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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  March 2, 2019 11:45pm-12:00am GMT

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welcome to bbc news, i'm samantha simmonds. weapons, it will continue. the our top stories: trouble is if you are going out and president trump attacks a nervous and are living in an area robert mueller saying the probe on alleged russian where you think you might be likely interference is an attempt to be attacked, are you then going "to take him out". to be attacked, are you then going to start carrying a knife? the sunday telegraph is where we will end. the ban on gag orders that stop the let's inspect every deal he has reports to the police. 50 ever done, we are going to go into his finances, we are going to check end. the ban on gag orders that stop reports to the police. so at the moment, these non disclosure every deal, we are going to check... agreements can actually stop people going to the police to report these people are sick. they are harassment, racism, and so on. the sick. bernie sanders kick starts his campaign for the white house, vowing to fight against greed, business ministry is going to change all that on monday, there will be a hated and lies. new law and simply say nothing will be able to stop you reporting a crime to the police, gagging orders 3, 2, 1, zero, lift off. will not be able to do that. now, paving the way for passenger travel — nasa and spacex test the daily telegraph makes the point launch their new astronaut taxi. bushfires sweep south that this may not go far enough. east australia, they are quoting geoffrey robertson as the country struggles with the hottest summer on record. and japan's blooming economy — qc, he says well, 0k, they are quoting geoffrey robertson qc, he says well, ok, the police are fine when it comes to crime but what do you do about bad behaviour where people are unable to make it public?
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he says if it is in the public interest, it should not be gaggable. the sunday telegraph has been reporting on revelations surrounding sir philip green and the use of am he! sir philip green and the use of am he denies sir philip green and the use of lidia‘s he denies he sir philip green and the use of am he denies he has much something they are trying to seek to do some kind of resolution. —— very much something they are trying to see through to. yes, i think the problem is people signing a non disclosure agreements believing that are completely binds them, even though they may have cause or reason them, even though they may have cause or reason to them, even though they may have cause or reason to complain about something that could be illegal, but the point that geoffrey robertson is making, that nigel has just mentioned, if it is public interest, you should be able to go out as a whistleblower.
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one of the things is nothing can stop you being a whistleblower. many people are forced into it, whether oi’ people are forced into it, whether or not they are literally forced into it or whether it feels like it, if you are leaving the company and you have had a dispute, it is often the case where people will say you will not get the money if you do not sign this. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you sevendays a week at and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, nigel and jo. next it's the film review. goodbye. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's
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cinema releases is mark kermode. what is in a treasure chest this week? we have got fighting with my family, which is a true life story of wrestling. the aftermath, keira knightley in the post—war drama, and what they had, a tale of memory lost. so, fighting with my family, this is the tale of a young woman, following her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. this is stephen merchant, director and writer. absolutely. are you a big wrestling fan? massive. really? yu chia chen regularly to the wrestling? no. if you grew up in the 70s, it was a big thing. this is a true story about a family in norwich, mother, son, father,
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daughter, they all wrestle, that is what they do. it has made them slightly outsiders, but they all have one shared dream, which is getting the opportunity to go to wwe, which is the american wrestling. in america, it is a huge big business. so they dream of getting the call from wwe, and then it comes in. here is a clip. hello? can i put you on speaker? yeah, hang on. who is it? i don't know. go ahead. i am calling from wwe. we were very impressed by your tape. we would like both of you to come down to the 02 in london and try out for us. hello? they'd be very happy to accept. good, and we already have a britney. so just sojust think of so just think of an alternative name. yeah, sure, ok. thank you so much!
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yeah, thank you very much, sewer. i told you! it was a given. nick frost as the dad, and florence pugh, as the netflix original, daughter saraya and then changes to paige. it is basically the story of what happens when she goes to america and, to some extent, guest of the full her dream, but is also separated from her family. the title is fighting with my family. it is inspired by channel 4 documentary, that the rock, who is the executive producer, he saw this documentary, and he comes from a wrestling family, and he was very taken
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with it, and he thought, we must make a feature film, and he previously worked with stephen merchant on a film called tooth fairy, which i am sure you have not seen, because it is not a classic. it was some years ago. i think he has done a really good job. i know nothing about wrestling, other than what i used to watch, but it has got real heart. it is about the family, it is very funny when it needs to be, but it is also moving, the rivalry between the brother and sister, they both want to succeed, and it is about how close—knit they are, and it is an underdog story. it is about outsiders, people who wrestle all their life, and are looked on as slightly strange to suddenly achieve this... and i thought it was really terrifically well done. and florence pugh, who is so great in lady macbeth, is really, really good in this. world of sport. i remember that. world of sport. that's right!
