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tv   World News Today  BBC News  March 31, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm BST

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now on bbc news — does society really accept bisexuality? to find out, radio 1's newsbeat has spent a year following a group this is bbc world news today. of friends as they try to hold i'm martin stanford. our top stories... the uk's first major bi pride march. this programme contains exit polls in ukraine put a political novice and professional some adult themes. comedian well ahead of the incumbent petro poroshenko in the presidential election. lgbt pride events, the perfect place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, turkish president erdogan‘s ak party could lose control and loads of other people to come of the capital, ankara, together and celebrate who they are. as preliminary results come out from the local elections. well, not according to this lot. the uk prime minister considers her next move to try to break the brexit deadlock as one of her cabinet ministers these events are often not fully inclusive to bi people, admits there are no ideal choices. so this is an opportunity for us to say actually, we're going to create our own space. facebook founder mark zuckerberg calls for new internet regulations, two weeks after the new zealand they have decided to try and do mosque gunman used the social media something never before done in the uk, to organise a pride event platform to livestream his attack. specifically for bisexual people. it can be quite difficult trying to fit in within the lgbtq community.
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definitely a lot that i have heard about just wanting everything. for the past 11 months, hello and welcome we have been following the campaign to world news today. to get a bi pride. can they do it? polls have closed in ukraine for the first round in the presidential election — and a professional comedian with no political experience looks on course i'm so worried, yeah. you perch an to win the most votes. exit polls give tv performer volodymyr zelenskiy more than thirty per cent of votes cast. event on, you ask people to come and you need to sell that puts him well ahead of the incumbent, petro poroshenko, who is projected to have won seventeen percent. it's probable that mr zelenskiy, who plays a president on television, will fight it out with president poroshenko in the second round in three weeks‘ time. our correspondentjonah fisher is in kiev waiting for the final election results to come in. i am at the headquarters of volodymyr zelenskiy, this comedian candidate and believe you me, an hour orso ago, there were lots of smiles and celebrations around here when the exit
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polls were published. we must stress that they are just exit polls, the counting is just starting across ukraine at the moment, but they do suggest that volodymyr zelenskiy has done extremely well. most of them are putting him on about 30% and they are putting the current president, petro poroshenko, at around 17 or 18% and yulia tymoshenko, the former prime minister, on about 14%. so, it seems, from these exit polls, if they are translated into real results, that volodymyr zelenskiy will be going through and will possibly be facing petro poroshenko and in the immediate aftermath of those exit polls, when they were coming through, i fought my way through to volodymyr zelenskiy and got his reaction. this is the first fight. i am very happy. this is not the final. so the final, we will see
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the result of the exit poll. i saw the result, mr president, petro poroshenko. .. and if you win, what will be your priority as president? corruption, of course. war. how do you say in english? immunity. immunity of politicians? yes. so, we are expecting the counting to go on through tonight and into tomorrow and it may be at some point tomorrow that we will say with some certainty exactly which two candidates have made it through into the second round which will take place on april the 21st. there are obviously a lot of votes up for grabs. there were 39 candidates being voted on today. there will be just two in the second round. so, there are lots of voters who can be convinced over the next three weeks, but if these exit polls are translated into real results, well, they do mean that petro poroshenko has got a real struggle on his hands if he is going to hold onto hisjob.
