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tonight at ten, the rising number of migrants, trying to cross the english channel, is declared a major incident, by the home secretary. as more people are detained off the coast of dover today, ministers warn it's only a matter of time before lives are lost. also tonight, hmv goes into administration, putting thousands ofjobs at risk, as customers turn to online and streaming services. the english channel is declared a major incident by the home secretary. as more people are detained off the coast of dover today, ministers warn it's only a matter of time before lives are lost. also tonight... hmv goes into administration, putting thousands ofjobs at risk, as customers turn to online and streaming services. i haven't bought a cd or dvd for years. years and years. no, i don't buy any, i download everything. following an explosion in leicester in february — three men are found guilty of murdering five people, including a mother and two sons. the us border with mexico could be shut down by order of president trump, unless he gets congressional funding to build his controversial wall. and how british conservationists found a new home for one good evening.
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the rising number of migrants trying to cross the english channel in small boats has been declared a major incident by the home secretary. more than 220 people have tried to cross, since the start of november. in the latest incident early this morning, 12 people were detained off the coast of dover. the home office said it was only a matter of time before lives were lost, given the dangers of trying to cross the world's busiest shipping lane. for the latest, let's go live to dover and our correspondent duncan kennedy. well, huw, it has been anotherflat, calm day in the inglot, so behind me, and we have seen yet more crossings today, two more boats with a total of 12 men on board, bringing the total to about 220 migrants who
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have made the crossing since november, which is why tonight the home secretary has declared this a major incident. huddled in life jackets, these were some of today's arrivals off the coast of dover. two boats, with 12 more men, in what's becoming something of a surge in the numbers of migrants crossing the channel. they'd managed to make it, despite the presence of this border force cutter that we filmed off folkestone today. the boat is currently the only one available to patrol this part of the channel. tony smith, who once ran border force, says it isn't enough to stop a disaster at sea. out on the channel, we do need more capacity to enable us notjust to spot these small boats but also to intercept them. and i think it needs an international effort, really, in collaboration with the french law enforcement agencies, to prevent them from coming in the first place. the government says that although this is the only border force cutter currently patrolling off the coast of kent, they don't want to put more resources into this, for fear of attracting more migrants.
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the argument being that if the migrants and smugglers in france get wind that it's safer to cross the channel, then they'll be tempted to make the crossing. tonight, the home secretary, sajid javid, declared these crossings a major incident and said he is considering whether to bring in another patrol vessel. so, why is the government reacting now? well, in addition to today's 12 migrants, there were 23 people who crossed yesterday, and a0 more on christmas day, making a total of around 220 people since november. really what we need to do is to stop people making these journeys in the first place, so more patrol boats is part of the answer, but it's also having the resources on the ground we need and working in partnership with the french to identify the gangs and stop them making the crossings in the first place. but refugee groups say until any new measures are brought in, we have a duty to let migrants land safely.
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these people have an absolute right to claim asylum here, they know that — there's no such thing as an illegal asylum seeker, these people have a right to come and seek asylum here. we want the government to be making it easier for them to do that, so they don't have to risk their lives. the intervention of the home secretary puts these channel crossings onto a higher level of government priority. but with the calm weather and a limited number of physical options to change things quickly, we're likely to see more migrants trying to make it to our shores. duncan, this declaration of a major incident, what difference do you think that is actually going to make? it is a good question, i think firstly, sajid javid is going to say that he is going to be getting daily two things from the police on this. secondly he's going to be talking to his french counterpart over the weekend to see if the french can do more to stop the migrants coming
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overin more to stop the migrants coming over in the first place. and then thirdly, he's thinking about the option of putting another one of those border force cutter is out into the channel. the problem with that, huw, is that britain only has five of these cutters in the first place, one of those is on standby and two of them are in the mediterranean and in the change seats, so, this really is a dilemma for the government, there does not appear to be for the government, there does not appearto be any for the government, there does not appear to be any quick fix, especially as the weather remains calm. —— in the aegean sea. one of the most familiar names in british retailing, hmv, has confirmed that it's calling in the administrators. the move affects more than 2,000 staff at 125 stores throughout the uk. sales at the music and film retailer have been hit by competition, from online retailers and streaming services. it's the second time in five years that hmv has hit serious financial trouble, as our business correspondent rory cellan—jones reports. there's some flash photography coming up. from david bowie...
