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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 6, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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the hollywood actor burt reynolds has died at the age of 82. he shot to fame in deliverance and starred in films like smokey and the bandit, boogie nights and the cannonball run. he died in hospital in florida after suffering a heart attack. his family described him as notjust a tough movie icon, but a generous, passionate and sensitive man. from los angeles, james cook reports. i thought they'd surely kill us. whatever. whatever, sure. burt reynolds, in deliverance, taking on the wilderness and its murderous inhabitants — the embodiment of the macho american. bring it out! all right, i got it straight. oh, my god! he even did his own stunts, despite nearly drowning filming this. go! who's indian, your father or your mother? reynolds made his name in westerns like navajojoe, which played on his own reputed...
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you're a navajo, aren't you? ..and disputed cherokee roots. what's your name? joe. he became a hollywood heart—throb. now, naturally, we're going to try to get away with as much as possible. and he did, although he said he regretted posing naked for cosmopolitan. now, what do you do, besides drive fast? smokey and the bandit was classic reynolds — one long car chase. but drinking, womanising and spending took a toll on his reputation and his fortune and, by 1996, he was bankrupt. you come into my house, my party, and tell me about the future? boogie nights revived his reputation, with an oscar nomination for his role as a porn film director, although he hated making the movie. the career high was when i got nominated for that film. and the career low was
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when i couldn't get a job. that was not too long before that, i was having a rough time. burt reynolds said he regretted not taking more serious roles, but perhaps it didn't matter. his memoir ended with the line, "nobody had more fun than i did." burt reynolds, who has died at the age of 82. newsnight‘s coming up on bbc two shortly, with emily maitlis. that's it from us. here on bbc one, time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm holly hamilton.
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a i'm holly hamilton. look at the headlines... wales stun the republic of ireland in their nations league opener for ryan giggs first competitive game in charge. we hearfrom england captain joe root ahead of alastair cook's final test match at the oval. serena edges towards a 24th grand slam title — but admits she still has a long way to go at the us open. hello and welcome to sportsday. let's start in cardiff, where you might remember wales' world cup dreams were shattered by the irish
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nearly one year ago. many said tonight's uefa nations league match between the two sides might be a chance for revenge. if so — they certainly got it — beating the republic of ireland 4—1 and in ryan giggs first competitive match in charge. david ornstein was there. their run to the semifinals of euro 2016 captured the hearts of a nation, and invigorated welsh football. but now for a new era, and a new competition that orders an alternative ticket to the next major tournament. wales with a new manager, and ryan giggs's first competitive match in charge got off to the perfect start. tom lawrence finishing with the type of move of which his boss would approve. hopes of success rested at the feet of gareth bale and here's why... he did what he does. wells's other star name is aaron ramsey, and he was next to shine as the home side went into the break. depleted by injury,
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ireland were a shadow of the side that won here one year ago to end welsh dreams of qualifying for the world cup. the payback continued when conor roberts's registered his first senior goal and in some style. in cruise control, they suffered a lapse in concentration. ramsey was robbed by sean williams, although a mere consolation for the visitors on a night that belonged to ryan giggs and wales. it's the first time they have been ireland at home in almost 40 have been ireland at home in almost a0 yea rs. have been ireland at home in almost a0 years. and, who knows? perhaps a significant step in their quest to reach the euro is in two years' time. david ornstein, bbc news, cardiff. up next for wales should be a much more recognisable danish side than the one beaten 3—0 by slovakia on tuesday, a team mostly made up of lower league and futsol players. that was due to a dispute over commercial rights between the danish fa and their top players — but they have now reached a temporary agreement so expect
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the return of the likes of kasper schmeichel and cristian erkisen and co for their meeting with wales on sunday. cricket now, and tomorrow's fifth and final test between england and india is pretty meaningless except for one thing — former captain alastair cook will play for england for the last time in his illustrious career. his side have an unassailable 3—1 lead in the series. joe wilson's in south london for us to look ahead. let's focus on the wicketkeeping situation. england said jonny ba i rstow situation. england said jonny bairstow will resume, as wicketkeeper in the match. there was some kind of glove rotation policy which was fascinating to see that unfold. in the test match, moeen ali was batting number three, which
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bowled well in the last test match going forward. going forward, we may not. the captain says adaptability will be crucial in the future. he knows for certain that he will not have alastair cook to turn to. naturally, a lot of opportunities today were taken up with discussing the soon—to—be retired alastair cook. do you think he has another century in him? obviously yes. we have seen one coming for a while. with the scores that he has had in the last couple of weeks, it seemed fitting for him to go out on a high ona fitting for him to go out on a high on a personal level, notjust as a team. hopefully he can soak up everything else with this week and deliver on the field. nice to start and finish with the century. so you never know, it may be bringing the stars. india may feel unfortunate, 01’ even stars. india may feel unfortunate, or even unlucky to be 3—1 down going
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into the test match. resolve in the run chase, it could have looked a lot different. anyway, their mindset and approach would be fascinating here in the test match. instead, he said that ajinkya rahane was sent in to bat. england, particularly, was a small session. as i said, an important test match coming up and we do our best. while the test match is so far between these two teams, the low scoring and exciting cricket. if this match followed a similar theme, i don't suppose anyone would complain. if alastair cook summoned a final great test innings, well, who would begrudge him that? the semi—finals of the women's singles at the us open are just a few hours away. maddison keys takes on japan's naomi osaka. but first up it's serena williams against latvia's anastasija sevastova.
