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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  March 9, 2019 7:00am-8:01am GMT

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hello, this is breakfast with steph mcgovern and charlie stayt. good morning. here's a summary of today's main stories from bbc news. a man has been charged with the murder of 17—year—old jodie chesney. she was stabbed in a park in east good morning. welcome to breakfast with steph mcgovern london last friday. and charlie stayt. 20—year—old manuel petrovic was arrested in leicester on tuesday. another man who was also it's 7am. arrested remains in custody. our headlines today: the baby son of shamima a 20—year—old man has been charged begum, the british with the murder of 17—year—old teenager whojoined is, jodie chesney, who was stabbed has died in syria. in a park in east london last friday. the boy, who was less than three weeks old, is thought to have the baby son of contracted a lung infection. shamima begum has died. his mother travelled her family say they're devastated and are calling for an urgent review to syria as a 15—year—old in 2015. of the decision to strip her of her british citizenship. the home office had recently taken the decision to strip her of her no sign of a breakthrough. the government rejects british citizenship. the eu's latest offer, as mps prepare for a crucial week the eu's offer of britain to decide the future of brexit. leaving the customs union, while northern ireland more men are being urged remained part of it, to consider a career was rejected by the government last night. in nursing, as the nhs tries to plug it came as the brexit secretary a shortfall of 40,000 stephen barclay accused nurses in england. the eu's chief negotiator of trying will it be unlucky 13 for wales? "to rerun old arguments". yesterday, the prime minister made a last ditch attempt to secure their incredible 12 match winning changes to her withdrawal deal, streak is on the line in scotland ahead of a parliamentary vote on tuesday. today, as they try to take one more step towards the six nations
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grand slam. good morning. commercial satellite images of a facility near the north korean capital, pyongyang, suggest it's a busy weekend there are preparations to launch a missile or a satellite. weatherwise, lots going on. it'll be windy for most of us, so it'll a summit between the north korean leader and president trump to discuss pyongyang's nuclear feel colder and we've got some rain weapons ended last week and some hill snow mixed in, without agreement. energy supplies are slowly but some sunshine as well. being restored in venezuela i'll have more detail after the longest power for you in around 15 minutes. good morning. it's saturday the 9th march. blackout in living memory. our top story: a man has been charged with the murder of 17—year—old jodie chesney, who was stabbed in a park in east london last friday. the power cuts started on thursday, with the president there and the opposition both blaming each another man who was also other for the outage. most of the country arrested remains in custody. was without power for more 0ur reporterjohn mcmanus joins us than 24 hours. head teachers are accusing the education minister of not from our london newsroom. meeting with them to discuss their concerns over funding. the latest to this, john? yes, yesterday, thousands of head scotla nd teachers sent letters to parents, the latest to this, john? yes, scotland yard said that 20—year—old asking them to lobby the government for more money. the government says school spending is at its highest ever level, manuel petrovic of east london has and that the core budget has been ringfenced since 2010. been charged in connection with the research by the bbc has found only death ofjodie one in ten nurses working been charged in connection with the death of jodie chesney, been charged in connection with the death ofjodie chesney, who was stabbed on the first of march. jodie within the nhs in england are men. chesney had been in a park in harold
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hill, also in romford. she had been figures suggest that last year with friends there listening to there were just over 36,000 music when the attack happened. male nurses, compared to more than 285,000 women. emergency services were called, but the department of health said it had just over an hour after they were seen a 9% increase in men applying for courses in the past 12 months. alerted to the incident, jodie chesney died of incidents. scotland ya rd chesney died of incidents. scotland yard say that 20—year—old man, more than 200 items belonging to george michael's personal art manuel petrovic, was arrested on collection are to be auctioned tuesday and he has been charged this week in london. jodie chesney‘s murder. expect him the singer, who died in december 2016, built to appear at barkingside maddiston up his collection by visiting scored at some point to answer that galleries and artists's studios. charge. jodie chesney was of course the auction includes a neon portrait of george michael himself. any money made will go to charity. the fifth teenager to be stabbed in london since the start of this year and scotland yard says a second man was in london on friday on suspicion of murder remains in custody for the moment. john, thank you very much. so all. yes, it would be impressive. the baby son of shamima begum, the british teenager who joined the islamic state group, has died in syria. the boy, who was less than three weeks old, two more matches to go in the six is thought to have contracted a lung infection. nations, wales at two matches from his mother travelled to syria as a 15—year—old in 2015. the grand slam as they hope to
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the home office had recently taken continue this incredible winning the decision to strip her of her british citizenship. streak. just put that in context for we can speak now to our worse because whalers on this middle east correspondent incredible winning streak at this quentin sommerville, moment in time. absolutely incredible, going for it 13 straight who is in northern syria. test win today. you have to consider you had the opportunity to talk to the really unsettled times in shamima not long after she gave domestic welsh rugby, there was talk birth, what more do you know about the more recent circumstances? well, charlie, the circumstances that people are being held, whether they of the league is emerging, that has not happened. it has not unsettled are victims baez or supporters of is the welsh team at all. the coach has here in northern syria, are pretty grim. wheni here in northern syria, are pretty grim. when i metjarrah wasjust a few years old, he was in good won all 12 matches that he has been health. i asked shamima begum how in charge. the accolades have been her baby was doing, she said he was pouring in, the england coach eddie jones has even described the welsh doing well at that time but it is tea m jones has even described the welsh team as the greatest ever side to very cold here, the cans do not have come from wales. enough blankets, they do not have enough blankets, they do not have enough tents, there is not enough food in some cases, and the people and now wales are just two victories away there are struggling and they are from winning the championship angry and it is a dangerous and completing a grand slam. adam wild reports. situation, it is still a stressful fantastic! absolutely sensational! situation. so jarrah was in good
