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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 4, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines. labour's ruling body votes in favour of adopting in full the international holocaust remembrance alliance's definition of anti—semitism. the tsb boss paul pester has resigned — after the it problems that left customers locked out of their accounts. one of the strongest typhoons to hitjapan in 25 years — has claimed several lives — and injured over 160. how old is your heart? public health england urges people to take an online test to find out — it could indicate if you're at an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at seven in ‘beyond 100 days‘ katty kay and christian fraser have details of a book containing explosive revelations about president trump's inner circle. at 8:30 — we'll look at the row
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between the police and facebook — after the social networking site refused to hand over the password of a murder suspect. and coming up at 10:40 11:30, we'll be discussing tomorrow's headlines with the journalist daisy mcandrew and politics home editor kevin scholfield. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm holly hamilton. coming up on the programme. scotland's women make history — as they qualify for the world cup finals for the first time with victory in shkoder. geordie at st george's park with news ahead of the england first
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match since the world cup. also coming up, why nike's new multimillion pound advertising campaign has caused so much controversy in the united states. and we find out why jurgen klopp is looking forward to catching up with brendan rodgers on saturday. so brendan, hope you had a good time and we can sort out a few things that day. hello and welcome to the programme. for scotland's women, the pressure was on. at theirfinger tips — a place in the world cup finals in france for the first time in history. and their fate didn't rest entirely in their hands — whatever scotland's result with albania — it simply needed to be better than rivals switzerland's over poland to gain automatic qualification. patrick gearey was watching.
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could this be the team to make scottish sporting history, a question they could only answer in part. qualification for a women's world cup would depend on the result in poland. scotland could only affect things in albania and they got off to a good start. 5a ranking places separating the sides. erin cuthbert and then jane ross places separating the sides. erin cuthbert and thenjane ross making the albanian goalkeeper work. then albania brought it back to level pegging. albania brought it back to level pegging- a albania brought it back to level pegging. a scotland goal could still ta ke pegging. a scotland goal could still take them through and it seemed for a moment emma mitchell had it. the agony went on. a time for clear and
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firm heads. like james ross. agony went on. a time for clear and firm heads. likejames ross. she agony went on. a time for clear and firm heads. like james ross. she had put scotland en route to the world cup but tension remained, a swiss goal could change it all. it never came. as the moment all the waiting and all work delivered, delirious history. i'm joined now by former scotland strikerjulie fleeting. good evening. i hope you have caught your breath back. how do you think they're feeling? they will be over the moon, probably it has not quite sunk in yet that they have managed to create history for scottish women's all. there will just be over the moon, delighted that the challenge they set themselves the start of the campaign, they've gone on to have a great campaign and is now to qualify without having to go through the
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play—offs. and heading straight to the world cup finals. going into a game like that when they know they have to get a win, and for automatic qualification it must be at the back of their heads what is happening between switzerland and poland. of their heads what is happening between switzerland and polandlj think between switzerland and poland.” think they would just try to concentrate on what was happening on the pitch and make sure that they got the win they required and then if anything happened in poland— switzerland game, then that was a bonus and that is exactly what happened. too often one was a much closer game than the game over in scotla nd closer game than the game over in scotland against albania so it was tricky for them but they had to remain focused on the task and that was to get all three points against albania. just an incredible story watching these women in action. what does this tell us now about the development of the sport in scotland? women's football is growing all the time, we're now getting success in the women's team
