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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  October 9, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello, i'm chris mitchell and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: the astros are flying high, sweeping their american league division series with victory over the indians. shocks aplenty in shanghai. stan wawrinka is out on day two. the nominations are revealed for this year's ballon d'or. world cup winner antoine greizmann is on the list. major league baseball to start with. the houston astros are through to the american league championship series. game three of american league division series was ended 11—3 to the astros, as the cleveland indians 11—3 failed to take advantage of their early lead. the astros are flying right now,
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they landed in cleveland to games up and on top. but the indians still had great hopes and this is sacrificed flight meant that the indians were one up. but the lead in hoped didn't last long. this george springer, solo homer getting the defending world series champions back level. and with the scores to a piece, marvin gonzalez hit eight to run double to give the astros a 4—2 leader. the home fans of silence and houston back on top. —— home fans silenced. from there, the astros piled on the paint. george springer was back and hit another solo home run. this is ridiculous! carlos
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correia turned up and turned a series win into a procession, with this 3—run homer as houston made it 10-2. the this 3—run homer as houston made it 10—2. the astros once again celebrating, abetz into the american league championship series and sweeping a play—off series for the first time in their history tells you that they are the team in form. one more hurdle for them to negotiate before the world series. that next hurdle might be harder to overcome, it is the yankees or the red sox next. a lot of things have to happen to win in this league. health, good fortune, you have to catch something that the right time, get a win a lot of games, you worry about the things behind you if are in first. going into the play—offs, going against a really good team. we cannot say more positive things about the indians, we congratulate them on their season. we congratulate them on their season. a really good team. i know after a sweet, we did it very convincingly, takes nothing away from the group over there. our guys
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have an uncanny ability to focus on the days. and in the last few minutes on the other side of the bracket. the la dodgers have beaten atlanta to progress to the national league championship series. la will meet milwaukee for a place in the world series. it's been a day of shocks on monday at the shanghai masters in china. three—time grand slam champion stan wawrinka was knocked out in the first round, along with former top 10 players milos raonic and gael monfils. austin halewood watched the action. after a season plagued by injuries, sta n after a season plagued by injuries, stan wawrinka is finding his way back into the game and early on against borna ori , there were glimpses of the grandslam champion‘s best tennis. at 21—year—old ori is one of the most exciting talent on the two and he hit back. into a decider, youth prevailed over experience, ori indy and
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co mforta ble experience, ori indy and comfortable and into the second round. he will face american qualifier bradley kwan, beating nick kyrgios in three sets, the australians looking largely disinterested throughout. the world 100 form taking it in three and troops seal just 100 form taking it in three and troops sealjust his fourth to level wind of the season. —— klahn. stefan aust won his first in the two 12 months ago, ranked 131st at the time. now he is up to 15, with outside chance of qualifying in london next month. he took a tough set from gael monfils, before the frenchman impressively hit back with the second. and entertaining encounter came to a disappointing and. a double fault handing tsipias to get into the next round. milos
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raonic‘s first server is his most effective working —— weapon, but was rendered useless as the big games continue to fall in shanghai. milos raonic managed to force a decider, but it was the world number 78 who dominated throughout to seal the biggest win of his career to date. let's do some cricket now. australia have it all to do in their first test match against pakistan in dubai. they will resume on day 3 on 30 without loss. a massive 452 runs behind pakistan's first inning total. pakistan piled on the runs on monday. haris sohail was their star with the bat, scoring his maiden test century. his 110 helped pakistan reach a82 before he eventually fell to nathan lyon. asad shafiq also had a great day at the crease with 80. pakistan lost their last six wickets for 72 runs. you have to go back over 10 years when someone other
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than cristiano ronaldo or lionel messi won the ballon d'or. both are in the running once again for world football's most prestigious award, along with 28 others who are being shortlisted on monday. one of them is ronaldo's former teammate lu ka modric. the croatia and real madrid midfielder has already won fifa's best male player award. he helped his country reach the world cup final in russia where he won the golden ball for best player. antoine griezmann, a world cup winner with france is nominated alongside international teammate and chelsea midfielder n'golo kante. for the first time this year, they are also going to give out an award for the best female player of the year. a list of 15 nominees were announced on monday. one of the nominees is the player who won the bbc‘s women's footballer of the year award.