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"the greatest wales side ever" — health than what he deteriorated and a now infamous quote, yesterday we heard that he and his but a tag this team mother had been taken and armed might yet live up to, escort to hospital and he died shortly after lunchtime, the cause but that they're still of death was listed as pneumonia. it in with a chance of is worth remembering that in the a grand slam, that this long story of the islamic state, the could be their 13th consecutive win, suffering is not yet over. people perhaps says quite enough for the time being. who are trapped inside will be this squad is very tight and the squad is reacting well stayed inside the islamic state to the expectancy of until the very end were starving, going and winning games many of those who left suffer from now, and i think it's is a good place to be. if history provides any indication, the past points firmly malnutrition. more than 100 people to welsh success this weekend — died leading that is stronghold are just a single defeat to scotland now in the last few days in the in the last 11 meetings in this tournament. camps, we've seen another victory would be a big step now in the last few days in the camps, we've seen 16,000 people towards another wales grand slam. arrived. it is a huge number, far we're enjoying each other‘s company. many more is supporters than everybody realised. the bombardment was very everybody realised. the bombardment was very difficult for them, the intense fighting in circumstances i think that's a big thing, we re intense fighting in circumstances i think enjoying and being a part were awful and as a result, an increasing number of people have of the squad that's been operating, fallen ill and in some cases, as probably not at its with jarrah, they have died. thank you very much.
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full potential but we're just weeks away from the uk's departure from the eu, but both sides are still struggling to agree on changes operating well all the same, to the prime minister's brexit deal. it's a really special place to be yesterday, the eu's chief and i'm really enjoying negotiator, michel barnier, being part of it. offered britain in edinburgh, a special welcome awaits. the option of leaving scotland's six nations has the customs union, but said never really got going. northern ireland would have defeats to ireland and then to remain part of it. to france, now the time to show murrayfield the real scotland. we're obviously out of the running 0ur political correspondent in the championship but we still want to play matt cole joins us. to our potential, show a true picture of what we're capable of. lots of tweets michel barnier yesterday and still nunavut looking good. yeah, we seem to be in a bit it's time we delivered an 80 minute performance. and even that may not be enough — ofa good. yeah, we seem to be in a bit of a deadlock to say the least. scotland playing for pride, there is a big week ahead, theresa wales aiming for history. that one is live here on bbc one, with coverage starting may has to put her revised deal, if at1.15pm. then later, england are looking to bounce back she has one, before the house of from their defeat in cardiff commons on tuesday. remember when last month to maintain their six nations title hopes. she first put to them about a month head coach eddiejones says he wants or $0 she first put to them about a month or so ago it got defeated by record to see some improvement against italy today. 0urjob's to get better. we've got an opportunity amounts, a 230 vote majority against on saturday, playing in front of 82,000 people, to play the plan. since then, she has been going backwards and forwards to the a good game of rugby. so we've had a good eu looking for concessions, looking preparation for two weeks, some good training particularly for changes in terms of against georgia last week. what can be done about the northern this week, we've had
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ireland border with the republic, some good, fast, intense and particularly the insurance sessions, players's mindsets policy in case in the future there good, we're ready to go. is not a trade deal done between the weekend's action actually britain and the eu. there is a thing started with a dramatic win for wales over scotland called back stop at the moment, that is the insurance plan that would in the women's six nations. keep both the uk and northern it finished 17—15, thanks to a try ireland as well in a customs union during the last move with the european union is the goods of the match. they successfully converted it to seal a memorable win. and services can flow across the england, who are chasing the border between the republican grand slam, play today. northern ireland until the deal is done. the last—minute offer from now, domestically, bath michel barnier was to say ok, the prevented the champions saracens from returning main part of the uk does not need to to the top of the premiership stay in that, you can you get out of as they won 18—9. fly—half rhys priestland was the key man for bath that if that is so unpopular with as he kicked all of their points — brexiteers who fear being trapped in a total of six penalties. the year for brexiteers who fear being trapped in the yearfor a very long brexiteers who fear being trapped in the year for a very long time that you would have to leave northern sarries were admittedly ireland in it. that is the very missing their england contingent, thing that theresa may had tried to get rid of it all the big but it was the indiscipline letting them down. negotiations when the withdrawal this record breaking win also agreement was first signed, so the clinches the t20 series against the west indies at st brexit victory stephen barclay says kitts, with england victorious by 137 runs. no, we're going back to square one here. a lot of finger—pointing at that is the biggest margin in this each other, the blame game seems to form of the game. england set a target of 183, be starting. michel barnier says he