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local elections have been taking place in turkey — and preliminary results suggest that president erdogan‘s ak party could lose control of the capital, ankara. the candidate of the main opposition republican people's party holds a narrow lead there. in instanbul, the indications suggest support for the president's party is narrowly in front. mr erdogan has said his government will focus on the economy going forward. let's go live to istanbul now and speak to our turkey correspondent, mark lowen. if it is the case that ankara is lost to president erdogan, how great a loss is that for him? it might not be just a loss is that for him? it might not bejust ankara, martin, we are a loss is that for him? it might not be just ankara, martin, we are very close to the end in istanbul and there are about 12,000 votes between there are about 12,000 votes between the two candidates and that in a city of 18 million people. it has absolutely gone down to the wire here and we don't know which way it
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will go here in istanbul. the economic powerhouse of turkey. in ankara, it looks like the opposition has done it, they have wrested control of the capital after 25 yea rs control of the capital after 25 years out of office and that is a major blow to president erdogan. if he loses ankara and istanbul, there will be beginnings of rumblings in his party, i am sure, about a party split. there is a ready unhappiness from some high—level figures in the increasingly authoritarian pat that he has taken and in his address to my own camera he did not sound triumphant, saying we must accept where we have won and lost, we must focus on the economy and fighting terrorism, it is not that kind of triumphalism we have come to expect from him. how difficult would it be for him to change course on the national stage? he has been in power for16 national stage? he has been in power for 16 years. he is a very combative leader, someone who does not pull punches, he is extremely
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nationalist, he has become ever more right—wing and estranged from europe in the last few years. the big question is whether he tries to address the economic issues that it appears have been his downfall in the selection, with his usually loyal conservative voters punishing him, because of inflation at 20%, the economy is now in recession and the economy is now in recession and the turkish lira has dived in the past year by about one third. that is going to be key to trying to win back his support base before the next national elections in four yea rs' next national elections in four years' time. the appearance of unbeatable to, let's say, which president erdogan has had for so many years, that appears to have changed tonight and perhaps he is starting to lose his grip on power here. thank you. the former us vice president, joe biden, has denied claims by another democrat that he behaved inappropriately towards her. lucy flores said that during campaigning in 2014 he placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her head — making her feel uncomfortable.
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miss flores described the incident on cnn's state of the union. we were all lined up next to the stage, eva was in front of me, joe biden was behind me and i am kind of preparing myself to give these remarks. it is the very last days before the election. and, very unexpectedly, and out of nowhere, ifeeljoe biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair and then plant a slow case on the top plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. earlier i got the latest from our washington correpondent chris buckler. joe biden is still considering whether he will run as a democratic candidate for next year as presidential election. but certainly this is going to put extra scrutiny on him. what was interesting in that statement that came today from lucy flores during that interview on cnn, and she said as far as she was concerned it should disqualify him from running for the presidency.
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at the same time lucy flores also made clear that she has many different political opinions tojoe biden, and that she does not support him on a number of different issues. but she said she did have concerns about his behaviour. she says that it was not in her view a sexual assault. but at the same time, she felt it was inappropriate behaviour. she said that as far as she was concerned, and this is in an article that she has written, that it was an experience that felt awkward, disturbing and weird. and it is certainly going to put a new focus onjoe biden. he is someone who is regarded as a real statesman within the democratic party, somebody who can be very different to donald trump. but of course these allegations will certainly hurt the outstanding that he has within the party. the alleged incident took place in 2014, five years on is the time to raise it? basically this happened
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when lucy flores was running for ten and governor of nevada and joe biden had come in specifically to support her and she said that happened as she was waiting to go onto the stage. now, she says that she has chosen to really offer up this experience at this time, because partly he is running as one of the candidates who may well run for president and actually if you take a look at the opinion polls, joe biden is doing very well at the moment, in many areas, he is one of the frontrunners, despite the fact that he has still not declared. there is no doubt that joe he has still not declared. there is no doubt thatjoe biden himself is having to address this now. he has released a statement in which he said in my many years on the campaign trailand in said in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life i have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of support and comfort and not once, never did i believe i acted improperly. if it is suggested that i did so, i will listen respectfully, but it was
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never my intention. however as you can imagine, some of his political opponents are already talking about his past behaviour and indeed some of the networks here have been looking at video and photographs of joe biden during his campaign is to see whether or not there is evidence of other behaviour that may be deemed as inappropriate. the eu's patience with the uk is running out. that's the view of the head of the european commission jean—claude junker. interviewed on italian tv today, mrjunker said he would like the uk to reach an agreement in the coming hours. he was speaking ahead the house of commons on monday once again debating alternative ideas to the plan that has been put forward — and rejected — by prime minister theresa may. the bbc‘s political correspondent iain watson reports. shame on you! the original brexit date has been and gone and the protests carry on. give us all a final say.
