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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 2, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. this is bbc news. the headlines: i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 6pm: a 17—year—old girl has a 17—year—old girl has been stabbed to death been stabbed to death in a park near romford, east london, this is bbc news. the 18th person killed in a park near romford, i'm lukwesa burak. east london — the 18th person to be the headlines at 5pm: in the capital this year. killed in the capital this year. i'm 23 years old. a 17—year—old girl has i have a daughter by the age, many been stabbed to death the fact that this didn't londoners around the country while in a park near romford children who would know people who shock me, that's quite sad. in east london — that should not be our reality, that the 18th person to be are young and by the grace of god, shouldn't be young people's reality. killed in the capital this year. the us ambassador urges britain to i've got a daughter aged 17. it could be one of our children's many londoners — many people who lost her life last night. embrace american farming methods — around the country — including chlorine—washed chicken will have children america's ambassador to the uk, and hormone—fed beef — to help or will know people urges britain to embrace secure a post—brexit trade deal. us farming methods, to help who are young and... secure a post—brexit trade but for the grace of god, deal, dismissing fears over chlorine—washed chicken labour's internal row over it could be any one of our children and hormone—fed beef. anti—semitism has deepened — who lost their lives last night. with two of the party's most senior figures clashing over how the us ambassador urges britain labour's internal row over anti—semitism has deepened, with two of the party's most senior to handle complaints. to embrace american farming methods, figures clashing over how including chlorine—washed chicken three, two, one, zero. and hormone—fed beef, to help to handle complaints. secure a post—brexit trade deal. ignition, lift—off. labour's internal row over anti—semitism has deepened — with two of the party's most senior sport and for a full figures clashing over how round up, from the bbc to handle complaints. sport centre, here's ben. hello. three, two, one, zero... let's start with today's ignition, lift—off. premier league football...
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and another significant moment in the title race. with liverpool not playing spacex's falcon rocket blasts off into orbit until tomorrow, manchester city have from florida's kennedy space centre. returned to the top of the table. pep guardiola obviously delighted it's on a mission to show nasa at the full time whistle. his champions had to overcome a couple of injuries it can carry astronauts into space. against eddie howe's side. they lost kevin de bruyne and john stones to edge past bournemouth 1—0. riyad mahrez scoring the only goal, in sport, arsenal miss the chance to take city two points clear. to beat their rivals. a late penalty miss that was one of our best in the north london derby. performances we have played. they are incredible. we defend so well. we created enough chances. we did good afternoon. a 17—year—old girl has been stabbed to death in a park in east london. incredible. every movement with one the victim was found in harold hill in romford last night. sense, i'm so delighted. ijust want police have launched to say thank you to the place a murder investigation. no arrests have been made so far, because they are absolutely and the victim hasn't been incredible. —— thank you to the formally identified yet. players. well, a short time ago, big win too for manchester united, but they were made to work
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for it by southampton. our correspondent katy austin — some cracking goals in this one — well worth watching match who's been at the scene today — of the day for tonight. told me about the grief it looked like southampton were going to get a point that's been caused by this latest fatal stabbing. at old trafford — it was 2—all that's right. going into the final few minutes, and romelu lukaku came up with a winner for united which takes them above arsenal there's been a profound sense and into the top four. of shock and disbelief in this community it is one of those games it had at the fact that a 17—year—old girl died in the parkjust everything. they came here to beat behind me last night. she has become the 18th person to be killed in london this year. us. no arrests have been made over the death as yet, everything. they came here to beat us. open, and we should have been but police say they're continuing one 01’ to investigate how someone so young us. open, and we should have been one or two up in the first five minutes to be fair. we started came to lose their life here. really well and then they settled flowers have been laid by the park down and they scored on the first where a 17—year—old died last night, two strikes. they are unbelievable the first teenage girl to be fatally stabbed in london this year. strikes on the boys but i thought my it's sad to see this happen. itjust shows kind of the support team, we did fantastic. the boys did that is needed in the community great in the second half. and how the community needs the early kick off today, was to continue reporting, the north london derby at wembley. because that's one of the issues a game that tottenham went into off we have in havering. the community are not reporting the back of two straight defeats, what they're seeing. therefore, havering is not seen as a priority or is not seen and arsenal closing the gap on their rivals in the top four. as an area of concern.
