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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 31, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm BST

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hello, this is bbc world news today. i'm lukwesa burak. our top stories... a final farewell to ‘the queen of soul', at the funeral of the legendary soul singer, aretha franklin. # you make me feel like a natural woman. friends, family and many famous faces are attending the music—filled ceremony in the musician's home city of detroit. in washington, members of the us congress gather to commemorate the late senatorjohn mccain. also today. a bbc investigation uncovers evidence of the mass—detention of members of china's uighur community. a prominent leader of pro—russia separatists in eastern ukraine has been killed in an explosion in donetsk. hello and welcome to world news today.
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over the past few hours, the funeral has been taking place of the legendary american singer aretha franklin. the performer — often described as ‘the queen of soul‘ — passed away earlier this month. in a glittering career, aretha franklin won 18 grammys awards. her most popular songs included ‘respect‘, ‘i say a little prayer‘, and ‘chain of fools‘. it's been a star—studded event, attended by musicians such as stevie wonder and ariana grande and also former president bill clinton. this is what i think... should remember in this time about this magnificent woman. she worked her can off to get where she was. she took the gifts god
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gave her and she kept getting a little bigger every day. so... music. that's the best i can do. # you better think. # think about what you're trying to do to me. # think. # let your mind go, let yourself be free. # let's go back... it's the key to freedom. god bless you, aretha. we love you. that was the former us president bill clinton. american civil rights activist, jesse jackson, also spoke at the service. aretha was our queen. she belonged and belongs to us. she was blessed
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to have the powerful gift of singing, perhaps the most remarkable voice and unique the world has ever heard. the italian conductor said of marian anderson that a voice like thatis marian anderson that a voice like that is heard once in a thousand yea rs. that is heard once in a thousand years. aretha's in that zone of once ina years. aretha's in that zone of once in a thousand years. let's go over to the bbc‘s nada tawfik in detroit. we just heard a little clip there reverend jesse jackson speaking. he also said registered to vote. it would dishonor aretha if americans did not. really that speaks of her passion for taking up causes. doesn't it? yes. we have heard that reflected here by a number of people. president clinton as well, paying tribute to that impact she had on american culture. the reverend al sharpton also sang. ——
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also think she was a feminist when it was not popular to be a feminist him as he was a civil rights activist when it was not popular. again speaking to the fact that she used her talent and her musical genius to champion causes and social justice. we have heard that from a number of people speaking. she was a close family friend of doctor martin luther king. she took the proceeds from some of her performances and actually donated to doctor came. and i think that is why we're seeing so much love there for the music legend because again, of her uplifting americans, especially during that tumultuous time in american history. since then we have heard also from her very close friend smokey robinson. getting emotional beating about losing her. there has been performances from pop star ariana grande to the country music star they fail. chaka khan and other solo artist. i guess thatjust really
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unrepentant highlights how aretha franklin cut across all of these genres and really influenced everyone. nada, just speaking about those musical tributes, we also heard from some very young talent. ariana grande for example. and a short while ago the last musical tribute came from the artist fantasia who won american idol in 2004. this fantasia who won american idol in 200a. this speaks of aretha's musical legacy on the young talent, the young musical talent. yes. musical legacy on the young talent, the young musicaltalent. yes. and then we're going to also hear from jennifer hudson. interesting is with all three of these artists they were speaking of how they were awestruck when they met her and how supportive she was of their talent. it is not just of them. whenever there up including artist would come to aretha franklin she always, they said, would give great advice, she a lwa ys said, would give great advice, she always would try to tell other people about how talented they were to help them along in their career. so again, people speak about how
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this was someone who may have now and again gotten a reputation as a diva, but was actually very, very kind hearted woman. donated to charitable causes. ca red kind hearted woman. donated to charitable causes. cared about uplifting those around her who needed help. and again musically, as you say, being an inspiration for generations to come. we can barely think of a beyonc or in a dell without thinking of an aretha franklin and the passage he paved for those women. both of the power of her voice, the honesty and her music and also her role as a strong woman in the industry. just to finish off, listening to bill clinton became earlier talking about him and hillary being groupies, he also mentioned he was looking forward to seeing what aretha was wearing. she really knew her place and how to play up to the spotlight and how to play up to the spotlight and the camera. and what was expected of her. yes, and it wasn't just president bill clinton but others who remarked on her style. where members are this week of tributes she has had several
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costu mes tributes she has had several costumes changes, from ruby ready gown and ruby red slippers to a powder blue dress on and now a long, gold down here. and everyone who came to the ceremony also dressed up with their famous hat all aretha franklin style and their church's best outfits. she really was in so many ways a trendsetter. that is what really made her so unique. nobody is quite like aretha franklin. whether it was with her for code the deposit error condition because jesse norman for code the deposit error condition becausejesse norman was not air—conditioned because she didn't wa nt to air—conditioned because she didn't want to hurt her vocal cords are with her bejeweled fabulous gowns. nadain with her bejeweled fabulous gowns. nada in detroit. outside the church where the funeral is taking ways of aretha franklin. thank you very much. let's take you inside the church. speaking at the moment is the actress cicely tyson. let's listen to her tribute. gift you have