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and that just helps getting success in the women's team and thatjust helps that growth and give young girls and players the opportunity to watch role models placed at the highest level. there has been a huge growth in the game since they went the first finals and going to the euros and now again hopefully we will see that knock—on effect for the that the team has been successful making the world cup finals and we just hope the country gets right behind the team and supports them all the way. thank you for joining supports them all the way. thank you forjoining us i will let you go and celebrate. so, joy for scotland as theyjoin england in france. european champions holland will have to qualify the hard way via the play—offs. england of course had already qualified but finished in style with a 6—0 victory over kaszakstan. the lionesses were 2—0 up by the interval thanks to a penalty from beth mead and this strike by rachel daly. they went up a gear in the second half with izzy christiansen, lucy staniforth, mead and lucy bronze finding the target. northern ireland take
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on slovakia later this evening knowing that their hopes of qualifying for france next summer are over. it will be a significant night though forjulie nelson who is set to become the first woman to win 100 caps for her country. wales are out, i'm afraid. they needed iceland and belgium both to lose in order to claim one of four play—off places. gareth southgate will be without liverpool midfielder adam lallana for england's upcoming matches against spain and switzerland after pulling out with a groin strain. meanwhile the england manager has called up fulham goalkeeper marcus bettinelli to bolster their squad. well we can join our sports reporter jo currie now who has been with the england camp today, it's 55 days after england's exit from the world cup at the semifinal stage but is there a sense of renewed optimism in the camp? it must feel like a lifetime for
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some since england took fourth race in the well coupled up some of the players have been back in action for a few weeks in premier league clubs but this is the first time the england squad have come back together since the tournament in russia and the fa had the theme of the team being very open and accessible to the press. in a moment we're going to hear from jordan henderson but first a man called back into the squad after missing out on the world cup, manchester united defender luke shaw has had a difficult three years. that double leg rake back into that and he has struggled for minutes at old trafford and was criticised by his managerjose mourinho. but this season managerjose mourinho. but this season he seems to have been reborn, he has been a stand—up layer for
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manchester united. he admits he has had to come along way to get back into the england squad and he spoke of all the problems he has suffered in the past few years. notjust on the not just on the pitch notjust on the pitch but not just on the pitch but off the pitch i've matured and grown—up and you could say i have gone from maybe a child to a man now and i know what i need to do to push myself and i wa nt i need to do to push myself and i want to play for manchester united. obviously i want to stay there and fight for my place and prove my worth to the team and obviously i wa nt worth to the team and obviously i want to try to do the same here now. give gareth a headache to select and give him different choices from what i'm surei give him different choices from what i'm sure i can do. i feel the confidence coming into this camp after the world cup will be high and we need to go out and show that against spain because they are a fantastic team and i'm sure it
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will be a full stadium supporting us. will be a full stadium supporting us. i feel as though we need to fall in love with england again and hopefully we can continue that journey. and it leads us to more memorable things. england will be hoping to pick up where they left off in russia when he finished fourth after that wonderful campaign in russia. but on saturday night they host spain at wembley followed bya they host spain at wembley followed by a friendly next tuesday against switzerland in leicester. jordan henderson feeling that the public fell back on a pudding went over the summer fell back on a pudding went over the summerand do fell back on a pudding went over the summer and do will be interesting to see what kind of reception they get in these next couple of games. looking forward to it. also coming up in the programme. roger federer feeling the heat in flushing meadows — as he makes an early exit from the us open — blaming the humidity.
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and a new life in the media spotlight beckons for lando norris, with a surprising admission from britain's youngest formula one driver who's used to racing at 200mph. ido i do get more scared sometimes driving a road car than a race car. mainly knowing, many not going what other drivers are going to do. keatonjennings has retained his place in the england squad for the fifth and final test against india at the oval — despite coming under pressure for his performances in the series so far. he's been named alongside alastair cook, who plays his final international match. it will be his 161st test, having made his debut back in 2006 when he scored a century in nagpur after a late call up. he's england's all time leading runs scorer.
