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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 12, 2019 8:00pm-8:46pm BST

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines. sweden considers reopening an investigation into rape this is bbc news. allegations made against wikileaks the headlines at eight... founderjulian assange after his arrest over sweden considers reopening an investigation into rape conspiracy charges in the us allegations made against wikileaks founderjulian assange after his arrest over they could've kept it going while he was inside the embassy, conspiracy charges in the us. they decided not to. now, if they reopen it, then we will deal with they could've kept it going that when it comes to it. while he was inside the embassy, the chancellor, philip hammond, but they decided not to. now, if they reopen it, says he hopes that a brexit deal can be agreed in time to stop the uk then we'll deal with that when it comes to it. taking part in next month's the chancellor, philip hammond, european elections. says he hopes that a brexit deal can be agreed in time to stop the uk former ukip leader nigel farage taking part in next month's launches a new brexit party — and says it aims to change british european elections. clearly nobody wants to fight politics for good the european parliament elections, thousands of children in england it feels like a pointless exercise. are going to illegal, unregistered schools — the only way we can avoid according to the regulator 0fsted — that is by getting a deal and it says the conditions in some agreed and done quickly. of them are "appalling". former ukip leader nigel farage launches a new brexit party, and says it aims to change british campaigning has begun ahead of next month's elections politics for good. to the european parliament.
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thousands of children in england britain was not originally are going to illegal, meant to take part — unregistered schools, but because of the latest brexit according to the regulator ofsted, extension, they're due to take and it says the conditions in some place on the 23rd may — although theresa may still hopes the uk will have left the eu of them are "appalling". by then and they won't need to happen. let's discuss this with, joe twyman, director jesse starts as an ex—convict of the polling firm, pursuing her dream of becoming a country music star in wild rose. you deltapoll. came here what james country music star in wild rose. you came here whatjames king that of are you the only person in the world fat and the rest of this week's thatis are you the only person in the world that is happy that these elections releases in the film review. —— might be happening? that is happy that these elections might be happening ?|j that is happy that these elections might be happening? i wouldn't put it that way, but it is an exciting that. time for everyone. said with meaning. when it comes to european elections, there is a low turnout, but they do throw up some interesting results sometimes. this one, is it going to end up being a good evening. rerun of the referendum? we do not prosecutors in sweden say they're considering whether to reopen really know, the turnout is usually an investigation, into allegations the third of the people, which isn't of rape against the founder of wikileaks, julian assange. he was arrested yesterday, particularly great, but they do throw up some interesting results. following ecuador‘s decision to revoke his asylum at its embassy look at the green party, they came in london, after nearly seven years.
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the us wants him extradited to face third with 15% of the vote, 2009, charges of conspiracy to hack a government computer, they had to impede but labour says he shouldn't be sent to america, for simply exposing evidence of us atrocities and then finishing top with about in iraq and afghanistan. our home affairs correspondent, 2796 and then finishing top with about 27% of the vote and so this time around, there's a huge potential, tom symonds, reports. but what will happen, we do not swedish prosecutors have been pursuing julian assange know. one thing could happen is that for years about rain, no one pays attention, generally we coercion and molestation forget that they are going on. a lot allegations. of people assume they will not be happening because they don't really he took refuge in the ecuadorian embassy. eventually, the prosecutors stopped understand what's happening with brexit. alternatively, it could be trying to question him. that the entire thing is seen as a but when the metropolitan police dragged him into custody, they got a second chance. proxy referendum and parties like they have until next august the brexit party which we saw to restart the rain investigation. luncheon today, mop up voters who they have until next august to restart the rape investigation. previously would've gone for assange fought not to go to sweden because he was worried sweden conservatives and labour in order to demonstrate their feeling about would extradite him to the us. brexit as an issue. that could mean now britain's considering that. he's obviously going to fight that turnout is substantially higher extradition and fight it hard. but it is too early to tell. and do this case raises significant issues about free speech. we've been warning about the the voting system, does give those prospect of an extradition request parties a chance. there will be an