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given the world. that they have been able to experience no matter how this moment in time with us. sabrina, you are and will always be in my heart. god bless you. aretha was the sum total of her life's experience. and she shared that with us through the soul songs she sung. she spoke to us through her soul. and everything she
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experienced. and that's why no matter what she was singing, she moved every single person. it's all right. and so, she said" stop that noise, put that music book away!" she would keep on trying. if you practise to... you can stop noise flying. but the ones that ran in ran from the kitchen window aretha sings. you ain't got the natural ways to make the sound, right. you ain't got the tongs and listings for
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it to make it sweet and light. i'm going to tell you one thing now, miss lucy. i'm telling you for true. when it comes to rewrite singing, ain't no easy thing to do. easy enough for folks to holler and looking at them lines and dots when ain't can sense it, and the two incomes and in spots. just scratch your heart and planes. just to stand and listen with me when aretha sings. ain't you never heard aretha? blessings. look here. i really wanted to carry on hearing. that was cicely tyson speaking at the podium. what drama she has brought to the funeral of aretha franklin. 93 years of age, we have
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really got to give her some credit to get up there and give that tribute to her former friend. to get up there and give that tribute to herformerfriend. cicely tyson also married for some time to the jazz trumpeter miles davis and also a recipient of the presidential medal of freedom. as was aretha franklin. we are watching this funeral taking place in detroit. we will come and go throughout the programme. will come and go throughout the ro ramme. you're will come and go throughout the programme. you're watching bbc world news. in other news. talks between the united states and canada designed to reach a new north american free trade agreement have ended with no agreement. but despite today's deadline, it's been confirmed they'll now continue next week. meanwhile president trump's top trade representative has told congress a deal between the united states and mexico will be signed within 90 days, and that canada could join the accord if it was willing at a later date.
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earlier president trump tweeted that any deal with canada would be entirely on us terms. the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, had said that no nafta agreement would be better than a bad agreement for canada. a prominent leader of pro—russia separatists in eastern ukraine, alexander zakharchenko, has been killed in an explosion in the city of donetsk. he had joined an insurgency in 2014. last year, russia distanced itself from plans he put forward to declare a new state in donetsk. the russian foreign ministry said it had every reason to believe the ukrainian government was behind his murder. ukraine says his death was the result of a dispute between terrorist groups. the russian president vladimir putin condemned the killing as "terrorism". earlier sergei told me more about moscow's reaction. the rkremlin‘s eaction
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to the zakharchenko assassination was really strong. vladmir putin put it as you mention it was an act of terrorism and he also told that those who have done that, they don't want to put on the dialogue with eastern ukraine, so he did not mention ukraine itself. but he told that those who assassinated alexander zakharchenko will be punished for that and he is waiting for that. and he also said that russia will also be with this territory, by alexandr zakharchenko. and as you have mentioned, also the foreign ministry official also told that she strongly believes that it is key of who is the zakharchenko assassination. zakharchenko's leader of this separatist region in the ukraine since 2014. he's the son of a miner,
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who was doing some business with the coal mines in the region. in 2014 he became one of the separatist leaders. that is what his political career started. zakharchenko survived one assassination attempt in 2014 and he was badly wounded in 2015. but still he was alive till today. and he was sitting in the restaurant with his vice head of the republic when there was the blast and that restaurant. actually they were commemorating another russian very famous singer who died recently, and that is when the blast happened. and yet as we said, last year russia had distanced themselves from mr zakharchenko. what has happened since then for mr putin to come out and condemn this as terrorism and beat so strongly against killing? russia is still saying that they have nothing to do
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with the zakharchenko assassination because it is absolutely not logical and they don't need that. but still ukrainian leaders talk that actually could be moscow who is behind this assassination, to put on some provocation. so maybe the starting of a war in eastern ukraine. while the kremlin is accusing ukrainian secret services of this assassination, they tell that they strongly believe this is ukrainian secret services who killed zakharchenko. ukraine are saying that maybe it could be a provocation for moscow. do stay with us because coming up we have all the latest sports news. stay tuned. and washington members of the us
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congress gave it to commemorate the late senatorjohn mccain. let's find out how all the sport is doing. hello. we're starting with cricket in the fourth test between england and india. it is going to be very the first two days. at stumps england were six for no wicket in the second innings trailing india by 21 runs after another good day for the bowlers. adam wild has been following the action of the rose bowl in southampton. so really extraordinary second day of play here in the fourth test between england and india. at southampton. i think even the most optimistic of england fans would not have expected to go as well for them as it has. 246 was their first innings score.
