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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 13, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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it didn't feel like a panic probably until maybe yesterday for some people. you can just see the look on their faces when you are picking up batteries or last—minute water. emergency teams have gathered in towns along the coastline. no—one can be sure exactly where will feel the full force of florence but they fear they will be needed as the storm pushes on to land. chris buckler, bbc news, wilmington. kelly salads and has now received her bronze medalfrom kelly salads and has now received her bronze medal from the kelly salads and has now received her bronze medalfrom the beijing olympic games. she received it in london tonight for the she finished fifth in the heptathlon but since then two rivals have been disqualified for doping. if patients isa disqualified for doping. if patients is a virtue, kelly saboteur and must have the patience of a saint. there has taken ten years to get her hands
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on what is rightfully hers. this olympic bronze was worth the wait. happy, sad, angry and bitter. suddenly the cloud lifted. is new in my heart this medal was mine. it will not be in my sock drawer because i have been waiting for this one for a long time. this was the race in beijing where two drugs cheats robbed the heptathlete of her big moment. she will leave this stadium with some tainted memories. remarkably it is not the first time. kelly sotherton, bronze. earlier this year she collected another retrospective bronze from beijing after she and team—mates from the 400 meter relay were also cheated out of third place. next week a decision will be made on whether to welcome russia back into the fold after that doping ban. tonight felt
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like a after that doping ban. tonight felt likea win after that doping ban. tonight felt like a win for those most affected by cheats. time for the news where you hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm holly hamilton. coming up on the programme tonight, eckstein years waiting in the field but finally, surrey have seen the county championship. walking up to the last time. his knock is finally over. the lead out onto the ball to a
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espa a with just two stages to go. —— vuelta a espana. hello and welcome to the programme. it's been a long 16 years but surrey have won the county championship once again. an unbeaten so far this season, they held on to beat them by three wickets earlier today and seal the title. eddie's was was watching for us. what an afternoon it's been here for surrey as they wrapped up the title is slightly more nerve—racking ways than they would have wanted. a middle order wobble before ricky clark and morne morkel saw them home. you can see what it meant to them. their first county title since 2002, and once again in
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this match, the star man really was captain rory burns, a century in the first innings, a half—century here today. he is the top run score in the country. a lot of people are touting as the successor to alastair cook at the top of the england batting side afterwards, he told me what this title means to him. we're just absolutely delighted. it's the one everyone wants to win, and to go ahead and do it, we arejust absolutely delighted. perhaps more nerve—racking than you would have wanted... especially when you're having to watch and your bid is done. i was watching my phone most of the time and try to detect myself from that but it was nice... rory burns being widely to foreign england —— widely to foreign england call up. it should not even be a discussion. rory burns should be
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into that squad straightaway now. he's done it for four years. the sure he's an even better player, and he is scored heavily, sword when it matters —— he is scored heavily, sword when it matters — — scored he is scored heavily, sword when it matters —— scored when it matters. i think he averages 90 away from the oval this year. he think he averages 90 away from the ovalthis year. he is think he averages 90 away from the oval this year. he is a quick learner and knows when he's earned the right to play. what a season in his for rory burns and for surrey, the last time winning the title back in 2002. it was their third title in just four years. they would be hoping this title can be the springboard to another era of domestic dominance. andy swiss reporting there. and sticking with cricket. paul collingwood — the former england one—day captain — is retiring at the end of the season. it's 22 years since he made his first—class debut and he's done a lot in that time. he played in 68 test matches. he was part of three ashes winning sides and he led england to victory at the world t20. it's a lot to give up and he says it wasn't easy to say good bye.
