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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 20, 2019 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers and barcelona's women in north america will play the opening leg and around the globe. of their champions league my name is mike embley. quarterfinal on wednesday, as toni duggan and co look to get our top stories: fears that cyclone idai has left past norwegian‘s lillestrom. hundreds of thousands homeless in africa. it could be the worst natural disaster to hit the southern hemisphere. the really striking thing as you walk through here is just how hello there and welcome exhausted they are. person after person has come up to the programme, where we start with cycling news, to us, asking for help, and there's one team that's wondering when aid dominated over the past few seasons, with a squad featuring bradley wiggins, chris froome, is going to arrive. but team sky is set for a change. the first funerals begin they'll now be known in new zealand for some of the 50 as team inneos, the company owned people who were killed in last by their new sponsor, the british billionaire, sirjim ratcliffe. friday's mosque attacks. our sports editor dan theresa may is formally asking roan brings us more. brussels to delay britain's withdrawal from the eu this will come as some relief, beyond march the 29th. certainly to the staff of team sky american—backed forces in syria say here at the national cycling centre, they've captured the last bit and of course their fans, who, over the last few years, have seen this era of unprecedented success. the team has won the tour de france in six of the last seven years, with three different british riders. that's undoubtedly contributed,
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hasn't it, to the upsurge in popularity of cycling here in britain? and i think the fans will be delighted that the likes of chris froome and bradley wiggins will be part of the reincarnated team. however, there is controversy. over recent years, the team has been forced to deny allegations they cheated. over a year ago, a group of mps accused team sky of crossing the ethical line over the use of medical exemptions for banned substances. just a few weeks ago, the team's formative doctor was made to stand in front of a gmc medical tribunal. in the end, that was bogged down in legal argument and the case was adjourned. he also denies any wrongdoing, as does the team. but despite all that controversy, ratcliffe has been tempted to come along as saviour. he already invests in sailing and football and clearly, he thinks this makes sense as well. former cyclist michael hutchinson says the sports authorities might have concerns over what the new company's ethos is in regards
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to the environment. cycling has, particularly over the last few seasons, had something of an environmental awakening. despite cycling being what it is, the actual sport has never been particularly environmental in its outlook until the last few seasons. there are those in the sporty will be concerned about the idea a petrochemical company, articulately a petrochemical company you have complained about the restrictions about what they can do in terms of fracking, who have complained about a green environment tax, who feel that that goes against what they wa nt that that goes against what they want the sport to be and actually, tea m want the sport to be and actually, team sky in its last couple of seasons premiered what they call their ocean rescue campaign, which was supporting reducing the use of single—use plastics. last year, the riders rode with jerseys with a killer whale on the back of them to support this drive to prevent
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single—use plastics entering the ocean, that is the kind of thing that i suspect team sky are going to very much take that in their stride but it does raise a certain sort of?. —— question mark. now there was a remarkable finish to the tirreno adriatico, with slovenia's primoz roglic pipping britain's adam yates to the title by a single second. yates had a 25 second buffer to roglic when he set off on the final stage — a short individual time trial. roglic though is one of the best in the world against the clock and set the 11th fastest time on the 10 kilometre stage. yates knew what he had to do, but agonisingly missed out to hand roglic one of the biggest stages race wins of his career. tsunekazu takeda — the head ofjapan‘s olympic committee — says he'll stand down following allegations of bribery. just to warn you, there's some flash photography coming up. it relates to tokyo's successful bid to host the games next year. french prosecutors placed mr takeda under formal investigation in december for suspected corruption in the bid.
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mr takeda said he wants to prove his innocence, and would also stand down from his post on the international olympic committee, where he heads the marketing commission. england and australia will wear names and numbers on their shirts for the ashes in the biggest change to kits in test cricket for 142 years. the icc thinks making players more easily identifiable will help more people engage with the test game, and the series in england will be the first of the new test cricket championship. while names and numbers have been used in the limited overs format for some time, test match whites have remained relatively unchanged. cricket commentator alison mitchell can give us more details. we might see a little bit of colour introduced as well into those numbers. i do think that is something that we might see, perhaps it might be that england say do you know what, we can go darkly will navy with our number on our back.