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is not interested in that, hejust thanks in part to sam billings, who made 87. wa nts to is not interested in that, hejust wants to get deal done. theresa may in response, chris gayle was out for five, and that set is getting ready to go before the the tone as west indies crumbled. mps on tuesday, the eu is saying some good catching by england, as the hosts were bowled look, we have done everything we can out forjust 45 — the second lowest and therein lies the deadlock, we are not going anywhere very fast, it total in t20 history. would seem. thank you. billings there having an impact at the end as well. there's one match remaining. manager pep guardiola doesn't think his manchester city achievements will be tainted head teachers are accusing by allegations of financial fair the education minister of not play violations by the club. meeting with them to discuss their concerns over funding. yesterday, thousands of head uefa said on thursday night teachers sent letters to parents, asking them to lobby it was investigating city, the government for more money. the government says school spending who deny all the accusations, is at its highest ever level, and the premier league also and that the core budget has been launched an investigation yesterday. ringfenced since 2010. commercial satellite images of a facility near the north korean the club is open, so, capital, pyongyang, suggest hopefully it can finish as soon there are preparations to launch a missile or a satellite. a summit between the as possible, and uefa can north korean leader kim jong—un and president trump to discuss pyongyang's nuclear weapons ended last week decide what he sees. without agreement. energy supplies are slowly i said last season, it was a lot being restored in venezuela after the longest power what the club has done, black—out in living memory. but hopefully they can solve the power cuts started on thursday, it as soon as possible. and stop too, you know,
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for this environment. with the president and the opposition blaming each manchester city can extend other for the outage. their lead at the top most of the country of the premier league to four points was without power for more if they beat watford at home today. than 2a hours. liverpool, in second, don't play until tomorrow, research by the bbc has found only when they host burnley at anfield. one in ten nurses working this is a noon kick—off, within the nhs in england are men. those early starts can sometimes dampen the atmosphere a little bit. figures suggest that last year the fans a bit sleepy. in order to avoid that problem there were just over 36,000 male nurses, compared at anfield, jurgen klopp to more than 285,000 women. has said to the fans please have an early night. we need atmosphere at 12 o'clock the department of health said it had seen a 9% increase in men and i said, for sure, last time as well, applying for courses if you have a ticket for the in the past 12 months. internet users should have greater stadium, go to bed at ten o'clock, control over their personal don't drink, and yeah, data to ensure their safety online. be on your toes from the first until the last second. that's it. that is part of a plan to change the way big tech companies are regulated. so in bed by nine then tonight, this follows a report from the house of lords communications committee, that says companies are failing to regulate themselves effectively. liverpool fans. our business correspondent elsewhere, there will be no maurico pochettino in the tottenham dugout today as they travel to his former club, rob young has more. southampton. he's serving a two—game ban following his angry confrontation molly russell was 1a years old when with referee mike dean at burnley. she took her own life in 2017. she one man who will be in the dugout is brendan rodgers, as he takes charge for the first time had the graphic images about self at leicester's king power stadium — harm online. lolly‘s father has said
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against relegation—threatened fulham the visitors. also down at the bottom, big home games today for cardiff and huddersfield, up against west ham and bournemouth respectively. he believed social media was partly to blame for death. there have been rangers's hopes of preventing growing concerns about content and an eighth successive title behaviour online and calls for companies to do more. heading across glasgow behaviour online and calls for companies to do morelj behaviour online and calls for companies to do more. i think that to their old firm rivals celtic lots of people feel powerless in appear to have drifted further away. they could only draw 1—1 this situation, but of course we can at mid—table hibernian. rangers took the lead act. we are a nationstate, thanks to daniel candayas, but after the break, parliament is sovereign, as we are birthday boy florian kamberi discovering in brexit process. we equalised for hibernian. can legislate if we need to. it would be far better to do it in concert with social media companies meanwhile, police in scotland have that if we feel they need to do some confirmed a 21—year—old man was arrested following things that they are refusing to do, a confrontation between a hibs fan and rangers captain, then we can and we must legislate. james tavernier. norwich city have taken another giant step towards the premier league. the house of lords communications committee says the industry's it seems they are in touching response has been piecemeal and distance now. inadequate, so the committee is it was tight against swansea, calling for big tech to be reined and it took an unstoppable strike from emi buendia to take norwich in. there are more than a dozen uk five points clear at the top regulators covering digital world, of the championship. 1—0 the final score. johanna konta is through to the third round no—one body has complete oversight, at indian wells after an impressive win over hsieh su—wei so no—one body has complete oversight, so the boards recommend the creation of taiwan. ofa so the boards recommend the creation of a new digital authority. it also wa nts of a new digital authority. it also wants protection is given to people in the real world to apply online. konta won 6—0, 6—2,