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it's been a shock for residents patrick gearey was watching. of this quiet residential area. the closest dispersion arsenal good, i'm quite shocked, to be honest, the more this match matters. these that someone died here, two neighbours are separated by only because i come with my baby four points, so surely every engine quite often to this park and every second would have to be i thought it's safe. but from now, i don't think earned, but somehow here, aaron i'm going to come ever. ramsey had an age and his last derby police forensic teams have been examining the area around for arsenal come he made the moment the children's play park last. thought of emerge from where emergency services were called about 9.30pm last night. hibernation but erickson made it a woman whose house overlooks leno a hero, since his reactions, the park told me herfamily heard a commotion last night, and she rushed out. heightened. a silent spurs needed a she said there was a small group push and got a shower. it came from of young people and she was told one of them had been stabbed. the staff become a penalty, arsenal she tried to help the girl. an ambulance arrived, claimed kane was outside but his question was off—site. the but the teenager could not be saved. goalkeeper level is right in game. london mayor sadiq khan said today direction remain wildly unpredictable, 89th minute and the he was devastated by the stabbing. referee saw enough of this for an i've got a daughter aged 17. arsenal penalty. in the race for a champions league place, what a many londoners — many people moment now for pierre. and a bigger around the country — will have children or will know people who are young and... one still for hugo. tottenham possum but for the grace of god, at the fence completed the rescue it could be any one of our children act. for a welcome everybody like who lost their lives last night.
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themselves, lucas came on a there are people who know who is responsible, and my message half—time but was off before to them is to please contact the police. full—time. red card. the last act of it's really important a game exhausting to be a part of that justice is done. the teenager has not been him and almost as tiring just to formally identified and no one has been arrested. but murder squad detectives watch. are investigating the death some things you deserve to know get of the first teenage girl to be fatally stabbed in and sometimes you don't deserve it the capital this year. and sometimes you don't deserve it and you get. the most important is the mentality. impressive for me. i well, and what's happened is still sinking in with residents here. wa nt to the mentality. impressive for me. i want to say thank you because i the person i spoke to who tried didn't see it. i think it is good to help the teenager as she lay dying said she'll never forget and we need to be looking forward that sight, and more importantly, her heart goes out to her family, and we need to be looking forward and try not to be arrive in good who must be going through so much. conditions for the next game. —— as i said earlier, some flowers arrive. not good for us because maybe we and some cards with messages on, in tribute to the girl who died, have been left next to a tree which is not far from where i'm standing here, and the message can't win... our on one of them reads — not good for us because maybe we can't win. .. our chances not good for us because maybe we can't win... our chances on the quite simply — "we love you. gain, the less penalty for us, but i forever in our hearts." am very proud of them. i think they that was katy austin there reporting from romford in east london. are in good spirits.
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the american ambassador in london has urged britain to embrace us farming methods to help secure a post—brexit trade deal, saying fears over chlorine—washed chicken and hormone—fed let's round up the rest beef were "myths". of the day's results. brighton secured their first premier league win of 2019 at home in a newspaper article, to bottom—of—the—table huddersfield. woody johnson compared crystal palace put in a superb away performance as they won food production in the eu at relegation rivals burnley. to a museum of agriculture. that a big step towards securing their top—flight status. our business correspondent rob young has been explaining and, two goals inside the opening 20 the reaction to the minutes earned wolves victory at home to cardiff. newcastle playing west ham ambassador's comments. in the day's late kick off, the score is 1—0 to west ham. us chicken washed in chlorine declan rice with the goal and beef produced with growth at the lon stadium. couple of results from hormone have proven the scottish premiership, too... ryan flynn scored an 87th minute controversial in europe, winner for bottom side st mirren — but the us has been clear that at home to livingston. bigger agricultural access in the uk while, kilmarnock missed the opportunity to really close is one of its main aims when the gap on third—place aberdeen... they drew at home to motherwell. it enters into trade talks. one game going on right now, so, the us ambassador has written in the scottish cup... that he thinks there has been celtic playing hibernian a smear campaign against us food, saying that production techniques in europe are like a museum of agriculture. in the quarterfinals. now, the uk government has said that high standards will not be compromised in the pursuit of trade just over 15 minutes deals, but the national farmers union has said that it says in and it is tied. consumers wants to maintain the current standards
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tennis, and yet another milestone of food production here, day in the phenominal but they say there is a huge risk career of roger federer. 20 grand slam singles titles, that farming standards could be he's won a record six atp finals sacrificed as trade talks begins, and the davis cup with switzerland... because the us has insisted and now he's won his 100th title on the atp tour. in various trade negotiations he did it by beating that it wants to sell more stefanos sitsipas in straight sets food around the world. at the dubai tennis championships. he's only the second man to reach the milestone — jimmy connors has 109, you wouldn't bet against federer that was rob young there. passing that record before he calls time on his career. on wednesday, england blugeoned over 400. two senior labour figures have today — they scored clashed over how the party considerably less. handles anti—semitism. all out for 113 in the final the general secretary, one day international jennie formby accused the deputy leader, tom watson, against west indies. of using a "vague parallel process" by asking labour mps the st lucia pitch wasn't as easy to forward complaints to him. mr watson said people had lost to bat on but england made heavy trust in labour's ability to investigate allegations. weather after being put into bat. our political correspondent jonny bairstow was the first to fall. nick eardley reports. generally england struggled chanting: enough is enough. against the short ball. moeen ali's wicket started allegations of anti—semitism have a remarkable collapse, not been easy for the labour party — losing their last five wickets protests byjewish groups outside parliament, mps quitting the party for just two runs. accusing the leadership of failing to act, rows over whether it is even a problem. a short time ago, windies were 16 without loss. elsewhere, and the european indoor athletics championships continue in glasgow tonight.