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from the united states since 2010. issue with ukip and brexit party after seven years inside the embassy, resolving the case will mean answering potentially splitting the vote, but the new party, whatever they are some fundamental questions. isjulian assange a global campaigner who worked up called, change uk, they might be a conspiracy to hack a secret able to have a breakthrough. there computer system, or is is an opportunity for everyone he a journalist publishing leaked except the conservatives in the information in the public interest, labour party, because conservatives something the courts might particularly wa nt be more lenient about? labour party, because conservatives particularly want to do everything to avoid this. but platform with a in these modern times, he may well be a bit of both, campaign on? to a lesser extent for but this is how he described himself labour, but certainly because of the to the bbc in 2010. representation, it could mean that we're a publisher. the you we accept information from whistle— blowers. we vet it, we analyse it and publish ukip and the brexit party may appeal it and that's what we do. to people that feel that ukip in its but the american chargesheet against him suggests he did more current form was a step too far. i than just accept and publish. imagine that they will vote for at least one seat when it comes to the it accuses him of requesting information from chelsea manning, election, but that seat may only sit the us intelligence analyst, for a matter of weeks. in many ways, and of trying to crack a password to himself. this could be seen as a consequence he's not accused of spying free election. you're voting for or treason and the maximum sentence people who may or may not pick up
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in these charges is less seats in the end stop by but that than the time he spent does make people vote in different in the embassy. ways. a lot of people in the past but labour believes he is being pursued for political reasons. i think there may be human rights and the tribal part politics of the issues in relation to assange. he is, at the very least, two main parties you have any sense a whistle—blower and much that that is breaking down it all? that allegiance to those two parties of the information he brought into the public domain, it could be argued, was very much was yellow it's too early to tell, in the public interest. but wikilea ks leaked and change uk has only been going hillary clinton's e—mails and she wants him charged. for a few weeks, but it is true that it's not about punishing journalism, the european elections, along with the european elections, along with it's about assisting the hacking the local elections, which will be taking place in the 3rd of may, only ta kes pla ce taking place in the 3rd of may, only of the military computer to steal takes place in the third of the country, has been largely forgotten information from the united states in other words, the usual rules do government, but the bottom line is, not apply and that has not been more he has to answer for what he has true than it has been this time around. as you say, again, the done, at least as it has been charged. turnout is never terribly high but he has nine weeks to prepare his this anti—politics feeling, if it is true and people are fed up with case against extradition. their politicians, is this a chance for people to go out there and give the chancellor, philip hammond,
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says the uk taking part the main parties a bit of a kicking? in the upcoming european parliament elections, feels like a "pointless exercise," and he's urged mps anti—politics feeling could demonstrate itself in one of two to pass a brexit agreement, ways, support for new parties and that would avoid britain anti—establishment parties, parties having to go to the polls. talks to find a possible deal on one particular position of brexit or the other, what could demonstrate between the conservatives and labour continued today, as nigel farage officially itself in another way in people to launched a new brexit party, stay at home. we really do not know saying he wants to "put the fear of god" into mps. which yet will be the case. and quickly on the polling, it could be 0ur political correspondent, alex forsyth reports now from coventry. possibly delayed for another six months, is there anger there? are applause look who's back. people very much feeling let down by nigel farage, on the campaign trailagain. good morning. the politicians? and a number of now at the helm of a new party and it is pretty obvious cases, they felt let down before all what it stands for. of this a lot of data backs this up. we have had enough of the can been kicked down the road. someone has got to stand up they voted for brexit because they for democracy in this country. we re they voted for brexit because they were dissatisfied and distrusting, this is preparation for elections to the european parliament, which might happen in may. the brexit party wants and nothing has happened really in a full list of candidates. the three years since then that has you might even recognise improved that position. three years, the name of one of them.
