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tv   The Papers  BBC News  March 10, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm GMT

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hello. from the outset, it is clear this is bbc news, i‘m martine croxall. this is bbc news. that the real story isn‘t to do the headlines at 11:00pm: we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — with what is happening, but who knows about what has a passenger plane crashes first, the headlines. happened and whilst the search in ethiopia, killing all 157 a passenger plane crashes in ethiopia, for the girl goes on, people on board. killing all 157 people on board — which is really chilling and very intense, what start to happen it came down soon after take—off. it came down soon after take—off. is this community falls apart, people discover hidden secrets, among the seven british family struggles start to resurface. among the seven british citizens citizens on board, one of them has been named on board, one of them has been named asjoanna toole — asjoanna toole, a un a un workerfrom devon. what i really liked about this is, worker from devon. mps are told to back theresa may‘s on the one hand, it is a really the foreign secretary, deal in the vote on tuesday or risk gripping thriller with an icy chill jeremy hunt, warns mps that to it, but on the other hand, losing brexit altogether. if they get crucial votes wrong this like so many of the films inside baghouz, the last stronghold from asghar farhadi, of the so—called islamic state week they risk losing brexit. group in syria. it is about people in close intimate us—backed syrian democratic forces launch another assault on baghuz, contact, very quietly falling apart a man is arrested after running onto the pitch and punching and coming apart at the seams. aston villa captainjack grealish the so—called islamic state group's as they played rivals birmingham and it has this mysterious air city. last enclave in syria. to it, the title is everybody knows, cars are crushed by scaffolding and a supermarket and, in six nations rugby, roof is ripped off as strong winds the question that hangs over ireland beat france in dublin. the whole film is what does we will have full details of that everybody know and who is not game and the rest of today‘s saying what they know. batter southern england and wales. sporting action in i don‘t think it is his best work, our sports bulletin. and at 11:30pm, we will be taking i think a separation is a really extraordinary film, another in—depth look at the papers brie larson and samuel ljackson are but it is very confident, with our reviewers, the author a very good cast, very well played, and journalist yasmin alibhai—brown out to save the universe in captain but done with the right air marvel, the latest superhero of mystery and intrigue, instalment from marvel studios. see
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what mark kermode makes of that and and some genuinely chilling moments. the rest of this week's releases in let‘s go to border. the rest of this week's releases in the film review. we‘ve had a spanish drama, now a swedish drama. a female customs officer who can smell fear. well done. that is a brilliant synopsis. the less beyond that hello and welcome to our look ahead you know, the better. to what the the papers will be a story by the writer bringing us tomorrow. of let the right one in, with me are the author which tells you there may be and journalist, some supernatural elements. yasmin alibhai—brown and joe twyman, director of the polling which was good. company, deltapoll. absolutely brilliant. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. better in the swedish version and a warning by the bank the american remake version but let‘s not get into that! that‘s of england in the financial times — they tell lenders to triple their easy to—sell assets micro than the american remake. ahead of a forecasted ‘market she‘s a border guard, she can smell trouble, she feels like she is an outsider, meltdown‘ if the uk considered all her life there‘s something wrong with her, crashes out of the eu. then she meets a man who seems to be the metro carries an a kindred spirit. interview with the foreign and together, they discover that secretary, jeremy hunt, actually, the world may not be who today said it was too risky as they thought it was. for uk officials to rescue the baby i don‘t want to say any more son of is bride shamima begum than that, other to say before his death. if you are a fan of the films of david cronenberg, the father ofjoanna toole — have enjoyed things like splice, the first brit to be named if you like that norwegian film as a victim of the ethiopian plane by andre, a strange mixture of documentary and fantasy,
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crash — pays tribute this has all of these things, to his daughter in the i. another photo ofjoanna toole covers the front of the telegraph — but the most important thing she is one of 157 passengers and crew who died when an ethiopian airways jet crashed after take—off is the less you know about where the story is going, the better because halfway through, people have used the term fairy from the capital, addis ababa. tale, it is like a dark fairy tale but grounded, rooted in reality, and it‘s really about identity. the same way that moonlight was full the guardian says the prime of that question, "who are you?", minister is fighting to save her brexit deal this begins with "who am i?" as well as herjob as and it is a fantastical story about identity eurosceptics circle. that is grounded in reality. ‘last chance to take control of brexit‘ although it is not perfect, in the daily express who say there are things in it that theresa may only has hours left genuinely i did not see coming. to ‘stop the chaos‘. and further brexit woes i was really surprised. for the prime minister in the times and impressed by being surprised. who say theresa may is facing fantastic. another three—figure defeat captain marvel. many different incarnations of captain marvel over the years. over her brexit plan. brie larson is the intergalactic warrior with human memories who crash lands on earth would it surprise you to hear we in the 1990s, an age will start with brexit? the of blockbuster video and cd—roms, computers where you go away and make independent, first, had pressure builds on me to quit if brexit deal a cup of tea and come back and they are still turning on. fails, top tory warren is that this she goes head—to—head with ben mendelsohn as a shape
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shifting alien and she crosses paths with a younger nick fury. could make her position untenable —— pressure builds on may. —— top tory the directors for this, co—directed, they come from a very indie background, but of course, since it‘s a marvel warns. you‘ll likely thing is, we have been here for such a long picture, there has to be action. here is a clip. time,, the have been here for such a long time, , the important have been here for such a long time,, the important thing is not to be doled on board because of we are reaching a national crisis in my view. what is unforgivable, the dereliction of duty, the tory party is now fighting more about itself and who is the leader than the future of the nation. how many days away are we? 29, supposedly is the deadline but that may be extended. the papers are full of stories that theresa may may be forced to quit but of course they don't explain how she would be forced to quit given the train is heading that she won her confidence vote and for a tunnel up ahead. is safe for certainly another few let'5 greet them at the station. months yet. and yet, as has been said, the discussion particularly this weekend has been about who will replace her, who are the runners...