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to eltonjohn... to take that... they all chose the most famous name in high street music to launch an album. but that was then. now, hmv has collapsed into administration for the second time in five years. the main reason? people are finding other ways to get music and movies. netflix or spotify. i don't ever buy anything. no, i don't buy any. i download everything. i like movies, but i'm not bothered about having them on dvd all the time and stuff like that. so it wouldn't be that bad for me, to be honest. hmv‘s current owners bought it out of administration five years ago. but today, they said an extremely weak christmas and a poor outlook for music and dvd sales next year meant they couldn't go on trading. when it comes to physical sales, hmv is still a major force, with around a third of all music sales in the uk and about a quarter of the dvd and blu—ray market. but both are in decline, and a big fall in recent months in sales of dvds seems to have pushed the firm over the edge.
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don't you get sick of it all...? the rise of streaming services such as netflix and spotify means millions no longer choose to own dvds or cds, making the environment for a high street entertainment retailer ever harder. i don't think that's the whole story. i mean, obviously hmv have seen a change in terms of sales, as people move to digital access models. but actually, i think what we're seeing now is something akin to some malaise on the high street generally, with high rent and rates and a very torrid christmas trading period this year. i bought my first records in hmv. it was kind of like a magical place. jimmy martin went on to work at hmv for 15 years, and now helps run this store specialising in second—hand vinyl. he says there's still a place for music on the high street. i think it's all about making what you're selling more desirable. i think there is a future for hmv if it sells second—hand product,
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the same way we do. i think there's a future for them to sort of diversify, and i think record shops can be as exciting as they were to me in 1985 when i first went into them. for now, the 125 stores remain open. the search is on for a buyer who believes that a business which has been through almost a century of change can still have a profitable future. rory cellan—jones, bbc news. three men have been found guilty, of the murder of five people, including a mother and her two sons, in an explosion at a shop in leicester. the blast destroyed a supermarket and the flat above, where a family lived. the court had heard that the men caused the explosion, in order to make an insurance claim. a warning that this report by our correspondent contains distressing images from the start. a massive explosion rips through a building, tearing a hole in this city street. people who witnessed it thought
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a bomb had gone off. but instead, it was caused by a fire, started deliberately to profit from an insurance claim. it destroyed a polish shop and the flat above it. mary ragoobeer, two of her teenage sons, sean and shane, and shane's girlfriend, leah reek, who had arrived just 10 minutes before, were spending a sunday evening together at home. all four were killed. the light went out of our world on that terrible night, and it is so difficult to put into words how much we miss leah. she was an amazing, inspirational young lady who was just starting out on her life adventure. we know leah worshipped shane and they adored each other. and they were taken from this world. we are so grateful to the ragoobeer family for making leah so welcome. she loved being there and knowing she was always happy there gives us some comfort. also killed was 22—year—old viktorija ijevleva, who was working in the shop at the time. she'd been conspiring with three men — hawkar hassan, arkan ali and aram kurd.
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they wanted to claim £300,000 in insurance because the business was failing. this cctv footage shows them buying more than 20 litres of petrol the day before the explosion. they also bought other flammable materials to intensify the fire. the jury heard the three men had deliberately left viktorija ijevleva, who was arkan ali's partner, in the shop to die because she knew too much about the scam. they also believed they would get more money if people were killed. aram kurd ran the polish supermarket. prior to the explosion, he moved the cctv camera outside the shop to obscure the view. here he is at the scene just seconds afterwards. he'd been in the basement when it happened. then, an hour later, talking to police. just go through then how it all came about... ? the bbc spoke to him the next day, before he was arrested. how are you feeling at the moment?
