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tv   Beyond 100 Days  BBC News  March 20, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm GMT

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this is beyond 100 days hello, i'm ross atkins. the uk once with me, jane 0'brien in washington. a delay to brexit. the un artist christian fraser is in london. our top stories: in the next hour we are terms. i believe a short extension expecting mrs may to address will be possible. but it will be you're watching beyond 100 days. the house of commons has indulged itself conditioned on a positive vote on the withdrawal agreement in the on europe for too long, says the british prime minister. house of commons. and brussels agrees. the nation possibly from downing street. she has ask the eu for extension the eu say it will only grant a short delay to negotiate her brexit deal. if the british parliament passes patience is wearing thin in brussels. there will be a delay, the prime minister's deal next week. says donald tusk, but it comes iam ben i am ben brown comply from downing with a condition that mayjust help in the next hour, we are theresa may. expecting mrs may to address coming up in the next half hour: the nation from outside downing street. we're expecting her to talk street. suspension but not expulsion for expect more of this. the hungarian prime minister's party from the european parliament's biggest group — so what's to the british people to why she is viktor 0rban‘s next move? the outcome of the long extension and happy international the agreement with the european would be this house spending happiness day! union for three we'll bring you some life lessons yet more endless hours contemplating its navel on europe, and failing to address the issues on how to keep upbeat. that matter to our constituents. the patience is wearing thin in brussels. so let's go back to our top story. there will be a delay says brexit. donald tusk, but it comes with a condition that mayjust help the uk prime minister has theresa may. asked for a short delay i believe that a short to the the uk leaving the eu.
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extension will be possible, the european council president but it will be conditional donald tusk has said the uk can have that on a positive vote on the but only if parliament votes withdrawal for the brexit offer that's on the table. agreement in the house of commons. as new zealand buries the first victims in effect, it means of the mosque shootings, that mps are under renewed pressure to vote the prime minister talks to the bbc, through theresa may's calling for a global withdrawal deal. fight against extremism. also on the programme — we're joined from westminister one republican senator takes a stand by the labour chair of against president trump's attacks the brexit select committee hilary on john mccain, saying the country deserves better. benn. so why aren't more joining him? good evening. it seems that the er g and, does trump have you troubled? brexit giving you the blues? well, cheer up, because it's international happiness day! are not going to vote for therese it we'll have tips to keep you smiling. may‘s deal, where are we on monday afternoon? it depends what happens in the next couple of days. the government is in a state of complete hello, and welcome. i'm christian fraser in london, chaos. on thursday the deputy prime and jane o'brien is in washington. minister said that to apply for a today, we are 1000 days on from the referendum, short one off extension would be 9 days until the uk leaves the eu.
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reckless. that is precisely what the it's been widely assumed for some time now that delay would be forced upon the prime minister. prime minister has done in her and this morning, a letter was sent to brussels asking for more time, but not the long delay some remainers had hoped for. letter to donald tusk today. as i understand donald tusk's comments he it was a request for a short delay, said if you want a short extension you will have to get the deal ofjust three months, until the 30th june. through, and if erg do not move, i the house of commons called an emergency debate, another three hours in which british am not sure it is going to pass. i politicians argued among themselves, over whether it should be a long delay, a short delay, do not read donald tusk's comments whether it should be the prime minister's deal, another deal, a second referendum, as meaning the eu has closed its or a general election. mind toa as meaning the eu has closed its mind to a longer extension. the and then out of the blue, absolute priority for parliament and europe made the call. the european council the nation is to ensure that we do president donald tusk said there could be a delay, but only if the prime minister's get an extension because we cannot underany deal is approved next week. get an extension because we cannot under any circumstances leave without a deal on the 29th of march. the house of commons has now voted twice, given instructions to the i believe that a short extension will be possible, prime minister we will not accept but it will be conditional on a positive vote on the even without a deal. has that risk withdrawal agreement in the house of commons. the question remains open gone up with the request forjust a short delay, is there a risk that
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as to the duration of such an extension. the uk could now leave without a deal? has that risk gone up so who is to blame for the humiliation substantially in the last 24—hour that britain is facing? britain's fate now in the hands of european leaders. some would say she is to blame, it's her deal that has been defeated, it's her party that is so divided. is? it depends on the response of but mrs may puts the blame for the crisis squarely on the house of commons. the outcome of the long extension would be endless hours and days of the european union. i do not believe this house carrying on contemplating its navel on europe, and failing to address the issues that matter to our constituents. we're joined from the house that the european union is going to of commons by our chief political correspondent vicki young. be the agent of a no—deal brexit. it 0ne one of those days where you cannot is bad for them, disastrous for us keep track of what is happening. and the republic of ireland. but let's talk about the prime they are clearly frustrated with the