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pretty unimpressive performance would be bad. they do their bowlers had to do much better. the strength and the depth of india's batting line—up. stuart broad to the first couple of wickets. india two down at lunch. then the key wicket of england's tall indian chief, virat kohli alastair cook. after things really started swinging and england's favour. moeen ali into wickets with two bowls. and then sharma with his fifth wicket. a really terrific performance, given he was only recall to the england side for this test match. for india, the standout player by far and away was pujara. he finished unbeaten on 132. india 273 all out. that was a
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lead of 27. england's openers negotiated safely most tricky few overs before the close of play. a to psy—tu rvy overs before the close of play. a topsy—turvy day in a really to psy—tu rvy topsy—turvy day in a really topsy—turvy series. it's an intriguing contest here in southampton. studio: jose mourinho is making headlines again. this time telling reporters that he would still be one of the greatest managers in the world, even if he did not win the permit leak with manchester united. he was being questioned about his sitesta rted he was being questioned about his sitestarted the season season. united play burnley on sunday. i am the only manager in the world that won: italy, spain and england. and by winning eight titles — not small titles, not small countries — eight proper titles. my second position last season is one of my greatest achievements in football. formula 1's italian grand prix this
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evening —— we can come up a formula 1's italian grand prix this evening —— we can come up a lot far is that the pace one of their former stars says the sport is to protecta ble. stars says the sport is to protectable. the two—time world champion is a retiring from f1 at the end of the season. in an exclusive interview with the bbc he said he would stay if he had a winning car, but that he would have much more fun driving elsewhere. winning car, but that he would have much more fun driving elsewherelj said much more fun driving elsewhere.” said that formula 1 is to protecta ble. said that formula 1 is to protectable. i also heard and read that i stop formula 1 because i am not competitive. which is partly true. if i was now winning all the races, i will continue. true. if i was now winning all the races, iwill continue. but true. if i was now winning all the races, i will continue. but it is true as well that i will continue maybe not having the same fun as i find somewhere else. you know, you continue because you are winning, you are a competitive man, but i think formula 1 isjust, to protecta ble think formula 1 isjust, to protectable now. the world's fastest man usain vote is taking another step towards playing professional football. he retired athlete holds the record for the 100 and 200 metres came on as a sub for the
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australian elite side, the central coast mariners. in a preseason friendly. he is hoping to be oppressive enough to get a deal for the new season. however he was unable to take this chance, ironically because he was not quick enough. just before we go, there could be a shot at the us open tennis. the one number one and top seed rafa nadal is losing by 1—0. that is all the sport for now. studio: negi very much. the body of the late senatorjohn mccain, is now lying in state at the united states capitol rotunda where a formal ceremony to honour his life and service to the nation has taken place. the public are now able to view his casket as they pay their respects. senator mccain's funeral service will take place at washington's national cathedral on saturday. former presidents george w bush and barack obama, each of whom defeated mr mccain in their races for the white house — will offer their tributes.
