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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 26, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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meanwhile, theresa may tells the un security council she'll continue taking steps to keep the uk safe after the salisbury nerve agent attack — calling russia's actions reckless and desperate the uk has presented detailed evidence clearly laying out charges of attempted murder against two agents of the russian state. we have taken appropriate action with our allies and will continue to take the appropriate steps to ensure our continued security. and also at the un — president trump says america will never allow iran to aquire a nuclear bomb. the us president defended re—imposing sanctions on iran because of what he called its "malign conduct". the government has made an unreserved apology to the victims of the infected blood tragedy. nearly 3,000 people died after contracting illnesses such as hiv and hepatitis. in a moment it will be time
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for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. theresa may is due to address the un security council in an hour's time — we'll bring you that speech live. at eight o'clock we'll be reflecting on the labour party conference after a day in which leaderjeremy corbyn vowed his party was ready to govern. research suggests eating a mediterranean diet — high in fruit and vegetables, nuts, grains, fish and olive oil — could help prevent depression. we'll hear from a nutritionist about what she makes of today's findings. and we take a look at what's making the front pages of tomorrow's papers — i'm joined by the broadcaster lynn faulds wood and michael booker — deputy editor of the daily express that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm hugh woozencroft. our main stories this evening... tiger who? europe's rory mcilroy says despite the fans‘ focus on woods — the players have to think big. we are looking to beat the us team, we are not just looking we are looking to beat the us team, we are notjust looking to beat tiger woods. jose mourinho says there is no issue between him and paul pogba but it doesn't look that way from a distance. we'll have the latest on a difficult period for manchester united. i'm live in milton keynes where spurs at night yet again home away from home. good evening, the tension is building
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towards the start of this week's ryder cup in paris as the players from team usa and team europe went through their second practice rounds. as both captains look to cement their opening pairs for when competition tees off on friday our sports correspondent andy swiss has been casting his eye over preparations at le golf national. here on the outskirts of paris we've had glorious conditions for the second day of practice here. also, bigger crowds with a predictably infuse you stick welcome for the european players as they arrived for the start of their practice round. always a special atmosphere at the ryder cup. there was chanting and cheering as the players took their tee shots. 0ne cheering as the players took their tee shots. one of the big talking points ahead of the event has been the presence of tiger woods in the
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american team after his comeback win at the weekend. earlier we heard from rory mcilroy who said it was important that the european players don't get distracted. this wiki is one of 12. we are not looking at individual players, we want to the us team. it's great. it brings a lot of excitement to the game. but i think to focus on one player is silly. the us arrived here as the ryder cup holders and very much the favourites. they haven't won on european soil in the last 25 years. earlier on, we heard from bubba watson who bizarrely was wearing a blue glove in his press conference. he said it was a joke with his team—mates. he seemed to be suffering from a cold but he said what victory would mean to his team. any time to win it is a dream come
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true and after 25 years, what a thrill. i've never won one as a player so it would be a lifetime thrill. that little trophy. that's always for. not playing for money or anything. we're for pride. tomorrow the players have a last chance to practice before being presented to the fans at the opening ceremony. we will discover the opening pairings. it all gets under way on friday. not long to go until the ryder cup is finally on the way. and we will return to the ryder cup build—up a little later, so, stay put golf fans. now it's time to talk football and take one guess at where we're going next. there's the hint. manchester united and the ongoing reports of a fallout between manager jose mourinho and his world cup winning midfielder paul pogba. andy mitten editor of the united we stand fanzine is here to help me discuss it. put out of the league cup by derby county of the championship
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do we have an idea what is going at old trafford? not a clear idea. there are different versions. it clearly looks like there have been issues and a breakdown in communication between manchester united ‘s mac manager and their star player, mourinho says there is no issues. i don't believe that. i believe there have been significant issues this year. there are significant issues this year. there a re clearly significant issues this year. there are clearly problems there. there have been ups and downs this year. issues for manchester united already. they are eight points behind liverpool after only six league games and out of the league cup. it is up and down with pogba who started the season very well, made captain for the first game against leicester city. he has had some bad games. he played very well