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british government. here we are two and three quarters years on coming minister's statement, which now to almost the final week and it is might not become outside downing still not clear what is going to street. it has not even been happen. secondly, when we do get an extension, assuming that we do, confirmed yet. if she does say parliament has then got to start to answer the question which the something, it will not be a moment government has not addressed, what are we going to use the extra time where she calls a general election for? i suspect the prime minister will be asked that in brussels at resigns. it is more her explaining the summit, what is her plan. i have argued for a long time that we should have a chance for indicative to the british public why she has votes. what other kind of deal might decided to ask for this delay to parliament be prepared to support given that her deal and no deal have brexit, having said more than 100 been comprehensively rejected by the house of commons. if we are able to times that the uk would leave on reach agreements, then the decision times that the uk would leave on time at the end of this month, a should go back to the british week on friday. she feels she has to people. and if parliament remains deadlocked then inevitably we will have to go back to the british people because how else are we going to resolve this? we can't carry on explain why. from what we heard from with the chaos that we have at the her earlier, she since it is the moment. going back to the british fault of mps, who should have come people could take, who knows how long, for a second referendum. is toa there really an appetite at this fault of mps, who should have come point. there is not a majority in to a deal, now she says they have to the house of commons for a decide what they want. because her deal is still the only one on the referendum. say to the prime table. she is trying to focus minds, minister, we will let your deal go through, as long as you commit to and to bring back the deal next week then put it to the people in a for another vote assuming she is able to do that. but the speaker of binding referendum and it would be no further role for parliament. if
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the house of commons needs to allow the people voted to leave on the prime minister's deal that is what that to happen. then it will bejust a few days before we leave, or are we would do, if the british people due to leave, and whether or not mps will get behind her. there is talk rejected that, we would remain and about her leadership, great that would be the end of the matter. unhappiness in her party, they feel it is herfault, that she negotiated i look forward to having a chance to vote for that if the meaningful vote a deal with the eu that they could comes back next week, we may well ee, a deal with the eu that they could agree, but not one that would ever see the amendment to the house. at get through the house of commons. and they do blame herfor that. our the moment i don't think it would response to that is to say, enough talking about all this, and it was pass. but if the prime minister's so talking about all this, and it was so striking earlier today when she talked about how she would not contemplate a long delay to brexit. deal has been defeated by 230 and having said so many times she wanted to ensure the uk left on time, for 149, peoples minds may change as this process unfolds. in the end if we cannot reach agreement on the way forward what else are we going to her, the humiliation of doing do? the one where you would get a something she thinks is bad for the definitive decision is to go back to country, and ground as everything she has said, it sounds like she would not be willing to do that. has the british people. i made the donald tusk‘s conditions of passing her deal helped the prime minister 01’ her deal helped the prime minister or hinder tar? possibly, but it is
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argument today in the house of still the case that mps will look at commons, the government says it is a democratic to come back not once but how this is being framed. what is the choice for you as an mp next twice and possibly three times in order to dry twice and possibly three times in orderto dry and twice and possibly three times in order to dry and persuade the house of commons to change its mind on its week? some still believe it is to deal, where as at the very same may's deal or no deal a week on minute they argue it is somehow undemocratic to go back to the friday, they still think even though the house of commons has voted british people and say, would you like to change your mind? i do not against it, they think it is the think you can reconcile those two default position in law, and they can still achieve that. others think things. in the end it's for the it will still be her deal or a long british people to decide. if we get to that point people can vote again for it leave with the prime minister extension, because even though donald tusk did not talk about that, is deal, or people can decide on because he did not take questions, balance what we now know, given the promises that were raised by the he could not be asked about what leave campaigners that have collapsed in conflict with reality, would happen if her deal went down and it has been a harsh process, the next week, it would be looking at a british people might say we should remain. we are a long way from that. much longer extension. so that remains unclear, still to be thank you. resolved at the summit tomorrow. the now, we are expecting theresa may to make a statement about 20 minutes time — ben brown is outside 10 big picture is that theresa may has downing street and joins us now. been forced to write to the eu, to is that where the speech is going to ask for an extension, something she be? we understand it is going to be never wanted to happen, and neither did many mps. thank you very much. inside downing street. a statement we are joined by the conservative mp mark francois at eight o'clock inside number ten.