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tennis now, and day nine of the us open is underway at flushing meadows. serena williams and rafael nadal are among the star turns being served up in new york later on, and they'll hope to avoid going the way of maria sharapova and roger federer. they're both out, with the five—time champion federer knocked out by a man ranked number 55 in the world. here's our tennis correponsdent russell fuller. john millman has the reputation of being one of the best blogs in tennis and he played an outstanding match. the celebration was discreet, i see. i think he realised the shock the stadium felt when roger federer was knocked out. roger federer could not trust his serve and made too many errors for the resorting to the drop shot almost in desperation and admitted afterwards he was quite glad it was all over. but felt a bit like his defeat in the fourth round
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in new york in 2013. we did not know then he had a back problem. and he came back spectacularly. can he win again, i would came back spectacularly. can he win again, iwould not came back spectacularly. can he win again, i would not write him off. at the australian open at the start of the australian open at the start of the year or on the grass at wimbledon but he now 37. and in these conditions, overfive wimbledon but he now 37. and in these conditions, over five sets in this sapping humidity we should not be surprised that for once roger federer fell slightly short of expectations. and the action's already been under way at flushing meadows — with last year's champion sloane stephens struggling in her quarterfinal. she suffered a shock defeat. against latvian 19th seed anastasija sevastova. for any promising british racing drivers over the past ten years, being dubbed "the next lewis hamilton" is a natural comparison to make. but lando norris — mightjust be the one
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to live up to the hype. he's just signed to race for mclaren next year — making him the youngest british driver in the history of formula one. our sports news correspondent andy swiss has been to meet him. i feel ready, i ifeel ready, i have been testing in the past and everyone i do itjust feels more and more natural and confident. especially during the fp one, under a bit confident. especially during the fp one, undera bit more confident. especially during the fp one, under a bit more pressure. confident. especially during the fp one, undera bit more pressure. i'm able to compare myself a bit more with everyone else on the grid. therefore i feel i'm ready for the next thing. now — a quick look at some of the other stories making the headlines today. a source close to jose mourinho has disputed a spanish newspaper report claiming a suspended prison sentence has been accepted by him. earlier reports in the el mundo newspaper claimed that the manchester united manager had accepted the punishment and a fine as part of a deal to settle a spanish tax evasion case. britain's simon yates finished
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safely in the main peloton to retain the leader's red jersey after stage ten of the vuelta a espana. the briton remains one second clear of alejandro valverde in the overall standings. italian champion elia viviani beat peter sagan into second place in the sprint finish. denmark's preparations for their uefa nations league game opener against wales are in turmoil after a bizarre row over the players‘ commercial rights. negotiations with first—team regulars including leicester's kasper schmeichel and tottenham's christian eriksen reached deadlock which could mean they have to field uncapped players from the lower divisions on sunday. now — he was the nfl star who started the movement to kneel during the united states national anthem in august 2016, protesting racial injustice. it was started by colin kaepernick.
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now, colin kaepernick has become the face of nike's latest advertising campaign, a decision that's been met with controversy, with some fans even vowing to boycott the brand. so, does this campaign have more reward than risk? well i can speak now to bob dorfman, a sports marketing expert with baker street advertising in the united states. in terms of the pressure that nike are under, should they be worried by the controversy? definitely not, they're getting tremendous publicity, $43 they're getting tremendous publicity, $113 million so far i have seen publicity, $113 million so far i have seen just getting their brand out there today. so if you believe there is no such thing as bad publicity then this is a good move. i think
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then this is a good move. i think the reward far outweighs the risks. and getting away from the fan reaction as well, people are talking about the nfl and its relationship with nike, what impact could it have on that? nike is the official supplier to the nfl, they had a deal that that should be extended to 2028. so that is already in place. the money has already been paid. i do not think it will go over that well with the nfl, but it is all about the bottom line and ultimately they will have to deal with it. so i think that is not a huge problem. we are seeing some images now of trainers being burned, already quite extreme. have we seen anything similarto extreme. have we seen anything similar to this extreme. have we seen anything similarto this in extreme. have we seen anything similar to this in the past? not that i can think of. khazri has
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a lwa ys that i can think of. khazri has always been at the forefront of social issues, they've always supported their athletes through thick and thin. unless it is murder case or something like that, wrecking the law. but in terms of encouraging their athletes to speak out on social issues, they had serena williams that they've always been behind her, even tiger woods backin been behind her, even tiger woods back in the day talking about not being able to play on certain golf courses that were whites only. so i think it is in keeping with what nike dollars and i think for every person who is going to protest i think double wall, there will be more people buying their brand. finally, jurgen klopp has delivered a special message to brendan rodgers ahead of saturday's charity match between celtic and liverpool. the pair will face off at celtic park for the match for cancer clash —
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bizarrely the first time they've seen each other since klopp took over from rodgers at anfield. when he also took the keys to his house, making the celtic boss his landlord! this is what he had to say. it will be fun, for sure. especially because i meet my landlord. i think the first time since he left liverpool and i came here, we meet. and we have a lot of things to talk about. the plumbing issue, the electricity, the pool, and stuff like that. so brendan, hope you are in good shape and we can sort a few things that day! a reminder of the top story, scotland's women are true to the world cup finals in france next year after beating albania to everyone this evening. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. let's get more now on the news that
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after months of rows — the labour party's ruling body has agreed to adopt in full an international definition of anti—semitism. the party will now also incorporate all 11 examples of antisemitism outlined by international holocaust remembrance alliance, but with an additional statement


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