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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 26, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america coming up on the programme: and around the globe. my name is mike embley. federer fightsbacks at the dubai tennis championships, as he chases his 100th our top stories: atp tour title. the australian cardinal george pell is found guilty of child abuse, the most senior catholic as maurizio sarri's authority is questioned, following the english league cup final, cleric to be convicted. what next for the chelsea manager? north korea's leader, kimjong—un, arrives in hanoi for his second summit with president trump. and anthonyjoshua tells us how he's doing all the homework he can in a surprise move, iran's foreign minister announces his resignation ahead of facing jarrell miller on social media, and apologises for his shortcomings. at madison square garden injune. the old man and the snow. the colorado hermit who has produced welcome to the programme, decades of data to help thanks forjoining us. combat climate change. roger federer remains on course for what could be his 100th atp tour title, after battling back to win his opening match at the dubai tennis championships. he's aiming to become only the second man, after american jimmy conors, to reach a three figure landmark. and in his first match since his australian open defeat in the last 16, federer managed to get past germany's philip kohlschreiber in three sets, as paul frostick reports:
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four as paul frostick reports: victories on the atp tour, american four victories on the atp tour, only american jimmy connor ‘s stand four victories on the atp tour, only americanjimmy connor ‘s stand in front of roger federer on a 109. philip kohlschreiber was his first opponent in the dubai tennis championships. a break in the opening game meant it was enough to win the first set. after a break in the second, philip kohlschreiber struck again. he took the set 6—3 to set upa struck again. he took the set 6—3 to set up a decider. the contest faded as federer broke the german twice to win 6—1 in the third. he is going for a record eighth title in dubai. the unprecedented scenes in sunday's english league cup final of a player refusing to come off the pitch and be substituted continues to get plenty of reaction.
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chelsea's goalkeeper kepa arrizabalaga didn't want to be replaced ahead of his side's penalty shoot—out defeat against manchester city, despite his manager maurizio sarri screaming for him to get off from the touchline. both have since come out to call it a misunderstanding, but few are seeing it that way. sarri took team training on monday, but questions about his long—term future continue. here's our reporterjoe lynskey let's look at some of the reaction from across the full world. john mourinho was speaking to a european broadcaster and he said the club is ina broadcaster and he said the club is in a fragile situation and that is sad for the club and maurizio sarri. a bit less sympathetic from one player. saying it should be kepa arrizabalaga forced out of the club not the manager. in late and puts
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this down to the chelsea model... how disposable managers are at this club. in germany willi 0rban‘s late goal earned rb leipzig a point at home to hoffenheim in the bundesliga. hoffenheim took the lead on 22 minutes through andrey kramaric. but with just two minutes left, leipzig finally found a way through hoffenheim's defence. 0rban getting on the end of a low cross from marcel hastenberg. the result leaves leipzig fourth, a point behind borussia moenchengladbach, with hoffenheim eighth. next to india where the women's cricket side have won the one—day series against england. they were already 1—0 up and won the second one dayer in mumbai by 7 wickets. chasing 162, india eased to victory with england captain heather knight forced to admit afterwards that her side haven't given a good account of themselves. 0ur reporter henry moeran has more.
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england came to mumbai hoping to win an 0di series on indian soil for the very first time. two matches in and that opportunity is gone and, with it, the chance to win four crucial icc women's championship points. the first 0di, well, it was a heavy defeat, the first 0di, well, it was a heavy defeat, batting second. on this occasion, they once again won the toss but this time couldn't make the most of the batting conditions early on. 0nly nat sciver, with 85, a brilliant innings, offered much hope for england. 161 was all they could master and the target, a lowly one, was easily chased down by india. the world is best batter in the women's game, smriti mandhana, making 63. the evergreen captain, mithali raj making 47 not out and england left thinking what might have been as once again they have come to india and failed to win an 0di series. the series is gone now, which is obviously hugely disappointing for the side but we have one more game
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to go, obviously with championship points, so it is really important. we dust ourselves down. obviously we feel the disappointment little bit but we come back tomorrow, and focus on the last 0di. this year, of course, is an ashes year and england will go into the summer knowing they will have to play the world ‘s number one side, albeit on home soil, but australia, when they were here 12 months ago, beat india 3—0 in an 0di series. so england worryingly far behind the others at the top of the world game. england came here with extremely high hopes. they wanted to be the first english team to win an away series in india, they haven't done that. think about the ashes coming up, qualification for the world cup, there have to be concerns. the third and final one—day international is on thursday, again here at this stadium. the series may have gone by the england, once again, those icc women's championship points on the line and also the chance to show that they can perform well in indian