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who is a member of the pro—brexit what she is going to say, we do not conservative group the erg. know. there is speculation she will donald tusk says you can have a short delay, but you have to pass the prime minister's deal. are you going to do that? no. right. if try to explain to the british people by the uk will not be leaving the you're not going to get behind it, european union on march 29 as she has repeatedly said it would. what how many of your colleagues do you think will not get behind it? let's start there. more than enough. so has repeatedly said it would. what has been happening today as well as preparations for the statement for the prime minister is that she has what is the alternative? do you think that means we are heading been meeting opposition leaders to probably for a no deal? well, the try and discuss a way through on her brexit deal, including jeremy legal position is, the default corbyn. there are unconfirmed position is, if nothing else reports thatjeremy corbyn, that changes, we leave the european union labour party leader, walked out of at 11pm on the 29th of march. i that meeting with the prime minister because there were other former members of that labour party there, don't believe the deal will go the so—called independent group. he through. my colleagues are as solid as they have ever been against it. the reason we are so as they have ever been against it. the reason we are so passionately against that is because we have read it, and we know it means we do not objected to that. there was that leave the european union. because of meeting a couple of hours ago. also
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we are hearing that leaders of something called the backstop and various smaller parties including the scottish national party, the liberal democrats, the greens, are other elements in the treaty. now asking for the british remember, it is a draft treaty we parliament to be in continuous session, nonstop, until there are being asked to vote on. they parliament to be in continuous session, nonstop, untilthere is parliament to be in continuous session, nonstop, until there is a decision on brexit. leave us half in and half out of the european union, and that is not what thank you forjoining us. 17.4 million people voted for. my colleagues in the erg and i, we are actually the good guys. we are the international red cross fighting to honour what 17.4 million in the mozambican city of beira has warned that thousands of people people voted for, and we do not are still waiting on rooftops and trees to be rescued intend to give in. a much harder from the floods that followed cyclone idai, which hit line has been taken by french south—east africa last week. the storm has left hundreds president emmanuel macron today, who dead and thousands asked what a delay was for. it seems homeless across mozambique, malawi, and zimbabwe. making matters worse — heavy rain is predicted he is on board with a short delay. i in the coming days. 0ur correspondent shingai nyoka reports from the town suppose the question is, do you of mutare in zimbabwe, think they have taken the long delay close to the border with mozambique. in mozambique, the water stretches of the table, or is this a ploy to try and get theresa may's deal for miles in every direction. through? as i understand the the bbc saw hundreds of people trapped in a stadium awaiting process, the prime minister has to food and fresh water. ask for a delay. and specify a preferred date, and put that to the aid for the cyclone survivors council. mps have been given a is pouring in and leaving as fast as it comes.
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letter today, which we have had a chance to examine. and the latter, authorities say the need is overwhelming and it is mainly for the basics. which i have in my pocket, she asks for the 30th of june. but it is not only the aid agencies which i have in my pocket, she asks for the 30th ofjune. there is then an argument about whether we have to that are working around the clock. have european elections in this in the midst of a tragedy, country, because they take place a heart—warming element, ordinary zimbabweans who, between the 23rd and the 26th of even in the midst of an economic crisis, are giving the food may. so there is a legally arguable in their pantry and the clothes off their backs to survivors. point there. but in any event, some people in numberten point there. but in any event, some people in number ten were trying to a nation used to queueing for food bully us by talking about an and bread now lining up extension of nine months or a year. to help in an unprecedented it is rumoured that that is what community aid effort. 0lly robbins, her so—called chief negotiator, a europhile, wanted. it but most of the supplies remain stuck on the wrong side of the disaster. access remains a challenge. does not even look like we have asked for that, or that is on offer. but if it is a conditional offer, in other words, you can have an extension to ratify the deal if you zimbabwe's military has led get it through, but if you can't get operations to restore road networks so that the help can reach those it through, then you can't have an who remain isolated. extension. they would get it we are now reallyjust concerned about the livelihoods through, there will not be an extension, and then we leave the more than the...
