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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 11, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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to world number one. going out in style. alastair cook scores a century in his final test innings for england before his international retirement. and romano fenati could face criminal charges after he grabbed the brake lever of italian compatriot stefano manzi in sunday's moto 2 race in san marino. hello and welcome to the programme, where we begin with the golfing news that reigning olympic championjustin rose has moved to world number one despite losing the bmw championship in a play—off to keegan bradley. the pair were level at 20—under after their final round which was held over due to persistent rain on sunday, and watching was paul frostick. heavy rain on sunday meant the final round of the bmw championship had to be completed on monday ——. the
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gloomy conditions continued but they weren't holding back justin gloomy conditions continued but they weren't holding backjustin rose as he surged towards world number one. tiger woods is still making this comeback. no victory here but on two separate occasions he drew within a stroke of the lead. rory mcilroy, just a shot shy overnight, did this best but never quite got going. he would end two shots back. the battle here was between rose and keegan bradley. as others and saw their challenges fade, the american kept the wind firmly insight. rele ntlessly low kept the wind firmly insight. relentlessly low scoring from both saw them end tied on 20 underpass. either could have won it over 18 holes but with pressure comes mistakes. it would take one extra hole to decide it. rose may have missed out with this putt, but finishing second makes him just before the englishman to the world
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rankings. for bradley, it's this fourth pga tour wind but this first in six years. paul frostick, bbc news. a lot has happened to me over these six years. the belly putter was a tougher transition than i thought and, you know, i kind of fell off the radar therefore a little while, and it's tough from going to being on ryder cup teams, being on presidents cup teams, to not even outside the top 100 in the world and that was difficult. i had to really work with my coach, darren maddy, and we put a schedule together and we worked hard to get back to this spot. i felt so calm today. tony finau has been named as the final member for the united states ryder cup squad by captainjim furyk. the 28—year—old has not won on the pga tour, but had top—10s at three majors this year, and has played well during the current fedexcup playoffs finishing tied for eighth at the bmw championship. the united states are current holders and head to paris for this year's event in late september having not won in europe since 1993.
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we've been saying all along we're looking for a new captains picks, we're looking for guys who've had a great body of work all year. trainee has had ten top tens. —— tony. when second and eighth in the play—offs. played big in big moments, three top tens in major championships. he came over and played a practice round in paris with us injuly, saw him play the golf course, like what i saw. i just doubt tony checked all the boxes and had a lot of support from oui’ boxes and had a lot of support from our vice captains, players, and overall thought he was our best pic —— ijust overall thought he was our best pic —— i just thought. england are in a commanding position heading into the last day of the fifth and final test against india at the 0val. alastair cook made it a century in his final innings as an international player when he made 147, and captainjoe root weighed in with 125 as england declared on 423—8.
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the tourists, who have already lost the series 3—1, ended the day on 58—3, trailing england by 406 runs i've seen a few people go out on their own terms, it's obviously special, but to go out on your own terms when your last ever innings for england was 100. 0bviously tomorrow if we can top it off with a wind and a 4—1wind over the number one side in the world would make it even more special —— win. the international tennis federation have defended umpire carlos ramos over his decision to penalise serena williams for her conduct during saturday's us open final. the 23—time grand slam champion was warned for being coached from the stands, docked a point and then a game during her defeat to naomi 0saka at flushing meadows. journalist stephanie myles, who was at the match, says the row has polarised opinions. if you were a serena fan before
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this, then you'rejust if you were a serena fan before this, then you're just defending her to the end. clearly all the alphabet soup of organisations in tennis are doing this to the detriment of her opponent, and throwing the umpire under the bus and everything. it's sad...i under the bus and everything. it's sad... i don't know how productive that is. but if you did not like serena before, and if you remember the incident in 2009 at the us open, which was worse than this one, then it justifies everything which was worse than this one, then itjustifies everything you think you know about her and you just go in the opposite direction. she's a lwa ys in the opposite direction. she's always been a polarising figure, a lot of it unfair, but right now it's just exacerbating that gap between the two sides. if you've got kids watching this, and you're a family person and you wa nt and you're a family person and you want your kids to grow up playing tennis, what sort of view does this put across? that's kind of the thing, isn't it? we have to remember too that when all this started to happen, she'd
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lost the first set rather handily. the thing about serena is she's a peerless competitor, not necessarily in the women's game but in tennis generally. this is the flipside of that, the downside of that. so again, she's saying," i'm a mother and i'm standing up for my daughter", all that sort of stuff, pulling out every reason in the book to justify her behaviour. i think kids are going to remember this. given that serena, in this late stage of her career, is very clearly building a couple of platforms for herself. she's grinding herself and also putting herself out there as a promoter of women's rights, the rights of women of colour, working mothers and she's been working really, really ha rd mothers and she's been working really, really hard at that at every level and i really think this incidentjust goes against all of the things that she's been preaching to everybody since she came back from her maternity leave. onto football now: there were uefa nations league