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after gold medals from laura muir and katerina johnson thompson last night. chris williamson, an ally britain has high hopes ofjeremy corbyn, was suspended this of more success. adam wild reports on week for claiming the party had been too apologetic. but now, a public row has broken the days events so far. out right at the top. this week, i've had 50 complaints... the morning after, and glasco come allegations of anti—semitism have not been easy for the labour party — infor the morning after, and glasco come in for some come a moment to reflect katerina johnson thompson did so this man, deputy leader tom watson, wants labour to do more from the commentary box, leave to address the issue. he wrote to mps urging them everything as expected. there are to contact him with complaints. metals one now to watch other last night, the party's general british championship. defending her secretary issued a scathing reply. in a letter to mr watson, 60 metres title, easing through her sent to every labour mp and peer, jennie formby said... first heat, inspired by last night's success. at the laura did, defending her title, screaming at my television, i felt like i her title, screaming at my television, ifelt like i was pushing the hallway. they both did amazing. it was a great thing to be here. britain has the defending champion in the men's event. richard for labour, agreeing on how to tackle anti—semitism prospect presents provided one of is proving far from simple. the competitions most intriguing subplots. initially left out of the the us space agency nasa gb squad, a shock reprieve, now and the private company, spacex, qualifying for the semis. for 60 minute journey been up and down,
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have successfully launched an astronaut capsule thatis from american soil for the first minute journey been up and down, that is exactly how and he has made time in eight years. his career, goal medallist of the the spacex falcon blasted off from the kennedy space centre hurdles two years ago, here he was on an uncrewed test—flight to the international space station. qualifying in his heat.|j hurdles two years ago, here he was qualifying in his heat. i wouldn't be here if i didn't think i could spacex founder elon musk says compete to a good level. i love it could be the first step towards opening space travel championships. i knew whatever came to commercial customers. pallab ghosh reports. before becomes irrelevant when you get into the situation in this environment. it is where i feel like three, two, one, zero... i should be. bradshaw, first ignition, lift—off. attempt... goes clear! well done. it took holly bradshaw a single jump to up and away, spacex qualify for the pole vault final. mighty falcon rocket. lecturing straightforward for and on top, the dragon abigail, but she is through to the space capsule. designed to take four astronauts long jump final. and with tim into space, but notjust yet. duckworth going in the head instead just a solitary crash tackling, brita may soon have more test dummy, wired with sensors success and wish to reflect. —— is in one of the seats. britain may soon have more. world championship cycling going on too in poland, and this uncrewed test is part great britain have just been edged into fourth in the women's madison of an ambitious nasa project to send astronauts into space from which was won by the netherlands. disappointment then for neah evans and elinor barker — us soil once more. katie archibald remember was meant
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what today really represents to be part of the team but she had to pull out because of concussion. is a new era in space flight you can watch it all live via the bbc red button. and an era where we are looking forward to being one customer, now to rugby union... and exeter stay top of as an agency and as a country. the premiership after a hard—fought victory over sale sharks. it's been eight long years but the game of the day was at welford road since the country that won the space as leicester tigers managed to hang race has been grounded. the shuttle was withdrawn on to beat neighbours wasps. austin halewood from service, because it was unsafe. and nasa had to pay watched the action... the russian space agency through the years, welfare bread has to send its astronauts to the space been the setting for plenty of leicester city success but it's been station on its soyuz rockets. a while since the tigers roared. and but in 2014, nasa awarded spacex while wasp are struggling themselves and boeing a combined £5 billion the season, they flew out of the contract so that each blocks, the quickest marcus watson giving them too much room to finish could build their own space craft. in the corner. a mistake the tigers we believe in the future of space wouldn't learn from. what's in this and i think it is important time breaking from deep, and showing the outside come a route he took that we become a space exploring nation and be out with open arms the wenger for his there among the stars. second before the break. less there we want the things that are in science fiction novels and movies not to be we re second before the break. less there were clearly missing their science fiction forever. internationals looked up in the we want them to be real one day. absence of george ford, brotherjoe nasa hopes to use the vehicles stepped up to the plate. the flight to send astronauts into space by the end of the year. hearts and finger tips enough to put
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the tigers ahead. but after a late earlier, i spoke to and missed line—up, the wasp are given one more shot, they crossed dr david whitehouse — the line but with the grounding a space expert and the author unclear, it can be given. —— it of apollo 11: the inside story. he told me that the spacex rocket cannot. at first one to six from launch this morning was a milestone leicester,. in space exploration. meanwhile, in the pro 14, edinburgh's play—off hopes since the shuttle was retired, were dealt a real blow by benetton. edinburgh did lead 10—8, because of its safety record and the fact it cost too much, but antonio rizzi came off the bench for the hosts to score a try and a penalty to seal a vital win. the united states has only had one the rest of the day's results from the premiership and the pro 14 way to put astronauts into space are on the bbc website. and that's via a soyuz russian rocket. and having one avenue one more before we go. into space is obviously not very because in world cup year, england's good, and there have been recent women have a huge test tonight. worries about the quality control and the stability the lionesses take on the world number one team the usa, in the she believes cup. of russian production lines. it's live on bbc two. so having another way to get this is being seen as a real marker into space is important and this for phil neville's side. and asjo currie explains, spacex launch of the dragon crew england could win the tournament vehicle is the first of two different crew vehicles that if results go their way tonight. are going to be launched this year. the other one is by boeing, called the starlight. so hopefully by the end