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last week in switzerland. i spoke to him and he was fine. but the two of them are not chiming. that concerns them are not chiming. that concerns the fans. when we see footage like at the training ground today, it doesn't look good. nobody could see any different to that when looking at it with their own eyes. a pretty frosty exchange between mourinho and pogba at carrington today. is this a way for pub but out of the club or does it go back to pre—season? way for pub but out of the club or does it go back to pre-season? i've never seen a does it go back to pre-season? i've never seen a manager of does it go back to pre-season? i've never seen a manager of manchester united so unhappy pre—season. then he changed tack and appealed to the manchester united fans. not all the fa ns manchester united fans. not all the fans are completely behind him. they are concerned about the type of football but they give him backing on the match days. would pogba
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prefer on the match days. would pogba p refer to on the match days. would pogba prefer to be playing for barcelona? yes. absolutely. but he is a manchester united player and very important to the club is my future. ifa important to the club is my future. if a player wants to leave and is not prepared to go out and do it publicly, it causes issues. but when you speak to him, you don't get any sense of that whatsoever. there is lots of smoke and mirrors. it is not the most settled club. it causes anxiety amongst the manchester united fans because they haven't got a clue what is going on. thanks very much forjoining us. well, last night's matches weren't the only games in the third round of the efl cup. there are five more to come this evening, the biggest of which sees the tie of the round, as liverpool host chelsea at anfield. liverpool bossjurgen klopp has been impressed by thejob done by chelsea's new manager maurizio sarri, who has only lost one of his first eight matches in charge of the club. starting the season you see
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immediately the impact. all my respect. it's really good to watch. good job so far. this team is experienced. about 80% of them have won the title already twice. they know how it works. it's a really good strong group. a good football team. tottenham hotspur are in action this evening, as well, a tricky tie against watford who have already beaten them in the premier league this season. spurs are officially the home team but will be on the road once again as the match is held in milton keynes due to a hold—up in the completion of spurs' new stadium. richard conway has more. it's already a feature on the london skyline. just not yet on the football fixture list. work on tottenham's new stadium has overrun due to what the club has described as unavoidable safety issues. with white hart lane demolished in 2017, the plan
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was to have the complex work completed with just a single season's fixtures disrupted. we've tried to do this in double time. if you look at any other project of this nature you wouldn't have achieved as much as we have achieved with the stadium. be patient with the fixtures but in actual fact you are going to get the greatest stadium in britain. 0nce complete, the stadium will host american football as well as spurs home games. but the work has meant that spurs have become football nomads. wembley remains home for now. there is no guarantee on the national stadium's availability so tonight spurs have to travel 50 miles north to play watford. with no news on when the new stadium will be ready, fans are frustrated. there has been silence from the club. i can understand why they don't want to commit to a date and fail to meet it.
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as a fan, we would like some certainty on this. if it is going to be next year, tell us. we can plan for that. semifinalists in the fa cup and third in the premiership, spurs season at wembley proved successful. with increased expectations against a backdrop of uncertainty, the manager hopes the stadium issues are resolved soon. i would like to finish the stadium. i promise you, if i need to go to the stadium and work to help the builders for the stadium to be ready as soon as possible, i would. all the players would be happy. the chairman would be happy. i promise i would go. a stadium is more than a building. it is a part of a community where hopes and dreams are housed. spurs' dream is within reach and kick—off can't come soon enough for those who would call it home. well, we can speak to richard
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now who has made the shortjourney up to milton keynes. what do you think the wider feeling is amongst spurs fans? about 24,000 tickets have been sold to night. so some have made thejourney tickets have been sold to night. so some have made the journey up the m1. there has been some disruption on the rail mainline. some have stayed away. they don't like the history of mk dons and have used that as a reason not to come. some arejust that as a reason not to come. some are just protesting because they are not happy having to use different venues for home fixtures. spurs have apologised and daniel levy has said that he will try to get the stadium open as quickly as they can. inside, it looks like a home game for spurs,
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the placards are out, the spurs motto, spurs fans have made every effort to make it look like a home fixture. it's been an inconsistent season for them so far. and on the field tottenham looking to build on the win against brighton at the weekend? it was interesting to hear from marussia pochettino speaking about the need to compete for trophies. he said one of the things he wanted built in the new stadium was a trophy cabinet and he wanted to fill it. it is a new era, notjust a new stadium but success on the pitch is what spurs want to achieve. the league cup gives them the opportunity to do that. they got to the round of 16 in the champions league, third in the premiership and the semifinal of the take—up but they didn't get any silverware last season. i think we will see a fairly