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conditions and there are plenty of batters that will have to go out and show they are the right selection and players to head into a huge, summer of the game in england. anthony joshua says he's studying his next opponent, jarrell miller, more than any other boxer before to avoid what he calls a "banana skin" when the pair meet at madison square garden injune. it's safe to say there were fireworks when the two went head to head in new york last week and joshua's been telling us that, in his quest to unify all the belts in the heavyweight division, he's doing all the homework he can. ade adedoyne reports the press conference at which took place at the west london hotel. as fiery as the one in new york last week but there were signs that miller got underjoshua's skin. he said that he plans to rearrange jarrell miller's face when they meet. when we interview him afterwards, he says that he has watched more videos than anyone else because it cannot afford any slip us
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with so much riding on the contest. i know about what he sees, how he operates, how he feels, i watch his press c0 nfe re nces , operates, how he feels, i watch his press conferences, his face—offs, i have listened to all the boxing channels opinions, i watched his fights. normally i say i do not listen to none of it but i know more than any other player because i do not want to slip up. that is the ba na na not want to slip up. that is the banana skin factor, we tried to align the belts and i had to fight parker. i up fighting parkerfor a belt. he thought someone in the states. after that, we were trying to fight and negotiate another fight. every fight cannot afford to
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make any mistakes and this time with miller had to do even more research. anthonyjoshua will go in as favourite. he has faced better quality opposition, beating a number of world champions. but miller says thatis of world champions. but miller says that is over rated and doesn't believe anthonyjoshua that is over rated and doesn't believe anthony joshua can that is over rated and doesn't believe anthonyjoshua can imagine for desire. he fought vladimir two years ago, and he fought parker. he did not put the pressure on him as much. he has been hurt every fight since winning the title. i am bigger, hungrier stronger and bring more to the table than good looks. i am the underdog and i am hungry.- the boxing fans will want to see the
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best. there are three of the best boxes are lined the different television stations butjosh wright thinks it should not be enough to not have them boxed together. —— joshua. and finally we'll leave you with a frisbee chasing dog that wowed the crowds in america. this was during a half—time show during an american football league game in orlando florida. the gold coloured dog called eurie took off like a rocket and managed to run 83 yards before perfectly catching a frisbee. the pa announcer said it was a world record before guiness world records confirmed it wasn't but it was still pretty impressive anyway. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's you can catch all the news, roger
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federer‘s win at the dubai tennis championships, kepa arrizabalaga and maurizio sarri incident. but from me, it's goodbye. hello there. on monday, the temperature reached 20.6 celsius in western parts of wales. and today, the temperatures are going to be very similar. basically, the record warmth is going to continue for one more day. and it's all due to this static weather pattern. it's been unusually warm for quite some time, this blocking weather pattern, there's the undulations in the jet stream. there's always winners and losers, of course. and on the warm side of the jet, it was 20 degrees on monday in london. on the cold side of the jet, for example, in athens, it was only 7. the average temperatures at this time of the year in london is 10 degrees. the average temperature in athens is 15. and as you can see, over the week ahead, things are going to get
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a little bit back to normal, if you like. it's going to turn cooler in london and warmer in athens as the jet stream changes. we will look at that in a moment. while it is warm in sunshine in the day, it's cold at night and into rural parts across the south, temperatures could be down to —3 once again. some mist and fog patches in the valleys to lift in the morning. plenty of sunshine on the way again on tuesday. away from the far north of scotland, where we have a band of cloud. it will feel warm and the sunshine and 19, 20 with western parts of wales and around the london area too. we've still got our blocking area of high pressure close to our shores, that's feeding warmer air around that towards the uk. pushing down colder airfor eastern europe and into the eastern med. wednesday we start to see some changes, more mist and fog around the southern parts of england and wales slowly lifting. a lot more low cloud coming into the south—west approaches through the irish sea into northern ireland in western scotland. sunshine elsewhere, well above average.
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not as warm as they have been. on thursday, the changes are more significant. because we've got a lot more cloud around on thursday. some weather systems to bring some showery rain. perhaps getting as far north as north—west england or northern ireland. even some bursts of rain in the south—east. brightening up in the south—west later but on the whole, much more cloud in temperatures will be quite a bit lower as well. we saw the position of the jet stream earlier on. this is how it looks toward the end of the week. a much strongerjet coming right the way across the atlantic. more of a westerly influence. we are losing the warmer air that is coming in from the south, so temperatures are lower, ii or 12 degrees. more cloud around, a bit of sunshine at times, but we're likely to see some rain coming in from the west.
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