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we are showing our age. the aftermath, this is keira knightley, i think that's how they say it in sweden. yes, it sounds wrong when i said it. immediately after the war, keira knightley is rachael morgan, who is the wife of a british forces officer who is in germany to help with the rebuilding and reconstruction, and they have been put in a house that used to be owned by a german family, who have lost members of their family, and she is there with her husband, her husband is away all the time, and alexander ska rsgard is the person in the attic who is very handsome and hunky, and he spends time sitting with keira knightley while they play piano together. what could possibly happen? what could possibly go wrong? the thing is, these are good performers, it is directed by the same guy who did testament of youth. so he has a good pedigree. it is a handsome film, if you have seen the posters,
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it is a good production, but it does lack spark. it felt wooden and clunky. you could see exactly where it was going, with the drama, and it's not like every drama has to surprise you, but you need to feel passionately involved in characters, you need to believe in them, and at no point did i think i was watching anything other than a group of talented actors acting. wudinna because of the acting or wooden because of the script? i suspect, the script. sometimes, films like this don't catch a fire, and this just doesn't. it is very strange, but it felt very disconnected. ok, number three is what they had. this is an american drama, a woman returning home to help herfather and brother decide how to care for the ailing mother. yes.
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life and is suffering alzheimer's. and the husband will not put at into a home. hilary swank and michael shannon are the two siblings. hilary swank lives a long way away. the brother is there. he has had to deal with it. and he says, she has to go into a home, she is out walking the streets in the snow, but the father will have none of it at all. here is a clip. it looks like it could be a really... i am not putting your mother in a nursing home. dad, a's not... it is reminisce neighbourhood. they have mass twice a week, a restaurant.
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she spent 30 years working on them, they are horrible. it's great. they get mass twice a week, restaurant, classes, a jacuzzi. a jacuzzi? your mother can't swim, do you want to drown her? you can't drown in one of those. she is terrified of water. there is a two—bedroom right next door, and assisted living for you. are you out your mind? how the hell do you know what she feels? how do you know? you can see from that, terrific committed performances. if you have any first—hand experience of people with alzheimers you will know that there are moments of this that really strike true. the problem is, it feels rather stagey. it doesn't feel particularly cinematic. i almost felt like i was watching a stage play, if i was in a theatre, i would be completely engrossed. but it does not feel like a particularly cinematic piece of cinema. that said, it is done with conviction, and it is sensitive to its subject matter, and when it gets things right, it is really good, but it did have that kind of theatrical construction that everybody gets their moment when they step forward and do
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the speech, that everybody gets their own issues that they have to do result. it is very mapped out, and very schematic, and it feels rather theatrical. it does however have more spark than the aftermath. it's not particular cinematic. those are great actors, with very committed performances. best out at the moment. capernaum. which i think is great. it was nominated for the best foreign—language film no women nominated in the best director category. it is the story about the tribulations of a street kid, who end up taking his parents to sue them, and i think the thing about it being directed by somebody who is an actor, i think they understand how to get the best with their cast whether it is the adult or the kid performer. stephen spielberg once said,
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if you are working with children, they don't act, theyjust be, you have to convince them that the situation is as real as possible. it is very moving, and i am yet to meet anybody who has seen it and has not found it very moving. i thought it was very good. also, green book, which won best film. yes, interesting, that it's almost like driving miss daisy won again. it is not the best film of the year by one million miles. it is fine. it has two great performers. clearly the best film of the year was leave no trace, which was nominated for no oscars. we both loved it. i must say, i enjoyed green book. it's fun, it's all right, but it's not the oscar
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for the most all right film of the year. best dvd? halloween. everybody thought the franchise was finished, but it is back. this time, with something like post—traumatic stress disorder, and i never thought it would breathe life into the trilogy, i made a documentary about it 20 years ago, saying it had all run its course and i thought it was good. it was scary and creepy and fun. which is the sort of film you like, because you love your horror! thank you so much for watching. goodbye from both of us. hello. here is your latest live update from bbc weather. very windy across northern scotland, close to an area of low pressure. we are getting gusts through the night up to 70 mph or so. plenty of showers moving through. heavy downpours, so to be higher hills. many other places turning dry and cooler. it is mild and still quite wet across southern england. outbreaks of rain
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through the night. strong winds, heavy showers in northern scotland will ease. we look to the south, here comes the rain from storm freya across england and wales, reaching into parts of northern ireland and southern scotland. it is notjust rain with storm freya, more importantly, it is strengthening south—westerly winds. initially around summer because of wales and western england, 60, up to 80 mph. elsewhere, overnight and into monday, up to 65 mph winds. there could be some damage and disruption. worth checking the travel situation near me “— worth checking the travel situation near me —— near you before you head out on monday morning.
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