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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  March 18, 2019 5:00am-5:31am GMT

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you're watching the briefing. this is the business briefing. 0ur headlines: i'm ben bland. banking giants deutsche bank and commerz bank confirm as new zealand mourns they are in merger talks. the christchurch attacks — the prime ministerjacinda ardern a german labour union warns 30,000 this is the briefing — has pledged gun law reforms will be announced within 10 days. i'm ben bland. jobs could be at risk. our top story: as new zealand mourns saudi arabia says 0pec has more work lets stay with that now. to do in reducing supply the christchurch attacks, the prime minister pledges gun law fairfax media political reporter in the oil market to support prices, reforms will be announced stacey kirkjoins us as global stockpiles "within 10 days." from wellington now. are still rising. and on the markets, asian markets are up as optimism is this pretty much what was prevails over the china—us trade expected ) the prime minister was talks, while attention turns to the federal reserve's next policy saying from the moments after the attack that this was what she wanted to do. i think it is a little less than what was expected, she was very staunch in those moments after the there've been more moving tributes to the victims, with hundreds of schoolchildren performing the traditional attack when she said that there will maori haka. be changes to gun laws. she held back her press conference this could it be third time lucky for theresa may? afternoon by just over despite two defeats, her brexit deal is still on the table. we'll be reporting back her press conference this afternoon byjust over half—an—hour and that was because cabinet was going down to the wire, it does not normally go that late but i think
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from the irish border. she was hoping to be able to come to rising tensions in serbia the table and announce, make an as thousands of protestors demand free elections and the resignation announcement. she made no announcement, and i think that suggests that there is division over what changes to gun laws should look of the president. like. i have seen various people banking giants deutsche bank observing from overseas what is and commerz bank confirm going on in new zealand, and there they are in merger talks. a german labour union warns 30,000 has been a lot of praise forjacinda ardern's response and the way she has handled the situation, is that jobs could be at risk. shared by people in new zealand, is that feeling similar) i think very much so. there is a feeling that she has not really put a foot wrong, she has not really put a foot wrong, she has stepped up and shown leadership, she has set all the right things. a warm welcome to the programme — briefing you on all you need to know in global news, more importantly she has meant the business and sport. men shown compassion, and a certain amount of reserve and not going down and you can be part of the conversation. tell us what you think about any of the stories we're covering. to frequently so as to, i guess, just use the hashtag make a hindrance out of the emergency response that is still
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going on down there. but i think #bbcthebriefing. todayis going on down there. but i think today is the first day, she is trying to get gun laws changed as a within the past hour result, there is going to be an new zealand's prime minister, enquiry into the wider agency jacinda ardern, has said that the cabinet has reached response, the wider agency set of a decision in principle on changing the country's gun laws. monitoring capability that they had she said the reforms would be all that they were using to perhaps announced within ten days. pre—empt whether this could have ms ardern also said the attack at two mosques in christchurch had happened. 0nce those things start to highlighted weaknesses in gun legislation. happened. 0nce those things start to happen it will be harder, the politics will start. have gun laws, 50 people were killed in the attacks. ms ardern told the news conference has that been an issue? is that something that has been talked about in new zealand much recently, or has that the cabinet was totally united. this now kind of come in as something very new quiz back it has i want to also acknowledge when australia found itself tragically in a similar position to what we found ourselves now they talk 12 days to been an issue and has not been an make their decision. we have taken issue. our firearms act was first enacted in 1983 it has been changed 72 hours. there is still some detail since. not substantially. there has to be worked through. we need to been at least two massive enquiries
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move as quickly as we can. the fact into how gangs in particular can that we are here giving you an assurance that we have made a illegally obtain weapons, and just decision as a cabinet, we are wider into the strength of our gun laws. those recommendations have unified, they are simply details to work through. these are not simple been... the first enquiry, none of areas of law. that is simply what we will be taking to get right. we go the recommendations were enacted and the recommendations were enacted and live to christchurch. the second enquiry, out of 20 only seven were enacted and they related to gang activity. since 2005 to and our correspondent phil mercer. 2016, amendments to the gun laws have been drafted almost every there was talk of this in the single year and then quietly aftermath on friday. you're dropped. thank you very much. absolutely right. the new zealand prime minister, jacinda ardern, said police in serbia have used teargas right from the word go on friday against anti—government protesters that new zealand's gun laws needed who surrounded the presidential building in the capital, to be reformed. she has hosted a belgrade. 0pposition demonstrations have intensified, after taking place for a number of months cabinet meeting today saying that in in the balkan state. caroline rigby reports. the next week or ten days those reforms will be made public. lots of restrictions about semiautomatic