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i don't know how to tell you. never i feel how i am now. the three men will be sentenced next month for the murder of five people. a cynically planned fraud with no regard for human life. kathryn stanczyszyn, bbc news, leicester. let's take a look at some of today's other news. the family of two british women and a baby girl who died in a car on holiday in iceland have spoken of their "horrifying shock". the tourists were in a vehicle when it crashed through the railing of a bridge on thursday. the women are believed to be rajshree and khushboo laturia. the baby is understood to be rajshree's daughter shreeprabha, born this year. four other passengers remain critically injured in hospital. a woman has been charged with the murder of two children at a home in margate. samantha ford, who's 37, and lives at the address, has been charged with two counts
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of murder, according to kent police. she's been remanded in custody to appear in court tomorrow. the mp fiona 0nasanya, who has been convicted of perverting the course of justice, has signalled she intends to stay in the house of commons, despite facing a possible jail sentence. she was suspended by labour after being found guilty earlier this month. in egypt, a tourist bus has hit a roadside bomb killing three vietnamese people and a local tour guide and injuring 11 others near the giza pyramids on the outskirts of cairo. the egyptian authorities say the bus hit the device after diverting from its planned route. president trump has repeated his threat to shut the us border with mexico unless congress agrees to fund his controversial plan to build a wall between the two countries. the dispute, prompted by illegal immigration, has caused the partial shutdown of the us government. hundreds of thousands of federal employees are either on unpaid leave or continue to work without knowing when they will be paid.
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chris buckler reports. securing the long border between mexico and america has become the priority for president trump. he wants $5 billion to build a huge barrier that's not so easy to climb. but he needs democrats to approve the funding for that long—promised border wall, and they‘ re refusing, leading him to make a new threat. during a long series of tweets warning about the dangers of illegal immigration, mrtrump said... the president and his opponents are in a stand—off that has already ended funding for about a quarter of government programs. some national parks, federal buildings and even the national christmas tree have faced closure as a result of the shutdown, leaving hundreds of thousands of government workers either on unpaid leave or not
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knowing when they will get paid. we made an offer last saturday night, they told us that they'd get back to us by the end of the week, they got back to us last night and said, "we're leaving, that's it, no more discussions." so, the discussions have broken down, we do expect this to go on for a while, we do expect to manage it. a small number of politicians did return to washington immediately after the christmas break to discuss the shutdown. but despite some shouted objections, congress only ended up meeting for a matter of minutes. the house stands adjourned until 10am on monday december 31st 2018. i was hoping the republicans were hearing what i was hearing back home from my constituents during the christmas holiday, which is, you know, you guys need to get back to washington and reopen the government. i mean, 800,000 federal workers don't know whether they're getting paid or not — that's a big deal. despite the practical difficulties, the white house insists the threat to close the border with mexico in real. with mexico is real.
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and if anything, the political divide many miles away from here in washington only seems to be growing. chris buckler, bbc news. 0besity costs the nhs billions of pounds every year. many people have followed medical advice and lost significant weight, potentially saving the nhs money in the long run. but some are left with folds of excess skin, and getting nhs surgery depends on where you live, and some argue that treatment of this kind shouldn't be available on the nhs. 0ur health editor, hugh pym, has the story. at his largest, jack was nearly 3a stone, living on a diet of takeaways. that was then, but this is now. he's lost 18 stone. that was after doctors told him he was at risk of dying young. but the dramatic weight loss has left him with another problem. so, i have a lot of loose skin, especially around the torso area. i think at my age, being only 22, it's something quite difficult to live with. jack told me he was in a dark place
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when things got out of hand with his diet and lifestyle. eating was a comfort and it's a vicious cycle. you would eat to feel better. you would feel better, you would eat again and then you would feel bad and upset because you were getting bigger. he feels he did his bit by going on a rigorous diet to get his weight down. now he thinks his local nhs should do an operation to deal with his folds of skin. i've worked this hard to get myself out of a situation which could have cost the nhs a lot of money going forward. the mental aspect of having to deal with your body once you've worked this hard for it can be quite challenging. getting body contouring surgery after weight loss depends on where you live. in kent, jack's local area, it's not possible to have the operation routinely on the nhs. but in hampshire, local commissioners will pay for it. in wales and northern ireland, it's not routinely funded. but in scotland, it is possible for some patients. the series of operations required
