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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 3, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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a very warm welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to our viewers coming up on this programme: in north america and around the globe. amid alleged racist chants my name's mike embley. from cagliari fans, moise kean our top stories: scores forjuventus to take his side 18 points clear at the top. britain's prime minister has asked for another brexit delay and seeks a chris smalling own—goal gives talks with the opposition in a fresh the game away for manchester united. bid to break the logjam. this debate, this division, and shades of his father, cannot drag on much longer. it is putting members of parliament as mick schumacher makes his formula 1 debut testing for ferrari. and everyone else under immense pressure. celebrations in algeria as president hello and welcome to the programme, abdelaziz bouteflika resigns after 20 years in power, bowing two weeks where we start with the news in italy, where 19 year old moise kean appeared to be racially abused by fans of cagliari as he scored his fifth goal of pressure and protests. peace of the season and helped move juventus 18 points clear at the top talks in afghanistan go on but the of serie a. taliban's the victory was overshadowed by the scenes after the goal, as richard mcelvanney reports. he is the teenage star that all of italy is looking at, but kean‘s late
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goalforjuventus at italy is looking at, but kean‘s late goal forjuventus at cagliari was greeted with racist chanting for the home fans. instead of enjoying that moment which had put his side 2—0 up, the game was stopped for three minutes and the warning was broadcast to the crowd. the final five minutes were played out amid more booing, and shortly after the referee ended the game. it should have just been another straightforward night forjuventus. leonardo bonucci put them ahead early on, his celebration not the target of races. that put them on course for another win which would ta ke course for another win which would take them 18 points clear at the top of serie a. kean did his best to seal the victory, despite what he may have been hearing from the crowd. the final whistle brought an end to that, but not to the debate about how football deals with racism from fans. kean has taken to social media to show his response to racism is to not respond, while his team mate blaise matuidi,
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who says he was subjected to taunts last season at the same venue, came out in support of his team mate. and all this on the day that uefa president aleksander ceferin attended a conference aimed at addressing these issues. iam i am ashamed to see lone individuals, after racist comments —— data racist, sexist and homophobic insults without realising the devastating effect and symbolic significance of their words —— utter. that's why i am ashamed. i am ashamed to see bananas thrown on the pictures. the barcelona match finished in the most dramatic fashion. philippe coutinho and malcom had put the catalans on course for an eighth consecutive win in all competitions before four unanswered goals
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from the yellow submarine, including a fourth from substitute carlos bacca, saw them lead. but first, a lionel messi free—kick in the 90th minute and a luis suarez goal in the third minute of added time saw the catalans salvage a point. confirmation of that result, while atletico did what they had to do. they left it late. goals in the last 15 minutes helped them to a 2—0 win at home, while 5 spaniel finished 1-1. -- at home, while 5 spaniel finished 1—1. —— espanyol. that means that barca still lead at the top, but have a vital next week ahead of them. on saturday they play second—placed atletico at camp nou, before heading to old trafford, and the first leg of their champions league quarter—final against manchester united four days later. the hosts came from behind, and their winner came from an own—goal from chris smalling late on. earlier, diogo jota had
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equalised for the home side, after united had gone ahead through scott mctominay. but ole gunnar solskjaer‘s side now sit fifth in the table, having played a game more than the teams around them. the first 20 minutes, we should have... could have been 3—0 up, and iam not have... could have been 3—0 up, and i am not exaggerating, either. their keeper made some fantastic saves. we created big chances, big moments in the game, but we just didn't pounce on them. so that is football for you sometimes. today is a 100% improvement from last time we came here, but still the same result. fulham join huddersfield in being relegated as the londoners were beaten 4—1 at watford. three second—half goals saw scott parker's side beaten for the ninth match in succession, meaning they head back to the championship less than a year after gaining promotion. and the bbc‘s conor mcnamara was watching at vicarage road. it isa
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it is a season where very little has gone right for fulham. they came up with a blaze of glory for the championship last season. they spent a fortune last summer, more money invested in any newly promoted club up invested in any newly promoted club up to the premier league, yet it hasn't clicked. they have gone through three different coaches over the course of the season. they have conceded vastly more gold than any other team. four more shipped tonight, which means 76 goals over the course of the premier league season the course of the premier league season have been let in by for them, and frankly, with that sort of a defensive rate they were never going to give themselves a chance. defensive rate they were never going to give themselves a chancel defensive rate they were never going to give themselves a chance. i think we all realise and understand that when you get relegated from this division, there are some serious problems that your football club or serious issues that have gone on. i am sure at the right time in the right moment that we will sit down and obviously work out where the m ista kes and obviously work out where the mistakes were made. big questions to come, will parker either man entrusted to take them into the champions league less comic next