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weapons in this country. the legal the message was clear. age to own a firearm in this country "stop vucic." thousands gathered outside is 16 for that type of military the presidential palace in belgrade to demand the resignation style automatic weapon it is 18. all of serbia's president and his allies. gun owners must be licensed. but, mostly, individual weapons don't at times using force, have to be registered. new zealand they clashed with police. inside, the president made a defiant address in an effort is one of the few countries where to demonstrate his control. thatis is one of the few countries where that is the case. according to the though rather than being broadcast prime minister's than laws need to on state tv, his message was posted on instagram. translation: dear citizens of serbia. i am forced to address be strengthened. the covenant has you in this way. worked very quickly in this area. we especially to the thousands and millions of people have seen across the weekend who are worried about the situation in our country. services held, those spontaneous to all of you who defy the pressure of the fascist moments of the haka being performed to want to ruin our country. as you can see, i am asa moments of the haka being performed as a tribute to the victims. what more can we expect today? we do know still at my workplace in the presidency building. i am not going to flee anywhere. that there will be a national memorial. we do not know when that but serbia's premier is under will be. that was discussed at the cabinet meeting hosted by the prime mounting pressure as calls minister today. there will also be a for fair elections and greater media
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freedom grow louder. national enquiry set up to see what on saturday, ten protesters were detained after forcing the various agencies here in new their way into the state zealand might have done differently, television building. the break—in marked an intensification in the protests what did they know about the that began in november and have, until now, individual? he was not on any remained largely peaceful. security watchlist in new zealand or in australia. so that investigation, but some fear the that national enquiry will look at movement is changing. all facets of this investigation. in because, alongside the students, actors and centrist politicians, terms of the visual, people here in the centre of christchurch have been the leader of an extreme right wing coming out throughout the entire party has become a prominent voice. translation: we demand day, leaving many flowers and resignation of alexander vucic. tributes to those 50 people who were killed in the atrocity here on we want a free election and before that, a minimum of 6—9 months friday. 0k, thank you very much. of media freedom. these are our demands phil mercer in christchurch. and we will not back down. we will not retreat. in the past couple of hours, a teenager has appeared in court in new zealand charged president vucic insists he is not with distributing footage of the shootings filmed by the gunman. he could be jailed afraid but after months of protest for up to 1a years. which appear only to be gaining momentum, some will question how stephanie hare, an independent long he can remain in charge. research analyst.
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this is one of the most chilling now it's time to get all the latest aspects of the whole thing. the fact from the bbc sports centre. that it was streamed live as it hello, i'm chetan pathak happened and was subsequently with your monday sport briefing. shared. an social media companies our top story: northern ireland's rory mcilroy has won his first tournament in a year really scrambling and failing to after a thrilling final round of the players halt it. here. they were able to use championship at sawgrass. artificial intelligence to help stop mcilroy recovered from an early the upload of that video. facebook double bogey to card a closing 70 and finish 16 under par, put out a statistic over the weekend one shot ahead of former that they had stopped 1.5 million ryder cup captain jim furyk, uploads. around 300,000 of them ensuring it was a st patrick's still got through. that was in a day to remember. 24—hour period. it just still got through. that was in a 24—hour period. itjust shows it is not 100% artificial intelligence working to stop these videos, it is started the second phase of my still relying on human moderators. career, i have been going for 10—11 that is why it is challenging for yea rs career, i have been going for 10—11 years and i have learned a lot in the social media platforms, the tech those years, and i can make the next ten yea rs even to stop this from happening is not those years, and i can make the next ten years even better than the previous ten. that is where my motivation is. developed yet. part of the problem liverpool are top of is so many of these sites now have the english premier league after they beat fulham 2—1. jurgen klopp's side overtake manchester city, who have a game in hand, thanks to a james milner