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incredible since i referendum. can i please welcome to the stage, annunziata rees—mogg 7 yes, the sister of the tory thousands of children mp jacob rees—mogg. in england are attending unregistered schools — some of which are in "appalling" i am here in sadness, that our condition with exposed wiring, rat traps and open sewers, democracy has been so betrayed. according to 0fsted. so the man who made you keep the schools inspections body says synonymous with brexit is now standing against his old party. 6,000 children are taught in unregistered schools and that english councils have what you are going to see spent tens of thousands of pounds placing pupils with the brexit party is a diverse in the unregulated facilities. cross—section of people in this country passionate about us becoming sarah walton reports. an independent country, and i think this will become these are some of the rundown, the dominant brand in the dirty conditions where inspectors found children trying to learn. eurosceptic movement very quickly. 0fsted visited 500 schools brexit has been betrayed. that were unregistered we have got to replace a parliament or suspected of operating illegally. and a government that does not know what it's doing. they were shocked by these people are so loyal what they uncovered. to nigel farage they came back from benidorm to be at the launch some of these places have like open but they have concerns. sewerage works in them. i am still torn between brexit party holes in the walls. very poor electrical works. and you get at this moment in time, because i believe they are going about a third have quite to split the vote, this is my worry significant health and now, they are splitting the vote. safety issues around them. and about a quarter
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coventry was chosen for the party's of them have safeguarding launch, no coincidence that most issues for the children. so, people teaching them people here backed brexit. who aren't qualified teachers, who aren't registered if these elections take place, with anybody to say people will be asked to choose they are fit and proper person to be a candidate to represent them able to work with children. in the european parliament. almost 150 of the investigations almost three years after the uk were of so—called alternative provision centres, used for children voted to leave the eu. that is something the government who might have been excluded or did not want to happen. taken out of mainstream schools. well, clearly, nobody wants to fight 0fsted says it found councils paying the european parliament elections. it feels like a pointless exercise up to £27,000 per yearfor a place, and the only way we can avoid even though the centres that is by getting a deal agreed were not registered and done quickly. and some left pupils playing if we can do that by the 22nd of may, then of course, computer games all day. we can avoid fighting european parliamentary elections. the education watchdog says to that end, in westminster, the biggest concentration of unregistered schools talks between labour are in london and the west midlands, with one in five having and the government continued today, a religious link. but the local government as they see whether there is any association says they can be appropriate if properly run. chance of a brexit deal mums and dads of children with very both sides can back. special educational needs, and children who have been excluded we are trying to be as constructive from every other type of education as we possibly can on all sides setting in the local area, may find and as positive as we possibly can themselves going to a therapeutic but we will see by the end of next environment rather than a school. week how far we have got. and the local authority would clearly fund that. back in coventry, there is a general but that is a very
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different situation weariness among the staff from the kind of environments where we have concerns about fire safety, at this local garage. dave and dane wanted brexit to bring the structure of the building, change but are not hopeful. concerns about whether children are being kept safe every time i turn the tv on every time i open the paper, and educated by people who know what they are doing. all you have got is brexit this and that. whatever the people seem last year saw the first to say, it does not really ever convictions for running an illegal school, make much difference. with a couple fined and given curtis is also disillusioned. a community order for teaching more than 50 pupils on the first floor of this office block in west london. none think more elections or new but inspectors say political parties are the answer. they want more powers to shut down those they have had two years to sort it that break the law. out and they have not done anything the department for education says it has provided 0fsted with £3 million about it, have they? i'm not going to waste my to help stop illegal schools time voting for anyone. and will continue to work whether we are asked to vote with them and the crown prosecution in the european elections hinges service to make sure on finding a brexit fixed soon. illegal activity is uncovered so far, that has proved elusive. alex forsyth, bbc news. and justice is delivered. and we'll be hearing from other parties as the european party passengers have been stranded election campaign gets under way, in india and around the world the election takes place in just under six weeks time. after the country's largest private airline, jet airways, suspended all its international flights. the debt—ridden carrier, that's on the 23rd of may. if the uk which flies hundreds of domestic and international routes, was today operating fewer than twenty planes out of a fleet
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ta kes that's on the 23rd of may. if the uk takes product officials have little of one—hundred—and—twenty—three. time to prepare for polling day. joining me now is travel editor at danny savage has more from york. that is a very, very dramatic map to show you. the independent, simon calder that is a map which tells the story of ukip‘s advance. remember this? the last european elections first of all, why has this airline the uk took part in. gotten first of all, why has this airline if brexit had gone to plan, gotte n into they were never to be held again. first of all, why has this airline gotten into trouble? why has this but it now looks like the ballot happened? they have been very boxes are coming to a sports successful for most of the last 25 centre near you again. yea rs, successful for most of the last 25 years, they started as an in york, the local returning officer alternative to air india and the is no stranger to snap elections but admits there is a lot of work domestic airlines, and everyone loved them. i certainly did. they now to be done. any short notice for any we re loved them. i certainly did. they were far better, offering better election causes us problems. value, reliable and build up a very good reputation. they started flying it is around venues, booking venues, we normally do 18 months in advance. internationally, they got services staffing is also a problem, in and out and briefly, last year, short notice for staffing, getting people to work they started flying from manchester in the polling stations. to mumbai. but they've also been and the count, which is a sunday count, is also a challenge. do you think you will building upa be able to do it? to mumbai. but they've also been building up a horrible death, they have not been paying their aircraft yes, we have to. if local elections are taking place where you live next month, you will have already had one leases, —— debt. staff apparently of these through the post.