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you're watching bbc world news. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. the wall streetjournal is reporting that talks between the united states and canada aimed at reaching a deal on the north american free trade agreement ended on friday with no agreement. also the eu has announced it plans the end of daylight saving time. the european commission says 84% of people surveyed wanted to stop switching between summertime and wintertime. the change would need the support of the eu parliament and member states on as the commission said that ultimately it will be the decision of each sovereign state which time they choose to keep. coca cola has agreed to buy the costa coffee chain forjust over $3 billion.
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the purchase will give coke almost 4000 coffee shops , over half of them are in the uk. coca—cola is trying to broaden its business away from fizzy drinks, because of government—imposed taxes on sugar and consumers looking for healthier options. her grandchildren were among the family members to pay tribute. let's ta ke let's take you live to clive davis. he is the chief executive, chief creative officer, rather, of sony music. let's listen in to what he has to say about the queen of soul. going to extraordinary lengths to make sure the night would be and i a lwa ys make sure the night would be and i always to be remembered. and hopefully this reveals to you the incredible wide reaching quest for
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knowledge that aretha hat. she studied classical music at juilliard. she loved opera, and of course our performance without notice at the 1998 grammys, we all remember that and we never forget it. applause that surely will always show. that there is nothing that aretha could not master. and of course as you have heard all afternoon, a commitment to political activism is well—known, as is herfamous quote "i have the money, i get it from black people and i want to use it in ways that will always help our people". applause that is quite davis, the chief
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creative officer from sony music. just giving his tribute to aretha franklin and his memories of working with the queen of soul —— that is clive davis. one of the big stars that everyone is waiting for is stevie wonder. he will be paying a musical tribute at this funeral that is taking place in detroit. just to give you an idea of some of those musical tributes we have heard from chaka khan, we have heard from ron eisley, the lead singer of the isley brothers, ariana grande and so many more. and also personal tributes including from former us president bill clinton. 20 more to come, stay with us. good evening. they're still going to bea good evening. they're still going to be a lot of dry weather around this weekend. sunshine at times. it look like it will get warmer as well. there are some cloud coming in from
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the atlantic on those week weather fronts. it will topple into the uk, may bring a little bit of dampness here and there before dating away. and we have got another well—defined to arrive from the atlantic into the northwest on sunday. but ahead of that, we are drawing our air up from the south from the near continent, allowing the temperatures to continue to rise. last night was really cold in scotland. temperatures down to minus two celsius. tonight will not be as gold. you can see here in cumbria already some of that high cloud beginning to spill in and the cloud is picking and a mexican orphan island and pushing his weight useless across scotland over the irish sea into western parts of england and wales. a bit of rangers will here and there. clear sky for the midlands in eastern england. temperatures in rural parts will be down to six or 7 degrees. into the weekend, a bit of detail on the start of it. a sunny start through much of the midlands. east anglia in the southeast of england, lancaster, too. much more cloud for the southwest of england and wales, pushing into northern england. not a great deal of rain will stop you can
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see how petty the rain is there in scotland. what really amounts to a great deal. some places are still on to be dry. as it will not really amount toa to be dry. as it will not really amount to a great deal. the sunnier skies are likely to be for the midlands in eastern england. there will be some fair weather cloud bubbling up here and there. temperatures in the southeast to get a little higher today. 24 degrees. we have got more cloud for the north. temperatures stood near 18 or 19. the second half of the weekend, we have still got some residual cloud across some western areas that might be one of two showers just for a while. bring coming into the northwest of scotland and northern ireland during the afternoon and ahead of that the afternoon should be dry with sunny spells. the wand is really building meticulously across the midlands in eastern england, but also in mari and aberdeenshire were neverjust want to be into the low 20s. generally those temperatures will be higher on sunday. a decent start to september.
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for monday and tuesday still someone for it while in the southeast, but that band of cloud and rain is moving southwards. the rain is petering out, try out brighter, sunnier weather but cooler weather in the northwest. africa the headlines now, paying their final respects to aretha franklin at the funeral ceremony thatis franklin at the funeral ceremony that is under way in detroit, famous faces attending including jesse jackson and the former president, bill clinton. and in washington members of the us congress gather to commemorate the late senatorjohn mccain. the bbc investigates evidence that china has imprisoned up to1 million muslim workers and re—education
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