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videos set to autoplay. even if you penalty in the last ten minutes. we re videos set to autoplay. even if you were innocently scrolling through a in tennis, 18—year—old feed you could find yourself, or bed for a few seconds, but forced to watch a segment of this disturbing bianca andreescu has made history footage. you raised an excellent by becoming the first wild card point. this may force the tech to ever win the wta title at indian wells, after beating germany's angelique kerber companies, particularly if forced to in three sets. the canadian teenager, ranked outside the top 150 at the start of the year, wrapped up the deciding set 6—4 on herfourth match point — by law, to do a delayed broadcast of that footage. so you are right. to win her first ever wta title. right now it is designed so that uploads automatically and you can live stream. that is great in theory while she's won her first, roger federer missed except for when it is used for terrible purposes like it is now. it out on his 101st title, is something maybe engineers had not after being beaten in the men's thought through. maybe they wanted to test it and see what the risk final at indian wells was. it is a change that can easily by austrian dominic thiem, be made. that is a business model change. easy to solve than the who battled back from dropping the first set to win current problem of how do you fix 3-6, 6-3, 7-5. artificial intelligence? we will go through this in more detail and other stories in the paper is a little bit later. thank you. police in the nba, the golden state warriors are on the road again on monday as they face the san antonio spurs. the warriors are fresh off the back of their 110—88 win at oklahoma
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city thunder, where in northern ireland say to people have died in to own a critical steph curry starred, scoring 33 points. condition after a crash. jane francis kelly reports. the emergency mikaela shiffrin will be returning home to america with this trophy. that's after she became the first services including doctors and skier to clinch world cup victories in overall, slalom, giant slalom paramedics were called to the greenvale hotel in cookstown. it had and super—g in the same season. been hosting a party for young she completed the sweep by winning people to celebrate st patrick's the giant slalom in andorra on sunday, taking her incredible day. parents were asked to collect their children immediately following their children immediately following career tally to 60. the incident. eyewitnesses say people were in tears outside the venue when they heard news of the deaths. a tragedy has happened tonight. i think our hearts or to go out to the families. there are 2019 is officially the international year of the periodic table of chemical elements. exactly 150 years ago this month children out tonight not realising. mendeleev created what scientists around the world now recognise as the periodic table. the cambridge university science therefore it is important that we festival has put together a showcase bear that in of the many weird and wonderful therefore it is important that we bearthat in mind therefore it is important that we bear that in mind and be very sensitive to the needs and the versions of it and invited a unique heartbreak of those families. the guest of honour. 0livia crellin reports. dup leader, arlene foster, tweeted that her thoughts and prayers were
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with everyone impacted by the tragedy. a local counsellor said there was a deep sense of shock. that an evening of celebrations had gone so horribly wrong. the periodic table. whether you loved or loathed chemistry at school, it is one of the most iconic britain's prime minister theresa may is making a fresh effort to swing dozens is making a fresh effort to swing d oze ns of is making a fresh effort to swing dozens of conservative and dup mps symbols of science. this month marks behind her brexit deal this week. 150 yea rs the dup is the northern irish party that she relies on for a majority in symbols of science. this month marks 150 years since russian scientist dmitri mendeleev formulated his periodic law and created the periodic law and created the periodic table. it's genius close to parliament. mrs maples is only expected to hold a third vote in the arrange the elements into different groups with similar properties. house of commons if she thinks she doctor peter watters is an expert in has a realistic prospect of winning it. northern ireland is part of the the periodic table at cambridge united kingdom, but each shares a weren't anniversary exhibition is being held. this is what people were border with the republic of ireland which is an eu member. finding a way to keep this border completely open doing throughout history. as more has been one of the most difficult elements were discovered, they parts of the brexit negotiations. we thought was there any sense behind have been finding out how people who it? that is what the periodic table dove. -- does. mendeleev's periodic live on the border feel about brexit. the st patrick's day parade. a small table was not the only way of organising the elements, not even the first. hundreds of alternatives town in northern ireland on the
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border with the south. with people used to crossing it all the time. a exist and adds —— and scientists ha rd used to crossing it all the time. a hard border would disrupt the think that is more elements are current ease of daily life and discovered, the patterns that govern this table are breaking down. this people's jobs. it wasn't always like this. the memory of the violent past is still fresh in the minds of many. they fear customs checks could become a target, needing police and scientist discovered elements 10a— military protection, leading to the 118, a group of synthetic chemicals known as the super heavy elements. dark days of the pastor. military protection, leading to the dark days of the pastorlj military protection, leading to the dark days of the pastor. i cross the border. in the company we work for we have the staff who would cross the border as well. i suppose the uncertainty is well brexit impact that as well? it is difficult. his other claim to fame is that he is the only person to have an element —— an element named after especially for younger people now, him. what is this rather spectacular for the last 30 years they have had the freedom of moving back and forward. they will start to have looking helix right here? this is a checkpoints on the border. just about a mile up the road you had the periodic table. we have 117 element army permanently they are. to be tiles on here, arranged in terms of their atomic number and it has all stopped by a man holding guns and of the elements with similar