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so perhaps showing signs that the wobbles at the start 0ne in the real world to apply online. one key principle for regulation would be respect for privacy, to of the season are behind her, keep our growing volume of online as she looks to climb up the women's rankings. data safe. there is also a call for she was once as high as fourth in the world. dan evans was playing as well. he had six break points in the final classification framework, similar to that for films. the government is set, but was beaten 6—3 in the decider by stan wawrinka. currently working on its own plans to strictly regulate internet evans is back in the world's top 100, after a drugs ban. companies. internet firms say they work hard to keep their services what on earth has happened to the champions in the rugby league? free of some of the most serious wigan warriors have suffered their fourth defeat in five games. issues people are concerned about, this time beaten by the bottom club, but they say they recognise that huddersfield, as well. kruise leeming scored the opening more needs to be done to address potential online harm. try of the game for the giants in a 14—6 victory. hudderfield stay bottom, but are now level on points events to mark the 60th birthday with leeds and wigan. of barbie are taking place across the world today. now, it's a huge year ahead for british road cycling. for the first time in 37 years, the world championships are coming the doll is going to make an appearance at a number of locations, including a barbie pop—up to the uk in september, experience in new york. the toy‘s manufacturer, coming to yorkshire, mattel, describe her and what's more, as "the number one fashion doll", designed to inspire girls. there will be a sportif —
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and obviously ken there as well. a chance for over 5000 amateur riders to experience the same course. we're so proud that barbie has truly but a warning, there are a lot of been inspiring girl 1951 —— 1959. hills, which can be quite tough, as she is the original girl empowerment i discovered when ijoined them this week. brands, barbie is all about the yorkshire dales are full empowering girls to believe in of beautiful extremes and the same can be said about your first taste themselves into believing that they can be anything, and the doll in the middle of a pack of road encourages girls through racers, known as the peleton, make—believe to believe. awe—inspiring yet terrifying at the same time. encourages girls through make—believe to believelj encourages girls through make-believe to believe. i had the cheaper cousin of barbie, which was this is what it will be like though cindy. i am for the 1400 riders from 90 cheaper cousin of barbie, which was cindy. iam not cheaper cousin of barbie, which was cindy. i am not inspired but i also had an actual... how very even it countries as they jostle for space, racing over nine days across the hills of the yorkshire dales, as the world championships is. let's go back to one of our main finally return to the uk in september. i've always wondered what it must be like for the pros, this pandemonium of pedals, stories this morning. head teachers working cycling wheel to wheel, in the canteen and parents you can feel the breath of the other helping to pay for school essentials riders around you down your neck. are just some of the stories but it can be dangerous we've reported about the funding shortages in schools in england. despite this, the government because you get the feeling says it's spending record amounts of money. we've spoken to one head teacher if one of us goes down,
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we could all go down. last year, a lot of crashes, i got caught behind and it can be who paints a very different picture. really frustrating because, like you said, it can be nothing that you do but it can then well, when we haven't been able pretty much end your race, to employ or we haven't had and you've got as much right to have the funds to employ cleaners, i will clean the toilets. that space as that other person does i'm absolutely angry about it. i also feel incredibly embarrassed and just, yeah, staying confident that i'm standing in front and aggressive in the group. of you telling you i don't yorkshire has shown that they can put on a really good event have any money, but it's with the tour du yorkshire not my embarrassment, you know, event back in 2014. i'm really sad that i can't provide it's proven itself to be a really for the students within my care. good venue for a major event. now, luckily, those of us with us now from our london newsroom who are going to get left behind is the schools minister nick gibb. by the peleton, who are not quite nick gibb, what is your reaction to fast enough, there is also the so—called sportif — that? well, of course, head teachers an event for amateur riders, three different distances, should not be doing those sorts of tasks, they should be focusing on for all abilities really, the education of pupils but we are, around the same route in the yorkshire dales, as you said in your introduction, and the other good thing spending more money on schools than ever before, up from £41 billion in about it is it's not a race. hey, wait for me. come on, guys. you've got 5000 people riding on the same course as the pros, soaking up the atmosphere. 2017 and from 2017 onwards, we are there'll be people out there to cheer them on, giving local authorities more money you start and finish in harrogate, for every pupil in every school. but it's just going to be the best
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sporting events in of course, we do acknowledge that they have been cost pressures on the country this year. schools with high national insurance contributions, a higher 0rganisers are hoping a third contributions, a higher of the 5000 amateurs who sign up contributions to teachers's pensions for the sportif will be women. as well, and we are asking schools to do more as we push up academic standards across the system. there are more schools now rated good and outstanding then there are 2010, we are closing the attainment gap i think it's about the social side between children from disadvantaged of it, we just like to go out backgrounds and their more affluent and enjoy our lives and just peers by about 10% since 2011 and of encourage each other really, and i think that's what course, children's reading, in it's really all about. whether you are an amateur or pro, international surveys, children are the yorkshire dales is what it is all about. scoring their highest ever school in this is only the beginning. children's reading scores my legs are burning. my feet slipped off the pedals early internationally. all these are an on and i got left behind. example of how academic standards some sections are at a gradient are rising across all of our schools of 16%, it's far steeper than it looks and of course, that does mean on camera and in our moments schools are having do more. you of pain, we needed a message blinded us with a lot of numbers to spur us on. if mike bushell can get those there, an 8% increase in school climbs, then anyone can. funding in real terms since 2010, no excuses. i never realised it was this tough, geraint. at some point, i realised real terms being the most appropriate phrase. in 61 colleges, i was going to roll backwards. but i did get back on, and at the top, incredible views this is the institute of fiscal and a chance to finally get