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williams — bidding for a record equalling 2ath grand slam title. we were a couple of steps away in the last grandson, and definitely not ahead of myself, and no matter whether the semifinals or finals, i have a long way to go. —— grand slam. it was proved true at wimbledon, i take it one at a time, literally. well serena's clash with anastasija sevastova is first up on arthur ashe court in just over two hours' time followed by keys and osaka. looking ahead to those matches — from new york, here's our tennis correspondent russel fuller. looking ahead to those matches from new york, our tennis correspondent. these are the sights and smells of central manhattan, hours before the women's semifinals. all of the talk is about serena williams chasing a
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2ath grand slam title. she hasn't won the us open since 201a, a drought by her standards. she looks in better form drought by her standards. she looks in betterform in wimbledon. let's not forget she reached the final. with her unorthodox game, she likes to use slice and varied pace on the ball, causing upsets. she took a mid—career break retiring through injury. four years ago and stringing together an impressive sequence of results. the other semifinal involved younger players, naomi osaka, the first grand slam semifinal and a very powerful player, as is madison keys with more experience. she was in the final this time last year and now has been, and quieter, less late—night drama under the lights. she looks to be more composed and complete than she did 12 months ago. slovenian primoz roglic has moved into the lead of the tour of britain after team lotto nl yumbo won the race's first—ever team time trial. roglic now has an overall lead over julian alaphilippe and bobjungels
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by six and 16 seconds respectively. team sky finished fourth in the time trial from cockermouth to whinlatter pass in the lake district, and that left their lead rider wout poels fifth overall. and there's a new leader at the vuelta a espana after a dramatic finish to stage 12. the stage was won by frenchman alexander geniez ahead of dylan van baarle both riders then coming together with an official at the line and falling off. the time gap between geniez and the chasing group means simon yates is replaced in the red jersey byjesus harada — who now has a lead of three minutes and 22 seconds over the rest of the field. the german max keiffer leads the way at the european masters golf in crans—sur—sierre after shooting a 6—under—par opening round. england's andy sullivan is just one shot off the lead after five birdies on his back nine. he's amongst four players on five under whilst matt wallace is trying
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to put behind him the disappointment of narrowly missing out on a ryder cup place. after a bright start he's a little way off the lead on two—under. wigan warriors keep up their pressure at the top of super league after victory over wakefield in the super 8's. joe greenwood scored in the final minutes to give wigan a 25—10 win. they remain second, four points behind leaders st helens. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are the former director of communications for the conservative party, giles kenningham and polly mackenzie, director of the centre—left think tank, demos. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the times says the nerve agent used in the salisbury attack was strong enough to have killed a000 people. the guardian leads with the pressure put on russia at the united nations over the poisoning. the telegraph says the head of the spy agency gchq says he is planning how to retaliate against russia. the sun reports claims that borisjohnson has separated from his wife. the metro goes with the data breach at british airways, in which the details of 380,000 bank cards were stolen. the ft leads with the government's proposed energy price cap, but notes it is lower than had been promised. the express has figures suggesting four out of five burglaries go unsolved.
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and the mirror goes with the death of hollywood legend burt reynolds. so a varied set of front pages. let's have a look at a few in more detail. we begin with the telegraph. gchq chief plotting revenge on russia, what has he got in mind? it is interesting, gchq don't normally go on record. they do not comment. it is anomalous. they deploy all of their resources to hit back at russia over the nerve agent attack. interestingly, from a diplomatic point of view, you have france, germany and the us backing the uk over its stance. i think, you speak to people in security services. the only way you hit russia is in terms of freezing assets and if sanctions do not work, you really hit them
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ha rd do not work, you really hit them hard and with all of these different countries, that is the way you feel the pain and the consequence of those actions. i suspect that they will not bring these two people to book at all. they will not have given up easily. and what happened with crimea when it was annexed. but it is embarrassing for the kremlin, if nothing more? but has giles says, you can take embarrassment. you have russia today advocating their own storyline and perpetrating, still, huge conspiracy theories, alleging that, in fact, the russians had nothing to do with it. the russians saying they offered to help with this. it's clear they are not offering to help. revenge in the headline here but it is clear that it isn't gchq plotting with their


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