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england and lyon's lucy bronze won that in may. winner in 2017 norway and lyons ada hegerberg is also on the shortlist, as is brazil's marta who won the fifa player of the yar this year. you can get all the details on our website. just go to chinese guard ding yanyuhang scored his first points in the nba as the dallas mavericks defeated the philadelphia 76ers to wrap up their china games in shenzhen. fans had been chanting all game for the mavericks chinese player ding yanyuhang to take to the court and they finally get their wish in the fourth quarter. he committed a foul as boos rang around the stadium, but then made it onto the scoresheet with a free throw which send the crowd in a frenzy. 115—112 the final score.
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i love ding. i thought he was great. great energy. making things happen at both ends. really happening for him. this is a big moment for him in his home country and just really pleased. after the game we presented him with the game ball. we don't do that very much, but he was very deserving tonight. senegal will host the 2022 youth olympics. an ioc commission chose senegal ahead of botswana, nigeria and tunisia, who were also interested in becoming the first african host of any olympic event. the 2022 youth olympics will take place in capital city dakar. south africa recently lost the right to host the 2022 commonwealth games but olympic swimming champion chad le clos believes this will help heal that disappointment.
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iam i am ducted from outside to get the, what games in 2022. i know the difference that i can make. you look at swimming and athletics that has improved since london 2012 and how it has grown during this year. more swimmers and more athletes and more weig htlifters swimmers and more athletes and more weightlifters will get more involved in that and through sports, definitely can make a big impact in africa and definitely in senegal. it isa africa and definitely in senegal. it is a starting project and we will see what happens. hopefully it will bea see what happens. hopefully it will be a stepping stone to getting a senior olympics, is that what you would hope, that commonwealth ‘s could have been the step, but this could have been the step, but this could be, potentially.” could have been the step, but this could be, potentially. i really hope it would happen to south africa. maybe one day after simeon i can become involved in the ioc and can make some changes. very excited, a positive steppingstone and hopefully this can continue into the next step, which is the big olympics. surely it is only a matter of time foran surely it is only a matter of time for an african nation to get the
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olympics. they have already had the world cup in south africa in 2010. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello. there's some warmth and some sunshine in this forecast and one more day of rain for scotland and northern ireland. by the time it pulls away later on tuesday, through the early hours on wednesday, parts of the western highlands could well have seen around 200 millimetres — close to eight inches — on this one front that's been hanging around for a few days. still with us on tuesday and still bringing strong winds and outbreaks of rain into northern ireland and scotland, always heaviest the further
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north and west you are. slowly through the day, it will push northwards. there is something dry arriving arriving into northern ireland, southern and eastern scotland and increasing amounts of sunshine across england and wales as the cloud through the morning thins and breaks. maybe a bit more cloud across the far north of england. anywhere northwards of wales will see the strongest of the winds on tuesday. this is an idea of the average speeds but the gusts, once again, will be touching a0 or 45 mph. lighter winds in the south and in the sunshine temperatures between 17 and 20. 15 and 16 for northern ireland and scotland. 11 for the far north of scotland. through tuesday evening and overnight, our band of cloud and rain continues to work its way northwards so for much of the uk, as we start wednesday morning, it will be dry with clear skies, the odd patch of mist and fog and a mild start to wednesday. temperatures between 7 and 12 as the overnight low. the warmer air continues to push its way up across the uk through wednesday and you will see temperatures rising. the warmest day of the week. our front finally clears away from the far north—west of scotland, just some cloud and patchy rain first thing in the morning before it
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finally moves away and for much of the uk, it is a fine day. plenty of sunshine. a fairly noticeable south—easterly breeze later in the day. some hazy skies across southern england, perhaps some showers through the evening. to give you an idea of the temperature, you can see warmer area extending right across the uk and we will see temperatures widely in the low 20s celsius on wednesday, even up into scotland. parts of east anglia and south—east england could see temperatures up around 2a celcius. by thursday, it is more unsettled. bands of showers, longer spells of rain, working their way up, particularly in the west. further east, at this stage, dry and still holding some warmth. 20 or 21 celcius. a cooler feel further west. as we go through friday, keep an eye on this because we could see some very wet and windy weather, gales are likely across much the uk, very unsettled by the end the week. welcome to bbc news,
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broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: after weeks of division, justice brett kavanaugh is sworn in as the latest member of the us supreme court at a special white house ceremony. the senate confirmation process was contentious and emotional. that process is over. my focus now is to be the bestjustice i can be. the second suspect in britain's nerve agent attack is named as alexander mishkin, a military doctor working for russian intelligence. hurricane michael lashes cuba. it is set to strengthen as it heads towards florida, bringing life—threatening storm surges.
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