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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 4, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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good morning, welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. our headlines today: mps agree a law to and finally on the bbc website, dame helen mirren has criticised netflix as the debate further delay brexit. over cinema and streaming services continues. the british actor, whose film roles include the queen and gosford park, the ayes to the right, 313. the noes was attending a cinema conference in las vegas when she used expletives to criticise netflix, to the left, 312. and then saying "there's nothing like sitting in a cinema." the ayes have it, the ayes have it. they agree by a single vote to force theresa may to ask the eu for an extension to brexit and avoid no deal. avoid inflaming the febrile atmosphere around brexit — you are saying it depends who is senior police officers around you. we have eileen burridge issue a warning to politicians and campaigners. here with us, good to see you. let's be measured, think about what you are saying and the impact about what start with the mail online. this it might lead to before it is story broke at 11pm last night, it did not make the print press but it is being widely discussed in social media. this is the warning from one particular mp who is saying that
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actually the result of the vote means we don't have the time because of the process having to go through the house of lords, et cetera. of the process having to go through the house of lords, et ceteram anything we are hearing about the pros and cons of every possibility, but his point is to wait until the eu summit which is when theresa may could eventually ask for an extension, although sources at number ten are saying they are preparing that request even sooner, that only gives maybe 2a hours for the eu to respond, they will not respond with a yes, or they will say they only agree to such and such a deadline, that gives them only 2a hours to debate that, and his point is women not have the time to go through the necessary procedures to accept an extension, and so we might accidentally fall out, that is the current situation. exactly, and that is his point, if she does get to the summit on the tent and leave on the 12th, there is not enough time. that is one element, but there are so many others. the telegraph looks at
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its headline, "corbin in the brexit driving seat", that is this image which many have on their front pages, withjeremy corbyn with the thumbs up as he goes into talks with theresa may. you the impression not much progress was made. it was unlikely they would come out singing from the same song sheet. it was the first meeting and there are talks going on now, the telegraph is reporting there are reports that they will meet again, butjeremy corbyn says he is pushing to stay within a customs union, going for "regulatory alignment", he has not a p pa re ntly "regulatory alignment", he has not apparently tabled freedom of movement, he has tabled the possibility of a "vote to confirm" anything the prime minister might ee, anything the prime minister might agree, it will take some time to unwind this and in the meantime both these party leaders have their backbenchers up in arms. as we mentioned, time is not on their side
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by any means whatsoever. next wednesday is that special summit in brussels where theresa may has to go with a plan, some sort of plan. what are you thinking in terms of whether we can pull this off? i remember speaking to you months ago, maybe even before christmas and i said it felt like a big game of chicken. we have a ticking clock, it works in the favour of some people who are negotiating the certain things, i think it terrifies the rest of us went does not look like a plan is coming together. for those who are terrified within the business community themselves, most are very concerned about this. if notjust about the logistics of us leaving on the 12th of april, or even if it we re the 12th of april, or even if it were on the 23rd of may, the 22nd of may i should say. the business community from what i can tell is most concerned about —— most concerned about is an ideal brexit. they are also worried about this continuing to drag on for months and months — make is a no deal brexit. what do you make of what the
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international monetary fund is saying about the market power of a small group of global companies and they are the companies we would expect, google, amazon, apple, facebook. the imf is saying it is really concerned about how much dominance they have and what it does to innovation and small tech start—ups who just cannot get a look in? i think it is interesting what the imf has done because it would have been conspicuous if they had not said anything about the influence of a few companies. at the same time they actually did not name check any of those specific companies, but we all know which ones they are talking about. they are also trying to be quite balanced in that they said the rising market power in innovation had been positive, so they are trying to curb what they are saying. but they are saying if they continue to rise, there is going to be issues. we are seeing unintended consequences already. you already have issues about privacy, data usage, but their point is this could also affect central banks if you start to see
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recessive behaviour in economic markets and how much power these platforms therefore control. just to explain how much these are doing. it seems quite unusual doesn't it? explain how much these are doing. it seems quite unusual doesn't mm seems quite unusual doesn't mm seems like quite a stretch. the only areas i can they connected our advertising spend and how much money goes into these platforms, notjust from a consumer perspective who did an event from using these services, from advertisers whether there are nefarious forces or just from advertisers whether there are nefarious forces orjust plain news websites. the other opportunity i saw was the reach these people have, so saw was the reach these people have, so the imf is saying if central banks want to calm jitters about raising rates, and if these platforms are a vehicle for amplifying certain points of view, perhaps that makes it more difficult to control that narrative. also president trump has talked about how powerful some of these companies are and he is worried about that, he has