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the infrastructure we are concerned following friday. the exciting about, right now it is to get prospect is that nine days from now, to help the communities, to help individuals. this country could be free. so if while there are teams who are working on assessing, so that we can have a consolidated appeal, we are not able to do so. in neighbouring malawi, large areas of the central and southern regions the prime minister cannot deliver on are still underwater. this one way or another, do you think it is time for her to go?|j over 120,000 people displaced. will think it is time for her to go?” will not get into any kind of the united nations is warning leadership speculation. but that this may prove to be the worst weather—related disaster ever everybody else's. don't let me stop in the southern hemisphere. you. my colleagues and i in the erg some have made it to safety but, for the majority who remain out of reach, time is running out. have decided to honour the promise shingai nyoka, bbc news. to 17.4 million people. we are concentrating on leaving the european union on the 29th of march i'm joined now by filipe chidumo, which is what the bulk of mozambique's high commissioner conservative mps want, they voted in effect for that last thursday, and i here in the uk. believe that is what the people of this country want. there was a poll i get the sense that we just don't a day or so ago that set, when know the real scale of what you are people were asked do you think the
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prime minister's deal constitutes leaving the eu, 14% said yes, 54% dealing with here. according to the aid agencies that we have heard from today they have only accessed about 10% of the area thatis only accessed about 10% of the area that is affected. it is a daunting proposition. the area is fast and is said no. we are with the 54%. good com pletely proposition. the area is fast and is completely flooded. the waters are to get your thoughts, thanks very much. eyes will be turning to europe raging. that makes the entire where the 27 eu leaders will be meeting starting tomorrow. damian grammaticas operation difficult for anyone joins from brussels. willing to assist. the best way to they will listen to mark francois do it at present appears to be and know it is very difficult for the prime minister to get a deal through helicopters. 0r powerful across. stephen barclay, the brexit secretary come amid a very important point in the house today, damien, he said, it may be that you can get boats that can sustain the currents. indicative of votes and get a for those people who do not know different way forward, get a coalition across the house, but at mozambique, it seems a low lying the end of the day, there has to be legislation for all that. and that area we are talking about around beira. talk to us about the coalition may not be sustainable. i guess that is what the european geography. why is the water spreading so far? first of all, it union is contemplating, isn't it? evenif union is contemplating, isn't it? even if there was a softer brexit, could you get it through the house? is flat. the area is downstream of yes, which is exactly why they have
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put this condition down to say that two rivers. they have both burst this sort extension theresa may is asking for would only be granted if their banks? yes. in addition to the houses of parliament in london that, even if it does not rain in has already approved the deal on the table. —— this short extension. it mozambique, if there is a need to is not just a table. —— this short extension. it is notjust a concern for the eu if there was a coalition for a softer brexit, but also concern at this relieve some pressure in the dams, deal that me squeeze through with such a tight margin, that all the water comes all the way to subsequent legislation that needs to be put through parliament in the coming weeks to make brexit to take effect could be very difficult. but mozambique. but this area is i think the interesting thing here is that what donald tusk laid out particularly special because of its geography. that water from zimbabwe was frustrations on the eu side, concerns on the eu side. we know and malawi is funnelling through mozambique. presumably this area in some countries, like france, are very resistant. you get to this line the middle, this is the big farming of that donald tusk put same, prove you can pass the deal first, of that donald tusk put same, prove you can pass the dealfirst, then you can pass the dealfirst, then area in the country. it is notjust you get a short extension. he did
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about dealing with people who are not address what happens of that stranded now, it is how do you feed vote fails next week. the door is the country going forward over the next year? it is a big issue. about still open for the uk to come back, 300,000 acres of crops have been ask for a longer extension, have a rethink, even revoke article 50, but it is still open for the uk to crash devastated. it might not be good for out with no deal at all. everything still on the table. of course it is, thank you forjoining us, damien. —— major agricultural work. damian. the first funerals have been held for victims of last week's mosque shootings in christchurch — a syrian refugee and his son who settled in new zealand to escape war in their home country. from there, you cannot reach beira. speaking to the bbc, new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern called 0rfrom the on the international community to do from there, you cannot reach beira. 0r from the north you cannot reach more to combat white nationalism, and the beliefs espoused it either. bridges have been washed by the shooter. we still have a responsibility away. it is a catastrophe. to weed it out where it exists, and make sure that we never create an environment where it can flourish. what is your priority right now? but i would make that a global call. what new zealand experienced here was violence brought against us by someone who grew up and learned their ideology somewhere else.