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can cost the nhs up to £24,000. but surgeons argue it is an essential part of the treatment of those who are tackling their own severe obesity. we must, must get away from the fact that people think this is cosmetic surgery. it could not be further from the truth. this is reconstruction, and patients do benefit from having the surgery. nhs clinical commissioners said the surgery was available in some cases, but unfortunately the nhs does not have unlimited resources. "some tough choices have to be made, which we appreciate can be difficult for some of our patients." forjack, it's a simple question of fairness. i'm not doing this for just the cosmetic. it's for me to be able to live a normal life. to go to the gym and have to tuck yourself in, like a shirt, you have to tuck yourself in to be able to work out. it's very difficult in social events when you're wearing a shirt because you have a fold. so, it's notjust the cosmetic side, it's the kind of mental aspect
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and the effect that that does have, especially being such a young person. hugh pym, bbc news. a lifeboat crew in cornwall say a fisherman who fell overboard near newlyn has been amazingly lucky to survive. nathan rogers managed to cling to his nets forfive miles while his boat dragged him back to shore on autopilot before it crashed into newlyn‘s south pier on thursday. he was treated for severe hypothermia and is now recovering at home. one of the world's rarest birds, a species of duck called the madagascar pochard, has been given a new home. a team of british conservationists from the durrell wildlife conservation trust and the wildfowl and wetlands trust have released a small group at a lake in the north of madagascar at a lake in the north of madagascar, as our science correspondent victoria gill reports. 0n the brink of extinction. the madagascar pochard was thought to have been wiped out completely, but a tiny group of the birds was rediscovered just 12 years ago,
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at one remote lake. wetland habitats here have been so polluted and damaged that the birds were forced into a last untouched area. but as pristine as it looks, this final refuge is actually too deep and too cold for the pochards to thrive. they are clinging onto existence in a place that isn't really suited to them. the threats that they face across the rest of madagascar — which is why they've been wiped out so extensively — are vast and range from sedimentation, invasive species, pollution, poor agricultural practices. a whole suite of different things that combine to make the perfect storm that really make it hard for a species like the madagascar pochard to survive. so conservationists embarked on a painstaking rescue mission. after bringing a few birds into captivity to start a breeding programme, the researchers scoured madagascar for the best possible site to bring them back to the wild. lake sofia in the north of madagascar will be
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the pochards' new home. and for the world's rarest birds, the team has developed an extra level of protection. well, it might be bit of a different climate here in gloucestershire compared to madagascar, but the team at the wetlands here have been able to develop this floating aviary. the idea is, it'll keep the birds safe and get them accustomed to their new lake. there they go, swimming off, swimming off... the doors to their floating aviary have now been opened and the pochards are venturing out to explore. it's a small but significant step, conservationists say, in saving one species from extinction and in protecting madagascar‘s threatened wetlands. victoria gill, bbc news. that's all from us — now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. hello. this is bbc news with martine croxall. new research shows that more than half a million potholes were reported by members
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of the public to local authorities in the uk last year. the rac says the figure proves road conditions are worsening. in 0ctober‘s budget the government pledged more than £400 million to tackling the problem. 0ur transport correspondent tom burridge reports. they're a hazard, sometimes huge, almost impossible to count. so, this is a typically damaged wheel. we see no less than six a day. sometimes as many as ten cars a day, which are only here because of pothole damage. just one garage, in one area. for the last two or three years it has been getting worse and worse. the scale of the problem nationwide, it must run into millions and millions in terms of the cost of damage to the road user at the moment, it is really, really scary. and today we have new figures confirming a big rise in potholes on our roads. the number of potholes reported by people in 150 local authorities in england, scotland and wales rose by a whopping 44% in two years. this guy feels potholes are his calling. he argues that real investment
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in repairing road surfaces, instead of patching potholes up, would ultimately save money. if you did a proper investment plan, changed the culture, training, contracts, supervision, the right quality materials, 95% of potholes could be eradicated from ever appearing on our road network. the rac says councils don't have the money and the government needs to act. what we require is a long—term funding mechanism whereby local authorities can plan ahead and actually deal with the specific issue of the structural defects, rather than simply filling in potholes. the government says it's giving councils an extra £400 million for local road repairs this year, and funding trials to identify potential potholes so roads can be repaired before they form. lifeboat crew in cornwall say a fisherman who fell overboard near newlyn whilst adjusting his nets has been amazingly lucky to survive.