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and they‘re all lining up. so i am i was thinking how many films have are. “ there been featuring a fight on the top of a train? and they‘re all lining up. so i am are. -- they certainly are. they i can think of at least three. might never get another chance. and but here‘s the thing. of course all of this is based on you have to have the action sequences, that is what the fact that the week ahead, on the marvel movies do. this was made by the directors of tuesday, we have another crunch week, another crunch vote, and very half nelson and mississippi grind. little has changed. apart from the you look at these kind of movies directed by the indie directors, clock. i suppose there is general they bring some of that indie agreement that there might be an sensibility into the film. extension but you have to ask, what you get a great big blockbuster, but it has something else. for? what will it achieve? except i think the co—writers and directors have done that to some extent. for? what will it achieve? except for more infighting in the tory party, and boris flagging up to be i would have liked to have been leader. i can‘t believe that there odder and more indie. i think there are some is this level of disastrous problems with the narrative. it is an establishing indifference to the future of the story and there are a lot of beats you have to hit. nation. but some would argue, and i that said, brie larson know you wouldn‘t, but some would is terrific in the title role. great to see here. argue there would be a democratic it is a good cinematic role model, crisis if the party, the conservative party, that gave us the the times are changing.
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referendum, that returned a leaves sam jackson, brilliantly de—aged vote, doesn‘t deliver on that digitally by 25 years, return. we can talk about that but something i would really not mind they are not, they are talking about if they could do that to me. who will be next leader. this is not you and me both. back in my mid—30s, it was fine. the time. they are talking but he will be next leader in the context it is fun. i wanted it to be darker of if we don't leave. —— about who and stranger, but it is not that kind of film. will be. and the context of this as it feels very upbeat and fun, and brie larson is really terrific. a bargaining chip, theresa may is it is fine, enjoyable, i know many saying, if you give me what i want people who really loved it. oi'i saying, if you give me what i want on this, if we get through this, the i liked it. next couple of weeks, then we will i didn‘t love it, but i liked it. it is fine. when you say it like that... agree to move on and i will agree to it is fine. leave. that may be part of the honestly. best out. negotiations. i never thought i would be alive and say this but boy, fighting with my family is great. i really like it. wouldn‘t thatcher have been really based on the true story of a wrestling family from norwich. brilliant at this moment? that's, a young girl goes to america the join the wwe. coming from you, is the most florence pugh is dynamite as paige. surprising thing i‘ve her tonight! aml the rock is in it. surprising thing i‘ve her tonight! am i dreaming?! what's going on?” he‘s also the producer. am so angry am i dreaming?! what's going on?” am so angry at the disorder, and a he was sitting at home in the uk, and he watched a channel 4
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leader who seems not to get it. she documentary about the family and thought that would make has absolutely no powers of a feature film and it really has. understanding the crisis we are in. it went to number one at the box office. she is stuck. she is stuck. europe, my best out. i thought the aftermath was really good, which you really didn‘t like. so she is stuck. she is stuck. europe, so far, this may change, europe that goes to show you all seems very reluctant to move from criticism is different. it‘sjust opinion. the deal which she agreed with them. i think the aftermath looked great, itjust didn‘t have certain parts of the conservative party which are against it will quite the substance. remain against the deal, at least not amazing, but good. for now. all she can hope is that as best dvd. time runs out and if we don't get an at the end of awards season, extension, all she can help that rami malek winning all the awards for bohemian rhapsody and whatever else one may think of the film, with the pressure of that deadline this performance is terrific. looming and the thought of brexit... but she was leading over this! we i saw queen at hyde park in 1975. can carry on talking about brexit, you see rami on the screen. don‘t worry! but lenders are told to he wasn‘t even born then. i think it is a brilliant triple liquid assets has brexit performance. protection, this is extending the there are a load of things length of time they keep their wrong with the film. liquidity, it seems, because of the hats off to dexter fletcher for saving it. sort of rocking us that the banks it takes liberty with the stories. the criticism is they kind of slightly whitewashed
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this version of freddie. may face in the event of a no deal. i think it takes a story and then bends it to its banks and other lenders need to have own dramatic purposes. certainly moving things around in terms of the 30 days at the moment of easy to chronological narrative. but find a recent biopic that hasn‘t. sell assets available to them, so i think the dramatic that if something happens, they have liberties are ok. i do know the real story that if something happens, they have that money available. the bank of because i was quite a queen obsessive for a while. england has suggested will tell i think his performance was great. and the music is astonishing. the live aid, 20 minutes at the end. lenders that because of the possibility of a no—deal brexit at the end of march, they should extend it is funny because the first five that to 100 days. so more than three queen albums were great, and i tailed off, but you watch it times the initial rules, in order to and you think, this is like the abba be able to deal with the kind of songbook, every single fluctuations that could or could not one of these are hits. it was fun. occui’ fluctuations that could or could not occur with that. a reflection of the very enjoyable. huge uncertainty. can i move us on? thank you. thank you. yes, i don‘t understand the store! i‘m being very girly about it! that‘s it for this week, though. yes, i don‘t understand the store! i'm being very girly about it! don't say that! all they have to say is thanks for watching. goodbye. these are dangerous but no one wants to a cce pt these are dangerous but no one wants to accept them who is committed to brexit. this picture of joanna