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fixtures taking place on monday with the highest profile seeing potugal host italy in lisbon. cristiano ronaldo didn't feature for the hosts in the league a group 3 clash but they still secured a 1—0 win with andre silva grabbing the winner just after half time, while elsewhere in league b group 2, emre akbaba scored two goals in the space of four minutes for turkey to win 3—2 in sweden, and scotland beat albania 2—0 in league c group 1 thanks to an own goal by the albanians and steven naismith‘s effort. formerjapan star keisuke honda suffered a loss on his managerial debut as visitors malaysia came from a goal behind to beat cambodia 3—1 in an international friendly in phnom penh. the hype surrounding the match had been for the managerial debut of the formerjapanese international who retired after the world cup but still plays for. melbourne victory in australia's a—league, and his side went ahead in the 23rd minute. three second half goals for malaysia sealed a 3—1 win though and spoilt a dream debut for honda, who hopes to find a balance with his player—coach career. as their player, i really want to
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support them. and today we lost the game, but as you see in the first 30 minutes, they are amazing. for me, they followed what i've said for a week. they are following my philosophy top, gonna. —— they are following my philosophy. italian moto 2 rider romano fenati could face criminal charges after he grabbed the brake lever of italian compatriot stefano manzi when the two were racing at more than 200km per hour in san marino on sunday. fenati has since apologised saying it was a disgraceful gesture, although he explained that he was reacting to an earlier driving manoeuvre from manzi. he was disqualified from the race and banned for the next two grand prix but his team have sacked him and the team he was going to join next season have ripped up his contract. here's something you don't see very often,
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the maldives advanced to the semi—finals of the south asian football federation championship cup after winning a coin toss. both they and sri lanka lost to india 2—0 and drew 0—0 with each other. that meant that the simple flip of a coin was needed, held under the watch of the match commissioner. the maldives came out on top and will now play nepal in the last four. india will play arch rivals pakistan. both those matches take place on wednesday. coin toss, toin, what difference does it make? all the same. a difference of seven points to the new yorkjets against bedene try and is in their match in michigan. two touchdowns for the jets, only one for detroit. they took an early lead but they are behind at half—time —— the jets. but they are behind at half—time —— thejets. for but they are behind at half—time —— the jets. for everything but they are behind at half—time —— thejets. for everything else go but they are behind at half—time —— the jets. for everything else go to
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the jets. for everything else go to the website and you can follow us on twitter. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. full uk weather forecast coming up injust a moment, but first of all, i thought we'd cast an eye with what's going on on the other side of the atlantic. you might have heard, we have a major hurricane on our hands. this is hurricane florence, which is a very powerful category 4 hurricane, with sustained winds of 140mph. but it's forecast to strengthen, up to 155 mph with 190 mph gusts, and that is heading to the east coast of the united states. landfall probably thursday night around north carolina. it's going to cause big, big problems. just to the north of florence, we've got an area of cloud that extends of miles across the atlantic, right over to the united kingdom. yes, it's a massive weather front, or a couple really. it's going to be pushing southwards, bringing some heavy rain. the rain always heaviest
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across the hills and coasts of north—west england and wales. to the east of higher ground, it's one of those fronts where the rain's probably not going to amount to too much. but nevertheless there will be some damp weather getting into the east of the pennines, for example. given it stays quite windy overnight, temperatures will stay up into double figures. and this massive long weather front marks the dividing line between some coolish air that we've got flowing into northern areas, and air that's come in more from the mid—tropical atlantic across the south. so a lot of cloud around, but we are going to see the highest temperatures across southern counties of england. now, i wouldn't even rule out an odd spot of drizzle towards the coasts and hills in the south to start the day. but, for many of us, probably a dry start. now, through the day we'll see outbreaks of rain pushing southwards across wales, quite murky through the bristol channel for a time. and there'll be further showers in western scotland as well. temperature—wise, coolish air
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across the north of the uk, with temperatures between around 13 and 16 celsius. but, further south, well, the temperatures still into the low 20s. 22, 20 three degrees, something like that around the london area. now, through tuesday night, we're going to see that weather front have a pulse of energy running along it, and that will push the rain back northwards, back into north—west england, back into the north of wales. that's where it starts the day on wednesday, and then wednesday, the rain will very slowly trickle its way southwards, where it will become confined to southern counties of england to take us into wednesday afternoon. so it will stay quite dull and damp across these southern areas, with the rain perhaps even a bit slower to clear than this. and temperature—wise, 16 degrees in london. so those temperatures around seven degrees lower. it is going to be a much colder—feeling day in the south, particularly on wednesday. the rest of the week sees a bit more sunshine in the south, so temperatures do tend to recover, but the north—west will see further showers from time to time. that's your weather. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is martin stanford. our top stories: kim meets donald, the sequel. reports a second summit
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between the two world leaders is being planned. a state of emergency is declared in parts of america ahead of the arrival of hurricane florence. a possible brexit breakthrough. the eu's chief negotiator says a deal with britain could be reached within weeks. and, what doctors have called a miracle. the baby girl born with her heart outside her body.
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