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the president outlined the so actually, if we want to make sure government priority in his address, that, globally, we are a safe and tolerant and inclusive world, which is to save the lives of those we cannot think about this in terms of boundaries. who have been stranded by the and that's the kind of leadership i think we need floods. but saving human life, that to see on this issue. in the last decade, the number of far—right terrorist incidents has means to rescue them from flooded been on the rise across the west. areas, to take them into shelters. there are at present around 100 in the united states there were 31 far—right terror incidents in 2017, compared to a decade ago, accommodation centres, the number of when there may have been two or three. and it's notjust the people in them is growing united states that has seen an increase in this form of terrorism. significantly, day by day. provide in western europe, the three most them with water, with food, with prevalent years for far—right extremist incidents have medicine, blankets, everything all been since 2015. needed to sustain life. after for more on prime minister arden‘s global call to action, we are joined from new york now byjehjohnson, eve ryo ne needed to sustain life. after everyone is safe, or after we have who served as secretary of homeland security under president 0bama. minimised the loss of life, there will be a need, actually it is done thank you forjoining us. there has been so much focus recently on other
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types of terrorism, such as islamic simultaneously, you need to restore water and sanitation. you need to extremism. do you think the threat of white supremacy and of far right restore the power lines that are terrorism, extremism, has been overlooked? whether it has been destroyed in order to enable communication to be there. and then, overlooked? whether it has been overlooked or not, it definitely has oui’ overlooked or not, it definitely has our focus now here overlooked or not, it definitely has ourfocus now here in overlooked or not, it definitely has our focus now here in the overlooked or not, it definitely has ourfocus now here in the united states. it is a fact that deaths, after that, after the emergency part homicide as a result of far right is over, we will need a big extremism now outpace homicides, reconstruction programme. this is where problems sometimes happen death, terrorist attacks, by because when the headlines are individuals or groups with some form there, you are in the area affected, connection. and in the closing days eve ryo ne there, you are in the area affected, of the 0bama administration, i was everyone is there, but in the months ahead. my hope is that this time you very focused on white violent will remember it does not end today, extremism, nationalist extremism, to it isa will remember it does not end today, it is a long—time issue with which we are faced. thank you. the point that we got congress to fund efforts in local communities to fund efforts in local communities to fund groups like an organisation the party of the hungarian prime minister viktor 0rban has been
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called life after h. i am concerned the current administration does not suspended from the main conservative group in the european parliament following years of criticism over his hardline positions. bring the same focus. —— life after the european people s party, the epp, which includes angela merkel s christian democrats, dominates the eu institutions. hate. we have seen an increase in as from today mr 0rban will be barred from pre—summit this kind of terrorism notjust in meetings with other epp leaders, the united states, but globally and voting rights are suspended, and he will have no right to propose particularly in new zealand, candidates for posts ? such u nfortu nately. particularly in new zealand, unfortunately. so there are no as the epp's candidate for boundaries to this as such, the european commission presidency. especially when a lot of the hate lets speak to the bbc‘s europe correspondent, speech takes place online. how do gavin lee, who is in brussels. you stop it spreading? that is a very good question. what is interesting is, when you think about they could have expelled him something called white nationalism, you think of it as a domestic permanently but they chose to problem, specific to the individual suspend the party. why? they were 01’ party members that want tim kicked problem, specific to the individual or nation you are in. the prime minister is rightly calling for a out completely and they are global international approach to disappointed. it comes down to months of tension that has been white nationalism. that is a new dynamic, which will require a new growing between viktor 0rban, his approach and a new way of thinking governing party of hungary, fidesz, internationally by governments, and also the bigger alliance that he because as you know, we do have the has got here. centre—right intranet. the internet has no
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boundaries, it is global in scope, governments across the european union, you mentioned the republicans and people in one country may be in france, angela merkel‘s party. inspired by something they see or read in another country. and so the president of the european there needs to be an international effort at self—regulation by commission. suspending viktor intranet service providers, but as well, efforts made to curb extremism 0rban's party after what the party group says has been months of at its earliest stages, as well as intelligence sharing and my antique migrants, anti—semitic, government, between governments, between the intelligence community anti—eu rhetoric. tonight, in the is of different governments, and basic law enforcement. we made the past few minutes, we have heard from point the other day, secretary, that when you look at the manifesto of the hungarian prime minister, he the gunmen in norway, 1500 pages welcomes the suspension, says he will not change any of his long, that is still being circulated government policies. on the intranet. —— gunman. this let me show you the pictures i am gunman produced a similar manifesto looking at here. that is the podium in new zealand, is similar in style and tone. we heard on monday that that has been set up for the prime this is almost a manifesto by algorithm, they are pulling ideas minister. we are expecting her in and thoughts from each other, which the next 20 minutes or so. we will is being swapped on the world wide
