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tv   The Papers  BBC News  September 6, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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security services. the to people in security services. the only way you hit russia is in terms of freezing assets and if sanctions do not work, you really hit them ha rd do not work, you really hit them hard and with all of these different countries, that is the way you feel the pain and the consequence of those actions. i suspect that they will not bring these two people to book at all. they will not have given up easily. and what happened with crimea when it was annexed. but it is embarrassing for the kremlin, if nothing more? but has giles says, you can take embarrassment. you have russia today advocating their own storyline and perpetrating, still, huge conspiracy theories, alleging that, in fact, the russians had nothing to do with it. the russians saying they offered to help with this. it's clear they are not offering to help. revenge in the headline here but it is clear that it isn't gchq plotting with their owfi it isn't gchq plotting with their own novichok and knocking off innocent russian citizens, the best
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things that theresa may said in parliament this week was when she clearly said we do not have a quarrel with the russian citizens or the russian people, this is a problem with the russian government and the way that they behave. what we need to do now is basically hack back. the uk is investing notjust cyber security but what they call offensive cyber security, which is basically reducing the technical capabilities. but it is not old school spy craft? the cyber security new front. surely it is a question ofjust doing it, not talking about it, as opposed to saying we will do it, as opposed to saying we will do it and then do it? it is putting them on notice. it is publicly shaming them, i don't think —— the
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consequence would be so huge. despite everything else it has been embarrassing and they are trying to shame them over their actions. embarrassing and they are trying to shame them over their actionsm embarrassing and they are trying to shame them over their actions. it is a common theme, you say it is diverse but the sense in which technology was just up routing so many comfortable parts of our reality, it is the shift from our traditionaljohn le carre spy craft to things that happen with conventions, none of us understand the real threat, when the russian state may act, not by invading us with guns and bombs, but by taking out the national grid. as you say, we have just throwing this paper review together, we have carefully thought about the order of these pages. and the potentialfor hacking, hackers attack british
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airways. 380,000 payment cards have been accessed. now british airways have brought in the police? they are doing the right thing. one of the new requirements and data protection law, when there is any sign of a breach, they had to come forward quickly to police, one challenge is that while police and the information commissioner, the regulator is massively under resourced when it comes to specialist capabilities. what people need to do, if they have been using credit card details on british airways, really think about using other credit cards and diversifying your portfolio of credit cards. i always thought it was a bad habit, that i regularly loose credit cards and had to cancel them. accidental security! i think the government is
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doubling the budget in the next ten yea rs, doubling the budget in the next ten years, it will outstrip it towards tackling terrorism. it is the new front. it also represents a lot of corporate is, getting their house in order. it is destroying trust. bt has been affected by a huge it meltdown last year. it is not the first controversy. there is a growing global trade in this data. the hackers, whoever made it through the firewall is to get this data, they will now be selling it in the .net all around the world. they need to change their past. this basic e—mail hygiene. i have a lot of different passwords for accounts and i cannot remember them! they made the point that passport details were not harvested. there is not identity fraud or identity theft. it went on
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for weeks though. let's have a look at the daily express. as we were saying, the emphasis now is on cyber security and preventing hacking. what happens to regular policing? the daily express ask whether police have given up chasing criminals because it suggests the majority of burglaries are going unsolved? these are consequence free crimes, they say. we do not have a lot of detail that the most immediate case study as london and what is going on. at the moment we have had 100 murders in the last year, it has been hit by knife crime and a gun epidemic. it seems to be a situation whereby criminals feel emboldened at the moment. sadiq khan has come out and said, i've done my bit, this is due to government cuts and frankly, it's a disgraceful thing to say. it is emboldening criminals. if criminals
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are under pressure, not society, it is very worrying. the issue is people fear crime more than the consequence of it. we are in a climate where people do not feel like they are emboldened to come forward and crackdown on this. the perception of crime is not always in step with the reality of crime happening. the point here is that some vehicle thefts and the like are not being resolved. it is funny, we have gone through a massive evolution of crime over the last 20 yea rs, evolution of crime over the last 20 years, whereby certain kinds of crime, burglaries and vehicle thefts, were reduced quite a lot. it is so hard to steal a vehicle, it's a new kind of crime, to break into someone's house... there is the amplification possibility with remote amplification possibility with re m ote keys. amplification possibility with remote keys. you can keep them in a special bag to stop them from being