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studies, 21% in decrease in their a bit of breath back. budgets over the same period of are we there yet? time. —— decrease. so we have a i feel like i've cycled to the moon, let alone... four kilometres. situation where you are happy to sit i've forgotten the name in the studio while we have a of the place now. i'm out of breath, governor writing to us this morning from a primary school in manchester a bit weak, delirious. telling us my school is falling apartand telling us my school is falling apart and needs repairs, we have no please no—one tell geraint, but money to make the repairs, our i got off and pushed and walked, 0k? budgets are so tight it is ridiculous. we have the cut on silly things like stationery. these are ican i can look the part, even though i children we should be giving them did not quite make it without the best we possibly can. i do not getting off and walking path geraint understand how you are comfortable is racing in italy three is probably in making challenged statistical not watching. this is the first claims overfunding, in making challenged statistical claims over funding, when in making challenged statistical shirt for the race, i have not sent claims overfunding, when head teachers all have a similar story of what is happening in their schools back yet. i'm so proud to wear it. in real time. it does not make any difference to what is happening in their schools in realtime. 0k, well, you have my cycling ability but this is what blown a lot of facts and figures at they will be wearing when the race me. for those schools that are comes to the yorkshire dales will struggling, first of all, we are stop is just part of the fun, you providing national buying schemes to help them deal with the cost of just got to be involved. —— to the
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things like energy, insurance, yorkshire dales. the amateur event computers and so on, so they can buy these things more cheaply. we also is not a race, you can go providing a team of school resources unregistered and try and get your management advisers, for those place into the ballot until the 20th schools who can't manage to have a of march, go to the website to enter balanced budget. he said the figure and try and get a place and you could be part of it. part of that on of 8%, that does include post 2016 those roads, the same roads as the education in 2010, we had to take world... you look rather...” some difficult decisions it came into office about how we tackle that those roads, the same roads as the world... you look rather... i am just hoping that hopefully not too historic budget deficit of £150 many people have the change from a billion a year. —— you cited the suit. they will want it back. it figure. we decided we would focus on prioritising school funding, five to took basically two minutes me to get a suitand took basically two minutes me to get a suit and tie off and we'll put 16, so we do acknowledge there is a that on social media because you feel that. yeah, i did. squeeze on post—16. that on social media because you feelthat. yeah, i did. will put on social media because it was a bit of a kerfuffle trying to get the 16, so we do acknowledge there is a squeeze on post-16. i tell you what, making interesting decisions is an microphone on and things went wrong. interesting turn of phrase. james what costume will you be in for the has got on touch on twitter saying my wife had to go to a meeting at next? i cannot wait. have you still our kids's prime is cool about got the ms outfits? yes, but that funding. the school can't afford toilet paperfor this funding. the school can't afford toilet paper for this year. when you comes out only at christmas. the box talk about making difficult one is still under the bed, i decisions, what does that make you sometimes wear that to go shopping, think
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the local shop. i didn't even know we can help schools like that... but what to to that. -- what to say. they do not know that and they do not have the money. we have maintained call schools spending. we it might be a decent day for cycling have prioritised spending and going forward we are giving more money for to the south but it is windy. we every pupil in every school and we will have a tailwind and headwind. i are also distributing funding in a have to show you this picture. high much fairer way. the ifa is have also said that school funding and up have to show you this picture. high up across have to show you this picture. high up across northampton. what a difference in north yorkshire. we will be 50% higher in real terms and have had some snow so it is her pupil than it was in 2000. but everything but the kitchen sink for the weather forecast. cold that of course that is 5—16 and i temperatures, a little bit above have acknowledged that post—16 they have acknowledged that post—16 they have had a squeeze and we need to average in the north and below ta ke have had a squeeze and we need to take decisions about what to average in the north and below prioritised as we dealt with problem average in the south. little bit of everything, including some sunshine. in the thousand ten. we got the there is a risk of interruptions to deficit down to 2% and because of your day if you are heading out