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be there as and when she speaks. web. correct. and unfortunately, for a lot of social media providers, intranet service providers, it is a bit like chasing shadows, to try to this is beyond 100 days. still to come — why a monkey's head shut all this down. you shut it off shot has many journalists saying, i've seen that pose before. in one place, and it manifests we'll show you the split screen itself and rears its ugly head someplace else. i have been seeing comparisons filling social media. the football association is calling it a landmark moment for women's football — in this country that our political leadership has a role in this too, to roll the temperature in their own barclays has announced its rhetoric —— lower the temperature. to become the first ever sponsor of the women's super league. the three—year, multi—million pound people listen to their leaders, and partnership will start from next are guided very often in their own season and includes a prize—money pot of £500,000. natalie pirks reports. standards of behaviour, and female footballers have been standards of behaviour, and standards and civility of rhetoric, based upon what they see and read proving for years now that they've got the talent, from their leaders. so our leaders theyjust needed a big brand to back them. have to accept responsibility for and chelsea are certainly going to be the champions now! today's news is reason to celebrate. their words and recognise that the it was something that has been words and tone the set for the rest needed in the women's of us does have consequences. game for so long. even when i was playing, secretaryjehjohnson, i was hoping a big brand
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of us does have consequences. secretaryjeh johnson, good to of us does have consequences. would come on board, secretaryjehjohnson, good to get your thoughts, thank you very much and help promote and develop the women's game. indeed. thank you. president trump is touring a tank the women's super league is europe's only fully professional women's league, factory in ohio today. but some clubs are cash—strapped. but before he left washington, this announcement means he was waging open warfare they will receive prize on twitter with george conway, money for the first time. husband of his political advisor kellyanne conway. and that's after doubling down we are setting the tone, the trend, yesterday on his criticism the way in the world. it has always been about america. of the late senatorjohn mccain, sorry, they lag behind us. whose family, we are told, have been receiving hate mail from the president's supporters. 0ne republican senator the interest in the game is growing, has had enough of it. and i can't see anybody getting johnny isakson from georgia in the way of england becoming is prepared to stand by no longer. the best place in the world "the country deserves better, to play football. the mccain family deserves better," he said, "i don't care if he's there's still some president of the united states, way to go, though. "owns all the real estate this deal, which starts next season, is estimated to be worth in new york, or is building £10 million over three years. "the greatest immigration system in the world. now, the last time the men's game "nothing is more important got an equivalent amount than the integrity "of the country and those was way back in 1993. who fought and "risked their lives for all of us". and, when it comes to wages, it's a similar tale. england's women's captain for more on that steph houghton reportedly earns and the ongoing spat between president trump and mr conway, around £65,000 a year, we arejoined now by ron christie, whilst the men's captain, former adviser to harry kane, well, he supposedly takes home more than
7:20 pm
£10 million annually. president george w bush. before we get to george conway, some of this cash will go towards getting girls to play more football in schools, investment that is crucial to ensure johnny isakson, he has a nice man, a talent pipeline for england very mild manner, he feels compelled teams of the future. it's hoped, with a world cup to say something, it begs the looming, a new audience will learn question, why are others in the that football is not just a job republican party not doing so? good for the boys. natalie pirks, bbc news. afternoon. i think a lot of the republicans of the united states senate are fearful of wading in and having president trump do the same sort of antics against them on twitter. 0ne sort of antics against them on twitter. one third of the united states senate is up for election in case you didn't know, next year, and these senators, the today is international happiness day! la st next year, and these senators, the last thing they want us to have a twitter army coming after them of yes, there is an actual day donald trump supporters. i think to promote and foster they are keeping their powder dry happiness around the globe — for now. let's try to use these in the us of course, its pursuit is enshrined in the declaration of independence. military analogies as much as so what are the keys possible in this segment! i think to a happy life? and no, christian, fame and fortune they are trying to keep it on the down low and be very careful of what alone aren't the answer. the president might say. and why is the president might say. and why is the president might say. and why is the president reignited old feuds well, psychiatrist robert waldinger with somebody, george conway, i has led the longest suspect most people haven't even study ever on the topic — which has stretched heard of, and why is george conway's nearly 80 years. hejoins us now from boston wife defending the president against to discuss the findings