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perhaps south africa might go green, the west indies might go maroon. that is an additional thing that we might see that there will be regulation around those numbers, the numbers will only be allowed to be double figures, so two numbers only, it will have to be below the shirt. they will not be any room for a sponsor's logo or anything like that, it is a name above a number but certainly, it is something that i think if you go to the ground for the first time in you're watching a game of test cricket, why would you not want to know who it is you are seeing if you're not with those players
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south africa have beaten sri lanka after a super over was required to win the first of their three match t20 internationals in cape town. after being sent in to bat, sri lanka reached isa/7 and the home side equalled that on the last ball for the loss of eight wickets when sri lanka could have won, but wicketkeeper niroshan dickwella missed a run out chance to win it. the proteas made 14 off the extra over and then imran tahir restricted sri lanka to just five runs in response. now to boxing, where deontay wilder has vowed to knock out dominic brezeale when the two vie for the wbc world heavyweight title in new york this may. after failing to agree a deal with either tyson fury or anthonyjoshua, wilder must fight the mandatory challenger breazeale. in an at times disturbing and bizarre press conference in brooklyn, wilder encouraged his american compatriot to make his own funeral arrangements. pain is the name of the game in this sport and we all know who does that the best, it is me. it is me, i get paid... soi the best, it is me. it is me, i get paid... so i can't wait, i can't wait. the way i am feeling right
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now, hey, the fight can be this week, i am now, hey, the fight can be this week, iam ready. the women's champions league sees the quarter final stage get underway on wednesday. barcelona are yet to win this trophy and they'll be hoping to move within touching distance of the semifinals when they host norwegian side, lillestrom. the catalans will want to see more of this from influential english international, toni duggan. meanwhile, lyon will continue their bid for a fourth consecutive title when they welcome wolfsburg to france in a repeat of last year's final. welsh internationaljess fishlock was a member of the victorious frankfurt team in 2015 but is now going for glory with lyon, where she's on loan from seattle reign. when we had the jaw and it was wolfsburg and the whole, alcohol bucket actually, it is wolfsburg, chelsea, it is such an exciting moment. some people alike are you gutted about the jaw? i am like no, these are the games that you want to
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play, to win this whole thing, you have to beat the sides. so when the jaw came, everyone was really excited about it. —— draw. declan rice says he looks forward to pulling on an england shirt when gareth southgate's team play euro 2020 qualifiers against czech republic and montenegro over the coming days. west ham midfielder rice may feature after switching his allegiance from the republic of ireland, for whom he played three friendly matches. 18—year—old chelsea winger callum hudson odoi could also feature but for 20—year—old rice, it's a decision he's comfortable having made. tough decision. i think everyone knows my situation with the republic of ireland. i have obvious he played there in the set up. i had to make a decision that was best for me. i am english, i am from england, decision that was best for me. i am english, iam from england, and it was really good playing ireland, no iamjust was really good playing ireland, no i am just looking forward to the future and putting on the england shirt and future and putting on the england shirtandi future and putting on the england shirt and i look forward now and
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forget about the past. —— i have to. the major league baseball season gets underway injapan on wednesday, but along with that, we could be on the verge of the biggest professional sports contract of all time. reports in the united states say that mike trout will sign an extension to his deal with the los angeles angels worth $430 million. that will be over 12 years and contain no opt out clause. trout is a seven—time all star and a two—time mvp in the american league. certainly not a fishy story that one, it should be quite the catch. anyway, i will leave it at that. a couple of nba games to mention, golden state up in the final quarter of the game against minnesota. until next time, bye—bye.
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hello there. the most noticeable feature of the weather for the next few days will be the feel of it. it's going to be very mild with temperatures a little above the seasonal average, in fact. and it should be largely dry too with the high pressure taking control. winds will be light for most away from the far north of the country. now, the air mass is key to how it's going to feel for the next few days. low pressure to the north of the uk, high pressure to the south, and we're bringing this warm air on a south—westerly wind. but it is very moisture laden off the atlantic, which is why we're seeing quite a lot of cloud around, thick enough to produce outbreaks of light rain and drizzle early on wednesday. there could be a bit of mist and fog too. a mild start to wednesday in places. no lower than 10 degrees, for example, in belfast. through this morning, again, we'll have quite a lot of cloud around, generally light wind. i am hopeful though
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through the afternoon we could see some good breaks of sunny spells appearing. again, across the far north—west of the uk, it will be windier here, with outbreaks of rain for the northwest highlands. we could see temperatures reaching the high teens, but generally even where you have the cloud, it's going to feel very mild, temperatures around 13 or 1a degrees. into thursday then, a similar picture. quite a bit of cloud around but some good holes breaking, particularly to the east of high ground. staying very wet, though, for the north—west of scotland, where it will be breezier, temperatures 11 or 12 degrees here. further south, given some good spells of sunshine, we could make 16 or 17 celsius. as we head on into friday, a developing area of low pressure, which will bring a spell of gales and rain to the north of the country. the further south you are, close to that area of high pressure, largely fine. variable cloud and some sunny spells. it will be a breezy day across the board, very windy across parts of scotland with gales, 50 to 60 miles an hour gusts inland. 60 to 70 perhaps for the northern
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isles and the western isles, and we'll also see rain, which will spill its way southwards and eastwards, tending to weaken as it does. another very mild day ahead of it, given some spells of sunshine. but even where it's cloudy, it will be mild. through friday evening and night, that band of cloud and rain sinks south—eastwards, introducing cooler air. we'll see a few wintry showers pushing there to the north of scotland. you can see the blue colours invading from the north—west as we head on in towards the weekend, but it's still high pressure in charge. it means it should be largely fine and dry, and with drier, cooler air, we could see more sunshine around both saturday and sunday. but you'll notice the temperatures a little bit lower and nights 00:12:44,019 --> 2147483051:43:06,724 will be chilly too with a touch 2147483051:43:06,724 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 of frost in places.
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