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inside your house? i put my key through the washing machine, killing all technical capabilities!” through the washing machine, killing all technical capabilities! i just have a car no one will want to steal. these kinds of crimes, which used to be the big volume crimes, because they have come down, the police disregard them because they are under huge pressure. they should prioritise, as giles was talking about, and with criminals, they are being sucked away to big volume crimes and it's happening online. it is safer then breaking into someone's house. prince charles is expressing deep concern for the onset, the march of artificial intelligence and the impact on human interaction. he's making a fair and interesting point. we are in a situation whereby, you know,
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companies are going obsolete overnight and industries are dying and overnight. robots are taking jobs. it is something that trump had done. thatjobs are going to robots. society and computers are taking over. he has raised an interesting point. what is happening there? and the centre of society? it exist in an online environment. what happens to human interaction, are they capable of properly communicating a real—life human being in front of them? we all see the way in which attention spans have shrunk. people find it. in a way, we have three
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things simultaneously. the ability to get deep into something and achieve what we call "flow", the sense of total immersion in something that is important for mental health can be impaired by that. and so often, with prince charles, he is onto something and goes into overkill. with house—building, he was massively against all house—building, and part ofa against all house—building, and part of a big movement that did not want anything built. but actually, over time, it involved talking about quality house—building. it's the same with this technology. this is overkill. 0nly last week, i was doing a paper review and talking about the new revolution of ai killing cancer. it isn'tjust about this. i would like to move on to the final story, the financial times. the picture story, india revokes a colonial ban on gay sex after 157 yea rs. colonial ban on gay sex after 157 years. it is no longer a criminal
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offence. fantastic news, beautiful pictures of people with pride flags, rainbow flags, celebrating in india. this is a legacy law from the colonial error. a dreadful wrong, a british morality imposed on india, which was corrected today. it's tremendous news. campaigners with a long way to go. in rural areas, it requires education to teach people. a huge cultural shift, and interestingly one of the ruling judges says that history is an apology to the lgbt community for families against this discrimination against them. it is a strong emotive language and it will not change things overnight. a lot of campaigners say that they do not expect to see same—sex marriage in their lifetime. that's all for this hour, but don't forget you can see
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the front pages online. it is their seven days a week. my my colleague helen lee is tweeting out the headlines if you want to see them. another look at the front pages, coming up next. hello. the latest thoughts on the weekend whether and how it is shaping up coming up. first, reflecting on what we have seen in the last few hours. a lot of heavy showers scattered through scotland and northern england. northern ireland and some rain affecting south—east england. patchy in nature. the rain got in and sunshine to be had. it felt warm but things
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cooled down quickly overnight. skies we re cooled down quickly overnight. skies were clear. it had the odd shower running through north—west england. we see outbreaks of rain pushing in towards eastern scotland and north east england. most will be dry, clear and temperatures in rural areas down into single figures. 0n friday, low—pressure in the north sea. the closer you are too that brings a risk of rain, or the chance of rain. especially earlier in the day. the closer you are to scotland and north—east england, it will fade. some showers dotted about elsewhere. some cloud building. away from the eastern coast of scotland and north—east england, the northern isles, outbreaks of rain and many will be dry. it feels cooler, a strong north—westerly breeze. probably more noticeable, the further south you are, the warm spot
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may be around 20. that's around the top. at the weekend, a frontal system develops. some uncertainty surrounding how the rain will go. in western england, we see heavy bursts for a time on saturday. the position of this may change. it could avoid most of southern england but that could also change. it looks at the moment as though it stays in the south of scotland and northern ireland. dry and occasional sunny weather. temperatures in the mid to high teens. 0n weather. temperatures in the mid to high teens. on sunday, this weather system hanging around england and wales. cloud and spots with a few showers. some showers in northern ireland, especially in western scotland. some sunshine around, it must be a little warmer on sunday. this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall.
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the headlines at 11pm: british airways suffers a major data breach. the airline says hackers have stolen the details of 380,000 bank cards belonging to its customers. at the united nations, britain and its allies round on russia over the salisbury attack. they tried to murder the skripals. they tried to murder the skripals. they played dice with the lives of the people of salisbury. they work ina the people of salisbury. they work in a parallel universe where the normal rules of international affairs are inverted. what can you do besides drive fast? have fun. burt reynolds, star of smokey and the bandit, deliverance and boogie nights dies at the age of 82. he certainly did have fun in a career that spanned six decades. also coming up: an inquest has found that neglect and gross failure of care contributed to the death of a toddler
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