7:21 pm
and the lessons we can her husband? explain that marriage. this is a tempest in a teapot. i learn from them. worked in the white house, as did my you had two groups from different wife, and of the president of the backgrounds that you have been united states decided to say bad studying. tell us about them. yes, things about my wife, i would say, see you later, mr president, you're not going to disrespect me or my we had a group of harvard college family. but still we find that kelly and conway feels the president is undergraduate students who entered defending her. let's turn to the the study when they worked 19 years old, and we had a group of senator from georgia, mr isakson, a inner—city boys who entered the genteel man, it polite man. the study because they were from very notion he said all of those things disadvantaged families who were we saw a moment ago tells you that beset by poverty and mental illness there is a lot of republicans who and all kinds of family problems. are upset by this device of tone at the two groups have been followed the president has adopted, particularly in the last 36 hours. for their entire adult lives. who is does anyone outside the beltway to know who george conway is, or care? happier? does manny bring you good evening, christian. no, they don't, and i would say many people happiness? no, man it does not bring you happiness. we know there are inside the beltway, including myself, who have known at george certain things that does bring us
7:22 pm
conway for many years, and i don't care. ido conway for many years, and i don't care. i do not understand why he wants to make a spectacle out of himself or his family. you do not happiness. more like well—being. if ta ke himself or his family. you do not take on the big bully who loves happiness. more like well—being. if happiness is that moment to moment feeling of feeling good, nobody is using twitter as a platform to happy all the time. but well—being attack the united states. it is is the kind of thing that can be juvenile behaviour on the built into a life, that allows us to president's park, as well as george feel good even when times are hard, conway. precisely, i cannot even when we are having bad days. understand why the commander in chief, the president of the united states, as powerful as he is, wants how do you measure it? i always to put himself in the middle of a family dispute. i don't know what george conway and is going on at thought happiness was a state of home with kellyanne, but why is the mind, assuming you are not suffering president putting himself in the middle of it? it is none of his business. i don't want to know from some kind of mental illness. mind, assuming you are not suffering from some kind of mental illnessm isa from some kind of mental illnessm either! at the president of the is a state of mind but you can't united states is in charge of measure it either by asking are you running a country with over 320 happy or not, or how content do you million citizens. you do not single feel with your life, how meaningful do you think your life is? those are out individual citizens for your different kinds of questions. they ire. you can single them out for fall under the rubric of happiness. praise, people like john mccain, who 0ne fall under the rubric of happiness. one is fall under the rubric of happiness. 0ne isa fall under the rubric of happiness. one is a momentary feeling, the kind of feeling you get when you look at he should be praising rather than a flower, or see a baby, the other insulting, but the notion of going is this abiding sense of well—being. after someone in a very personal
7:23 pm
matter as leader of the united states, isjuvenile, you can measure both. does it matter matter as leader of the united states, is juvenile, immature, matter as leader of the united states, isjuvenile, immature, not at all the tone he needs to be set m, at all the tone he needs to be set in, and yet he keeps digging and digging,, and he keeps shooting, and to our health? are we healthier if it is taking a lot of people off. nothing else to talk about, like the we are happier? it matters hugely. it turns out in our study that the economy! nothing at all. i amjust people who live the longest and stay disease—free the longest were the people who had the warmest, closest thinking of tanks going off in relationships with other people, and that that in turn made them... that factories. thank you forjoining us, one single thing that we could do to ron christie. always. keep us happy, what would that be? now, christian, a little it would be to invest in musical interlude, i think. relationships with other people. the national recording registry has unveiled which new records have been added to its archives at the us library of congress in washington. every year, the library selects finish early on a wednesday and go titles for preservation because of their cultural home and spent time with those and historic importance to the american soundscape. people? yes, that would be good. i and there's an eclectic will suggest that at a meeting mix this year. later. thank you. i am feeling happier 25 recordings in all. i've picked three of my favourites. already. i can see from your smell jane, see what you think. you are a happy person. much of the time, but not every moment.