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mentioned amazon, somewhat argue he has another reason for going after jeff bezos, but i wonder whether we will get to the point where computing authorities will get to look at company ‘s like amazon and say they are too big and we need to break them up. the eu are looking at is already, i'm sure they will be continued to be more and more scrutiny on tech companies as they continue to get greater reach and go into new markets and sectors. let's 110w into new markets and sectors. let's now talk about prince harry, warning social media is more than alcohol and drugs. timing is everything, just shortly after launching a new instagram account. it is, i would imagine, just from my own personal experience, i have three children and they are coming into their teenage years now and this is huge for them. instagram, various other apps that they are on, it is extremely addictive. and we were just talking about the impact that
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the big tech companies can have, how does it manifest itself? young people this is where they getting —— they are getting their influences. it used to be tv and movies but that was less in your face, less confident. gaming, whether it was fortnite or otherwise, prince harry has always talked about mental health. but it is ironic that they have just launched that official instagram page, they got more followers overnight than any other account ever, so is he feeding into it as well? he is going to be a dad $0011 it as well? he is going to be a dad soon so it as well? he is going to be a dad soon so he will be looking at this from all angles. talking of issues, bad diets blame for one in six deaths in the uk, it is not about obesity, or issues such as diabetes, it is just about what we are choosing to eat on a daily basis and what would lead to later in life. absolutely and it is mostly about cardiovascular disease, so heart function, heart health, as well as cancer—causing foods. the top three
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headlines were that we as british people and also all around the world are consuming too much salt, not enough grains are not enough roots. that is probably the reason that —— fruits. when people are going to fast food and convenience in the diet, it is a problem. it is something we know about, because of the study that has gone on and some of the science behind it it has more cloud behind it. i think framing it in context to smoking is really going to help. dame helen mirren, she is speaking to an audience full of cinema—goers and people who work for the cinema industry, so that is her audience. "netflix is nothing like sitting in the cinema". it is a big debate, isn't it. she did start by saying "i love netflix but..." i think she has a love hate relationship with it, probably as a consumer and the user she likes
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watching setting types of content in the content —— comfort of her own home. i do both. children love going to the cinema, the impact as she says of the big screen, the surround the visual effects, you can't beat it and the kids love the popcorn. why do you choose to go to the cinema, is it the actual movie or is it these kids? it is the combination of both. it is not the movie, it is definitely the kids, it is the experience. we do what a lot of streaming at home because it is also convenient to do that at home, not have to take the kids somewhere and as your twitter followers have mentioned, the cost can be quite prohibitive. and what people are doing around you as well. eileen burridge, thank you so much. i mention some of your comments earlier, a lot of you are really keen on watching on your big screen on your own house, i will see you very soon. have a good day. hello there. it's certainly been quite a turbulent start to the month of april, let's look back
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at wednesday's weather. under an area of low pressure, we had clouds spiralling across the british isles, we had gale force gusts of winds in the far north. now, for some, it brought a classic april day. sunny spells and scattered showers, not feeling too bad in the sunshine. some of the showers quite heavy with some hail, but for others, well, this is what we were greeted with first thing in the morning. some lying snow, several centimetres in places across parts of scotland and north—east england. now, it does look as though there's a potential for further snow over the next few hours, but in a slightly different area, and it's worth bearing in mind that there could be a little bit of disruption on minor roads. that area of low pressure is slipping its way south—west and that is where we're likely to see the most unsettled weather over the next few hours. now, any snow is likely to be to higher ground across wales, but it's worth bearing in mind we could see some slushy deposits at lower levels and maybe for a time into the west midlands as well. circulating around that low is a band of showers, it'll be a pretty miserable early morning rush hour. elsewhere, some clearer skies, some sunshine coming through. the rain in scotland slowly
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edging its way westwards as we go through the day. so into the afternoon, the best of the sunshine looks likely to be the further east you are, underneath that area of lower pressure, we still see the bands of showery rain circulating around that low. now, by friday, the low starts to lose its grip a little, it sinks a bit. further south and west, weakens slightly, and the wind direction starts to come in from a south—easterly, a slightly milder source and that will be a noticeable change across the country. it means that the showers are likely to be fewer and far between in comparison to what we have seen. so there's a potential on friday of starting off with some showers but they will fade away, perhaps northern ireland seeing the heaviest into the afternoon. and elsewhere, some sunny spells coming through and it will feel a degree or so milder. back into double digits, 10—13 degrees the high. that looks likely to be the scene as we move into the weekend, because that south—easterly flow will continue to drag in milder air
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from the near continent. the only issue with that is it could bring a little bit more in the way of cloud and some moisture. so it could be quite a murky weekend. so that's worth bearing in mind, but in comparison to what we have seen this week, it's not going to be anywhere near as cold. take care.
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