. for most, mainly dry, not so much rain around. a little bit warmer with spills of sunshine on most days, but not completely dry because as we go into monday, which away from scotland as the bank holiday, we still have this westerly wind feeding a couple of showers across during the day. quite well scattered so many places will be largely dry and even though quite a lot of cloud, some bright and sunny spells. a noticeable breeze but it
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will have lost some of the nastiness on sunday. in the best of the century and the temperature getting up century and the temperature getting up to between 16 and 20. for many, a fine evening, late spells of sunshine as the cloud thins and breaks. any showers tending to fade away and clear skies for much of the night but that is likely to encourage some patchy fog to develop. into tuesday, for parts of northern ireland and west of scotland, always close to the front which will generate more cloud and strengthen the bodies and bring more outbreaks of rain, but for most on tuesday, eight mainly dry day. the winds will be fairly light. some good spells of sunshine, warm spells of sunshine. the temperature between 19 and 23,18 or 19 on the eastern side of scotland. much warmer than the weekend. some complications until wednesday mainly because we have this development across the continent, creating a few heavy
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showers which could work their way into parts of southern and eastern england. for the north and west a scattering of showers but for much of wednesday and thursday, dry with some sunshine. this is bbc world news. the headlines: police in florida say several people have been killed in a mass shooting during a video game tournament in jacksonville. the sheriff‘s office says the suspect was shot dead at the scene. pope francis is returning to rome after his visit to ireland. earlier, at a mass for 300,000 people in dublin, he vowed to pursue justice for the victims who suffered abuse at the hands of the clergy. tributes have been paid to senatorjohn mccain, who‘s died aged 81. he will lie in state in arizona‘s capitol building, an honour only given to a few notable americans, including john f kennedy and ronald reagan. the british—iranian charity worker nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe has returned to prison in iran following a three—day release. herfamily had hoped she would be granted an extension.
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