7:24 pm
# do you remember the 21st of september? # chasing the clouds away.# iam afraid time, but not every moment. i am afraid i am annoyingly happy most of the time. now we just want to finish the programme with something that will certainly make us happy — monkeys and journalists. # superfly. it all started with a rather bold statement. # superfly. # you make me feel... that is a site it soon struck a chord with journalists around the world i cannot ever set. you like disco, don't you, christian? took me all as the similarities came out. jennie latson in america demonstrating the risks of wearing over the place on youtube today, fantastic. let me play mine, see yellow. what you think. # hi—di—hi—di—hi—di—ho # para bailar la bamba
7:25 pm
# se necessita una poca de gracia also the same colourjacket. # una poca de gracia # para mi, para ti, ay arriba, ay arriba a more surreal example here with with nick eagland # alabama's got me so upset with matching facial hair. # tennessee made me lose my rest they are all wearing yellow. # and everybody knows about mississippi, goddamn.# and of course we can't miss out this brilliant. you should look through the list, you are obviously a diva. more than passing resemblance. we could have been far more soluble. it is not all funk and disco. there you are not wearing yellow. well done. it is with this is ruth draper's complete recorded shoulders. we are waiting for the monologues, the speech on the death prime minister to make a statement. of doctor martin luther king by robert kennedy, and... that was quite moving. clearly we are not we will bring you the statement that's a rebuttal. i like that! live. we are expecting it in the this is beyond 100 days from the bbc. coming up for viewers next 20 minutes. i will be in on the bbc news channel and bbc world news, we'll be live brussels tomorrow. thank you for in westminster to get more reaction to the news watching. that the eu will grant a brexit extension but only if
7:26 pm
the prime minister's deal is approved next week. that's still to come. 0n the day of the spring equinox temperatures have reached as high as 19 celsius but it is the sunshine that made all the difference. very springlike underneath blue skies, elsewhere cloudy and misty, temperatures low to mid teens. temperatures have reached as high as 19 celsius today, but it is the sunshine that made all the looking at the satellite picture from yesterday, it is clear to see difference. very springlike where the bulk of the blue sky was. underneath blue sky, elsewhere this is where we got those higher cloudy and temperatures low to mid teens, even with the cloud a bit temperatures. we had clear skies through today. unlikely to see milder than yesterday. looking at the satellite picture from yesterday, clear to see where the increasing cloud overnight. patchy bulk of the blue sky was, and this rain and drizzle. some heavier rain is where we got the higher temperatures. we have had the clear skies through today, unlikely to see north and north—west of scotland. a increasing cloud over night. a bit of patchy rain and drizzle here and mild night to come particularly in scotla nd there, especially towards parts of mild night to come particularly in scotland and northern ireland, some there, especially towards parts of the south and west. you can pick out places will stay in double figures. some heavy rain, sun north—west of scotland, very wet in the north—east tomorrow that reina sinks a little further south but then pushes back highlands. and in scotland and north later in the day. plenty of northern ireland, some of us will
7:27 pm
stay in double figures. father misty and murky around the coast and cloud. it does not look as sunny for hills, especially in the west. into tomorrow, the rain moving further many of us as it has been today. on south, but pushing northwards again later in the day. elsewhere, dampened justly in places, with plenty of cloud. a few brighter brea ks to plenty of cloud. a few brighter breaks to the east of high ground. friday it is a breezy day. there are not as a sunny for many of us, deals with the rain in north—west though, as it has been today. cloud low to mid teens, if you get to see scotland. gail started to push some sunshine, just a few spots through parts of northern ireland again, reaching towards the high and scotland. temperatures will come teens. friday, a breezy day, deals with the rain in the north—east scotland. rain pushing further through scotland and northern down as this weather front pushes on england and wales, later in the day, through. here is that whether front. just so high, near 60 mph across the far north and north—west of friday night and into saturday. not scotland. —— it so high. as the much rain on it but you will notice weather front pushes through, cloudy that cooler air that follows it. for through a large part of england and the weekend temperatures will have wales. the weather front, come down closer to average. behind through a large part of england and wales. the weatherfront, bridge through a large part of england and wales. the weather front, bridge and into saturday, not much rain on it. that whether front, a you will notice more the cooler air come down closer to average. behind that whetherfront, a lot come down closer to average. behind that whether front, a lot of sunshine on saturday. showers in
7:28 pm
that follows it, sweeping away of scotla nd sunshine on saturday. showers in scotland and northern ireland. wintry on the hills. there may be these above normal temperatures. for these above normal temperatures. for the weekend, temperatures coming down closer to average. but behind eight wintry flavour even to lower that weather front, a down closer to average. but behind that weatherfront, a lot down closer to average. but behind that weather front, a lot of sunshine around on saturday, but there will be showers running into levels. similar picture on sunday, scotland, and some into northern ireland. wintry on the hills, still with some wintry showers. high settling above 200 metres or so. but maybe it wintry flavour into lower pressure builds back in next week. levels. temperatures around ten to 12 celsius, and a similar picture on sunday, still with some wintry showers, especially across parts of scotland. during monday, high—pressure bills back in next week, settling things down again.
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