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ex—players always tell you you know the times to retire, and yesterday, announcing it to the boys, it was pretty emotional time, to be honest. i was pretty emotional time, to be honest. iwasa pretty emotional time, to be honest. i was a blubbering wreck but, yeah, i think everybody realises that it's time now. i realised that and i put all my efforts in over the last however many all my efforts in over the last however ma ny yea rs all my efforts in over the last however many years i've been playing the game, and that's going to be after two more games. simon yates has maintained his advantage at the vuelta a espana with just two more competitive stages remaining. the briton leads by two seconds as we head towards sunday's processional route into madrid. if he were to hold on it would crown a ground breaking year for cycling in this country, asjoe lynskey reports. stirring to be where british cycling makes its latest breakthrough. the
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spanish mountains are home of the last of the year's three grand stores. and folding the two titles gone by are chris froome and... now simon yates could complete the set. never before has britain have had three winners of each of the marathons of british cycling. this would be in something to cherish and keep a hold of. the roots to fly to be decisive. instead, the fund to race the stage and to write who had broken clearfrom race the stage and to write who had broken clear from the start knowing the scriptures were coming... as it swung into town, they have of the charge coming behind them. coming up, two more days when the mountains are back in play. for yates and british sport, a historic victory is now on the horizon. joe lynskey, bbc news. now for a look at other main
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stories. castleford have boosted their hopes of a home semi—final in super league's play—offs after a 44—12 win over huddersfield. the tigers sit a point off the top, two now with two more super eights matches to go. england's georgia hall is three shots off the lead after the first round of the evian championship. the british open champion is 3—under par, with spain's carlota ciganda and puerto rico's maria torres tied at the top. britain's james cook has won the world can talk to one athlete stoney —— has one the world paid now, it's one of the most highly anticipated fights of 2018 so far. canelo alvarez and gennady ‘triple g' golovkin will go head
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to head this weekend, exactly one year since their first bout was controversially declared a draw in las vegas. two failed drugs tests and a war of words later, tensions are running high between the two camps. let's go straigh to the strip and our reporter ade adedoyin. the sun is shining. a lot more than has been here vuelta a espana today. these two fighters, let's focus on them. no love lost there. —— along with and has been here. it is hot here, along with the atmosphere for this hugely awaited bout. no love lost, you are right. alvarez tested positive for a been suspect —— banned substance in february and the other was very critical. they would not say next to each other. oscar de la hoya, the promoter of this fight,
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says after a vent of the last 12 months, we need a dead —— decisive result. we need a knockout. boxing needs a knockout. whether it is either of needs a knockout. whether it is eitherof them, we needs a knockout. whether it is either of them, we need an exciting fight in the back and forth. punches in bunches. boxing needs it. if we get that saturday night, boxing is back. and thousands are expected to descend on vegas over the next two days. the fight is happening on mexico's independence day celebrations. the fight has been sold out already. as far as the two fighters are considering it is a rest day. they will come to face—to—face in the way in. on saturday night, potentially the biggest fight for both men's careers after everything that's happened in the last year. ade adedoyin from las vegas. you better go catch a bus
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there! thank you. manchester city women were denied a superb first—leg win after a late equaliser for atletico madrid in their last—32 champions league tie. gemma bonner opened the scoring for city in the first half, but atletico cranked up the pressure after the break, scoring in the final minute of normal time. retired british heptathlete kelly sotherton was finally awarded her third olympic medal this evening — a decade on from the beijing 2008 competition. here she is, clearly quite emotional to be receiving her medal at the team gb ball earlier. she finished fifth in the heptathlon in beijing but moved up after ukraine s liudmyla blonska and russian tatiana chernova were disqualified for doping. this is actually the second time sotherton has received a medal retrospectively, after collecting her relay bronze last year. it's a good feeling and i'm going to
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focus on... take that forward and do something positive with it. if i still think of negative, i've been cheated one. i am not going get all the trappings of being an olympic medallist at a loss that outcome and especially going into the home olympics, it would have been a really different story. i just have to focus on what this means to me now and nobody else. and congratulations to her. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. bye for now. hello and welcome to our look at you what the papers will bring us in the
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morning. with me... welcome to both of you. many of those front pages are already in. here they are. the telegraph leads on the salisbury poisonings. in an interview to a, the two russian agents said they we re the two russian agents said they were just tourists... the metro carries the same story. brexit is the other big story of the day. the financial times is reporting the bank of england governor mark carney has warned of a property crash as britain leads the eu without a deal. the times runs the same story, leading on mr carney‘s morning to the cabinet that house prices would plummet by 35% in the three years in ano plummet by 35% in the three years in a no deal scenario. the governor also makes the front page of the guardian, who set a no—deal brexit
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could be as disastrous as the financial crash. meanwhile, the ice has britain could have more genetically engineered food after brexit is the government considers lifting eu restrictions. cup in arms. that the headline in the sun, which leads on a proposed plastics tax on soft drinks cups. in the mirror dedicated front page to north korea where they spent eight days in the secretive country. a mix of web pages. take us to the front of the telegraph. theresa may's or marks on that interview in russia today. that's right. it's a few days ago she revealed the identities of these two russian men, not believed to be there remains them and yesterday we heard from p been saying these are ordinary civilians. the question is, what is going to happen next? what we are not expecting was this
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extraordinary interview on rt. these quys extraordinary interview on rt. these guys with this fairly implausible claim that we have been thinking about going to salisbury for a long time, ourfriends have been suggesting it... the clock, the old est of suggesting it... the clock, the oldest of its time still working. it's extraordinary, one, that they we re it's extraordinary, one, that they were revealed, too, the look of them. it looks like bond villains, blonde, quite shifty. what was interesting about this is why they we re interesting about this is why they were unveiled by vladimir putin, why the kremlin allowed them to go before the cameras. was it, as andrew woody, the former ambassador to russia, is it that there was a element of punishment because they made to but so many


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