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in the home of country to take on the host country, of the the year — and subsequent england hope they can provide to this flight and the first the same track to success unmanned flight of the starliner — there will be crewed and in a world cup year missions and crewed tests. so hopefully by the end finding your rhythm is everything. of year, nasa will have the headline act on wednesday two ways to send astronauts was beth mead, her wonder to and from their international space station. goal win against brazil. and that's important it means england are now in touching for their autonomy, but it's also important distance of silverware. that this if they beat the usa crewed vehicle has other uses and could go further into space than just to the space station. and japan draw in brazil, there will be crowned she bbelieves so nasa gets what it champions, something well within their grasp wants, essentially, according to one of england's most experienced players. and from the spacex side of it, we heard elon musk saying the big games, it's what we look forward to and we want it is a huge step for commercial space. to play the big games he is not talking here because we know we have a chance about tourists, is he? what are the commercial of winning them and we can compete opportunities in space? and play against these teams. well, in a way, he is talking standing in their way are formidable opponents, the team everybody wants to replicate, and aside this summer that england a little bit about tourists, probably have to beat if they want to win the world cup. because both spacex, the usa are top of the world. the dragon capsule, and the starliner could seat up the usa are three times and reigning to seven people
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and the starliner is going to have world champions, dominating women's one extra seat available for a fare—paying customer. football from the year dot. that could be the case for spacex. you could, as opposed to richard's branson‘s flight which just goes into space and comes tonight's match much takes place straight back, you could have people at the side of the tennessee titans paying to go into orbit or and the crowd here know how to go to the space station with these two vehicles. but you're right. to host a showdown. hopefully it will be rowdy and people will get their day this is, in a sense, drinking on and they're tailgating on and it will be a good atmosphere. not new because when nasa when it it is a good opportunity to replicate something that is a bit on the line wanted a space vehicle, it always went to a company and said, and with a rowdy atmosphere. "build it for us, we will give you a lot of money." come tonigt, all the best country there has been over $8 billion given songs, and england will be hoping all americans will be crying to spacex and boeing to build into their beer. jo currie, bbc news, nashville. these two space craft. so in a sense, nasa's done what it's always done and reached out to companies to build their rockets. they game on bbc two tonight at 9:45 but spacex and boeing are new space companies. p:m.. they're faster, leaner that's all the sport, and quicker, and they use modern technology and not rely on tweaking rockets that have now it's time for the film review. been around for decades. so this is an upping of the pace, i think, of getting people back into space. and nasa has said it wants
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to go back to the moon. it's really got the bit between its teeth. but it's saying it is not going to do it like it did hello and welcome to in the past. it wants to do it the film review on bbc news. much, much quicker. that was the space expert doctor to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? we have got fighting with my family, which is a true life david whitehouse there. story of wrestling. the family of an american student who died after being jailed in north korea have rebuked president trump the aftermath, keira knightley for his praise of kimjong—un. otto warmbier‘s parents said no in the post—war drama, excuses could change the fact that and what they had, a tale mr kim and his evil regime killed their son. mr trump said after their summit, of memory lost. mr kim had assured him that he knew nothing about mr warmbier‘s poor treatment. so, fighting with my family, our washington correspondent this is the tale of a young woman, chris buckler reports. otto warmbier has become a symbol of the brutality following her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. of the north korean regime. this is stephen merchant, he was sentenced to 15 years's director and writer. are you a big wrestling fan? hard labour for allegedly stealing massive. a propaganda poster, really? and the student's distress was no. obvious to see as he was led away. if you grew up in the 70s, otto was eventually released it was a big thing. and returned to america, ido but he had suffered brain damage i do remember it being on the tv. and other unexplained injuries
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and died just days later. this is a true story his parents believe he had been about a family in norwich, mother, son, father, daughter, they all wrestle, intentionally beaten. that is what they do. in his summit with kimjong—un, it has made them slight outsiders, donald trump insists he did raise but they all have one shared dream, which is getting the opportunity otto warmbier‘s death, to go to wwe, american wrestling. and in a news conference afterwards, in america, it is he appeared to defend the north korean leader rather a huge big business. than condemn him. so they dream of getting the call he tells me that he did not know about it and i will take him at his word. from wwe, and then it comes in. yes, please... fred and cindy warmbier have at times thanked president trump for his support. hello? otto's wonderful parents... can i put you on speaker? go ahead. they were even his guests at last i am calling from wwe. year's state of the union address, but after his latest comments, they released this statement. we were very impressed. we would like both of you to come down to the 02 in london and try out for us. hello?