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this week, crucial decisions will have to be taken if mps are to avoid leaving with no deal by the new deadline of april the 12th. this morning was the prime minister seeking divine intervention to break the deadlock. she is likely to resurrect her defeated deal this week in the hope that mps prefer it to the alternatives. but if it fails again, this member of the cabinet wasn't against negotiating a closer relationship with the eu. if parliament is voting overwhelmingly against leaving the european union without a deal, but is voting in favour of a softer brexit, i don't think it's sustainable to say, well, we'll ignore parliament because my position and therefore leave without a deal. tomorrow mps will debate alternatives to theresa may's deal including a closer economic relationship with the eu such as a customs union, or single market membership. but leaving with no deal could also be an option as well as putting any deal to any referendum. and that is the option favoured by labour's deputy leader.
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we need to move beyond brexit and it seems to me the only way we can do that now is with a people's vote, that is the solution, not an option. theresa may faces tough choices this week, there is no question of her cancelling brexit, revoking article 50, but some options favoured by mps, a customs union for example, also run counter to the conservative ma nifesto. if she goes along with that she could lose some of her top team around the cabinet table. she could take a different option and call a general election. senior conservatives have said pragmatic preparations are under way for a possible election but that prospect has horrified many in the party and the former occupant of number ten. i think a general election will solve nothing at this moment. so what is his solution? in the interests of ending the chaos we have now, we must have a government
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that has a working majority, and that is the only reason for a time—limited unity government. so, a cross—party government to unite a sometimes very cross country. not likely, but these days, normal political rules don't apply. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come... we'll have more on the founder of facebook asking governments to make new global rules for the internet to protect users — and elections. the accident that happened here is of the sort that can produce a meltdown. in this case, the proportions worked, but they did not work well enough to prevent some old fears about the safety features of these stations.
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the republic of ireland has become the first country in the world to ban smoking in the workplace. from today, anyone lighting up in offices, businesses, pubs and restaurants will face a heavy fine. the president was on his way out of the washington hilton hotel where he had been addressing a trade union conference. the small crowd outside included his assailant. it has become a symbol of paris, 100 years ago many parisians wished it had never been built. the eiffel tower ‘s birth date has been marked by a re—enactment of the first ascent. —— michael birthday. this is bbc world news today. iam martin i am martin stanford. the latest headlines... exit polls in ukraine give the surprise frontrunner and professional comedian, volodymyr zelenskiy, more than 30 per cent of the vote
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so far in the presidential election. that's well ahead of the incumbent petro poroshenko. local elections have been taking place in turkey — and preliminary results suggest that president erdogan‘s ak party could lose control of the capital, ankara. israel has reopened two border crossings with the gaza strip that were closed last monday following a long—distance rocket attack from the palestinian territory. the reopening comes a day afterfour palestinians were killed during a huge demonstration along the border. palestenians say that the israeli imposed restrictions on their movement is causing severe hardships. 0ur correspondent tom bateman reports from gaza. people in gaza are more isolated than ever. a plummeting economy and dire living conditions. many are squeezed between the control of gaza's militants, hamas and israel, which locates the strip for security reasons.
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hamas and israel, which blockades the strip for security reasons. the two sides have been locked in a renewed round of violence, adding to the pressures, even for those lucky enough to have a job here, like fadi. translation: for now, we are getting zero support. and we are living under very difficult situations. ahmed remembers different days in gaza. as a young teacher. when he says there was more help. now he has not been able to leave the strip in over a decade. israel's security rules prevent free movement for people here. why would you prevent me from seeing my son and my grandchildren? how can i have a hug or a kiss from my grandchildren? because of the israeli security. i cannot understand this. the killing of four palestinians by israeli troops yesterday and hamas rocket fire into israel marked a year since protest began marked a year since protests began at the perimeter fence. gaza has been on the brink of a full—scale escalation for some time. but there have been efforts to mediate for a short—term solution.
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the two sides in this conflict have very different objectives. hamas wants an end to the blockade. israel demands an end to rocket fire and protest at the fence. they have been staggering towards an indirect arrangement, but things remain very tense. neither side can afford to be seen to back down. and that is because of internal pressures on both sides. two weeks ago, hamas cracked down violently after unprecedented protests about the spiralling prices in gaza. translation: the sons of hamas leaders have houses and cars. they can afford to get married. they have everything. and our children have nothing. not even a piece of bread. people in gaza look out to a limited horizon. meanwhile, israel's leader is trying win and election, with his rivals calling for tougher action against hamas. the coming weeks will be nervous ones for civilians on both sides. tom bateman, bbc news, gaza.