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good evening. who‘d have thought for some toole, one of the 157 passengers on we would be waking up to a picture postcard setting with a dusting board the ethiopian airlines plane of snow this morning? which crashed shortly after take off some areas on higher ground saw several centimetres. this beautiful picture from the ethiopian capital addis from perth & kinross. but that was only half the story. ababa and her family from the ethiopian capital addis england and wales had plenty ababa and herfamily paying from the ethiopian capital addis ababa and her family paying tribute to her, she worked for the un.l of sunshine but we had gale force gusts of wind throughout the day. widely, gusts in excess of 60 to 70 very sad story. 157 people died on miles an hour across england the sly, one of whom is pictured on and wales and that was strong enough the sly, one of whom is pictured on the front page of some of some of to bring down some trees. the front page of some of some of plenty of isobars on the chart. the papers. —— on this flight. very sad story. but at the same time that the front that brought the rain, sleet and snow moved does not appear to be a story of off into the north sea, a trail of showers lingering in the far north—west. malfunction, foul play, just a very they will continue overnight sad story. and we don't get these with rain, sleet and snow. very lethal crashes, you know,... not causing too much of an issue. the winds will ease down but it will be a blustery night across the country. safest form of transport, isn‘t it? but with clearer skies elsewhere, it is going to be cool as well. so it‘s very sad. horrible. a notable wind but temperatures into low, single figure so we could see a touch of light safest form of transport, isn‘t it? so it's very sad. horrible. the guardian, this is jack grealish, the frost in some spots. aston villa captain, who went on to a chilly start to monday morning win the match, didn‘t seem to put and a blustery start but also him off too much, but he was punched a sunny one and monday is shaping up
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by someone who has now been arrested to be a lovely day. in the middle of the match.|j fools‘ gold, perhaps, the sunshine, because it is all change by someone who has now been arrested in the middle of the match. i saw the scenes, it‘s unbelievable! from tuesday onwards. if you can make the most of it, do. actually, these scenes are again not monday will be a lovely day, seem very actually, these scenes are again not seem very much nowadays. i think breezy afternoon but plenty of sun. the highs across england and wales, football hooligan was yesterday‘sstory but... nine to 11 degrees. football hooligan was yesterday'sstory but... but that tended to be away from the pitch, we‘ll feel that little bit warmer didn‘t it, the hooliganism. and this because the winds are lighter. but all the time, the cloud was on the pitch. it makes me really and the rain is gathering into the far west and another area sad. i have an eight—year—old of low pressure moving nephew, when i was that age i would on from the atlantic and plenty go to football grounds and see big of isobars associated with that low. bangers and fences preventing fans a spell of heavy rain, from getting to the pitch. we know perhaps an inch in places on west facing coasts as it moves steadily the tragic history of all that south and east. situation, the hooliganism and with and we will see gale force gusts of wind. the rain will push its way regards to hillsborough. we have is a country been very fortunate over into eastern england and south—east england by tuesday lunchtime. the last 20, 30 years, we have seen behind it, sunny spells fans evolve and we have seen the and scattered showers but the winds will remain a feature, situation in grounds of all. we particularly into the far north—west. don't see those fences anymore, we don't see those fences anymore, we seven to 8 degrees in scotland don't see those fences anymore, we don't see the kind of police and eight to ten further south. presence we used to see. and as a it is on the southern flank of this result we see some admittedly one isolated fan exploiting that. but if low as it tracks eastwards into the north sea that we could see
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that continues as a train, if there the most damaging gusts of winds, perhaps severe gales on exposed is tit—for—tat, tax the next time coasts, something to keep a close eye on. these teams play, what does that mean? ithink the week ahead looks stormy. these teams play, what does that mean? i think it's very sad for severe gales around with heavy football. we have had some instances rain and also drier, of more overt racism by fans against brighter interludes. players, name—calling and all of that. again, there is a change happening that needs to be... there has been a problem with racism in foot ball has been a problem with racism in football for many years. kick it out. i don't think any footballers would say that they could solve the problem of racism. lets look at the metro. too risky to rescue you had a baby, this is jeremy metro. too risky to rescue you had a baby, this isjeremy hunt explaining why shamima begum and her son weren‘t brought out of the middle east. just incredibly sad. an innocent life, three babies have died and whatever one thinks of the mother, in my view she should be brought here. revoking her citizenship is just wrong.