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season? how many of those players, many of them on champion wages, will be offloaded next summer? and for watford, a very good way for them to gearup ahead of watford, a very good way for them to gear up ahead of their fa cup semi—final. they have scored four tonight, one of them an absolute cracker, from hughes. they play in the semi—final at wembley on sunday. for them are down, we now know two of the relegated teams, huddersfield and fulham are gone, and cardiff will try and ensure they don't become the fourth anytime soon. with the tie at 1—1 and heading to a panalty shootout, leipzig launched one last attack. the referee saw a handball from a defender and gave marcel halstenberg the chance to score the winner and send leipzig through. while pierre—michel lasogga scored twice for hamburg as they won 2—0 at second—tier paderborn, with the remaining quarter—finals to be played on wednesday. england cricketer alex hales has
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told the bbc it is part of his job to be a role model. hales faced no criminal charges for his part in a nightclub fight in bristol in 2017, for which he was suspended and then fined by a cricket discipline commission. now he wants to move on, with lessons, he says, learned. he has been talking to our sports correspondentjoe wilson. ina park in a park in leicester, it is a street picket. a regular session run by the chance to shine charity. joining them this evening, alex hales. here is the role he relishes, international batsmen. in the wake of 2017's bristol fight, he was disciplined by cricket commission. he committed to undertaking some community service so he is coaching here, and maybe that should include some life skills. when you make a mistake and you learn and you get better, it makes you develop as a human being, and that is the most important thing for me and in life. if people feel you have to redeem yourself in some ways, do you feel that that opportunity and that
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community is there? i think so, yes. bristol thing, if that is what you are referring is a really u nfortu nate are referring is a really unfortunate incident. all six of us were caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and if you could go back and change things, we would. unfortunately we can't, so we have to live that people deserve a second chance and that's the only way i'm looking at it. what do you think is the most significant lesson you have learned? it's how much we are in the public eye as cricketers, and to not put yourself into that situation at 2:30am in the morning after a game is not the place you want to be as an international sportsman, so i would say being a bit more mature and sensible with decisions. well alex hales has england dreams in world cup year, of course, life would be simpler if all of his m ista kes would be simpler if all of his mistakes could be cricket ones. augusta's women's tournament takes
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place in the coming hours. 72 players will take place on the same week. the ana inspiration will tee off in california. so is the timing an issue? typically, ana has several amateurs who get invited to play in the ana, and now these top amateurs are having to choose between playing in an lpga major or playing at augusta national. there should have been more discussion around timing of this event, rather than just piggybacking off of the men's masters. mick schumacher clocked the second fastest time on his formula one debut. the 20—year—old german, whose father michael won five of his seven world titles with ferrari, recorded a time of one minute 29.976 seconds, which saw him top the time—sheets until red bull's max verstappen lowered the mark during the closing stages. just enough time to let you know there is one quite tasty nba fixture
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taking place in the next couple of hours, the denver nuggets, second in the western conference, take on the golden state warriors. until next time, goodbye. hello there, good morning. at the moment, it feels like winter has made a comeback. we've had everything thrown at us in the last 2a hours. lots of weather watcher pictures of big hailstorms affecting the uk, and of course, the sunshine coming out in between has led to some lovely rainbow pictures as well. we're seeing a short, sharp burst of really cold air that's come down from the arctic. you can see how that colder air has plunged southwards, and with it all those shower clouds. the cloud that's in the north sea is coming back into scotland and northern england, which is why we're seeing some sleet and snow, and it's quite slippery over some high—level routes. some icy patches around, with temperatures in many places close to orjust below freezing.
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so a cold start really, i think, to wednesday, and a pretty miserable morning across the far north of england and scotland. some rain, some sleet and snow across the hills. that rain clears away from northern england, pushes its way into northern ireland, mostly rain here, and across north wales. but some heavy showers in the south—east and east anglia. some hail and thunder possible here. but many central and eastern parts of the uk shouldn't be too windy, so those showers could hang around a bit, but it will be windy in the north and west of the uk. strong to gale—force winds here. so these are the temperatures, 7—9 degrees. it will feel colder in the wind. especially northern and western scotland, northern ireland, maybe the far south—west of england, and the channel islands, nearer to 2—4 degrees. that's how it will feel in the wind. we've got low pressure dominating our weather at the moment, which is why we're seeing all these downpours. it's cutting off that supply of colder air, mind you, on thursday. we've got that weather front
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wrapped around a low, so that's the focus for some more persistent what is probably mostly rain at this stage across northern scotland. some wetter weather curling back into south—west england, moving into wales, and into the west country too. a few heavy showers elsewhere, but a fair bit of sunshine around. not a bad day for northern england, southern scotland, and those temperatures are creeping up to around 9 or 10 degrees. and, as we head towards the end of the week and into the weekend, it's an improving sort of story. it will feel a bit warmer. i think many places will be dry, and there'll be some sunshine around as well. we've got our low pressure from thursday into friday, still anchored to the south—west of the uk. but, instead of a northerly wind that we're getting at the moment, we're going to find more of a south or south—westerly wind. so that means the temperatures will get a boost. we've still got the threat of some downpours in the south—west of england, wales, perhaps into north—west of england. eastern scotland, eastern england probably having a drier day on friday, with some sunshine at times. those temperatures continuing to climb up to 13 or even 1a celsius.
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