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they'd be very happy to accept. even some of donald trump's good, and we already have a britney. own republican party have been yeah, sure, 0k. thank you so much! critical following a summit in which the us president called kim jong—un a "real leader" and asked, "why shouldn't i like him?" i told you! on twitter, mr trump said he did not like being misinterpreted, especially when it came it was a given. to otto warmbier and his great family, and he insisted, "of course i hold north korea responsible," but he never mentioned sorry, what is the wwe? kim jong—un and did not say whether he believed the north korean leader should be held to account for otto warmbier‘s death. chris buckler, bbc news, washington. nick frost as the dad, and florence pugh, as the we are going to cross to washington. and this is the scene live or president trump is addressing daughter saraya and then she changes her name to paige. right—wing activists at the the title is fighting conservative political action conference. or cpac. been quite a with my family. it is inspired by channel 4 difficult week for mr trump. you got documentary, that the rock, who is the executive producer,
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the felt summit we just reported on he saw this documentary, and he comes from a wrestling with north korea, and also the family, and he was very taken with it, and he thought, we must make a feature film, testimony while he was out there by and he previously worked his former lawyer michael cohen, who with stephen merchant on a film called tooth fairy, which i am sure you have not seen, branded the presidents a con man and because it is not a classic. i think he has done a really good job. a racist. this is quite an important i know nothing about wrestling, conference for mr trump. it's really other than what i used to watch, but it has got real heart. very much is based. you will be expecting to play to his base on it is about the family, it is very funny when it needs to be, issues such as border security, the but it is also moving, second amendment gun rights, and the rivalry between the brother also socialism high on that agenda. and sister, they both want to succeed, and it is about how the question at the conference, what close—knit they are, mixed america great? what a job he's and it is an underdog story. it is about outsiders, people who wrestle all their life, and are looked on as slightly done! and to cpac. i actually strange who suddenly achieve this... and i thought it was really terrifically well done. started quite a while ago at cpac, and florence pugh, who is so great in lady macbeth, is really, and probably made my first political really good in this. world of sport.
