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we don't want that with the history we've got. we have got to try and keep it alive. it is only the younger generation that can do that so we're looking for volunteers. i think the youngsters, when they come on match day, they come to see the game and they don't think about the involvement. theyjust come to see the game and go home. we want to get across to them that they can do more than that. they can get themselves involved. the stadium name repeats the message, young blood wanted. desperately needed if west auckland town is to be more than fond memories and a memorial statue to the miners who won that first world cup. most sports fans are familiar with the scenes on the day of the boat race every spring, when spectators line the river thames to see crews of eights compete. but, for the nehru boat race in india, the boats, the crews and the crowds
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are ‘slightly‘ bigger... traditional ‘snake boats' are up to 35 metres in length and have crews of around 100 paddlers each — as they race through punnamada lake in kerala. 80 teams took part on sunday with a nearby boat club taking first place — followed by a crew of local police officers. the nehru trophy race started in 1952 but the snake boat races can be dated back as far as the 13th century. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. the pressure facing the minister on the cabinet to back—up brexit proposals. they are joined to hammer
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out a deal by wednesday, in order to get eu leaders to agreed by the end of november. in the last half hour theresa may has arrived at guildhall in central london. for this evening lord mayor's banquet. this is the traditional follow—up in the wake of the annual speech on foreign policy, mrs may suspected,... to comment on the skripal case. there she is, with her husband, philip me. our correspondent, vicki young, is also at guildhall. correspondent, vicki young, is also at guild hall. inevitably, correspondent, vicki young, is also at guildhall. inevitably, given the attention on brexit, people will be interested to know what the prime minister has got to say on that, but she is taking a wider canvas hearing this speech? yes, this is traditionally a wider kind of speech about world affairs, really, and last year, there was quite a big
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focus on russia and the uk's relationship with russia, and i think, again, that will feature this year, and of course what happened in salisbury will be a part of that. so, of course, took theresa may talking about how the international community came together to condemn the salisbury incident, but she will also be saying that the frosty relationship that russia and the uk have at the moment is not the one that the uk once. she will be saying that the uk once. she will be saying that if they change their behaviour, we will respond in kind. really try to urge russia to end that broken relationship. but there will of course be referenced to brexit, whatever is said it will be pored to see as to whether the right any clues as to where we are in this endless waiting game. tomorrow, there will be a weekly cabinet meeting, but no suggestion really that any nuke documents are there to be put in front of cabinet ministers. but it is the case —— any
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new documents. there is a suggestion that some ministers are frustrated, that some ministers are frustrated, that she needs to walk away from the talks and say that we can't budge any more and it will be no deal u nless any more and it will be no deal unless the eu and in some way. whether she will heed those warnings is another matter, but i think the other point about the cabinet is they feel that there is no point in them agreeing to some type of copper mines, if there is no chance of parliament passing it. —— compromise. we are hoping that... it seems quite unlikely that the parliament and npp mac with past a deal. we are in this waiting game, and of course the clock is ticking as everyone keeps saying, and talk ofa summit as everyone keeps saying, and talk of a summit at the end of november, people getting increasingly frustrated about that likelihood, happening, and it may well be that it moves to december. is the kind of move in the cabinet —— mood in the cabinet changing? we are suddenly hearing, we hadn't heard anything of
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this before, we were told in the summer that the premise that was backed by her colleagues, but suddenly a lot of them are voicing serious reservations. we are suddenly hearing this, we have... how much of this is actually signal being directed at the prime minister by her cabinet colleagues? yes, i think it is, but i think the big question for those in the cabinet, who had these reservations but sat around that table all those months ago, and agreed to let this option go forward, and the ones who are now privately saying that they are unhappy about it. the question for them, and the pressure they come over from them, and the pressure they come overfrom some of them, and the pressure they come over from some of their own backbenchers, is will the act? were they say directly to theresa may, it is time to walk away from all of this, will they walk away themselves? and resign over it, at themselves? and resign over it, at the moment the ones that have reservations in to be deciding to stay there and try and fight it,
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from within, if you like, but we will have to see if that position holds. thank you very much. don't forget, coverage of theresa may's speech which is scheduled to begin, puddings permitted, at 845 tonight. stay with us from the papers later on. now, time to look at the weather. we have certainly seen a day of sunshine and showers. some have been dramatic. they have been producing scenes like this one. this was taken in nottinghamshire, but up and down the country, we have had some dramatic cloudscape is out there. as we head towards the end of there. as we head towards the end of the day. all those big heavy clouds have been courtesy of this area of low pressure, moving from west to east through the day. we have not seen the back of itjust yet. the recent radar and lightning shows
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that we have that rash of showers, pushing north—eastwards. plenty of ‘s blunder storms. we will tend to lose the heaviest storms in extra hours. still some showers lingering, but not as frequent as heavy. north—west england and western scotla nd north—west england and western scotland have a particularly soggy start to tuesday, but frost free wherever you are with temperatures between 5—8d first thing. it of a... a very different day tomorrow, with a ridge of high pressure. drier than today, plenty of sunshine on offer and temperatures up to around 13 or 14 degrees. it is still mild. more cloud and rain, just working in towards the far south—west, some rain arriving across northern ireland and the west of scotland, too. but as they should be dried and the deal on tuesday. and we have got high pressure sitting at the
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south—east. it will influence the weather across the southern half the uk, through the middle part of the week. some outbreaks of rain at times the northern ireland common opening, scotland, but furthersouth across a mid—and wales, you should see the dry weather continuing, with the south—west. still mild, temperature up to 14—15d on wednesday. certainly well above average for this time of year. that mild rain continues into the end of the week. that mild air with us, still some weather fronts just to be far north—west, high pressure sitting to the south—east. it should demonstrate our... thursday — friday, lots of dry weather, it will be cloudy at times, but will stay mild. as the wii had through into the weekend, looking rather dry and mild, with the light winds, but we could well see some problems with mist and overnight fog, as well through the course of the weekend. you're watching beyond
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one hundred days... at least 31 dead in the forest fires in california and 200 people still missing. the president has praised rescue workers — but not before he laid blame for how the blazes started and threatened to cut funding. the firefighters have warned that winds of up to 70 miles per hour are expected over the coming days, which will spread the fires further. 48 hours to put together a deal — pressure mounts on theresa may to gather ministers around her brexit plan. downing street said talks went on through the night but "substa ntial issues" remain unresolved. also on the programme..... a weekend to remember the war dead turns into a political post mortem as relations between european leaders and donald trump hit another low. and tackling fake news — we look at how false
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