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strong team from tottenham hotspur to night. they will try and go and beat watford who themselves will have their own plans. kick off at eight o'clock. we will get the teams soon. spurs looking to make the most of being in milton keynes tonight. thank you forjoining us. there's an even bigger prize on the line in women's football this evening with the second leg matches at the round of 32 stage of this season's champions league. manchester city women take on atletico madrid at their academy stadium this evening. which is where we find our football reporterjo currie. jo — it's level 1—1 from the first leg and this won't be any easier even with the home advantage. good evening to you. it's going to bea good evening to you. it's going to be a very difficult time for manchester city but they will start as favourites with a wonderful record in europe over the last couple of seasons reaching the semifinals on both occasions. due to
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the unique way their women's champions league is run, they have found themselves facing a very tough atletico madrid side in the first round. that is because city were seeded and atletico madrid themselves champions were not. city have that all—importa nt themselves champions were not. city have that all—important away goal. it means that tonight a goalless draw would be enough to see them through to the last 16 but the manager said it wasn't how he wanted his players to approach the time. we have a duty to play attacking football. we have good players. we weren't too pleased with our offensive play in the atletico madrid game but going away against a good team in a full stadium, if you let the crowd get on their side you make the game difficult for you. we will go to win the game. so manchester city going all—out this
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evening according to manager nick cushing. as for chelsea, they should have an easier route through. they are 5—0 up against sarajevo after the first leg. city have a much tougher test. you can follow all the action, kick off at 7pm. should be a great match coming up later. also coming up in the programme... we're with olympic gold medallistjoe clarke, as he prepares to make a splash at the world canoe championships. and we get a players—eye view of one of the most intimidating holes at the ryder cup. now some news that has come into us in the last hour — england and harlequins prop joe marler has retired from international rugby at the age ofjust 28. 0ur reporter patrick geareyjoins me.
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patrick, it's a very big surprise, why has he done this? he has been an integral member of the side for some time. making is debut at 2012 but at the relatively young age of 28 he has decided to give up international rugby saying he wants to spend more time with his young family. he says it is an incredible commitment and he believes if it is not able to make the commitment he should step away. he has had an impressive career but hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in 2016 because he was banned and fined for abusive comments towards samson lee which related to leave's traveller background. then he missed the tour
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to australia wanting to take some time out of rugby and now it seems that the break is more permanent. and a year out from the world cup — not the best news for eddie jones? front row is a very technical role where you need understanding between the players and you do not want to be chopping and changing. he has said he is disappointed with the decision but understands. it adds to a wretched 2018 for eddiejones. there form has not been great. he's not been able to fill all the roles in his backroom team. some of his selections have been criticised. it only adds to the sense of uncertainty around the england side. ok, let's have a quick look at what else is making the sport's pages this evening. great britain have been awarded a wildcard for next year's revamped davis cup. great britain beat uzbekistan
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earlier this month to ensure they'd be seeded in qualifying for the new event but they'll now bypass that stage altogether thanks to their wildcard. all of scotland women's football squad will be able to train full—time for next year's world cup after a funding boost from the scottish government. around £80,000 of funding will mean shelley kerr's squad will be full—time from january until the tournament in june. england goalkeeperjordan pickford has signed a new six—year deal with everton. the 24—year—old onlyjoined the club from sunderland last summer and was named the club's player of the year after his debut season, before helping england to fourth in this summer's world cup. and following that world cup success — the fa's technical director dan ashworth is to leave his role to take up the same position at premier league side brighton — the club say he will start working with them in the spring. now, 0lympic canoe champion joe clarke says he had to rebuild his confidence "from zero" due to poor results after his rio 2016 success. the 25—year—old is back at the scene of his finest hour this week
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for the canoe slalom world championships. and although clarke is currently number four in the world, he admits to having doubts about his own ability, as our 0lympic sport reporter david mcdaid found out. joe clarke's rise has been as rapid as the waters he strives to master. 0nce barely known outside the sport of canoe slalom, in 2016 he became a national hero. commentator: sensational! joe clarke has secured himself a medal. this week he goes back to rio to claim world gold to add to his 0lympic back to rio to claim world gold to add to his olympic gold. excitement from performing their well. add to his olympic gold. excitement from performing theirwell. i'm expecting to go and bring home a medal. he hasn't


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