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well, stand by for more correspondence through your letterbox, this time have not been paid for about a month for the european elections. and as the parties hastily make their plans, what do voters think? or so have not been paid for about a month orso and have not been paid for about a month or so and everything is going wrong. well, i do worry it is going to be they have cancelled all their a rehash of the referendum. but i am personally going to vote. flights today and normally, when that happens, they think, write, u nfortu nately we have now, due to delays and unfortunate that happens, they think, write, unfortunately we have to start writing the obituary and then for machinations that have been the next four days up into including going on, we are actually saying, no, we are running a european monday, there are people who should election, to what end? be just taking off to go to delhi do you think it is a waste of time? and checking in from mumbai right absolutely. i've lost the will to live, now and hundreds of people in to be perfectly honest! britain was such a proud country heathrow who do not know what's worldwide, and look at us now. happening. and neither does the rest of the world, we cannot say it is we are the laughing stock of the world. there will be around 39,000 polling stations popping up across the uk at the end of may. finished because it's still talking to the banks. how many passengers the cost to the government last time was around £109 million. are being affected ? to the banks. how many passengers are being affected? lots of people but eu election turnout making that journey is traditionally low, are being affected? lots of people making thatjourney over the holiday period from london to india. just over 35% in 2014. political experts, though, say they have got to happen. thousands and thousands of people the issue with the european will be affected by this travelling between britain and india, it is elections is that if all member very popular with people with indian
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states do not take part, heritage,, with business travels. then the parliament essentially becomes an illegal organisation, an illegal body. and they want a good experience getting there and get the so all members of the eu combination of people who are who will remain members of the eu desperate to get out to india after the parliament has been because they booked their easter constituted have to take part. holidays there, people who are there is a chance the european already there who cannot get back elections still won't happen because all the flights if a deal can be agreed internationally have been cancelled and just the numbers are building in the next three weeks. every day and they've got people but this latest delay to brexit has consequences and this is one of them. danny savage, bbc news, york. stranded who are booked to come back the schools watchdog, ofsted, and some people even in transit at says councils in england have spent mumbai airport that have had their tens of thousands of pounds putting excluded children in centres that are not legally flights cancelled. it's a real mess. registered as schools. the eyes of the world are on them in some senses that having an impact on up to 6,000 pupils have been found attending places suspected how this will play out? you would of operating outside the law including some religious centres. the government has promised to give 0fsted stronger powers to tackle the problem. expect that for days, they would here's our education editor, hardly have any plans left, actually branwen jeffreys. tomorrow they're hoping to fly seven classrooms...