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nathan rogers managed to cling onto his nets forfive miles, while the boat took him back to shore on autopilot. he was treated for severe hypothermia and is now recovering at home. 0ur cornwall reporter tamsin melville has the latest. we can see the man holding on, holding onto the boat. holding on to the boat. lucky to be alive, the moment fisherman nathan rogers is pulled from the sea after being dragged five miles by his own boat. i've never known anyone to be dragged behind a boat for that amount of time and to still survive is amazing. having fallen overboard he had clung on to hoses connected to hauling gear and had been in the water for an hour, travelling at six knots with his boat on autopilot. crashing into the pier. the boat hit the pier in newlyn and the rescue was filmed and the alarm raised by a family on a beach clean. i saw the boat with no one on it.
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i saw the splash and the head bobbing up—and—down. what did you do then? i told my dad to phone 999. i was shouting, "swim, swim," but he wasn't moving at all. the lifeboat was on anotherjob when the alarm was raised. the skipper of the dream catcher was holding him out of the water until we got alongside. the fact that we passed him two miles further south and just steamed past him is quite frightening. they were just amazing, from the passing fishing boat to the crew. the crew was just there rescuing another boat. they came so fast, you know. yes, they were just marvellous. taken to hospital with hypothermia, nathan rogers has been recovering at home today. an unfortunate accident with a happy ending here but the incident has raised the dangers of fishing, particularly when alone, with some pointing to the importance of life jackets with safety
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measures, like locater beacons. it's time for a look at the weather with louise lear. good evening. lovely day for most of us. good evening. lovely day for most of us. lots of cloud but some dramatic evening sunsets sent in. the cloud will thicken up and there will be a spot of drizzle and poor visibility on south—west facing coasts. we have wetter weather moving through scotla nd wetter weather moving through scotland accompanied by a brisk wind as well. the rain will nudge into the north of england by the early hours of saturday morning. the rain is moving through at quite a pace, often to the north sea, but the gusts of wind will be an issue first thing. we are still under the influence of this area of high pressure and circulating around that high ina pressure and circulating around that high in a clockwise direction we have the wind direction coming up from the south. it is a mild field
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to the story for the next few days despite the cloud around. it will be a relatively mild one. windy first thing for much of scotland with gusts of winds in excess of 40—50 mph. the winds will ease down quickly as the rain clears through and into the afternoon it will be a breezy affair and a brighter affair and the cloud thick enough to give some drizzle and may be some south—westerly poor visibility with some mist along the coast here. top temperatures around 9—13d, that's pretty good this time of year. as we move out of saturday into sunday we see some early, clear skies but not for long before we get more wet weather pushing in, this time fringing the north of northern ireland, pushing into scotland and northern england for a time, again a fairamount of northern england for a time, again a fair amount of cloud and the temperatures on the mild side to start the second half of the weekend. sunday will see early morning rain clearing through the northern isles and far north of
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scotland. the behind it, quite a conditions and the quite theme continues for most, even with the cloud around it will be a reasonably pleasa nt story cloud around it will be a reasonably pleasant story and temperatures into double digits way above where they should be for this time of year. as we move out of sunday into monday, thatis we move out of sunday into monday, that is new year's eve and we will still be under the influence of this high pressure, this rather cloudy high pressure, this rather cloudy high and not much in the way of brea ks high and not much in the way of breaks and decent spells of sunshine. the weather fronts stay well up to the north which bodes well up to the north which bodes well if you have outdoor plans on new year's eve. it is going to be cloudy but largely dry. hello and welcome to sportsday. jurgen klopp says liverpool have so much more to do as the premier league leaders get set to host arsenal at anfield tomorrow. scottish premiership leaders celtic head to second—placed rangers, looking to become just the second team to win there this season. and northampton move up to fourth after a bonus point 31—28 win over premiership leaders exeter.
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