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tv   BBC News  BBC News  January 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:43pm GMT

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that iaéfiétg that ever. you. this is bbc news. the headlines: roger stone — a long—time ally of donald trump — denies seven counts including lying and witness tampering, in the inquiry over russian meddling, in the 2016 election. i believe this is a politically motivated and mitigation. jack shepherd — the man who killed a woman in a speedboat crash — appears in court in georgia and now faces extradition back to britain. commons leader andrea leadsom suggests the uk may seek to delay leaving the eu by a couple of weeks in order to get brexit legislation through parliament. in carbon dioxide levels — since records began fo thg welsh £13854; ' '* ”w" ' """
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and one news watch, was diane abbott treated unfairly last week and time? nigh—e 5; our north america editor, jon sopel, has more. roger stone, provocateur,
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flamboyant, lifelong republican operative, specialist in dirty tricks, youthful aide to richard nixon, long—time friend and adviser to donald trump. i he emerged the very picture motivated investigation, motivations of the prosecutars is no circumstance whatsoever
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under which i will bear false witness at against the president, i'ioi’ witness at against the president, nor will i make up. to ease the witness at against the president, nor will i me myself. 7“! kw; thi - , .. his indictment; containing—details of text messages he had sent which read as though they were taken from godfather or the sopranos, to one he says... the indictment alleges that roger stone was the key conduit between russia, julian assange‘s wikilea ks and the release of thousands of stolen e—mails from the democrat national committee, deeply damaging to the campaign of hillary clinton. throughout 2016, stone was an ever hasn't figure. in donald trump, they see somebody who gets things done, talks straight,
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