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i remember that. speech... let's run for president, that's right! we are showing our age. red? but the aftermath, this is keira knightley, and alexander ska rsgard. speech... let's run for president, red ? but it's speech... let's run for president, red? but it's wonderful to be back with so many great injury it's an i think that's how they say it in sweden. old friends —— so many great yes, it sounds wrong when i said it. patriots. what a great future you have. our movement and ourfuture in immediately after the war, keira knightley is rachael morgan, who is the wife of a british forces oui’ have. our movement and ourfuture in our country is unlimited, what we've officer who is in germany to help with the rebuilding and reconstruction, and they have been put in a house that used to be owned by a german family, done together has never been done who have lost members maybe beyond our country, maybe in of their family, and she is there the history of the world. they came with her husband, her husband from the mountains, the valleys and is away all the time, the cities. they came from all over and what we did in 2016, the and alexander ska rsgard is the person in the attic election with a capital e. it's who is very handsome and hunky, and he spends time sitting never been done before and i think with keira knightley while they play piano together. what could possibly happen? we are going to do it again in 2020, and the numbers are going to be even bigger. cheering the thing is, these are good
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performers, it is directed by the same guy who did testament of youth. it is a handsome film, chanting if you have seen the posters, it is a good production, but it does lack spark. it felt wooden and clunky. and we all had to endure, as i was you could see exactly where it was going, with the drama, and it's not like every drama has to surprise you, but you need running, against 17 republicans plus to feel passionately involved in characters, me. and i was probably more of a you need to believe in them, and at no point did i think i was watching anything other conservative than a republican and than a group of talented the people just didn't quite actors acting. understand that. they didn't understand that. they didn't understand it. ithink understand that. they didn't understand it. i think now with what we've done with the judiciary in so because of the acting or the script? many other things, i think they get i suspect, the script. it very well. it's driving the other side crazy. but we all had to sometimes, films like this don't catch a fire, and this just doesn't. it is very strange, but it endure, remember? how many times did felt very disconnected. you hear for months and ok, number three is what they had. endure, remember? how many times did you hearfor months and months, "there is no way to 270. close what you know what that means. there is this is an american drama, no way to 270. they could not get me a woman returning home
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to help herfather and brother there. we might as will have just decide how to care given up but it wasn't anyway to for the ailing mother. yes. 270. in fact i actually went up to maine to get one, and i did when the hilary swank and michael shannon one. but he did not need the one. we are the two siblings. hilary swank lives a long way away. one. but he did not need the one. we one main. we want our half of maine, remember? nebraska, we won both of nebraska. we got the one in maine. we did not need the one. we didn't she says their mother has to go into a home, she is out walking the streets get to 70, we got 306 — 223.223. in the snow, but the father will have none of it at all. here is a clip. it looks like it could be a really... i am not putting your 306. a state called wisconsin, a mother in a nursing home. she spent 30 years working state called michigan, whereby the in them, they are horrible. it's great. way, fiat chrysler just state called michigan, whereby the way, fiat chryslerjust announced a $1.5 way, fiat chryslerjust announced a they got mass twice a week, $4.5 billion incredible expansion restaurant, classes, a jacuzzi. and new plants. doubling their a jacuzzi? your mother can't swim, workforce. many, many car companies do you want to drown her? you can't drown in one of those.
5:20 pm
have moved back to michigan and are she is terrified of water. continuing to do so. big numbers nobody ever thought. i think we are there is a two—bedroom right next going to do even better in 2020. at door, and assisted living for you. are you out your mind? inc. we are going to do numbers that people haven't seen for a long time. how the hell do you know what she feels? cheering how do you know? you can see from that, the men and women here today are on the front lines of protecting terrific committed performances. america's interests, defending america's interests, defending america's value and reclaiming our if you have any first—hand experience of people with alzheimers nation's priceless heritage. it's you will know that there are moments true. with your help, we are of this that really strike true. the problem is, it feels rather stagey. it doesn't feel reversing decades of blunders and particularly cinematic. betrayals. these are serious, i almost felt like i was watching a stage play, if i was in a theatre, serious betrayals to our nation. and i would be completely engrossed. to everything we stand for. it's but it does not feel like a particular cinematic piece of cinema. been done by the failed ruling class that said, it is done that enriched foreign countries at with conviction, and it is sensitive oui’ that enriched foreign countries at to its subject matter, our expense. it wasn't america first
5:21 pm
and when it gets things right, in many cases, it was a last. those it is really good, but it did have days are over. so that is president trump at the national armour in that kind of theatrical construction that everybody gets their moment when they step forward and do washington. attending his third the speech, that everybody gets their own issues that they have to do result. it is very mapped out, and very schematic, and it cpac. very much speaking to his base feels rather theatrical. here. the dangers of socialism. it does however have more spark than the aftermath. also. it's all about the numbers it's not particular cinematic. those are great actors, with very committed performances. with mr trump. even before the best out at the moment. conference itself, tweeting record capernaum. crowd, live broadcast on the enjoy! ahead of him, mike pence attended on friday. just to really warm up for the audience. as soon as mr trump it is the story about the tribulations of a street kid, who end up taking his parents to sue them, and i think the thing says something on recent events, like mr cohen, mexico, we will go about it being directed by somebody who is an actor, i think they understand how to get
5:22 pm
back. let's return in the meantime the best with their cast to this story. whether it is the adult or the kid performer. stephen spielberg once said, if you are working with children, farmers have said british food standards mustn't be sacrificed in order they don't act, theyjust be, to secure a trade deal you have to convince with the united states after brexit. them that the situation they were responding to a call is as real as possible. by the us ambassador to the uk, woodyjohnson, for britain to embrace us farming methods, it is very moving, such as washing chicken in chlorine and i have yet to meet and feeding growth hormones to beef. anybody who has seen it and has not found it very moving. guy smith is deputy president of the national farmers' union, and is at his farm i thought it was very good. in north east essex. also, green book, thank you for speaking to us today which won best film. on bbc news. what exactly is this yes, interesting, that it's almost argument about? is it about the chicken and the beat or are there like driving miss daisy won again. greater issues at stake here? for me, it's the british farmer. it's it is fine. it is not the best film about two things. the high of the year by1 million miles. clearly the best film of the year was leave no trace, standards. we think british which was nominated for no oscars. we both loved it. consumers don't want to see those standards watered down in any way. i must say, i enjoyed green book.