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planes around and that is two years ago, the inspectors arrived here. effectively no longer functioning i went with them as they investigated, finding children airline and close down and called excluded from mainstream schools. the administrators and try to get eve ryo ne we agreed not to name it, the administrators and try to get everyone new jobs the administrators and try to get everyone newjobs and other airlines to protect vulnerable children. with offer rescue flights, which is a very important part of the we have cause to suspect that an unregistered equation effectively, to get people school is being run home. that has not happened because at the premises here. 0k. of the indian election apparently crumbling buildings, and it would not be seen as great no facilities, no teachers, but still, the local council for a really well—regarded airline sent children here. to collapse at the start of the election and it is quite possible thatjust means that children won't that they may be bailed out, which be having their learning they need. it means they won't be is causing great consternation preparing for exams, which will affect their life chances, then and also around the other airlines who are throughout their life. flourishing private airlines and in some religious tuition saying this is not fair. they may be centres, even worse. bailed out in the short term but in not fit for any child. out of sight, and outside the law. the longer—term? bailed out in the short term but in the longer-term? we are losing so money and also you have lost peoples faith, people are not going to be booking onjet airways because 0fsted has spent three years they've got no idea of the flight is
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looking into suspected illegal schools. 259 have been visited by inspectors. going to go. if they do get bailed out, what it will take is more than 71 were given warning notices. 15 have closed down as a result. one of the places that closed is not paying off £1 billion worth of debt farfrom here in birmingham. to get them back on an even keel. i've found it and so did 0fsted. thank you very much indeed for that. it was charging parents £140 per month. as concern grows over the impact of our throwaway not much for a child's education, culture on the environment, but then it didn't have authorities are trying to find ways to make waste disposal any qualified teachers. and recycling more efficient. lessons could be learned it was advertising 17 hours a week, from one city in sweden — which sends very little domestic just below the legal level where it waste to landfill and has come up with a colourful way needed to register as a school. of sorting its rubbish. dougal shaw has been to find out more. these photos by inspectors led rainbow coloured rubbish. this is the colourful waste to the only court case so far. created by a swedish city the learning centre in west london with a unique recycling system. closed, those responsible find like many cities in sweden, eskilstuna has an impressive and put under curfew. recycling record. some religious centres look it met the eu's 2020 target of recycling 50% like schools, but 0fsted says of waste many years ago. it is hard to prove. but almost everyone who lives and what about excluded children? here follows a strict councils are sending recycling policy at home. pupils to places not people are expected to sort registered or inspected. their household waste into seven
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separate categories, that is a very different situation including food, textiles, from the kind of environment cartons and metal. where we have concerns about fire this is time—consuming and requires safety, where we have concerns a bit of space in the kitchen. about the structure of the building, but what really makes concerns about whether children this system a standout are being kept safe is the bright colour code. and educated by people who know households are given what they are doing. a supply of rainbow coloured the centre i visited bags to collect waste. is now running legally, but inspectors fear there are many they also get recycled more, where children's welfare as part of the process. and education is at risk. the reason for this becomes clear at the city's recycling plant. the bags arrive alljumbled up branwen jeffreys, bbc news. because they are collected all together once a fortnight the headlines on bbc news... from outside people's houses. but thanks to those bright colours, sweden considers reopening the bags can be selected an investigation into rape allegations made against wikileaks and separated efficiently — though even these scanners founderjulian assange can make some mistakes. the food waste in green bags after his arrest yesterday is processed on site at the ecuadorian embassy in london. into slurry to make biogas, to power the city's buses. the chancellor, philip hammond, one of the benefits of this method says he hopes that a brexit deal can be agreed in time to stop the uk of recycling is that there is less taking part in next month's cross contamination, european elections. so more of the recycled waste can actually be used to make new things. former ukip leader nigel farage launches a new brexit party — we want to recycle much more and says it aims to change materials than are recycled today. and we like to change people's
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british politics for good. behaviour to do that. like the rest of sweden, eskilstu na is committed to sending zero waste from its citizens to landfill. waste that cannot be recycled is incinerated at a local plant sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc to generate electricity. sport centre, here's adam wild. this reduces reliance on fossil fuels, but does create greenhouse gases. lets begin in augusta, where the lead continues to change as countries around the world hands at the first mens major of the year, the masters. try to improve recycling rates, all players have now some may look to eskilstuna as an example to follow. as long as they think they can begun their second round. persuade their citizens to get busy sorting at home. the headlines on bbc news. he's one short ahead, both amongst sweden considers reopening chasing pack behind last year is an investigation into rape allegations made against wikileaks open winner francesco. he is top of founderjulian assange the leaderboard, we can see it after his arrest yesterday there, just ahead of it dustin at the ecuadorian embassy in london johnson. going along nicely. five the chancellor, philip hammond, says he hopes that a brexit deal can under in the clubhouse. tiger woods be agreed in time to stop the uk three under all that he's only three taking part in next month's european elections. oi’ three under all that he's only three