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that we have managed a strong because of rain or indeed snow. economy with the lowest level of unemployment since the 19705. .. relatively high risk of snow given economy with the lowest level of unemployment since the 1970s... what that we are in march. we are seeing you are doing and it is not permit snow from this weather system to say they will react but you seem crossing and clearing out into the to say they will react but you seem to be lost in a world of statistics. north sea. strong north—westerly these head teachers who wrote this winds. a bit of sunshine this letter a re these head teachers who wrote this letter are dealing with reality and you can quote as many numbers as you afternoon of us. interrupted by the weather system crossing shetland. like about what you say our here the winds are stronger, up to statistics and proportions since 2010 but in the meantime there are 60 miles per hour. a steady gail to teachers buying pencils, parents having to buy toilet rolls and you some. it would be quite challenging seem having to buy toilet rolls and you seem to think that the way to answer ona bike some. it would be quite challenging all those issues is to tell them on a bike and not great for walking. that the good news is that it is that could be some snow. further south it looks a drive. it is still that the good news is that it is that when they know it is not. it is windy. even 50 miles per hour around like being completely deluded of the some coasts. but sunshine. this is reality in the classroom.” like being completely deluded of the the headache. it looks that we will reality in the classroom. i have
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acknowledged they were cost get some rain certainly for england pressures as we deal with the deficit. we will help those schools. and wales, bumping into the cold air. but it could develop into an we can help them manage their area of low pressure in the south budgets more effectively... how about if we find out where this and escalate the strength of the wind. clearly we have the cold air school is, where they cannot afford further north, widespread frost. but we also have a weather front coming toilet paper, would you like to go visit them? i visit schools all the in from the west. we will be attacked from two sides and it will time... would you do that? i am come into the cold air in the north so we come into the cold air in the north so we could see significant snow over the hills, the relatively low happy to visit schools across the country which i do every week. the levels and even some state to lower reality is, schools have accumulative services of about 4 billion pounds and are deficit of £3 levels. —— snow. the wind strengthens through the afternoon so million so there is money in the it really will feel more like system and that is the reality of winter. 0n the situation but we acknowledge that the right cost pressures. if it really will feel more like winter. on monday, a breach of low pressure but not for long because this is barrelling in and that could you look at the school figures be named storm. gales and severe internationally, compare spending on primary and secondary state schools
7:19 am
winds monday night into tuesday so that could be quite a shock as well, in this country, we are amongst the highest spenders... can i clarify almost back to autumn. this weekend, it really is a very mixed bag. one thing, one simple technicality. the head teachers is a consistently time now for newswatch. that you and the secretary of education are refusing to meet them. have you actually refused to meet hello and welcome to newswatch them? i met the west sussex head with me, samira ahmed. a new nightly news show launches in scotland. what's the rationale behind it? teacher who organise of this letter. and the moment when a studio camera we meet representatives many times went rogue on the news channel. on many occasions regularly, as i do. mid- january reply comes back from the office saying i am sure you first, the surge in knife crime has dominated headlines over the past seven days, will appreciate the diaries of the ministers are very full and they are and prompted some national soul—searching about its possible causes. 0n monday's news at 10, home editor mark easton pondered the nature of the offence itself. unable to... yes and my colleague it's a crime that feeds on itself. if one person get stamped, similar youngsters locally are more
7:20 am
likely to carry a knife metjules whyte in november. the for their own protection, and so the infection spreads. secretary of state needs of the representatives very regularly. both but is that infection spread further by the extent of knife crime he and i, we visit many schools. coverage on tv? almost every week i have a group of and the prominence given to it this head teachers that a meet to discuss week on news bulletins? these kinds of issues, either at the some viewers thought so this week, department or when we visit schools. with richard bond voicing a concern about the ubiquity of violence we are in regular contact with head on television more widely. teachers and with unions and, of course, i have metjules whyte on many occasions and will continue to meet him on many occasions. we thank you for your time. and i am now, in a time of cuts and pressures on air time, it may come as a surprise that last delighted we arranged on their week, the bbc launched a nightly another appointment and we will make hour—long prime time news programme, sure they get in touch and we will look forward to that occasion. it's called the nine. super. thank you. now on bbc scotland, here's helen with a look with all your latest news, at this morning's weather. it's rebecca curran and martin geissler. it appears on the new bbc scotland channel, launched two weeks ago good morning and this is how it was on an annual budget of £32 million.
7:21 am
looking an hour or two ago. i liked amid the usual mix of entertainment, sport and documentaries, dusting of snow. a wintry picture each weekday at 9pm, the nine promises a mix of national and international news across north yorkshire as well. it presented by rebecca karen and martin geissler, is mostly the hills but come promising a global view on the news, while maintaining tomorrow, we could have snow at a distinct scottish voice. lower levels, particularly across the nine appealed to some journalism scotland, northern ireland and parts students we consulted from glasgow's clyde college. of northern england. it is a windy day out there. quite ghastly and i think the hour—long format is much lively. temperatures about average better for putting across a truly but it will fill colder. —— quite a scottish personality and the more informal presenting style, lot of dust. we have worst winter to keeping it conversational with guests, more informal dress, all of that comes together come. “— and makes it a much, much more attractive package. lot of dust. we have worst winter to i think it's really good come. —— windy. some stay showers for scotland to have their own news because a lot of young people can be for scotland. snow covering across able to relate to it. they're coming home from school northern ireland and northern or college or university england, perhaps drifting here. down and flipping through the channels, and they'll see something on the news they will to the staffordshire more. one of be able to relate to.