5:23 pm
it's about economics. visible fact it's fun, it's all right, but it's not the oscar is that if i have to compete against for the best picture. farmers in america that have best dvd? halloween. different regulations and gives them everybody thought the franchise different regulations and gives them different costs, if i don't have was finished, but it is back. trade respect for that, i'm going to lose because i am a competitive this time, with something disadvantage. how do we solve this? like post—traumatic stress disorder, pa rt disadvantage. how do we solve this? part of the argument is britain needs these prey deals —— trade and i never thought it would breathe life back into the trilogy, deals. the customer is going to be i made a documentary about it 20 years ago, saying it had all run its course suffering. people are saying everything is going to be tough post and i thought it was good. which is the sort of film you like, brexit. we're going to need cheap food available to the customers. so because you love your horror! thank you so much for watching. what's your solution this?|j food available to the customers. so what's your solution this? i would argue that british form and produce is already very affordable, particular because it's at such a hello. high standard. i think it's a good we have a stormy spell dealfor british of weather heading our way high standard. i think it's a good deal for british consumers but the to finish this weekend. civil fact is you can expect to me the weather story for the weekend asa civil fact is you can expect to me as a british farmer to have high standards and to compete against basically is a tale of two areas of low pressure. one with us at the moment towards the north—west bringing other farmers across the world who strong winds to scotland have lower standards because that through the remainder of today, and then another out in the atlantic
5:24 pm
gives them an unfair advantage over which is still deepening and this me. it's like asking me to go into a is storm freya, and that will bring cage fight and abide by the very strong across england, queensbury rules. it's not going to end well. we want our trade wales and northern ireland late on sunday and into monday. for the here and now though, negotiators to respect the fact we have high standards. that gives a and this is the low that's driving the weather for the remainder slightly higher cost but still gives of saturday, pushing a band of rain a good dip to the british consumer. british consumers don't want across the uk through the evening, it will come to rest across southern chlorinated chicken and they don't wa nt chlorinated chicken and they don't want beef that's been raised with counties as we move into the small hours of sunday. hormones. our training go—getters —— further north, the centre of the low will continue to bring strong winds to scotland, trade negotiators have got to gales and exposure overnight, respect that so we can put food on a lot of heavy showers and perhaps some thundery. the shelf that is wholesome and good clearer skies, between the two areas value. we say economically, a level of rain and here overnight lows of perhaps just 3—4 degrees. playing field. in all negotiations, on into sunday, still a windy start it's always about compromise. how do to scotland and showering too, but at the low pulls away, you meet in the middle? i'm quite the showers thin out and the winds become lighter here and there will be more sunshine. further south, though, simply, don't want to be the cloud and rain start to to pull compromised, so i go out of business. i want produce consumers away further north across england to be fed by british farms produce. and wales, eventually towards northern ireland and the winds will really start i don't want bad trade deals to mean to pick up through sunday afternoon. we simply take info from anywhere in that's because freya will be approaching our shores.
5:25 pm
the world where it has low the strongest of the winds standards. that's not a good through the afternoon for the south—west of england scenario for me, and i second as and for wales, and then the low centre through the evening will push the stronger winds across the midlands and affect northern ireland for a time, british farmers i think we give and then northern england before this low will eventually push british farmers i think we give british consumers a good deal and i think that's got to be respected by into the northsea on monday. so a closer look at sunday oui’ think that's got to be respected by our trade negotiators. otherwise we cannot carry on. it's not afternoon and evening. economically sensible to expect very stormy around the irish sea british farmers to produce two high coast through sunday standards that give them low costs afternoon into the evening, then the stronger wind from standards elsewhere in the through the late evening affecting world. obviously we are talking here the midlands and northern england. about chicken and that's what's made and the north—east will bear the headlines, along with this tag the brunt of those strong whence of franking foods, and we've heard the brunt of those strong winds for the monday morning rush—hour. over quite quickly though on monday, from the us ambassador to london. that spell of windy weather what other food and agricultural as the low pulls out into the northsea. imports, could we possibly be including with these trade euros much lighter winds for monday, from the us? it's beef, because we some clear skies, some decent sunshine for many of us but there will be some showers in the west. a cooler start to proceedings know we know that american farmers than we've been used to, temperatures in single figures for many, perhaps use growth hormones in their beef 10—11 further south. production. the use a lot of gm, a as for the west of the week ahead, it looks pretty changeable. there will be some decent sunshine for many of us.