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orfour three under all that he's only three or four holes for the second round. former ukip leader nigel farage now before we get to this launches a new brexit party — evenings premier league match some sad football news to bring you. the former liverpool defender tommy smith has died at the age of 7a. smith played a67 games for liverpool and scored 36 times. the most famous of those came in the 1977 european cup final when liverpool beat borussia moenchengladbach 3—1. smith, who was one of football's toughest players — also captained the side to the the double of uefa cup and league title in 1973 to tonights action then, one game in the premier league that kicked off around quarter of an hour ago. leicester taking on newcastle. currently goalless. the liverpool manager jurgen klopp has called for life bans for fans found guilty of racist abuse. it follows the emergence of a video
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where six chelsea supporters appeared to chant an islamophobic song on their way to the club's europa league match at slavia prague last night. three of the six people involved were identified by chelsea and barred from the game. chelsea say they are working to identify the other three, who did not turn up... and released a statement saying it finds all forms of discriminatory behaviour abhorrent and that they will take the strongest possible action against them. such individuals are an embarrassment to the vast majority of chelsea supporters. liverpool have called the chanting discriminataory and dangerous. these guys now, it happens in other parts of life as well but these guys are now football fans so if you do something like that, it should not be allowed to enter a stadium again they should not. from my point of view, in your life. arsenal, meanwhile, have
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started an investigation after a video emerged online where a supporter can be heard allegedly racially abusing the napoli defender kalidou koulibaly during their europa league quarter final last night. there's a huge game at the bottom of rugby union's premiership this evening. relegation threatened leicester tigers are taking on fellow strugglers newcastle falcons. leicester tigers are currently 13—0 up ree games in the pro 1a tonight as well. 0spreys in control of their match with southern kings. benetton lead munster by 28 to 20 and the game between edinburgh and ulster is 10—0 to ulster. the top two in superleague are currently going head to head. leaders warrington wolves are taking on st helens. the score there currently 8—6 to st helens. in the nights other game it is wakefield zero wigan four. both those games kicked off at 7:45. ellie downie has just missed out on another european all round gymnastics title in poland. she has though taken silver.
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downie led going into the floor routine, but was eventually pipped by france's melanie dejesus dos santos, who snatched gold. angelina melnikova of russia was third. i'm ecstatic. coming in yesterday honestly i didn't think i would get that, so i'm so to be honest it means the same to me so i'm very happy. coming in is not as easy but being second i'm still so close and i'm still over the moon. that's all the sport for now. i'll have more for you in sportsday at half past ten. the pregnancy and parenting club, bounty uk, has been fined four hundred thousand pounds by the data watchdog, the information commissioner's office, or ico, for illegally sharing personal information belonging to more than 14 million people. it's one of the biggest fines the ico has ever imposed. our technology correspondent, rory cellan—jones has been following the story.
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bounty uk is a parenting and pregnancy club. millions of mothers will have experienced this. they come into hospital, they offer to take photos, they offer various freebies, basically, free samples of nappies and so on. and they are found by the data watchdog to have collected 34 million records over a period of time. they collected them both from their website, their app, and directly at the mothers‘ bedside. but they are then found to have illegally shared that data, that personal data with a whole range of marketing and credit reference agencies and organisations, including equifax and sky. that is illegal, they were found to have broken the law and of this huge fine has been imposed upon them. joining me now is anna cook, senior communications manager at mums net — the online discussion forum for parents.
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it's worth trying to explain to people who had not come across this company, what they do when they come into hospitals and what do your members feel about that?” into hospitals and what do your members feel about that? i remember asi members feel about that? i remember as i against having them on boards because that's what they are their sales reps. you just getting buried trying to establish my speeding may have been through make sensory surgery have been through make sensory surgery and suddenly one of them appearasa surgery and suddenly one of them appear as a psa about that, i've been telling you need to hand over the past, we've heard back from the light of the us and in return some freebies. and because like the people are asking for details, because he been told about this from that appointment at legitimises and you think is part of the process but it's not, you can opt out. are you surprised it turns out they were handing the information on to other companies? like i said we are