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have them looking into your boot and properties vertically aligned. just trying to understand what is going like in our modern periodic tables, on. that is not something i want my but wrapped around a bit. one of the daughter and son to be brought into. qualities of mendeleev's periodic they need to work out what to put together to make that happen. table that you hear people praise they need to work out what to put together to make that happenfi will probably be back to soldiers again, is its elegance and how effective it is as a teaching tool. both of those combine in a piece of and stuff starting again, checking your cars, checking, every time you music composed for catherine —— ‘s leave. you'll be constantly worrying about soldiers all the time. you are and catherine ‘s college girls not really going to... people from england don't understand what it is choir. whatever the future of the like to live here. you need to look periodic table, mendeleev's design is likely to endure for years to ata map like to live here. you need to look at a map to even realise that this come. is an international border between northern ireland and the republic in the south. it breaks it happens it back to our main story. there have been many moving tributes to the will be part of the only land border victims in christchurch on friday. between the uk and the eu. at here is a distinctive kiwi one from present, apart from some signs of wear to change your money, there is very little evidence of anybody at all. but it is completely and the nation's young people. this is a group of high school students free—flowing. just make anybody at performing a haka for the shooting all. across to the east coast fishing town, many fishermen voted victims. the ha ka performing a haka for the shooting victims. the haka is a ceremonial dance in maori culture. for brexit. but now there is stay with me on bbc news, i'll be back with the business briefing
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frustration. the deal that theresa in just a few moments. may is proposing at the present moment in time is that like a half brexit, sort of the way i understand it, that the eu government will it has been a very unsettled weekend of weather. we have had some strong winds, heavy rain, even some hills dictate the law and we will not have a say in it. we will be a proxy known saturday. sunday was a day of sunshine and heavy showers, this government or a proxy state, if that picture was taken by one of our is the right word. trying to avoid a weather watchers in dover. dramatic ha rd is the right word. trying to avoid a hard border, the other way that weather watchers in dover. dramatic weather escape there. big shower europe can protect its single market clouds and hail showers around as isa europe can protect its single market is a book more checks between well. the unsettled weather is about northern ireland and the rest of the uk. effectively across the irish sea. the complexities of avoiding to change. things are settling down all these choices is partly what has made breaks so difficult. and that is starting to affect this area of high pressure out of the south—west, nudging its way closer stay with us on bbc news, towards the uk. with a jetstream for the north it is keeping the weather still to come: a saint patrick's day to remember for rory mcilroy. he holds offjim furyk obey. it is looking much more dry in the players championship — for his first win in a year. and less windy that it has been, but we monday start on a chilly note, a touch of frost likely here. that
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today, we have closed the book on apartheid and that chapter. cloud will bring some splashes of more than 3,000 subway passengers were affected. nausea, bleeding, headaches and a dimming of vision — all of this caused by an apparently organised attack. fairly light, patchy rain across the trophy itself was on the pedestal in the middle of the cabinet here. this was an international trophy and we understand now that the search for it has become an international search. above all, this was a triumph for the christian democrats northern ireland, western scotland of the west, offering reunification as quickly as possible, 00:13:21,776 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 and that's what the voters wanted. and western fringes of england and wales as well. the central and eastern parts of england, central eastern parts of england, central eastern scotland, you should say drive through the day, sunny spells lasting into the afternoon when clouds should then increase. top temperatures around 8—12 on monday, still rather on the cool side for this time of year. but at least we have lost that whinger which has been with us for a few days. heading through monday and you can see that cloud continuing overnight and on into tuesday. again a few spots of rain heading in from the north and west but for the bulk of the uk it is looking brighter start the day on tuesday. they could be the odd touch of frost if we do see clear skies on the east but for the most part it is looking reasonably mild and frost free first thing tuesday then we have got this next system, this warm front trying to move in from the
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northwest on tuesday but it is bumping into high—pressure pushing in from the south. the many southern and eastern areas tuesday should be and eastern areas tuesday should be a fine day. some sunny spells, some cloud here and now, more cloud in the north—west where we have that wea k the north—west where we have that weak weather front bringing a few friends to western scotland and the irish sea coast. temperature is starting to add up so around 12— 1a degrees, top temperatures on tuesday. into wednesday another largely dry, saturday, wednesday is the spring equinox, looking largely dry and settled. some sunny spells breaking through the crowd and it will feel more like spring with 00:14:26,941 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 temperatures up to 16.
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