7:22 am
it's a lot more personal and the presenters are much more two showers into east anglia. it relaxed and it feels like they're talking to you. gets brighter with more sunshine and the way it's marketed and advertised is very clearly a lot towards the north as well. a lively more towards millenials speu towards the north as well. a lively spell of rain and hill snow to come and generation 2. across shetland and then walk there the show itself has started to go and it is gusty. winds strong, up to through some growing pains. it is figuring itself out but so far, it's delivered the news 60 miles per hour. really spring that scotland deserves, with international reporting, it's integrated those stories so well, it's talked about stuff outside wintry weather feeling. after the of scotland, but always goes back into scotland. speu wintry weather feeling. after the spell disappears from northern england, that could be a few showers. largely dry this afternoon. there's been a campaign good spells of sunshine but through for many years for scotland to have its own news programme. the sydney and overnight still giving us a headache. the detail of and that was given a kick—start by a perception during the 2014 this developing area. possibly low independence referendum campaign that the bbc showed a bias pressure and rain which means it towards england and neglected will become windier again but the the rest of the uk. now the nine is here, other concern is the rain coming into the cold air, we could see that the balance of stories from scotland with those from further afield has proved controversial from some viewers. speu into the cold air, we could see that spell of snow and then we need to for one viewer, there wasn't enough turn our attention to what is coming
7:23 am
specific scottish content. in from the west, after a cold night, frost in the north, and other band of rainjoining forces night, frost in the north, and other band of rain joining forces with the band of rain joining forces with the band to the south and this could give us significant snow at high levels that even as centimetre or to and this viewer who wanted to remain anonymous made a different point. lower. it is colder air come tomorrow. because we had a mild night we could get the ten and 11 but it is cold air coming in. it whisks away quite quickly. this is well, i'm joined now from the set of the nine what i was talking about earlier, in glasgow by gary smith, head of news and current affairs for bbc scotland. moving into monday night and tuesday, the potential storm on the gary, at a time of massive budget cuts to bbc news overall, way savea gales. stormy weather as is £5 million on one new news show, just for scotland, money well spent? i think it is. you probably won't be surprised to hear, i think, we get towards tuesday. it really is there's been a sense a very unsettled picture, almost the in the bbc for a number of years that a lot of production is centred in london and there has been a move over the past years to move production of various sorts —— autumnal. including news out of london, so a few years ago,
7:24 am
research by the bbc has found only one in ten nurses working a number of programmes, in the nhs in england are men. figures suggest that last year breakfast bews and 5 live and sports moved up to salford, there were just over 36,000 and more recently, there has been male nurses compared to more than 285,000 women. an investment in tv production jo taylor has more. and wales and digital services in northern ireland, and in the new channel for scotland. we can speak to someone who knows more about this now. which has a range of content on it, reece doonan is a trauma nurse at salford royal hospital's comedy and entertainment and sports a&e department. and the news programme and the make it is the weekend off, lucky me. how an hour—long programme at 9pm. already a report in scotland which is the back half hour did you end up becoming a nurse?” to the next in a six o'clock bulletin. have gone down the degree route so why the need for this? they are very different kinds of programmes. programme. studied at three year the report in scotland, as you said, is part of the news hour on bbc one degree and then moved to london. i at six o'clock. it will remain that so the network news at six o'clock news have ended up at salford in the for the first half hour and the news from scotland emergency department. when you look in the second half hour. what we are doing on the night is reporting international news, around the department how many male national news and scottish news, in a way that is relevant nurses? to be honest, there is a for scottish viewers. that is our principal aim good mix and a good mix ofjunior for this new programme here.