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against having them, and to see this today shows there's been a systematic and serious abuse, which should not have happened. do you think it's time they stopped being in the war it's the campaign for that? absolutely we had been campaigning against having them in the ward since 2013, desmond small progress sometimes some hospital trust had put them in but that's not enough, the family room is not enough, the family room is not enough, they need to be taken away com pletely enough, they need to be taken away completely from postnatal boards, you would not find it to a sales reps ina you would not find it to a sales reps in a children's ward or in a geriatric white so they allowed to be bya geriatric white so they allowed to be by a mothers bedside, he needs to be by a mothers bedside, he needs to be stopped. what kind of reaction d get from authorities or hospital when you that case? is something we have been fighting for for six years and likei have been fighting for for six years and like i said there have been small gains, but it's been an uphill struggle. and that's really disappointing when you share some of the stories, we've had people who
8:23 pm
had very difficult breaths, when debbie was a special care unit battling for life, and the poor mother was there being told by the rapid that they were disappointed the baby was not there so she can have her photo taken. what about the counterargument in circumstances like that that was clearly inappropriate but there are other months it probably say, they like getting that little bag with all the goodies in it and have used that's useful informational it's not necessarily negative. well, that one thing you can get from it is the benefit form that's true but you don't have to you can get online. we heard mothers say they thought the —— they were told they had to turn it over in that moment and that's not fair. the freebies, i've experienced it myself as many had it just a nappy and pot of cream which is kind of high. it seems like an unfair trade. the fact that the data has gone on to the third parties, which presumably has resulted in a lot more direct marketing to these
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new parents. absolutely come at the time when you're incredibly busy trying to adapt to having a new baby in the family what a shared first or third or second you don't want to be bombarded by messages that you did not sign up for, it's a commercial organisation and the nhs is not and the two are incompatible and that's why we don't want it to be in the wards. thank you very much. police have unveiled a new device which can detect when drivers might be using their mobile phones at the wheel. thames valley and hampshire forces are rolling out the technology, which can distinguish whether a phone is being used with a hands—free device or not. police hope it will enable them to identify hotspots where motorists frequently use their mobile phones. peter cooke has more. he'd just signed paperwork for his company. kate goldsmith knows more than most the devastating consequences of someone using a mobile phone while driving. her daughter amy, amy's
8:25 pm
stepbrothers ethan and josh, and the boys' mother were all killed by this man on the a34 at berkshire in 2016. thomas croker had been scrolling through music on his phone when he hit a line of stationary traffic. he was jailed for ten years. thomas croker didn't go out intentionally to kill my daughter, but he's not the only one. he was driving a lethal weapon, effectively blind, because he was using his mobile phone. and many other drivers are doing that. it's not a soft crime. kate is now supporting a new initiative by thames valley and hampshire police. theirjoint roads policing unit has become the first in the country to buy these devices to reduce mobile phone use. at the moment, the detector can identify when a passing motorist is using their mobile phone, but not on hands—free.
8:26 pm
the police will then use that information to target particular hotspots. those behind the technology hope that in the future, they will be able to record registration plates and issue people with fines. the system involves a sensor which detects vehicles where there are active 2g, 3g or 4g phone signals. it will also recognise if people are using a bluetooth hands—free device and the warning sign will not flash. but it cannot record or distinguish if a passenger or driver of a vehicle is using a phone. tougher penalties for using a phone illegally were introduced in 2017. drivers now face six penalty points and a £200 fine if caught. figures from the rac show 40% of drivers admit checking social media in traffic. statistics show that it's males aged between 26 and 45 are our targeted audience.
8:27 pm
this is a joint partnership working. i can't do it on my own. the mobile phone warning system is not a stand—alone. this is just one tool that we, the police, use. four people in that corsa and it had been reduced to the size of a lorry tyre. drivers caught using their phone were given the chance to hear kate goldsmith‘s story. her family's lives forever scarred by a moment's distraction. a fate she says we can all fall victim to if our mobile behaviours don't change. peter cooke, bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather with louise lear. hello, many schools offer easter holiday and the weather has been pretty decent, it really. a lot of dry weather in the forecast. but it does mean if you got out our plans are not be disappointed really ripped this forecast, we start with a touch of light frost, but lovely blue sky and sunshine and just a
8:28 pm
risk of a few isolated showers during the day across the extreme southeast corner, some of those soft tail may be disappointed really with this forecast, we start with a touch of light frost, but lovely blue sky and sunshine and just a risk of a few isolated showers during the day across the extreme southeast corner, some of the soft tail maybe a little bit of sleep it'll be breezy, chilly on the east coast winds gusting in excess of 40 miles an hour through northern islands other than exposure, it's going to feel quite cold for this time of year, high values perhaps in more shelter between seven and 12 degrees. 0n sunday, that could be potentialfor more cloud around, particularly moving in from the last with this weather front trying to squeeze in. they do bring in a hotspot of two or drizzle but sunday will stay mostly dry ora bit drizzle but sunday will stay mostly dry or a bit cloudy.— 7—10d.
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