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facebook founder mark zuckerberg says regulators and governments should play a more active role in controlling internet content. writing in the washington post, he says that the responsibility for monitoring harmful content is too great for firms alone. he's calling for new laws to cover harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data. it comes two weeks after a gunman used facebook to livestream his terror attack on mosques in christchurch, new zealand. to speak to us on this issue now is dan sodergren, a digital marketing and technology specialist who joins us now. about time this, isn't it? this is something of a conversion by mark zuckerberg. it does feel like this, that he has had this moment of enlightenmentjust in time and it does have massive implications. i think if we are honest, we have got to realise that this is a big job. with regards to what he said, 2.7
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billion people that he has on facebook, he cannot just billion people that he has on facebook, he cannotjust police it with the internal resources. it is like he has fed an £800 gorilla and wa nts like he has fed an £800 gorilla and wants everyone to help because it is going around doing things wrong. it is an interesting move by him. but it isa is an interesting move by him. but it is a deflection, he invented facebook, it is his company and it is profitable, ca nty facebook, it is his company and it is profitable, canty sorted out? this is my analogy about the gorilla. the other thing we have to think about especially with tech companies, we can be quick to create laws and we have to realise that it isa laws and we have to realise that it is a second and third consequence of making them that we have to think about. it is great that we say ok, it makes billions of pounds and therefore let them sort it out but do we really want a giant tech company, with certain leaders, almost policing the social media world ? almost policing the social media world? that almost policing the social media world ? that is almost policing the social media world? that is more dangerous. the big discussion has always been with the various platforms and mark zuckerberg does have a tendency to
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buy them all day by day, doesn't he? the discussion point is are they a tech firm or are they a publisher? so far, they have kind of resisted the temptation or the indication that they are actually publishers and therefore should be held accountable as other publishers are around the world. is this a tipping point where he has finally agreed that point? i think we have to be careful, because if we say that they area careful, because if we say that they are a publisher and not a platform, there are implications for that and we can see in a stranger that the laws are starting to push them towards that. there are a couple of things, let us take this back a stage, use the analogy of a library. it is like blaming a library for the books it has in it and yet those books it has in it and yet those books have been written by us. the problem you might have is with the content that we are part of and we have to be careful about the fact that he also owns whatsapp and instagram and he is going to bring
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all these messenger things together is potentially dangerous, it is a bigger problem. facebook is almost too big to do anything about and thatis too big to do anything about and that is the monopoly we should be looking at and be worried about. he is asking governments for help but it is one of these freedom of speech moments, we have to be careful. if we say, start policing everything and use your great resources to get rid of content we do not like, one man ‘s freedom fighter is another man ‘s freedom fighter is another man ‘s freedom fighter is another man ‘s terrorist. we get into this melee of morality, should they be involved in that. we will have to leave that they are. a rhetorical question for tonight. thank you. let's get all the sport now, with jj chalmers. hello and thanks forjoining us on sport today..... liverpool are back on top of the premier league after a dramatic win over tottenham at anfield. roberto firmino had given liverpool a deserved lead, nodding in andy robertson's pinpoint cross. spurs came on strong in the second half and equalised through lucas mora. with the clock reaching 90 minutes, mo salah's applied
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the pressure with this header which ultmatley came off the shins of spurs defender toby alderweireld, resulting in an own—goal, giving liverpool a 2—1win. whist spurs suffer their fourth defeat in five league games. we are top of the table. we cannot be there with having no luck. that is not possible. if we are there at the end of the season, it could be a battle of wills. if we compete with manchester city, tell me two better teams in the world at the moment. we compete with them and we put them under pressure and as i said before, it is difficult to get rid of us. that is important. chelsea scored two late goals as they came from behind to beat cardiff 2—1. victor camarasa put the welsh side ahead early in the second half, but with less than 10—miuntes to go, azpilicueta headed in to make it 1—1 — although replays showed
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he was clearly offside. and then with little time left, rooben loftus—cheek got the winner, reuben loftus—cheek got the winner, leaving neil warnock angry at the officials. you know, when you don't win the game because of nothing to do with yourselves, it is really a kick in the teeth. roll on var, it might be too late for me when it comes, but the equalising goal, that was the winning goal really, not the second one, but if you cannot see it cross the line when it is so clear and obvious, not even close, it is the best league in the world and probably at the minute, the worst officials we have got. i don't know what the linesman was taught. i have seen so many. what can i say about my lads? they were brilliant today. absolutely brilliant. liverpool back on top, two points above manchester city, who can reclaim the lead when they play cardiff on wednesday.