7:25 am
male nurses and senior male nurses. so both programmes, one doesn't replace the other. i think it adds to the environment. report in scotland are still a crucial part of our news there is an equal balance of senior offering in scotland. very popular programme against figures. but the nine is doing something female nurses... clearly that is not the normal situation. far many more different in a different time. female nurses? absolutely. it is quite a female—dominated environment there is what some people might say, and it should not be a deterrent to parochial stories at length, men to come into nurses. what do you mixed up with the uk and international news. is there a danger of satisfying nobody, especially scottish viewers, like about your job?” who want a full roundup of the news? men to come into nurses. what do you like about yourjob? i absolutely i don't think it is an odd mix. love the characters you come into i think it is a very interesting mix. the feedback we've had in the first contact with, and we often see them two weeks of the channel at their most vulnerable and we have and the news being on the air has to appreciate we see them at that been largely positive. environment but a lot to be all the it is doing, i suppose, what radio programmes in scotland care. and it sounds basic but it is have been doing for some years, kind of like a human right that we which is having a running order, which is relevant to people deserve. you are busy and you in scotland, some days it might be probably do not think about it, but a foreign story at the top and it's when you think about why more men do got local stories afterwards,
7:26 am
some days it might be the other way not go into, do you think they think around and some days we might be starting with a political story they should be doctors? some of based at westminster, it depends on the news of the day. and within the space of an hour, those old—fashioned idea still going around? absolutely. i am often we have time to get into the kind of stories that people are not going to see elsewhere, either our network news called doctor and i do not take or on reporting in scotland. offence but i tell them is and sometimes they get taken aback. shouldn't you, at the bbc, have been pushing for more scottish news in the national network sometimes it can be a little bit of offering, instead of creating what might be seen by some people a deterrent. but i think we should as a bit of a ghetto? never way from the gender. we do not say female nurse and it is important i think we do a lot of news that we say nurses in general, from scotland into the network programme, we have our scotland editor and team here and glasgow, whether you are male or female, you who report scotland to the rest of the uk. arejust a nurse. do whether you are male or female, you this is a different proposition are just a nurse. do you think we get more people like you? just being to come of this programme. this is reporting scotland an advocate, all nurses are and the world to viewers in scotland, it will do different stories and do them in more depth than that we have the space to get incredible. it is such a beautiful profession to work in and if you have that caring nature and you into our network programme. really wa nt have that caring nature and you really want to help people and, say so far we understand there is an average of about 28,000
7:27 am
viewers, 1.2% audience share, if you are in college or high out of a population school, and you happen to be a man of more than 5 million. asking yourself if dressing is a it doesn't suggest that there career the u? asking yourself if dressing is a career the u ? explorer. is a scottish audience who's been asking yourself if dressing is a careerthe u? explorer. get crying out for the show, does it? asking yourself if dressing is a career the u? explorer. get a bit of work experience and see how we are starting with an audience of zero. beautiful our profession is an great 0ur task over the coming weeks is to build up an audience. environ to work in. tough the latest numbers, the average audience for the nine since it has environment. every once in awhile been on the air is 40,000 you have to go in and whenever you for a programme, that isjust over a 2% share of the audience, which is kind of in line go to a&e you just think, those with the expectations that we had going into launching the channel. people are doing remarkable work. so we are pretty pleased with how it has gone in terms of the numbers and numbers are not the only thing dagg get me wrong, it is a tough that we just success on. environment and sometimes you feel the appreciation of the audience that are watching is really like not putting on the uniform. important to us and that has been ——do not get me wrong. but they're going pretty well so far. looking after people and it is you never get unanimous something that takes a lot of pride and pushes me forward. do you find praise for a programme, but a lot of people have it hard? i would say so, yes. responded to it well, they like the tone of it, nursing is tough and we have quite a they like the kind of stories they're getting, they recognise
7:28 am
lot of pressure, cuts and there is a that they're getting more coverage of different parts of scotland, and a more bit of pressure but the equal international coverage amounts and you get quite a good through a scottish lens. balance and a good work— life there's a sense that the bbc has come under pressure in scotland balance and a good work— life forfailing to represent balance and a good work— life balance and it is managed that issues there well enough, really well. i am ever so slightly going back to the independence referendum, when there were mass protests outside a bbc disappointed we have not seen new in headquarters in glasgow, uniform. i work. no as you know, is this programme disappointed we have not seen new in uniform. iwork. no reason why and channel an admission disappointed we have not seen new in uniform. i work. no reason why you that they were right? should. lovely to see this morning. thank you. thank you for having me. no, it is not. the reason for this channel and viewers of inside out east can is because we have listened hear more on that story to our audience and scotland here on bbc one on monday about what they want from the news night at 8:30pm that comes out of bbc scotland. and it'll also be available on the iplayer. you're watching and they have said to us breakfast from bbc news. still to come this morning: and the research we have done the businesses on a knife edge and sessions we have had as the clock counts down with members of the audience, they want more depth and analysis, towards a potential no—deal brexit. they want the bbc to be the home hoping we can ride the storm.... of an impartial reporting, to be fair and accurate but it could close us. and balanced, and we are trying to provide that for them and this new programme. with just three weeks to go thank you, gary smith. until britain leaves the eu, we're in wales with thank you. some who say the delay is already stunting their growth.
7:29 am
finally, in this studio, we do have the coming up injust a moment. ——in one real—life camera operator. hello, james. the headlines. but the other cameras are operated remotely like this one, in other bbc studios, all the cameras are robotic. and asjoanna gosling found out, that can lead to problems. welcome to bbc news... i'm joanna gosling. hello... i'm still here. laughter the european union... i'm not sure if i can, i will walk around and pick you up on another camera. i apologise for these technical issues. let's start talking about brexit. because... i wish we can start again, but that is all happening live on air. we'll start the story again. dr brian wilkinson not impressed.
7:30 am
but others on twitter saw the funny side. thank you for all your comments this week. if you want to share your opinions on bbc news and current affairs or even appear on the programme, you can call us. 0re—mail. you can find us on twitter. do have a look at our website for previous discussions. that's all from us. we'll be back to you hear your thoughts about bbc news coverage again next week. goodbye.
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