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brought here. revoking her citizenship isjust wrong. but brought here. revoking her citizenship is just wrong. but to say that, we could have journalists going into these camps over time and talking to her, to the mother, and it‘s too dangerous? we couldn‘t find a way of getting this infant out? i don‘t know. i just a way of getting this infant out? i don‘t know. ijust find that difficult to believe. as i are rules and protocols. 40.5 years i worked in baghdad and i experienced the kind of rules the civil service are subjective. —— for 2.5 years. there are protocols in place to protect the safety of people who work for this country abroad. i would agree. i think it is too risky to make it someone'sjob to go into i think it is too risky to make it someone's job to go into a specific refugee camp to find a specific... but there are people there, aid workers there, there are all kinds of people there. nobody is telling anybody in this camp. that does not mean it is safe. if it is safe enough for aid workers... this was a newborn baby. we could have... they will be lots of newborn babies in
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these camps. and that is a tragedy, that there are lots of newborn babies in these camps. but we cannot send people to find specific childrenjust because send people to find specific children just because they send people to find specific childrenjust because they happen send people to find specific children just because they happen to be...i children just because they happen to be... i bet there were aid workers who could have taken, may be the baby would not have survived, i don‘t know how it was he was or any of it and i agree with you there are protocols. but in the end, human life is a human life and an uber‘s life, and i just life is a human life and an uber‘s life, and ijust think that it‘s horrible that somehow the baby got mixed up with what the mother did. —— eight newborn‘s lie. mixed up with what the mother did. -- eight newborn's lie. should this baby de—prioritise of other newborn baby de—prioritise of other newborn baby in the camp? that michael be prioritised over? extra school places being specifically created for people who have been excluded from mainstream provision. yes, the article talks
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about the fact that people that are found with knives and use knives are far more likely to be excluded from or suspended from school and far more likely to have special educational needs, so this is an attempt by the education department to deal with this. it also tops in the article about how the night cream figures are the worst since records started in the 19405. —— knife record5 started in the 19405. —— knife crime figures. it strikes me thi5 knife crime figures. it strikes me this is a political re5pon5e knife crime figures. it strikes me this is a political response a growing problem. we already have pupil referral units in schools which will take peoples for a short period of time to try to turn behaviour around. there have been such cuts in education that i think this is a good thing, i think this may... it won‘t solve the problem but i think it is a good thing, to use education rather than, you know, presence or whatever it is that it would have been used. i think this isa would have been used. i think this is a good thing. but schools are under terrible stress anyway, i
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think. that's it for this offer. thanks. joe and yasmin will be back at half past eleven for another look at the papers. next on bbc news — the film review. hello, and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week‘s cinema releases is mark kermode. so, mark, what do we have this week? very mixed bunch. we have everybody knows, a spanish language thriller. we have border, sweden‘s entry for the foreign language film oscar. and captain marvel, the next superhero movie. well, everybody knows, a spectacular cast for a start. from the director of a separation,
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comes with great pedigree. penelope cruz is laura, who lives in buenos aires and comes back to spain, to her hometown for a celebration, and she brings her teenage daughter, who very quickly starts hanging around with a young boy who tells her that many years ago, her mother was in love with paco, played by javier ba rdem. she asks who knows, and he says everybody knows. their names are carved on a wall somewhere. shortly after, during the celebration, the daughter disappears. has she run away? has she been kidnapped? text messages suggest that the latter is true. but there is also immediately a concern about who knows what. here is a clip.
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