5:26 pm
wednesday could be the wettest technology denied to me, the british and windiest day of the week. farmer. i am technology denied to me, the british farmer. iam not technology denied to me, the british farmer. i am not saying the american food is unsafe. you must ask that of a food scientist. i assume with these increased regulations and high standards, that must be respected in the trade negotiations. would you consider the idea... because there are consider the idea... because there a re lots of consider the idea... because there are lots of arguments that a lot of what we are hearing are myths. us food is safe also we have heard from a number of organisations that have said this, and the eu itself there is no real concern over the chlorine issue and the hormone as well. would you like to see the ability for you to use hormones informing orfor you, rather than use cold water to clea n you, rather than use cold water to clean the chickens, to use chlorine? would you like those opportunities is welcome of those choices, you become more competitive? not
5:27 pm
particular. i like high standard agriculture. i'm proud of the standards i have. i liked the fact we've made really good produce by reducing antibiotics. we use a lot less antibiotics than the americans do. i don't want to see an erosion of british farm standards and i don't want think british farm users wa nt to don't want think british farm users want to either. if it's not respected by our trade negotiators, if they allow cheap produce in and don't protect me as a high standard user, we will simply be failed as a nation by other parts of the world where standards are lower and costs are lower. you cannot have it both ways. essentially you're saying that you is a better market than the us. —— that the eu is. you is a better market than the us. -- that the eu is. i have higher standards. i presume that's put there for a good reason. it's not just on for fun or to wind up my cost, and so our trade negotiators have to respect the fact that they
5:28 pm
have, the regulators have imposed this greater level of standard on british farmers. as i've said, i'm proud of that. i think it's really good i'm a high standard for producer. i don't want to be put in a cage fight and be told that i have to box by the queensbury rules. i wa nt to box by the queensbury rules. i want i standard agriculture. how likely do you think it is the uk will stand up to what we are hearing at the moment, saying they are not going to compromise their high standards? do you think they're going to give in to introduce secure this trade you with the us? as a representative, it is my duty to make sure the british farmer voice is heard very loud. we have been promised this would not happen, that oui’ promised this would not happen, that our standards would be respected but we are getting a bit concerned about this. we really like to start seeing this. we really like to start seeing this in writing. we want this written down. we note what can be promised can be backed up when it
5:29 pm
comes to what roles are trained leaders work out when they go into trade negotiations. guy smith, fascinating talking to you about this, deputy president of the nfu. thank you. there's been a fresh violation of the ceasefire along the line of control between india and pakistan, in the disputed region of kashmir. overnight, fighting appeared to have eased, following pakistan's release of the pilot of a downed indian fighter jet. wing commander abhinandan varthaman was handed over to indian officials on friday and is being hailed as a national hero. our correspondent yogita limaye is injammu — in indian—administered kashmir. she said the shelling is still going on. we do know that there was a ceasefire violation in the sector about 100 kilometres from where i am. in fact, i was there two days
5:30 pm
ago and even then there was intense shelling going on. late last night, for 12 to 14 hours, we had relative calm to the line of control dividing india and pakistan. the indian side say it was pakistan that fired unprovoked and india responded. but these kind of claims are what we have seen happening over the past few days. there have been multiple ceasefire violations. people have died in those examples. yesterday, we had here on the indian side one woman and her two children who died in shelling, because the mortar shell landed on their home. of course, there are expectations that after the return of the pilot last night, tensions might ease. but you have to remember this is a very sort of long running issue. we have had the dispute of kashmir going on since 1947, ‘48.
5:31 pm
this particular dispute is about india saying that there are terrorist groups operating from pakistan, with the help of pakistani authorities, who are attacking india and that their air strikes on pakistan were a response to that. pakistan, of course, denying that they're helping any militant groups on the ground there. that was yogita limaye there. now it's time for a look at the weather with susan powell. hello. a spell of stormy weather on the way to bring this weekend to a close thanks to storm freya. that's this area of low cloud in the atlantic at the moment. the low is still deepening. the remainder of saturday, our weather being driven by this low here currently to the north—west. it will start close in on scotland through the evening and overnight. some frequent, heavy showers, thundery at times, strong winds and quite widespread gales up to 70 miles an hour across the western isles. further south, some more rain in southern counties of england. scotland starts off windy on sunday, but the low here pulls
5:32 pm
away through the day. the winds will ease, there will be more sunshine and the showers will thin out. further south, the cloud spreads across england and wales, eventually into northern ireland along with the rain, and the wind starts to strengthen across the south—west of and then across an increasingly wide swathe of the midlands, northern england and northern ireland, gusting up to 70 miles an hour, a risk of some damage and disruption. stay tuned.
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