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tottenham stay third but arsenal can go above them tomorrow if they beat newcastle at the emirates. chelsea stay sixth but have closed right up on the teams just above them. lewis hamilton came back from third on the grid to win the bahrain grand prix in dramatic fashion. ferrari's sebastien vettel made another high—profile error, spinning his car as hamilton passed him for second place. ferrari's charles leclerc had dominated most of the race following a poor start, and was on course for his first ever victory when he lost power. hamilton closed an eight—second deficit within three laps and swept by for his first win of 2019 with nine laps to go. his mercedez team—mate valtteri bottas finished second. it was a devastating result for him because he did the job to win the race. we were definitely lucky
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today. you have to take it as it comes and ultimately, i still gave it everything in the race and pushed as hard as i could. roger ferderer has won the 101st tennis title of his career after victory in the final of the miami 0pen. the swiss legend beat defending champion john isner in straight sets. federer was in supreme form right from the start, clinching the first set 6—1 in just 24 minutes. the second was a bit tighter but federer came through to win it 6—4. kevin kisner will take on fellow american matt kuchar in the final of golf‘s wgc matchplay in austin, texas. kisner — last year's runner up — beat 0pen champion francesco molinari one up, in a close—fought semi—final. while fellow american matt kuchar beat the man who knocked out tiger woods — lucas bjerregaard. that's all the sport for now. we'll have more throughout the rest of the evening. thank you.
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hello again. we have seen some really big swings in temperatures over the last couple of days. yesterday we had highs up to 20 degrees in greater london but it has been nowhere near that worm today. it is going to get even colder in the week ahead. by tuesday we are looking at temperatures staying down into single figures for many of us. there will be plenty of showers around, some of them turning wintry as well. the latest satellite pictures show some patches of cloud across western areas and as we go through this evening and overnight, that cloud will tend to drift its way across the irish sea was thickening up, so we could see some patchy outbreaks of rain arriving in northern ireland before the end of the night. otherwise it is a dry night, where we see some lengthy clear breaks, particularly across the east of the uk, we will see some frost developing in the countryside. so for some, a chilly start to the day on monday. high pressure is still with us, but tending to move east, through the day, to allow this cold front to me then,
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into the north—west. now, we will start off the day with a drier weather and some sunshine for the east of scotland, much of england and wales having a decent day as well, with sunny spells throughout. but, in the north—west, cloud will thicken with outbreaks of rain from northern ireland moving into the west of scotland, with the rain turning steadier and heavier all the time. it might be april the first, but don't be fooled by the warm up in the south. temperatures up to 16 degrees in cardiff, but it is going to get colder from tuesday onwards, with rain or showers in the forecast, but very unsettled, it will even be cold enough for some hills know as well. so cold air moves southwards during tuesday, the winds coming down from a northerly direction and that is what really will be bringing those showers and really hammering the temperatures. a bit of rain to start off the day across eastern areas of england and that clears through and then showers, there will be hail and thunder mixed in and some of them turning wintry with some snow falling over some of the hills. we may well see something a bit more organised later in the day in northern ireland, again bringing a spell of hills know potentially here.
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that is something we will have to keep quite a close eye on. low pressure then stays with us, through the remainder of the week and for wednesday, we see low pressure spinning in off the north sea. this thickens the cloud up across the north—east of the country and will threaten outbreaks of rain and perhaps some more significant snow across the higher ground of north—east scotland. so the grampians could see some snow here on wednesday. aside from that, another day of sunny spells and scattered showers, some of them heavy, thundery, with hail mixed in, again some of them having a wintry flavour over high ground. that is your weather.
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